600+ Kickass Soccer Team Names (With Meanings)

We all know that creating that winning soccer team name can be hugely beneficial, but coming up with it is never an easy task.

But did you know that with a few handy suggestions lying around you could find that perfect soccer team name in seconds?

Well, you’re in luck! Because we’ve created this fantastic list of soccer team names just waiting to be adopted. Come and take a look!

List of Soccer Team Names

We have gathered a massive list of soccer team names you can call your local team or even your fantasy football team. The list is also broken down into different sections to make your search easier.

Funny Soccer Team Names

Funny Soccer Team Names

Prefer funny team names? Who doesn’t? The following are funny names you can call a soccer team:

  1. Look Ma, No Hands – Impressive.
  2. Formerly In Shape Stars – It’s their excuse for everything.
  3. Sons Of Chuck Norris – Beating them is just impossible.
  4. Benchwarmers – A classic one for a team that doesn’t get that much exercise.
  5. Marauders – Do they seem a little distracted too often?
  6. Miscellaneous – A real team name from Botswana.
  7. 3 Left Feet – They’re all over the place.
  8. 11 Men In Flight – A real team name from Swaziland.
  9. Easily Nauseous – Don’t make them sick!
  10. The Strongest Football Club – A real team name from Bolivia.
  11. Meanies – Not the nicest bunch.
  12. Killer Giants – A real team from Botswana.
  13. Lost – They may get confused where to shoot the ball.
  14. Cape Coast Mysterious Dwarves – A real team name from Ghana.
  15. Kicking You – It might not be on purpose… sorry.
  16. Fat Married People – They gave up on soccer long ago.
  17. We Like Puppies – Perhaps too gentle hearted to play soccer.
  18. Aliens – Quite simply from out of this world.
  19. Semen Padang F.C. – A real team from Indonesia.
  20. Two Left Feet – Not known for their footwork.
  21. Best At Getting Penalties – Otherwise they would hardly touch the ball.
  22. Real Bad – The worst team you could imagine.
  23. Team Evil – Expect evilness.
  24. We Kick Balls – This team appreciates the simple things in life.
  25. Referee Beaters – The referee better be careful!
  26. The Shebangs – In reference to the phrase ‘the whole ’
  27. The Wet Sox – Wordplay on the Red Sox baseball team.
  28. Forfeit – Not the most motivated team.
  29. Low Expectations – Not the most positive team you’ve come across.
  30. Hardly Athletic – They’re just not built for soccer.
  31. The Sasquatches – Hairy and big-footed.
  32. Deportivo Morón – A real team name from Argentina.
  33. Deportivo Wanka – A real team name from Peru.
  34. The Nicolas Cages – They’re absolutely crazy.
  35. Better Supporters Than Players – Usually they’re watching the pitch, not playing on it.
  36. The Intentional Foulers – They’re out to get you, not the ball.
  37. Couch Potatoes – Sports are to be watched on TV, not played.
  38. Sportsball – The name of the game doesn’t matter, let’s just win already!
  39. Manchester Divided – Wordplay on English team Manchester United.
  40. The Hangovers – Any excuse for poor performance.
  41. Turdinators – They always demolish bad teams.
  42. Kicky Time! – At least they understand the most basic concept of soccer.
  43. FC Santa Claus – A real team name from Finland.
  44. Sir Kicks A Lot – Doesn’t necessarily mean they will kick the ball though.
  45. Civil Service Strollers FC – A real team name from Scotland.
  46. Nerds F.C. – Nerds and very proud of it.
  47. Multiple Scorgasms – An old classic still going strong.
  48. Sportsnauts – Play best when in outer space.
  49. Goalbusters – Wordplay on the film Ghostbusters.
  50. Portman Kunis FC – After an indoor soccer team from Dallas.
  51. Own Goal – Not great at remembering which direction to shoot in.
  52. Stinky Cheese – The smell of their feet.
  53. Taking A Dive – If the other team even looks like they touch them, they’ll take a dive.
  54. Frog Legs – They jump around the pitch a lot.
  55. Club Always Ready – A real team name from Bolivia.
  56. The Codpieces – Keeping their balls protected.
  57. Still Learning The Rules – They’ve clearly never played soccer before.
  58. Old People – Their sporting days are way behind them.
  59. Scoreytouches – They may not completely understand how to score a goal
  60. Barely Legal – Just like everything they do.
  61. Arseanal – Wordplay on the English team Arsenal.
  62. Leones Vegetarianos – A real team in Equatorial Guinea, which translates as ‘Vegetarian Lions’ from Spanish.
  63. Bad Losers – If they lose they won’t take it well.
  64. No Punt Intended – It never is.
  65. Ricochet – The only way they score is by accident.
  66. Art Installation – Their lack of skill is artistic.
  67. Botswana Meat Commission FC – A real team name from Botswana.
  68. Banana Slugs – After an actual species of slug.
  69. Oinkers – For portly gentlemen.
  70. The Unintentional Foulers – They’re not out to get you, but they might do by accident.
  71. Outbreak – Known to cause chaos.
  72. Insurance Management Bears – A real team from the Bahamas.
  73. Comment – They’re always ready to comment on the other team’s moves.
  74. Diaper Rash – A great mental image for the other team.
  75. Norfolk N Way – Say it to yourself a couple of times.
  76. Handball – A team that consistently forgets the most basic rule of playing football.
  77. We Used To Be Good FC – Now they’re just average at best.
  78. The Bushpigs – Because why not?
  79. No Longer Noobs – Or at least they think so.
  80. Hoof Hearted – Say it fast.
  81. Balls Deep – On the other side of the pitch.
  82. The Redundant Team – They don’t really know what they’re doing here.
  83. The Regulars – They’re pretty average.
  84. D-Feeters – They wish.
  85. Worst Team Ever – Can you tell they love their team?
  86. Glorified Boasters – They boast about everything, no matter how small.
  87. Team Crotch Fire – They have a lot of pain.
  88. FL Fart – A Real team name from Norway.
  89. Wasted Talent – Or so they think!
  90. The Kickapoos – Not advised.
  91. Crystal Meth Palace – Wordplay on the English team Crystal Palace.
  92. Chicken Inn FC – A real team in Zimbabwe.
  93. The Spicy Wings – The nickname of the Chicken Inn FC team mentioned above.
  94. Luv Dat Chicken – After the team motto of Chicken Inn FC
  95. Your Balls, My Foot – They won’t have balls for long.
  96. The Receding Hairlines – They’re getting old, slowly.
  97. Past Our Prime Time – Their prime time was long ago.
  98. The Boozers – A few drinks before a match is okay, right?
  99. The Practice Squad – They’re not ready for ready for the real thing yet.
  100. Dyslexia United – As long as they can play, what does it matter.

Cool Soccer Team Names

Cool Soccer Team Names

If you prefer a cool Team Name, then you will like one of these cool soccer team names:

  1. The GTOs – After the Pontiac GTO, a classic American muscle car.
  2. Accelerate – They’re 100 times faster than any other team.
  3. Jagged Edge – The roughest team around.
  4. The Rhinos – They rampage throw every match.
  5. Adrenaline – This team stays pumped.
  6. Bulldogs – The other team will be eaten alive.
  7. Momentum – They’re consistently fast.
  8. Slayers – They’re known for cutting down the other team.
  9. Wolf Pack – They’ll be howling to victory.
  10. Know No Fear – Nothing scares them off from scoring.
  11. Players With Pride – You’ll never see this team make a foul.
  12. The Braves – They never shy away from taking risks.
  13. Your Goalie’s Nightmare – Because there’s no way they’ll be able to stop this team from scoring.
  14. Rampage – They’re motivated by anger.
  15. The Bone Crushers – The other team should be prepared for the possibility of broken legs… and other injuries.
  16. Fire Starters – After the song by The Prodigy.
  17. Speed Demons – They’re addicted to running fast.
  18. The Rebels – They play by their own rules.
  19. Always On The Offense – They never stop attacking.
  20. Stallions – After the toughest of all the horses.
  21. Blood N’ Guts – Expect injuries!
  22. The Lancers – This team is constantly on the attack.
  23. Soccer Studs – Not only do these guys play well, but they look great too.
  24. Intensity – No one is more focused than they are.
  25. Jedi Knights – The best players in the universe.
  26. The Show Stoppers – It feels like the world stops spinning when this team plays.
  27. Aristocrats – They naturally come from another league.
  28. Tricks – They can do the best football tricks.
  29. Fire – Careful when you play with…
  30. The Force – Where all other teams fail, this team wins.
  31. The Motherlode – No other team is as rich in skill as they are.
  32. Pros – For a team playing on a professional level.
  33. The Daredevils – They’re 100% prepared to take risks.
  34. Straight Shooters – They’ve got some of the best accuracy you’ve ever seen.
  35. The International – For a top-tier team made up of players from all around the world.
  36. Cyclones – They’re bringing in gale force winds when they play.
  37. Give It The Boot – Always kicking that ball hard and fast.
  38. Mad Dogs – They’ve got savage instincts.
  39. Pure Chaos – The other team will have no idea what is happening.
  40. Boys In Black – Careful of this team, not many survive.
  41. Get Your Kicks – They always put on a show to remember.
  42. River Rats – A very charming name that’ll definitely ensure the other team will be happy to play you.
  43. Sharpshooters – Excellent aim.
  44. Xpress – Too fast to comprehend.
  45. The Cobras – They’re vicious.
  46. Tough Enough – They can take an injury and still play on.
  47. Don’t Blink – Because you’ll miss the winning.
  48. Nomads – A maverick team.
  49. Kickbutt Or Kickballs – 90% of the time it’s both.
  50. Street Sharks – They’ll eat you alive.
  51. Barracuda – The other team is in for a tough match
  52. Blitzkrieg – Completely destroying the other team.
  53. Bandits – Here to steal the win.
  54. Shut Up And Play – No more talking, let’s get on with it.
  55. Just Chillin’ – They make it all look so easy.
  56. Rolling Thunder – Usually when this team plays, the other team runs in fear.
  57. Impact – When they score they score hard.
  58. The Attack – They’re constantly breaking through the other team’s defense.
  59. Stone Crushers – There’s nothing they can’t defeat.
  60. Sabotage – There’s no way the other team can win.
  61. Need For Speed – After the video game franchise.
  62. The Reapers – The personification of death.
  63. The Dragons – Don’t anger them or they’ll start breathing fire.
  64. SPECTRE – After the villainous organization in the James Bond books and films.
  65. Goal Seekers – They only have one thing in mind.
  66. Matrix – They’ve been practicing their skills in the matrix, beware.
  67. Desperados – Outlaws on a mission.
  68. Shaolin Team – Bring martial arts skill into the game.
  69. Menace II Society – After the film of the same name.
  70. Wave – The other team is just about to get overpowered.
  71. Kamikazes – They’ll play until the death.
  72. The Wolverines – After the Marvel superhero.
  73. Air Force – They’ll keep the ball in the air more than you thought would be possible.
  74. The Red Devils – The nickname of Manchester United F.C., an English football team based in Manchester.
  75. Arsenal Gunners – For fans of Arsenal F.C., an English football team based in London.
  76. Guadalajara – After C.D. Guadalajara, a Mexican football team based in Guadalajara.
  77. Team Shred – Because they’re shredding up the pitch.
  78. The Centaurs – After the mythical half man half horse creature.
  79. Red Lightning – Quite a scary image for the other team.
  80. The Stompers – They can be a little aggressive when trying to get that ball.
  81. Shoot To Maim – Be careful where they shoot the ball because if you’re in the way, you may just get injured.
  82. Fight Or Die – They always choose to fight on.
  83. Infinity – Cannot be stopped, quite literally.
  84. Penalty Box Heroes – They strive when under pressure.
  85. Komodo Dragons – After the reptile of the same name.
  86. Hydra – After the ancient sea monster.
  87. Soccer Nation – They’ll make the whole world fall in love with their team.
  88. The Earthquakes – When they play tectonic plates start to move.
  89. Red Hawks – They can be deadly.
  90. The Predators – Prepare to be hunted.
  91. Eclipse – So great they can block the sun.
  92. Shockers – Get ready to be amazed by this team.
  93. The Terminators – The other team will be terminated.
  94. See The Goal – This team has already mental envisioned winning.
  95. Badditude – This team is just too tough!
  96. The Psychos – They’re a little bit crazy.
  97. Rush Hour – With this team, rush hour never ends.
  98. Net Rippers – Scoring goals a little too hard.
  99. Mean Machine – After the film of the same name.
  100. The Eliminators – They don’t just win, they eliminate their opponents.

Kids Soccer Team Names

Kids Soccer Team Names

Adults could be naughty, but for a kids soccer team you need more classy names, which is why we have listed some kid-friendly soccer team names

  1. Clippers – They may be small, but they’ve got all the right moves.
  2. Thundercats – After the kid’s TV show.
  3. SWAT – It stands for ‘Soccer With Attitude.’
  4. Shooting Comets – You can see them play from space.
  5. The Monsters – Everyone will remember these little creatures.
  6. Salamanders – After the lovable amphibians.
  7. Gum Drops – Sweet as could be.
  8. Spiders – With eight legs each, they will be a tough team to beat.
  9. World Cuppers – Because when they grow up, that’s what they’ll be.
  10. Kicker Kids – It’s what they’re known to do.
  11. Fury – You’ll never see a kids team more motivated.
  12. Attitude – Don’t annoy these kids, you’ll regret it.
  13. Stingrays – For kids who want a really cool name.
  14. Super Best Friends – This team will remember each other forever.
  15. The Dragonflies – The coolest of all the insects.
  16. Racers – The fastest kids around.
  17. The Long Shots – Known for scoring from huge distances.
  18. Turbo Power – These kids play on a whole other level.
  19. Little Spartans – What’s tougher than the Spartans?
  20. The Whizz Kids – How is it possible they all have so much energy?
  21. Jets – They get around the pitch so fast you’d think they were flying.
  22. Piranhas – They’ve got bite!
  23. The Hammers – Hammering the opposition.
  24. Turtles – Their defense is impenetrable.
  25. The Super Strikers – They score the most memorable goals.
  26. The Fighting Bees – Don’t get stung!
  27. Riptide – Playing these kids will certainly be rough.
  28. Rainbow Kids – They’ve got real
  29. The Blaze – They’re on fire!
  30. Ferocious Flaming Ferrets – Too cute?
  31. Challengers – Playing against this team won’t be easy!
  32. To Infinity And Beyond – Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase from the Toy Story films.
  33. The Spartans – No team can possibly be any tougher.
  34. Dynamo – Those are some cool kids.
  35. Koalas – These kids are a little too cute to be taken seriously.
  36. Titans – The most important team there is.
  37. Ker Pow! – This team has got the best kicks.
  38. Little Giants – Small on the outside, but big on the inside.
  39. Lil’ Knockouts – They can take out any team.
  40. Scorpions – They’ve got a lethal sting.
  41. The Big Green – After the soccer movie of the same name.
  42. Footie Skills – For kids, they sure know how to make that ball do some amazing things.
  43. The Frogs – Leaping to victory.
  44. Froggies – Similar to the above.
  45. Huskies – Who doesn’t love huskies?
  46. The Juniors – Kids and proud of it.
  47. Fusion – A lethal soccer combination.
  48. Fire Breathing Gummy Bears – Very sweet.
  49. Dynamite – Expect an explosive match.
  50. The Acorns – Because kids love acorns.
  51. The Shooting Stars – All kids wish to be shooting stars.
  52. Tornadoes – The other team will have their heads spinning.
  53. Olympians – The most athletic team.
  54. Wild Things – They’re little savages.
  55. Snot Rockets – A funny one for kids.
  56. Goldstrikers – These kids always strike gold when they play.
  57. Rams – Ramming they’re way to victory.
  58. The Geckos – Great for young kids in the color green.
  59. The Valiant Ones – The most courageous players around.
  60. Red Rockets – Such a great image.
  61. Lil’ Heroes – They’re out to save the league and the world.
  62. Rustlers – These are some driven kids.
  63. Hyperactive – Way too much energy!
  64. Lasers – They have special laser beam powers to use to make sure that ball gets in the goal.
  65. Team Aqua – Get for a team in blue.
  66. Dream Team – There simply is no better team than theirs.
  67. Crackerjacks – Bursting with energy!
  68. Raptors – A truly vicious team.
  69. The Vikings – After the Scandinavian conquerors.
  70. Blue Bombers – They’re going to blitz the other team’s goal.
  71. The Academy – The most professional kid’s team there is.
  72. Knights – The other team will never be able to get past their defense.
  73. Socceroos – After the Australian national soccer team.
  74. Squirrel Ducklings – Cuter than cute.
  75. Sharks – The most lethal kid’s team you’ve ever seen.
  76. Kickers – It’s what they do best.
  77. The Rascals – They love to cause mischief.
  78. The Rush – Have you ever seen kids so fast before?
  79. Ambush – These kids are smart and will always outsmart the other team.
  80. The Pups – They’re small now, but one day they’ll be big and tough.
  81. Galaxy Superstars – The best players in the universe.
  82. The Little Menaces – They love to cause mischief.
  83. Lil’ Stampeders – When they run down the pitch, the Earth rumbles.
  84. Wizards – Their skill is just magical.
  85. The Starlings – After the small birds.
  86. Blast – For kids, they have amazing kicks.
  87. Tuna Fish – The other team should be careful they don’t get swarmed.
  88. Sonics – After everybody’s favorite hedgehog.
  89. The Hattrick Harrys – Great for a team where all or most of the players are called Harry.
  90. The Cadets – They have military level discipline.
  91. Grizzlies – Their roar will scare off any other team.
  92. The Stings – Don’t get too close or you’ll regret it.
  93. Take Aim – The best team when it comes to accuracy.
  94. The Pirates – Argh! They’ll loot this match!
  95. Avalanche – The other team is about to get swamped.
  96. Berzerkers – They’ll go crazy if they have to.
  97. The Grasshoppers – You’ll see them hopping all over the pitch.
  98. Lil’ Rockstars – The coolest players you’ve ever seen.
  99. Sluggers – They’ve got the toughest kick.
  100. Landsharks – Can you think of anything more dangerous.

Girls Soccer Team Names

Kids Soccer Team Names

Need a team name for a girls soccer team? The following team names are appropriate for a female soccer team:

  1. Girl Power – The most powerful thing.
  2. Footloose – After the film of the same name.
  3. Wild Kittens – They may be small, but they’re tough as nails.
  4. Reef – After the Great Barrier Reef.
  5. The Charms – People can’t help but like them.
  6. Clobbering Cuties – They may look cute, but they are definitely
  7. Foxy Ladies – No team looks foxier.
  8. Ladies With Lightning – They strike the pitch hard.
  9. Cyber Ladies – Half woman, half machine.
  10. Grass Ballerinas – Play with the grace of a ballerina.
  11. Pixie Dust – These girls can fly.
  12. Burning Babes – They literally burn through the pitch.
  13. Golden Girls – First class female players.
  14. Vipers – One bite from this team and you’ll be in the hospital.
  15. Moody Maidens – They’re only happy when they win.
  16. Heaven’s Eleven – The best team literally ever.
  17. Just Peachy – They have the most upbeat attitude when playing.
  18. Lady Hawks – Definitely more deadly than male hawks.
  19. Daddy’s Angels – Their dads are supporting them all the way.
  20. The Dolphins – How can anyone say anything bad about a dolphin.
  21. Veloce Chicks – The fastest girls around
  22. Team Soul – They play because they really believe in the game.
  23. Venus – It’s their homeland.
  24. Heartbreakers – Sorry boys, but they love the game, not you.
  25. The Daisies – They may have a soft spot for flowers.
  26. The Flirts – They’re not really flirting with anyone, everyone just thinks they are.
  27. Chicks With Attitude – A winning attitude.
  28. Chicks With Kicks – They’ve mastered this sport.
  29. Chicks Got Kicks – The best kicks!
  30. Celtic Ladies – For a girls team that are fans of Celtic F.C.
  31. Soccer Bunnies – The absolute cutest team.
  32. Sirens – Their call can be deadly.
  33. Serendipity – The luckiest team you know.
  34. The Doilies – A humorous one.
  35. Babes And Brawn – Beautiful and tough.
  36. Hula Girls – They’ve got some amazing
  37. Beauty – Keeping it simple.
  38. Pink Poodles – An unbeatable name.
  39. Princess This! – Calling them princesses is not advised.
  40. Buring Babes – These girls are on fire.
  41. Glory Girls – They’re playing to win.
  42. Ball Busters – Balls are about to get pounded.
  43. Royalty Girls – If you lose to them, you have to pay up so careful what you wager.
  44. Goal Diggers – It’s goals after goal after goal with this team.
  45. The Blazing Roses – That’s one inspiring image.
  46. Ravens – These girls have a dark side to them.
  47. Hotter Than Hot – The other team is about to get burnt.
  48. Estrogen Express – Estrogen over testosterone.
  49. Killer Cleats Stars – Keep clear of their feet!
  50. 50 Shades Of Awesome – That’s a lot of shades of awesome.
  51. Women’s Teams Are Better – They certainly
  52. Speedy Cats – No girls are faster than these.
  53. Million Dollar Ladies – The most expensive team you’ve ever played against.
  54. Hyenas – They’ll eat you alive.
  55. Striker Suzys – Better than any male strikers.
  56. Hounslow Harriers – The fictional team from the film Bend It Like Beckham.
  57. Bend It Like Beckham – After the film of the same name.
  58. Mud Chickens – These chicks aren’t afraid to get dirty when they play.
  59. Mud Honeys – Similar to the above.
  60. The Hummingbirds – Couldn’t be sweeter.
  61. Alley Cats – These girls are from the streets and be warned, they have claws!
  62. Hypergirls – They have unmatched levels of energy.
  63. Wildcats – Like the above only brought up in the wild.
  64. Burgundy Babes – An awesome team name for a soccer team that has a burgundy uniform.
  65. The Sylphs – After the mystical beings.
  66. Lemondrops – After the sweet candy.
  67. Good Girls Gone Bad – And they’ll never be good again.
  68. Cherry Bombers – After the firework.
  69. Leather And Lace – They’ve got the best cleats.
  70. The Lionesses – Proud queens of the pitch.
  71. Crush – All the guys are crushing on this team.
  72. Groovy Girls – Not only do they play amazingly, but they’ve also got the best skills.
  73. Ultra Super Chicks – They just couldn’t be any better.
  74. Tempest – At the very least, be prepared for a storm when you play with this team!
  75. The Jinx – Putting a hex on the other team.
  76. Doomsday Divas – Lose to them, and it’s the end of the world.
  77. Mighty Mermaids – For a team based on the coast.
  78. Radical Girls – They bring new ideas to the table.
  79. The Pumas – Far from being considered ‘’
  80. Not Barbie Girls – Definitely
  81. Clattering Cleats – Some nice alliteration.
  82. Chicks In Red – For a hardcore team in red.
  83. The Cougars – Variation of the above.
  84. Sunflower Girls – They’ll never sacrifice their femininity.
  85. She Devils – The devil in female form.
  86. Does This Skirt Make My Butt Look Fast? – No, of course not.
  87. Down And Dirty Divas – They act like ladies, but they’re not afraid to do dirty work at all.
  88. Pink Pandas – Is there anything cuter?
  89. Lady Leprechauns – Green and very lucky.
  90. Soccer Sistas – They’ve got a close bond.
  91. Lady Dragons – Don’t anger them!
  92. Almost Angels – Not exactly polite, but they try.
  93. The Black Widows – One bite from this team can kill.
  94. Cotton Candy – Super sweet.
  95. The Powerpuff Girls – After the cartoon.
  96. Fox Trotters – Trampling the other team with style.
  97. Unicorns – Because why not?
  98. Turf Queens – They own the pitch.
  99. The Wambaches – After soccer player Abby Wambach.
  100. Hell Hath No Fury – Like a woman scorned.

Clever Soccer Team Names

Clever Soccer Team Names

Clever team names are usually filled with witty lines, jokes, and puns. If you prefer these type of names, these clever soccer team names will delight you.

  1. Elite Cleats – Has a nice half-rhyme to it.
  2. The Charlie Sheens – Unpredictable at the very least.
  3. The Megabytes – For a clever team made up of IT professionals.
  4. Offense Sells Tickets, Defense Wins Championships – A great motto too.
  5. Goal Getters – Wordplay on the term ‘go-getters.’
  6. Quidditch Anyone? – Yes, please.
  7. Sportingwood – Let’s hope it’s just a name.
  8. Sweaty Gym Socks – Yummy.
  9. North Korea – This is one disciplined team.
  10. Scouting For Goals – Always looking for a way to score.
  11. Booze On First – A classic team name, beer, and sports, what could go wrong?
  12. Shitzerland – Wordplay on Switzerland.
  13. Got Milk? – After the iconic Got Milk? Ad
  14. We Who Shall Not Be Named – Except with this name.
  15. Athletic Hippies – Do they really exist?
  16. The Great Gastly – For Pokémon fans.
  17. David Beckham’s Children – And they’ve all inherited his talent.
  18. Assorted Meats – A very random one, but definitely
  19. Fantasticans – They can do anything, fantastically.
  20. Hattrick Heroes – They score pretty frequently.
  21. ACDC United – Wordplay on the band AC/DC and D.C. United from the USA.
  22. The Holy Goalers – Wordplay on the term ‘holy roller.’
  23. Yesterday’s Incredibles – At least they know their best days are behind them.
  24. Brains Aren’t Everything – Yes, you need legs to score goals.
  25. No Game This Week – So the other team better not lose to you!
  26. Obi One, Kenobi Nil – Wordplay on the character Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  27. [insert witty team name here] – Creative or just lazy?
  28. Mo’ Money – After the song ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ by The Notorious B.I.G.
  29. Finger Lakes Heartbreakers – A team that used to exist in Syracuse, USA.
  30. Red Meat > Vegetables – Not fans of vegetarians.
  31. Club Foot – Not the best kickers.
  32. Soccerlicious – They love the game more than anything.
  33. Soccerholics – Similar to the above.
  34. Braziliant – Wordplay on Brazil.
  35. Close, But No Cigar – The other team will never be able to achieve what they had planned.
  36. Pain Is Temporary, Pride Is Forever – A life rule.
  37. Grass Stains – Slowly but surely turning their uniforms into a nice green color.
  38. The Six Offenders – Wordplay on ‘sex offenders,’ great for a six-a-side team.
  39. The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka – In reference to an episode of South Park.
  40. Chili Peppers – This is one spicy team.
  41. Sliced Bread – The best thing since…
  42. LA Fallacy – Wordplay on the American team LA Galaxy.
  43. A Game Of Throw-Ins – This team just can’t keep the ball on the pitch.
  44. Scared Kickless – Wordplay on the phrase scared hitless.
  45. Old Kids On The Block – Wordplay on ‘new kids on the block.’
  46. Foldable Tupperware – Leave the other team confused.
  47. Sockadillos – After the oddly named Austin Sockadillos.
  48. Guard The Yard – They’ve got a tough defense.
  49. Ego sum homo indomitus! – Loosely translates to ‘I am a barbarian!’ from Latin.
  50. Argentina Turner – Combination of Argentina and Tina Turner.
  51. Never Go Through Life Without Goals – Or at the very least a match.
  52. Soccer Is like Life, We Need Goals – Similar to the above.
  53. Quarter Life Crisis – Lives not easy no matter how old you are.
  54. The Vulcans – After the alien race in Star Trek.
  55. Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead – That’s the spirit!
  56. Shaolin Soccer – After the movie of the same name.
  57. Ex-Prison Team – Intimidate the other players.
  58. Incognito – An anonymous team.
  59. Fake Madrid – Old but gold, a wordplay on the Spanish team Real Madrid, real meaning ‘royal.’
  60. 11 Players, 1 Heartbeat – This team is in sync with each other.
  61. Mind Trip – Expect to be psychologically manipulated.
  62. The League Of Extraordinary Kickers – Wordplay on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  63. Beating Chastards – Swap the ‘B’ and the ‘Ch.’
  64. A Murder Of Crows – The correct way to say a group of crows.
  65. Soc-R-Moms – For a team of soccer moms.
  66. Homerun – Clearly playing the wrong sport.
  67. The Ministry of Silly Walks – After the Monty Python sketch.
  68. One-Touchables – Wordplay on the film The Untouchables.
  69. Captain Crunch And The Cereal Killerz – For a team with one-star
  70. Innuendo – They’ve got plenty of inappropriate jokes to share.
  71. The Fantastic 4 – After the superheroes, a great name for a team of just four.
  72. Ivory Toast – Wordplay on Ivory Coast.
  73. Slumdog Nillionaires – Somehow they always end up drawing with the other team.
  74. 6-Pack – For a six-a-side team.
  75. The 404 – Do they exist?
  76. Yellow And Red Card Collectors – They collect them all.
  77. Kicker Instinct – Wordplay on the film Basic Instinct.
  78. Cameroon Diaz – Combination of Cameroon and Cameron Diaz.
  79. Soccoloco – Crazy for soccer.
  80. Liberty City Cocks – A fictional team from the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise.
  81. Los Santos Benders – Another fictional team from the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise.
  82. CAUTION – For the other team.
  83. Plagued By Indecision – Hopefully the other team and not this one!
  84. Eye To Eye – Always ready to stare down the other team.
  85. This is Norway to Play Soccer – It certainly isn’t.
  86. 5 Blind Boys – Great for a five-a-side team… with no aim.
  87. Vandelay Industries – A reference to the TV series Seinfeld.
  88. Alive Scholars Society – Great for a team made up of academics.
  89. Goals-R-Us – Wordplay on Toys-R-Us.
  90. Hustle, Kick And Never Quit – They never will.
  91. The Kryptonites – They’re the other team’s weakness.
  92. R.O.N.Y.M. – Stands for whatever you like.
  93. I Kick, Therefore I Am – In reference to the famous quote ‘I think, therefore I am’ by philosopher Rene Descartes.
  94. I Think, Therefore I Goal – A variation of the above.
  95. ManChestHair United – Wordplay on English team Manchester United.
  96. Smells Like Team Spirit – After the song by Nirvana.
  97. So Good Your Mom Cheers Us – This team likes to boast.
  98. Grape Expectations – Wordplay on the book Great Expectations.
  99. The Silly Hat Brigade – Now your team just needs silly hats to match the name.
  100. Goalalicious – They score the best-looking goals.

European Soccer Team Names

European Soccer Team names

You can also get inspiration from the name of professional football clubs around the world. We listed all the names of the football teams in the top 5 European football league.

English Premier League Soccer Team Names

The following are the names of all the teams in the English Premiership.

  1. AFC Bournemouth – The Cherries
  2. Arsenal – The Gunners
  3. Brighton & Hove Albion – The Seagulls, The Albion
  4. Burnley FC – The Clarets
  5. Cardiff City – The Bluebirds
  6. Chelsea – The Blues, The Pensioners
  7. Crystal Palace – The Eagles, The Glaziers
  8. Everton – The Blues, The Toffees, The People’s Club
  9. Fulham – Cottagers, Whites, Black and White army
  10. Huddersfield Town – The Terriers
  11. Leicester City – The Foxes
  12. Liverpool – The Reds
  13. Manchester City – The Citizens, City, The Sky Blues
  14. Manchester United – The Red Devils
  15. Newcastle United – The Magpies, Geordies
  16. Southampton – The Saints
  17. Watford – The Hornets, The Golden Boys, Yellow Army, The ‘Orns
  18. West Ham United – The Irons, The Hammers, The Academy Of Football
  19. Wolverhampton Wanderers – Wolves, The Wanderers

French Ligue 1 Soccer Teams

The following are the names of the football teams in French league 1.

  1. Amiens
  2. Angers
  3. Bordeaux
  4. Caen
  5. Dijon
  6. Guingamp
  7. Lille
  8. Lyon
  9. Marseille
  10. Monaco
  11. Montpellier
  12. Nantes
  13. Nicea
  14. Nimes
  15. Paris Saint-Germain
  16. Reims
  17. Rennes
  18. Saint-Étienne
  19. Strasbourg
  20. Toulouse

Spanish La Liga Soccer Team Names

The following are the names of all the soccer teams in the Spanish La Liga division

  1. Alavés
  2. Athletic Bilbao
  3. Atlético Madrid
  4. Barcelona
  5. Celta Vigo
  6. Eibar
  7. Espanyol
  8. Getafe
  9. Girona
  10. Huesca
  11. Leganés
  12. Levante
  13. Rayo Vallecano
  14. Real Betis
  15. Real Madrid
  16. Real Sociedad
  17. Sevilla
  18. Valencia
  19. Valladolid
  20. Villarreal

German Bundesliga Soccer Teams

The following are the names of all the teams in the German Bundesliga

  1. FC Augsburg
  2. Bayer Leverkusen
  3. Bayern Munich
  4. Borussia Dortmund
  5. Borussia Mönchengladbach
  6. Eintracht Frankfurt
  7. Fortuna Düsseldorf
  8. SC Freiburg
  9. Hannover 96
  10. Hertha BSC
  11. TSG Hoffenheim
  12. RB Leipzig
  13. Mainz 05
  14. FC Nürnberg
  15. Schalke 04
  16. VfB Stuttgart
  17. Werder Bremen
  18. VfL Wolfsburg

Italian Serie A Soccer Team Names

The following are the names of all the teams in the Italian Serie A

  1. Atalanta
  2. Bologna
  3. Cagliari
  4. Chievo
  5. Empoli
  6. Fiorentina
  7. Frosinone
  8. Genoa
  9. Internazionale
  10. Juventus
  11. Lazio
  12. Milan
  13. Napoli
  14. Parma
  15. Roma
  16. Sampdoria
  17. Sassuolo
  18. SPAL
  19. Torino
  20. Udinese

Other Major Soccer Teams around the World

Soccer Team Names

Football doesn’t end in Europe, there are quite a lot of other popular football teams around the world. Here are some of the most popular football teams around the world:

  1. Benfica – Portugal
  2. FC Porto – Portugal
  3. Sporting Lisbon – Portugal
  4. AFC Ajax Amsterdam – Holland
  5. Feyenoord Rotterdam – Holland
  6. PSV Eindhoven – Holland
  7. Olympiacos – Greece
  8. Steaua Bucharest – Romania
  9. Panathinaikos – Greece
  10. Rangers – Scotland
  11. Celtic – Scotland
  12. Grasshopperclub Zurich – Switzerland
  13. Shakhtar Donetsk – Ukraine
  14. CSKA Moscow – Russia
  15. Club Brugge – Belgium
  16. RSC Anderlecht – Belgium
  17. Dinamo Zagreb – Croatia
  18. Chivas de Guadalajara – Mexico
  19. Club América – Mexico
  20. United – United States
  21. Los Angeles Galaxy – United States
  22. Atlético River Plate – Argentina
  23. Boca Juniors – Argentina
  24. Flamengo – Brazil
  25. Corinthians – Brazil
  26. Palmeiras – Brazil
  27. Santos – Brazil
  28. São Paulo – Brazil
  29. Al-Ahly – Egypt

What an excellent list that was! What did you think of it? Was it inspirational? Was it missing anything special? Or any awesome soccer team names you thought of yourself? We’d love to hear them all! Be sure to let us know.

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