300+ Creative and Funny Harry Potter Team Names

Do you need a creative or funny Harry Porter team name? What are Harry Porter Team Names, you may ask?

Harry Porter’s team names are Harry Porter inspired names for a team such as a fantasy football team or a trivia team. It could also be used as any Harry Porter related group name.

The Harry Potter book series came out in the 1990s, and ever since then, it has been a cultural phenomenon. If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter book or movie series, including the spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, then you are sure to find a new team name in this list that you’ll love to use.

The team names in this article are broken up into several subcategories, including character-based group names, organization-based team names, and even creature-based team names. These names will work well for any type of team. Pick your favorite, and get playing!

Harry Potter Team Names Inspired by Characters

All of the team names in this section are based on a specific character or family in the Harry Potter universe. After each name, we have listed the character the team name is based on (if necessary), and if they are not a main character, we mention who they are in the books or movies.

  1. Katie’s Bells: Katie Bell, Gryffindor quidditch player
  2. Seriously Black: Sirius Black
  3. Plain Filchy: Argus Filch, Hogwarts’s angry janitor
  4. Finnigan Beginagain: Seamus Finnigan, Gryffindor student
  5. The Gaunt-Father: Marvelo Gaunt, one of Voldemort’s ancestors
  6. Granger Danger: Hermione Granger
  7. The Greybacks: Fenrir Greyback, evil werewolf
  8. The Hogwarts’s Gamekeepers: Hagrid
  9. Le Strange: Bellatrix Lestrange, Death Eater
  10. Lockhart’s Fan Club: Professor Lockhart
  11. The Longbottoms: Neville Longbottom and family
  12. Love Good: Luna Lovegood
  13. The Lupines: Professor Lupin
  14. Purely Draconian: Draco Malfoy
  15. Moody: Alastair “Mad-Eye” Moody, Auror
  16. The Peverell Brothers: The three brothers in The Deathly Hallows story
  17. The Three Brothers:
  18. Hairy Potters: Harry Potter
  19. The Grey Ladies: Helena Ravenclaw, daughter of Hogwarts’s founder Rowena Ravenclaw
  20. The Riddles: Voldemort, also known as Tom Riddle
  21. Scampering Newts: Newt Scamander
  22. The Senior Undersecretaries to the Minister for Magic: Professor Umbridge
  23. The __________ (Insert any Harry Potter family name you like)
  24. Lord _________
  25. Moaning _______ (Based on Moaning Myrtle, a ghost)
  26. The Extra Weasleys
  27. The Bards
  28. The Bloody Barons: The Blood Baron, a Hogwarts professor
  29. The Fat Friars
  30. The Fat Ladies
  31. The Kreachers: Kreacher, the house-elf

Harry Potter Team Names Inspired by Houses

At Hogwarts, there are four houses that the students are sorted into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw. Each of these houses also have their own animal mascot. The last four names in this section are based on the four houses at the “American Hogwarts” school, Ilvermorny.

  1. The Gryffindors
  2. The Slytherins
  3. The Hufflepuffs
  4. The Ravenclaws
  5. The Gryffindor Lions
  6. The Slytherin Snakes
  7. The Hufflepuff Badgers
  8. The Ravenclaw Eagles
  9. The Thunderbirds
  10. The Wampuses of ____  (The Wampuses of Hogwarts).
  11. The Horned Serpents
  12. The Pukwudgies

Harry Potter Team Names Inspired by Groups

In the Harry Potter universe, there are several established organizations and groups. Some of these, which make great team names on their own, are listed below.

  1. SPEW
  2. The Order of the Phoenix
  3. The Marauders
  4. Dumbledore’s Army
  5. The Death Eaters
  6. The Order of Merlin
  7. The Inquisitorial Squad
  8. The Wizengamot
  9. Muggles
  10. The Confederation of Wizards

Team Names Inspired by the Harry Potter Books and Movies

There are seven Harry Potter books, eight movies, and two movies in the Fantastic Beasts series (as of 2020). The below names are based on these books/movie names. The book/movie names are listed after each book. If the name does not have a book/movie listed after it, then it simply goes with the book listed for the team name above it.

  1. The Sorcerers: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers/Philosopher’s Stone
  2. The Philosophers
  3. In the Chamber of Secrets: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  4. The Prisoners of Azkaban: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  5. Triwizard Tournament Contestants: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  6. The Order of the Phoenix: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  7. The Half-Bloods: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  8. The Half-Blood Princes/Princesses:
  9. The Deathly Hallows: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  10. Tales of _______ (The Tales of Beedle the Bard)
  11. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Us: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  12. The Crimes of _________ (The Crimes of Grindelwald)
  13. The Cursed Children: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Team Names Inspired by Harry Potter Textbooks

Within the Harry Potter universe, there are a number of books and textbooks read by the students at Hogwarts. All of the books that the team names are based on are listed after each team name.

  1. Transfiguration Beginners: A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration
  2. Magical Historians: A History of Magic
  3. Suspicious Muggles: A Study into Muddle Suspicions About Magic
  4. Animal Ghosts: Animal Ghosts of Britain
  5. Enchanting Bakers: Enchantment in Baking
  6. Blood Brothers: Blood Brothers: My Life Amongst the Vampires
  7. Denizens of the Deep: Dreadful Denizens of the Deep
  8. Hippogriff Brutality: Fowl or Foul? A Study of Hippogriff Brutality
  9. The Broken Banshees: Break with a Banshee
  10. The Pure-Blood Directory: Pure-Blood Directory
  11. Scoundrels and Saints: Snape: Scoundrel or Saints?
  12. The Mad Muggles: The Adventures of Martin Miggs, the Mad Muggle
  13. The Faceless: Confronting the Faceless
  14. Dominating Dementors: Dominating Dementors: A True History of Azkaban
  15. Fifteenth Century Fiends: Fifteenth Century Fiends
  16. Shadows and Spirits: Shadows and Spirits
  17. The Opal Fire: A True History of the Opal Fire
  18. The Busy and Vexed: Basic Hexes for the Busy and Vexed
  19. The Poetic Sorcerers: Sonnets of a Sorcerer
  20. Death Omens: Death Omens: What To Do When You Know The Worst Is Coming
  21. The Dream Oracles: Dream Oracle
  22. The Healer’s Helpmates: The Healer’s Helpmate
  23. Great Wizards of the 21st Century: Great Wizards of the Twentieth Century
  24. The Saucy Tricks: Saucy Tricks for Tricky Sorts
  25. The Tricky Sorts: Saucy Tricks for Tricky Sorts
  26. Wacky Warlocks: Madcap Magic for Wacky Warlocks
  27. Magic in Theory and Practice: Magical Theory
  28. The Dark Forces: The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection

Harry Potter Group Names Inspired by Quidditch

Quidditch is the most popular wizarding sport there is. Because of this, there’s plenty of lore and information on the topic. So, there are several subcategories for Quidditch based names in this section. Enjoy!

  1. The Quaffles
  2. The Bludgers
  3. The Golden Snitches
  4. The Keepers
  5. The Seekers
  6. The Beaters
  7. The Chasers

Harry Potter Team Names

There are a number of famous Quidditch teams in the Harry Potter universe. All of the team names below are actual team names created by J.K. Rowling that are listed in the book Quidditch Through the Ages.

  1. Appleby Arrows
  2. Ballycastle Bats
  3. Caerphilly Catapults
  4. Chudley Cannons
  5. Falmouth Falcons
  6. Holyhead Harpies
  7. Kenmare Kestrels
  8. Montrose Magpies
  9. Pride of Portree
  10. Puddlemere United
  11. Tutshill Tornados
  12. Wigtown Wanderers
  13. Wimbourne Wasps
  14. Vratsa Vultures
  15. Quiberon Quafflepunchers
  16. Heidelberg Harriers
  17. Bigonville Bombers
  18. Braga Broomfleet
  19. Grodzisk Goblins
  20. Moutohora Macaws
  21. Thundelarra Thunderers
  22. Woollongong Warriors
  23. Patonga Proudsticks
  24. Tchamba Charmers
  25. Gimbi Giant-Slayers
  26. Sumbawanga Sunrays
  27. Moose Jaw Meteorites
  28. Haileybury Hammers
  29. Stonewall Stormers
  30. Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers
  31. Toyohashi Tenhu
  32. Gorodok Gargoyles

Harry Potter Group Names Inspired by Broomsticks

Aside from the first suggested name in this section of the article, the following suggested team names are all based on racing broom brands in the Harry Potter universe. All of these names were also sourced from Quidditch Through the Ages.

  1. The Racing Brooms
  2. The Oakshafts
  3. The Moontrimmers
  4. The Silver Arrows
  5. The Cleansweeps
  6. The Comets
  7. The Tinderblasts
  8. The Swiftsticks
  9. The Shooting Stars
  10. The Nimbuses
  11. The Twiggers

Harry Potter Group Names Inspired by Quidditch Moves

This last section of Quidditch based names (also from Quidditch Through the Ages) are based on the names of cool Quidditch maneuvers. However, not all of the Quidditch moves make for great team names, so only the moves which could be made into names and still be recognized as Quidditch plays are listed below.

  1. Bludger Backbeats
  2. The Dopperbeater Defense
  3. The Hawkshead Attack
  4. Parkin’s Piners
  5. The Pumpton Passers
  6. The Porskoff’s Ploy
  7. Starfish and Sticks
  8. The Transylvanian Tacklers
  9. The Woollongong Shimmies
  10. The Wronski Fainters

Group Names Inspired by Harry Potter Creatures

Moving on to creatures, when writing the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling created a multitude of fictitious creatures. Of course, she also borrowed some from other fantasy sources. All of the creatures in the following list have been taken directly from the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

  1. The Dementor’s Kiss
  2. The Dementors of Azkaban
  3. The House Elves
  4. The Gringott’s Goblins
  5. Fantastic Beasts
  6. The Acromantulas
  7. The Ashwinders
  8. The Augurey
  9. The Basilisks
  10. The King of Serpents
  11. The Billywigs
  12. The Bowtruckles
  13. The Bundimuns
  14. The Centaurs
  15. The Chimaeras
  16. The Chizpurfles
  17. The Clabbers
  18. The Crups
  19. The Demiguises
  20. The Diricawls
  21. The Doxyies
  22. The Biting Fairies
  23. The Dragons
  24. The Antipodean Opaleyes
  25. The Liondragon
  26. The Chinese Fireballs
  27. The Welsh Greens
  28. The Hebridean Blacks
  29. The Hungarians Horntails
  30. The Norwegian Ridgebacks
  31. The Peruvian Vipertooths
  32. The Romanian Longhorns
  33. The Swedish Short-Snouts
  34. The Ukrainian Ironbellies
  35. The Dugbogs
  36. The Erklings
  37. The Erumpents
  38. The Fairies
  39. The Fire Crabs
  40. The Flobberworms
  41. The Fwoopers
  42. The Ghouls
  43. The Glumbumbles
  44. The Gnomes
  45. The Graphorns
  46. The Griffens
  47. The Grundylows
  48. The Hippogriffs
  49. The Horklumps
  50. The Imps
  51. The Jarveys
  52. The Jobberknolls
  53. The Kappas
  54. The Kelpies
  55. The Knarls
  56. The Kneazles
  57. The Leprechauns
  58. The Clauricorns
  59. The Lethifolds
  60. The Living Shrouds
  61. The Lobalugs
  62. The Mackled Malaclaws
  63. The Manticores
  64. The Merpeople
  65. The Sirens
  66. The Selkies
  67. The Merrows
  68. The Mokes
  69. The Mooncalves
  70. The Murtlaps
  71. The Nifflers
  72. The Nogtails
  73. The Nundus
  74. The Occamies
  75. The Phoenixes
  76. The Pixies
  77. The Pimpies
  78. The Pogrebins
  79. The Porlocks
  80. The Puffskeins
  81. The Quintapeds
  82. The Quintapeds
  83. The Hairy MacBoons
  84. The Ramoras
  85. The Red Caps
  86. The Re’ems
  87. The Runespoors
  88. The Salamanders
  89. The Sea Serpents
  90. The Shrakes
  91. The Snidgets
  92. The Sphinxes
  93. The Streelers
  94. The Tebos
  95. The Trolls
  96. The Unicorns
  97. The Werewolves
  98. The Winged Horse
  99. The Pegasuses
  100. The Abraxans
  101. The Aethoans
  102. The Granian
  103. The Thestrals
  104. The Yetis
  105. The Bigfoots
  106. The Abominable Snowmen

Harry Potter Team Names Inspired by Spells

As the Harry Potter series follows the adventures of young wizards and witches, spells are bound to come into play at some point. Some of these spells, more than anything else, simply sound cool. Below are some of the coolest sounding spell-based team names, with an explanation when needed.

  1. The Charmers
  2. The Hexers
  3. The Jinxes
  4. The Jinxers
  5. Accio ________ (Accio is a spell that magically brings a certain object to you)
  6. Abra Kadabra: Based on the killing curse
  7. The Confunded: Based on confundo
  8. Episkey
  9. The Unforgivable Curses
  10. Under the Influence of Imperio
  11. Obliviate
  12. Revelio
  13. Rictusempra
  14. The Riddikulus _______
  15. The Nebulus: a fog creation spell, Fantastic Beasts

Harry Potter Trivia Team Names Inspired by Places

With the Harry Potter universe being as expansive as it is, there are bound to be an array of cool-sounding places. Some of these places are sure to make for great team names. The best ones are listed below.

  1. Ministry of Magic
  2. The Department of Mysteries
  3. The Magical Maintenance Department
  4. The Department of International Magical Cooperation
  5. The Azkaban Prisoners
  6. The Azkaban Prison Guards
  7. The Three Broomsticks
  8. Malfoy’s Manners
  9. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement
  10. The Battle of Hogwarts
  11. The Students/Staff/Professors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  12. The Students/Staff/Professors of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
  13. The Students/Staff/Professors of the Durmstrang Institute
  14. The Students/Staff/Professors of Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  15. The Students/Staff/Professors of Koldovstoretz Wizarding School
  16. The Students/Staff/Professors of Mahoutokoro Wizarding School
  17. The Students/Staff/Professors of Uagadou Wizarding School
  18. The Students/Staff of St/ Brutus’s Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys/Girls
  19. Zonko’s Jokers
  20. All Abord the Hogwarts Express
  21. Regulars at the Leaky Cauldron
  22. Regulars at the Hogs Head
  23. The Magical Menagerie
  24. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes
  25. Borgin and Burkes
  26. Spinster’s End: Spinner’s End

Cool Harry Potter Team Names

Lastly, here are some names that don’t fit into any of the above categories but would still make for great team names. These team names are based on all sorts of miscellaneous things, people, and groups from the Harry Potter universe.

  1. The Professors
  2. The Prefects
  3. The Head Boys/Girls
  4. The Aurors
  5. The Daily Prophet Journalists
  6. The Quibbler Journalists
  7. The Ministers for Magic
  8. The Horcruxes
  9. The Patronuses
  10. The Ghosts
  11. The Poltergeists
  12. The Potion’s Masters
  13. The Animagi
  14. The Squibs

We hoped you liked this list and were able to find the perfect Harry Potter based team name for your needs. If you can think of any other great Harry Potter based team names, make sure to list them in the comments!

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