500+ Good CrossFit Team Names (With Meanings)

Having a good CrossFit team name can really help connect a team and keep them motivated. But coming up with that perfect CrossFit team name can be hard. Sometimes it can be impossible to find a team name that everyone can agree on.

But did you know that with a great list of suggestions you can inspire yourself and your team to come up with a truly unique and fantastic team name with a meaning specifically tailored for you?

Well, lucky for you because we’re the best site on the Internet for group and team names and we’ve rounded up this humungous list of CrossFit team names just for you!

List of Crossfit Team Names

Whether you’re looking for funny team names, fun partner team names, badass team names, girl’s team names, cool team names or creative team names, we have them all for CrossFit! Scroll away and have a blast!

Funny CrossFit Team Names

Funny Crossfit Team Names

According to Mark Twain, the human race has only one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. So, if you and your team want to add the humor weapon to your arsenal, you should consider these funny CrossFit team names:

  1. If Only Making Money Was This Easy – This team likes to pretend they’re great at CrossFit.
  2. Raging Hormones – Hilarious choice for team of awkward teenagers.
  3. 82Much – Never a good idea.
  4. Here For The Free Shirt – Now that’s motivation.
  5. Redundant – For a team that really lacks proper motivation.
  6. Older Than You – Would you believe it?
  7. The Scream Team – Yeah, they can get a little bit loud.
  8. The Fighting Cocks – Scary in more ways than one.
  9. Gamecocks – Similar to the above.
  10. Less Talk, More Squat – This team talks a little too much.
  11. Fueled By Hops – The fuel of life.
  12. World’s Okayest Runners – Unbelievably average.
  13. The Flimsy Worms – Nope, no muscle here.
  14. Just The Tip – They only put in the bare minimum required to get by.
  15. Is It Five O’Clock Yet? – It’s always 5 pm somewhere.
  16. Ready Or Not, Beer We Come – Have you ever seen these guys sober?
  17. Designated Drinkers – Don’t worry guys, these guys will handle the beer… and drink it.
  18. Butts And Beer Bellies – Can’t have one without the other.
  19. Blood, Sweat, And Beers – The only liquids you need, screw water.
  20. Burpees And Beers – Either an excellent combination or a terrible combination.
  21. 150 Burpees A Day Keeps The Doctor Away – The only way to find out is to try it.
  22. Tears For Beers – Beer makes everything better.
  23. The CrossShits – This team always needs to be near a bathroom.
  24. The Butt Clenches – Butt exercises first, everything else second.
  25. Dicks In Boxes – In reference to the song ‘Dick in a box’ by Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake.
  26. It Never Gets Easier – Sadly it doesn’t.
  27. Pickles And Protein – One makes your breath smell, the other helps build your muscles.
  28. Racks And Sacks – For a mixed team of guys and girls.
  29. Sensitive To Pain – It’s a real condition!
  30. Broseph Stalin – Bros of steel!
  31. Running Better Than The Government – To be fair, most things do.
  32. Gainz For Jesus – He needs them.
  33. Sweaty Medballs – Expect gallons of sweat…
  34. Seven Jerks And A Squirt – Hilarious choice for a team of seven heavily built guys and one who needs to lift a little bit more.
  35. Do You Even Lift, Bro? – This team totally overuses this phrase.
  36. Dumbbells And Donuts – All you need in life.
  37. Will WOD For Donuts – Who needs money anyway?
  38. Donut Droppers – Either highly motivated or very clumsy.
  39. Sore To The Finish – These guys always look beat up.
  40. Mud Flaps – These guys are always caked in mud when they go on mud runs.
  41. Still Oblivious To The Distance – They have no idea how to pace themselves.
  42. We Hate The Runs – Can you guess what their favorite part of their routine is?
  43. The Intermediates – Super average and proud of it.
  44. Hardly Athletic – At least they’re not deluded.
  45. My So-Called Legs – You’ve never seen legs so scrawny.
  46. The Baconators – If there’s one thing they can finish, it’s a plate of bacon.
  47. Where’s The Bacon? – Bacon is the meaning of life.
  48. Thrust Her? I Barely Know Her! – Have some manners!
  49. Slow Burn – Slow and steady wins the race.
  50. The Running Joke – Watching these guys run is hilarious.
  51. Shake And Bake – In reference to the film Talladega Nights.
  52. Team Hardwood – They always wake up ready in the morning.
  53. Team Softwood – The opposite of the above.
  54. Fragile – These guys are just not built for this.
  55. Dirty Mudder Funkers – These guys love fooling around in the dirt.
  56. Mudder Of All Hangovers – What’s more fun than doing a muddy obstacle course after a night of heavy drinking? Nothing!
  57. Kim Jongs Young Boys – Step back guys, they’re lethal!
  58. Not Fast, Just Furious – They’re furious because they’re not fast.
  59. All Pain, No Gain – Sorry to hear that.
  60. Donald Pump – Everything they say is fake news.
  61. Pimp My Stride – It really needs some pimping.
  62. Ass Riders – Oh dear.
  63. The Sweet Couch Potatoes – Sweeter than your normal couch potatoes.
  64. Chalk Dirty To Me – Punny!
  65. Sandbaggers – The only way these guys know is the easy way.
  66. What’s That In Miles? – These guys have no idea what they’re doing.
  67. Test Eagles – For a team that thinks they’re super funny.
  68. Stocking Stuffers – Not as big as they look.
  69. Sore Loins – Poor loins.
  70. Like Fun, Only Different – Very different.
  71. Speed Bumps – For a team that stops and starts a little too often.
  72. Look Ma, No sleep – You can sleep when you’re dead.
  73. Only Super Cool People – Membership of this team is a tough
  74. Aggressively Average – They work as hard as possible to be as average as possible.
  75. Nerd Herd – There’s no hope for them.
  76. Dorks – For a team that knows everything about sports, but has no idea how to play.
  77. Run Like The Winded – Take very big
  78. Ass Thrusters – Watch ya ass!
  79. Probably Gonna Walk – Eh, at least they’re honest.
  80. Save Our Soles – These guys are praying for this torture to end.
  81. Mom Jeans – They never wear appropriate clothing.
  82. Run, Run, Go Away – Come again another day.
  83. Seeking Abs – Keyword there is ‘seeking.’
  84. The Dreadmills – Every time they think of running, their stomach sinks.
  85. Get Hard – Not advised in public!
  86. Bacon Love – After a long days work, nothing puts a smile on their face more than a big plate of bacon.
  87. Fats All Folks – Wordplay on ‘That’s all folks’ from the Looney Tunes.
  88. Snatchue Of Liberty – No one can out lift the lady of liberty!
  89. Clean And Jerk – Sounds like a euphemism for something much, much dirtier.
  90. Swass – It means ‘sweat from the ass.’
  91. Twisted Blisters – Yucky.
  92. Cardio Sucks – It certainly does.
  93. No Regrets – This team is totally shameless.
  94. Only Regrets – They feel like death every time.
  95. Your Local Rejects – The town’s least athletic team.
  96. Chafing The Dream – Expect sore red thighs.
  97. The Best Slapstick Crossfit Team – Coordination is not their strong point.
  98. Clumsy – It’s advised to keep a fair amount of distance from these guys.
  99. Where’s The Finish? – They’re always thinking about the end before they’ve even started.
  100. Worst Game Of Tag Ever – They still have a lot to learn about CrossFit.

CrossFit Girl Team Names

Crossfit Girl Team Names

For a team of ladies, here are some of the best CrossFit female team names:

  1. Neander-Gals – These ladies are brutish.
  2. Shooting Star Syndicate – Ladies big dreams.
  3. Two Girls, One World Cup – Wordplay on something super, super dirty.
  4. Short And Stout – Not the tallest ladies, but they sure are tough.
  5. Small But Mighty – Similar to the above.
  6. Fairly Attractive Running Team – Modest much?
  7. Making HERstory – Way better than HIStory.
  8. Raw Nips And Chapped Lips – These ladies put everything on the line.
  9. WOD Now, Wine Later – A golden rule.
  10. WODsluts – They really can’t resist a good old WOD.
  11. Black Mambas – After the world’s deadliest snake.
  12. Buns On The Run – Buns have never moved so fast.
  13. Buns And Guns – Hair back, guns out.
  14. Multiple Scorgasms – You’ve probably heard this one before, but people still love it.
  15. Slimpossible – Wordplay on the TV show ‘Kim Possible.’
  16. Chick Clique – The coolest girls in CrossFit.
  17. Feisty Females – They’re ravenous!
  18. The She-Hulks – All they need is some green body paint.
  19. Girls, Manterrupted – No men can interrupt these women when they’re talking.
  20. Girls Just Want To Have Run – Wordplay on the song ‘Girls just want to have fun’ by Cyndi Lauper.
  21. Bringing Up The Rear – It’s all about that rear with these girls.
  22. Waist Management – Those are some well-managed waists.
  23. Victorious Secret – Yes, yes, we know everyone already knows this one!
  24. The Ho Ho Hoes – Hoes, everywhere.
  25. Forget Skinny, Be Strong – Strong is always better!
  26. Training To Be Badass – Not too far from it!
  27. Like My Rack? You Should See My Snatch – Steady on!
  28. Girl Bosses – The best kind of bosses.
  29. The Cougars – For a tough group of older ladies.
  30. Get Ovary It – They don’t let things get them down.
  31. Concrete Vaginas – Simply impenetrable!
  32. Fierce Vaginas – Similar to the above.
  33. Salute The Glutes – Guys may not immediately salute them, but they’ll definitely check them out.
  34. Lifting Ladies – There’s not much they can’t lift.
  35. The Matriarchy – These women make the rules.
  36. Gurly Girls – As ‘gurly’ as they come.
  37. The Blossoms – Blossoming into impressive athletes.
  38. La Femme – French for ‘woman.’
  39. The Femme Fatales – Seductive but deadly women.
  40. The Fem Fitales – A wordplay on the above.
  41. Super Fem – Can’t get more fem than this.
  42. Stunner Runners – Hearts flutter when these ladies run.
  43. Girl Gang – They’re super tough.
  44. Meaty Divas – Divas with real muscle.
  45. Show Me Your Snatch – Well, that’s quite direct.
  46. Crouching Girl, Hidden Cucumber – There’s only one place that cucumber could be…
  47. All About That Pace – Wordplay on the song ‘All about that bass’ by Meghan Trainor.
  48. The Cowgirls – Beats cowboys every time.
  49. Sister Tribe – A tribe that truly gets on and works together.
  50. Dashing Divas – They may run fast, but they’re not particularly known for wearing the right attire.
  51. Dangerous Divas – You better hope that they won’t use those heels as a weapon.
  52. Slick Chicks – No girls are cooler than these ladies.
  53. Thin It To Win It – That’s the way.
  54. Queen Bees – You need to show respect to this team.
  55. The Mudderellas – Mud does wonders for the skin.
  56. The Muddy Virgins – Dirty much?
  57. Wonder Women – Why be just one Wonder Woman when a team could be so much more effective?
  58. Miracle Workers – There isn’t anything they can’t do.
  59. The Unicorns – It’s rare to see women this amazing.
  60. Female Force – A deadly one.
  61. Breaking Balls – Men, beware.
  62. Crushing Balls – Similar to the above.
  63. Sole Sisters – These sisters have an unbreakable bond that shines when running.
  64. Sisters Before Misters – Men can wait.
  65. Weights Before Dates – Let them chase you!
  66. Passion Pavers – This team inspires everyone to do better.
  67. Girl Power – The most powerful thing on Earth?
  68. GRL PWR – A cooler version of the above.
  69. Baby Got Track – Baby, owns that track.
  70. Cunning Stunts – Old, but gold.
  71. Girls On Fire – These girls are hot, hot, hot.
  72. Sweaty Coconuts – Burn your bras!
  73. The HBICs – HBIC stands for ‘Head Bitch In Charge.’
  74. Estrogen > Testosterone – Forever.
  75. Hustlin’ Honeys – No one hustles more than these ladies.
  76. The Amazons – The tallest women you’ll ever meet.
  77. Fat Bottom Girls – And proud of it!
  78. Gallop Gang – They’ve got plenty of horsepower.
  79. Lady Killers – These girls can kill.
  80. Beast Mode Babes – These women can become monsters.
  81. Babe Bunch – Each one of them is a total babe.
  82. Lean On Me – This team always looks out for each other.
  83. Wild Kittens – They’re savage!
  84. The Sexbombs – They’re drop-dead gorgeous.
  85. Pretty Pack – Have you ever seen a more beautiful team than this?
  86. On The Grind – Working on that backside all day!
  87. Peacocks – They always look great, whatever they’re up to.
  88. Fembots – No one can stop these machines.
  89. Chalk Blockers – Wordplay on ‘cock blockers.’
  90. The Dottirs – In reference to the tough CrossFit women from Iceland.
  91. Dirt Up My Skirt – That can’t be comfortable.
  92. She Devils – These ladies will have you convinced that women’s minds are controlled by the devil.
  93. She Unit – They use military precision in their CrossFit
  94. Run Like A Girl – Say it loud and proud.
  95. HERd – A clever one that could have a couple of different meanings, maybe they’re a ‘pack’ of women, or maybe they’re saying they are women who listen to each other.
  96. The Medusas – One look and they’ll turn you to stone.
  97. Lady’s Gun Club – These women are strapped.
  98. Pretty Tough – Pretty and tough.
  99. Barbell Barbies – Don’t judge them by the way they dress, they’re super tough.
  100. Keeping Up With The WODashians – Wordplay on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’

Cool CrossFit Team Names

Cool Crossfit Team Names

For an awesome team name for your CrossFit team, try these cool CrossFit team names:

  1. The Slim Pack – Damn, this team looks good!
  2. Smash – This team is so tough they break anything they touch.
  3. Sprint Squad – They’re always running at the fastest pace.
  4. The Bolts – They are unquestionably fast.
  5. Viking Squad – These savages dominate everywhere they go.
  6. Isometric Dudes – They have no need to flex.
  7. Suns Out, Guns Out – This team loves to show off their ‘guns’ when the weather’s nice.
  8. Gunshow – Guns here, guns there, guns everywhere.
  9. Legends Of The Rep – No one can break their record.
  10. The Best Team – Because they are!
  11. Till We Faint – That’s the spirit.
  12. The A-Team – Everybody knows this team.
  13. Run 4 Fun – There is nothing they love more than to run.
  14. The Crossfit Collective – The best in the CrossFit
  15. No Rest Days – Rest is for the weak.
  16. Trail Blazers – These guys are CrossFit
  17. High Flyers – These guys only aim for the best.
  18. Just Results – Improvement every single day.
  19. Bench Buddies – For a team of guys great at lifting.
  20. 2Fit2Quit – Quitting is out of the question.
  21. Stronger Than Yesterday – Always and forever.
  22. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Only losers stop.
  23. Muscle Mania – Muscles are the only thing that matter to this team.
  24. Dynamite – Things are about to explode.
  25. Dynamo – If one falls down, they all do.
  26. Minutemen – Just too fast.
  27. Mountain Men – These men are giants.
  28. Mountaineers – These guys love the great outdoors.
  29. Be Low Us – They’re clearly a level above everyone else.
  30. Big Barbell Club – If you ain’t lifting, you ain’t working out.
  31. Body Beasts – Their bodies are their priorities.
  32. Rock Solid – You’ve never seen muscles so hard before.
  33. Igniters – These guys know how to start trouble.
  34. Firestarters – Similar to the above.
  35. Golden Tickets – To be as fit as humanly possible.
  36. Team Hulk – Don’t get them angry!
  37. Workout Warriors – Fitter than gladiators.
  38. WOD Warriors – Fighting WOD battles daily.
  39. Stud Muffins – Handsome and cute.
  40. Top Shelf – They’re in the best possible shape they could be in.
  41. In Style – Everybody wants to be like this team.
  42. Elite Crossfit Team – This CrossFit team is at the top of their game.
  43. Crossfit Untamed – No one can tame this CrossFit
  44. Flex – They just can’t help themselves.
  45. Tribe – This team has a truly deep bond.
  46. Your Pace or Mine? – No one can outpace this team.
  47. Real Survivors – There’s no challenge too tough for this team.
  48. WOD Squad – Not a day goes by where you don’t see this team working out together.
  49. No Speed Limit – They’re just too fast for everyone else.
  50. No Pain, No Gain – Pain is their friend.
  51. All Gain, No Pain – Pain is not a concept this team understands.
  52. Gains All Around – Not a day goes by without gains.
  53. The Metabolics – These guys need a lot of energy after all their intense workouts.
  54. The 6 Packs – All around!
  55. Demand Crossfit – It should be a human right.
  56. Perfect Posture – They’re like Greek or Roman statues.
  57. Marathon Maniacs – If there’s no marathon to run, they make their own marathon.
  58. Cowboys – They can get a bit rowdy at times.
  59. Fitness Rules – It certainly does.
  60. Sole Train – For a team that likes to run in a big line.
  61. The Reps – The reps are the only thing that counts.
  62. Buff And Stuff – Could not get fitter.
  63. Team B-Less – For an awesome team trying to lose weight.
  64. Peak Performance – Where you should always be.
  65. One More Rep – This team is addicted to exercise.
  66. Why Not? – When someone tells this team, they can’t do something they always prove them wrong.
  67. Turbo Fit – No one knows where this team gets all their energy from.
  68. Hustlers – Hustling day in and day out.
  69. Cut It Out – These guys are always straight to business.
  70. Mind Over Matter – Crossfit always gets problems off their minds.
  71. Iron Throne – For a weight lifting team.
  72. Sons Of Guns – Their parents were fitness pros, and they are too.
  73. Sha Donk! – These guys love to celebrate after an intense session.
  74. All Must Go – Another excellent name for a team trying to lose weight.
  75. The Captivators – They inspire others to take up CrossFit.
  76. Tough Mudder – Mud can’t stop these guys!
  77. The Money Shots – Don’t make bets with these guys, you’ll always lose.
  78. Thinning The Herd – Another great choice for a weight loss team.
  79. Spark Plugs – They’ll shock you.
  80. WOD Culture – It’s rich.
  81. Lajitfit – Wordplay on ‘legit fit.’
  82. Eat, Sleep, Crossfit, Repeat – Wordplay on the song ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat’ by Fatboy Slim.
  83. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – After the song of the same name by Daft Punk.
  84. Gentlemen With Guns – They may look like tough guys, but make no mistake, they are as polite as they come.
  85. Roadrunners – Running on the sidewalk is for cowards.
  86. The Jalapeños – These guys see challenges where others see danger.
  87. Fit From The Inside Out – For this team looking fit is not enough, they live to be healthy.
  88. The Chiseled Ones – No one can deny that this team is in excellent condition.
  89. 25% Off! – You won’t believe how much weight these guys will lose in such a short time.
  90. Movers And Shakers – Seeing this team do nothing is a rare sight.
  91. Overdrive – This CrossFit team pushes itself way too hard.
  92. Overachievers – Goals are only set to be smashed.
  93. Pride – This team has every right to be proud of what they have achieved.
  94. Record Breakers – They make past records look like nothing.
  95. Record Smashers – Similar to the above.
  96. Positive Vibes – Negativity is not allowed in this team.
  97. Lucky Charms – Nothing can go wrong when this team is together.
  98. Guts To Dust – Make that belly disappear.
  99. Born Winners – Winning from the moment they left the womb.
  100. Muscle > Fat – Don’t just aim to be thin, aim to be tough.

Creative CrossFit Team Names

Creative Crossfit Team Names

For the love of puns, here are some creative CrossFit team names to consider:

  1. Pace Cadets – Boldly pacing where no man has paced before.
  2. Cast-A-Weighs – Wordplay on ‘castaway.’
  3. Achy Breaky… Everything – This CrossFit just won’t stop moaning about its aches and pains.
  4. Between A Walk And A Slow Pace – Wordplay on the phrase between a ‘rock and a hard place.’
  5. Why So Serious? – In reference to the Joker in The Dark Knight Batman film.
  6. Ignorance Is Blisters – Just ignore them, and they will go away.
  7. Buck Furpees – Swap the ‘F’ and the ‘B.’
  8. Happy Feet – In reference to the film of the same name.
  9. Mid Leg Crisis – Where exactly is that ‘mid-leg’?
  10. Natural Born Killers – In reference to the film of the same name.
  11. It Only Hurts The First Time – They lied!
  12. We Lift More Than We Make – A sad, sad story.
  13. If Trump Can Run, So Can We – And if he can win, so can you too!
  14. Smells Like Team Spirit – Wordplay on the song ‘Smells like teen spirit’ by Nirvana.
  15. Pumped Up Kicks – After the song by Foster The People.
  16. 5K Everyday – Has a nice rhyme to it.
  17. I’m Fast Because I Run With A Cape – Now everybody knows your secret.
  18. Flexual Healing – Wordplay on ‘Sexual Healing’ by Marvin Gaye.
  19. Flex Appeal – Wordplay on ‘Sex appeal.’
  20. Yes We Can-ada – You Can-ado anything!
  21. Lighten Up – Another clever option for a weight loss team.
  22. Beastjuice, Beastjuice, Beastjuice – Wordplay on the film Beetlejuice.
  23. Carb Loaders – These guys are always preparing for a big session.
  24. Snatchin’ And Dispatchin’ – These guys set the pace.
  25. Bad Santas And Naughty Elves – A nice Christmas themed choice for a team of men and women.
  26. Legs Miserable – Wordplay on Les Miserables.
  27. Walk The Walk – Wordplay on ‘Talk the talk.’
  28. WOD Did We Get Into? – These guys are in no way prepared for what they’re about to do.
  29. WOD Do U Mean? – A clever little option.
  30. Netflix And WOD – In reference to the phrase ‘Netflix and chill.’
  31. WODDING Crashers – Wordplay on ‘Wedding Crashers.’
  32. WODs Up? – Not much.
  33. WOD U! – As in FU!
  34. WODspeed – As in ‘Godspeed.’
  35. Oh My WOD – As in ‘Oh my god.’
  36. WOD God – These guys practically invented the WOD.
  37. WOD Save The Queen – After the anthem used in a number of Commonwealth countries.
  38. In WOD We Trust – In reference to ‘in God, we trust,’ which is printed on all American currency.
  39. All For WOD And WOD For All – Wordplay on ‘All for one and one for all,’ the motto of The Three Musketeers.
  40. WOD Are Those? – What you get when you work out daily!
  41. WODs In Our Favor – Bets against them are not advised.
  42. WODopolis – When you work out this frequently it’s like living in paradise.
  43. The WOD-Tang Clan – Wordplay on the band Wu-Tang Clan.
  44. What Would WOD Do? – Wordplay on ‘What would God do?’
  45. The WODfather – In reference to The Godfather.
  46. Holy Fit – Not even God designed humans to look this magnificent.
  47. Ran From The Law And The Law Won – In reference to the song ‘I thought the law’ by The Clash.
  48. We’re Weighting For You – Hurry up!
  49. Weigh To Go – If you’re not doing it with weights, you’re not doing it right.
  50. Running From Commitment – Literally!
  51. Keep Calm And Squat On – Squatting will get rid of all of your problems.
  52. Drop It Like It’s Squat – Wordplay on the song ‘Drop it like it’s hot’ by Snoop Dogg and Pharrell.
  53. Stop, Drop And Squat – Wordplay on the phrase ‘Stop, drop and roll.’
  54. The Squatting Dead – Wordplay on the TV series The Walking Dead.
  55. Slower Than Justin Bieber Doing Long Division – Sad, very, very sad.
  56. All The Whey – Wordplay on the phrase ‘all the way’ and the company Whey which produces protein shakes.
  57. We Stole Something – That’s how you need to run!
  58. Garbage Men – Taking out the trash, every single day.
  59. Ruck Funning – Swap the ‘R’ and the ‘F.’
  60. Zombie Apocalypse Preparation – And they are well-prepared.
  61. We Pity The Fool! – After Mr. T’s catchphrase ‘I pity the fool…’
  62. Shake Weight All-Stars – Probably not the most used to intense full body workouts.
  63. Amino Disrespect – Super clever option!
  64. Gym Class Heroes – After the band of the same name.
  65. 99 Problems But A Snatch Ain’t One – It should never be!
  66. 99 Problems But A Bench Aint One – Similar to the above.
  67. I Thought This Was A Pub Crawl – This team was deeply mistaken.
  68. Been There, Done Fat – And never going back.
  69. Going To Need New Clothes – Definitely if you keep exercising at this rate.
  70. Snatch Me If You Can – Can be in reference to the film ‘Catch Me If You Can.’
  71. Rowing Pains – Absolutely perfect for a CrossFit team that likes rowing exercises.
  72. Yippie Kie Yay Heavy Lifters – In reference to John McClane’s catchphrase from the Die Hard films.
  73. Not Dead, We Just Smell Like It – This team really needs to work on its body odor problem.
  74. Cirque Du Sore Legs – Wordplay on ‘Cirque Du Soleil.’
  75. Time Wounds All Heels – Those poor heels.
  76. Sole Patrol – Wordplay on the band ‘Snow Patrol.’
  77. Flash Gordon – These guys are inhumanly fast.
  78. Indecisive But Not Sure – No one has a clue what these guys are up to.
  79. Creatine So Much Fear – In reference to Creatine, a supplement often used to increase muscle mass.
  80. Die Lard – Wordplay on the film Die Hard.
  81. Taco Barbells – Much healthier than the alternative.
  82. Pain Killers – Pain? What pain?
  83. PokeWOD Go – In reference to Pokémon Go.
  84. Just Do It… Tomorrow – The lazy alternative to Nike’s slogan.
  85. More Legs Than A Bucket Of Chicken – Let’s just hope they’re not deep fried.
  86. Run Forrest, Run! – In reference to Forrest Gump.
  87. 30 Hour Team Sobriety Challenge – Well, CrossFit is one way to stay sober.
  88. Snatchy McLovin – In reference to the film Superbad.
  89. Fat Earthers – Wordplay on ‘Flat Earthers.’
  90. Slim Pickens – A wordplay on the phrase ‘slim pickings’ and actor Slim Pickens.
  91. Snatch Jokes – They never get old.
  92. Liar Liar Legs On Fire – These guys grossly overestimated how long they could last.
  93. Installing Muscles, Please Wait – This may take a while.
  94. Amish I Wasn’t Running – Those poor Amish.
  95. A Team Has No Name – In reference to ‘A girl has no name’ from Game of Thrones.
  96. Another Night At The Bar – Sounds like these guys are developing a problem.
  97. Worst Pace Scenario – Could… not… get…
  98. The Obstakillers – These guys love obstacle courses.
  99. Keeping Up With The Kenyans – No one can keep up with the Kenyans!
  100. The Slimsons – Wordplay on ‘The Simpsons.’

Fun Partner CrossFit Team Names

Fun Partner Crossfit Team Names

If you’ve got a CrossFit partner, try any of these fun partner Crossfit team names:

  1. Hustle And Muscle – Ones got the muscle, the others got the hustle.
  2. Beavis And Butthead – In reference to the TV show of the same name.
  3. Married To Crossfit – If only it could be recognized in court.
  4. Couples Therapy – An excellent way to bring a couple together.
  5. Booty And The Beast – One has booty, one is a beast.
  6. Smokey And The Bandit – In reference to the film of the same name.
  7. Two Peas In A WOD – This pair is couldn’t get more perfect.
  8. Two Pairs Of Thighs – And they’re moving fast.
  9. Him And Her – Another excellent name for a couple.
  10. Siegfried And Roy – After the magicians of the same name.
  11. Penn And Teller – Also another famous pair of magicians.
  12. Thing 1 And Thing 2 – For two huge monstrous guys.
  13. Batman And Batgirl – Another guy and girl group.
  14. Tag Team – When needs a break, the other steps in.
  15. Tap Out, Tap In – Similar to the above.
  16. Faster Than The Speed Of Love – Nothing is faster than the speed of love.
  17. Soul Mates – This team was destined to be.
  18. Romeo And Juliet – For a super romantic couple.
  19. One Rack And One Sack – Vital ingredients for a male and female team.
  20. The Twins – People always confuse these two.
  21. Bad And Booty – One is bad, the other had an amazing booty.
  22. Opposites Attract – They certainly do.
  23. Yin And Yang – In reference to the Chinese philosophical idea of good and bad balancing each other out.
  24. Tom And Jerry – They can’t help but provoke each other.
  25. Friends With Crossbenefits – Wordplay on the phrase ‘Friends with benefits.’
  26. Bonnie And Clyde – Super cool choice for a guy and a girl.
  27. Laurel And Hardy – The clumsiest pair you’ve ever seen.
  28. Excuse My Friend, He’s A Little Slow – Guess which one.
  29. My Motivation – They need each other to keep going.
  30. Cheech And Chong – For two guys who love to smoke before CrossFit.
  31. How I Met This Runner – Wordplay on the TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother.’
  32. Together, Stronger – People are always stronger when together.
  33. Adam And Eve – After the first man and women, according to the Bible.
  34. Vicious And Delicious – Perfect for two women.
  35. Jerk And Snatch – Another hilarious guy and girl team name.
  36. Dharma And Greg – After the TV show of the same name.
  37. The Young And The Breathless – An excellent team name for one young guy and one old guy.
  38. Partners In Crime – They like to bend the rules.
  39. Guns And Roses – In reference to the band of the same name, an excellent choice for a guy and girl team.
  40. Barbells And Bros – The best of buddies.
  41. The Fast And Delirious – One is super fast, the other looks like they’re about to faint.
  42. Puss And Boots – In reference to the fairytale ‘Puss in boots.’
  43. Thelma And Louise – For two women, in reference to the film of the same name.
  44. Friend Zoned – A hilarious option for a team of one guy and one girl.
  45. Guns And Looks – One’s built like a tank, the other is as beautiful as a supermodel.
  46. Fred And Wilma – After the characters from The Flintstones.
  47. We Swiped Right – You can probably guess where these guys met.
  48. Thick And Thin – One’s trying to lose weight, the other’s trying to gain it.
  49. Until Death Do Us Part – This is one devoted CrossFit
  50. Butch And Sundance – After the infamous train robbers.

Badass CrossFit Team Names

Badass Crossfit Team Names

For a team name that strikes fear into competing teams, try these badass CrossFit team names:

  1. The Behemoths – These guys are unbelievably huge.
  2. Uncompromised – They never back down.
  3. The Butcher Shop – More meat in this team than in a butcher shop.
  4. Rampage – When these guys lose their tempers, no one can calm them down.
  5. Impact – They hit things hard.
  6. Impact Velocity – They hit things hard and fast.
  7. Hurricane Sandy – After the devastating hurricane.
  8. Katrina – After another devastating hurricane.
  9. The Brutes – These guys look like real thugs.
  10. Titans – Just a step away from being gods.
  11. Pulsating Veins – Pulsating non-stop.
  12. Steroids – They definitely don’t use them!
  13. Gladiators – If they’re not exercising, they’re kicking ass.
  14. Overkill – Their routine would literally kill a normal person.
  15. Mass Destruction – Equipment doesn’t last long with this team.
  16. The WMDs – Stands for ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction.’
  17. Exterminators – Exterminating the weak.
  18. Tremors – The ground shakes when these guys walk nearby.
  19. Protein Addicts – More important than water.
  20. Plague – Wherever they go, they spread their fitness disease.
  21. Death Doctors – Do not try what these guys do at home!
  22. Meat Carvers – Carving out new meat every day.
  23. Demolition Team – You really could hire these guys to knock down a house.
  24. Detonate – Destroying everything around them.
  25. Steel Beams – They’re just indestructible.
  26. Bad Attitude – Even in the best of times.
  27. From Men To Monsters – Once you get this big, there’s no going back.
  28. Temporary Pain – Pain is never forever.
  29. The Terminators – Arnold is their idol.
  30. The Schwarzeneggers – Another one in reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  31. Dirty Deadlifters – Lifting the unbelievable.
  32. Bar Breakers – It can get expensive.
  33. Body Abusers – They have some intimidating looking scars and bruises.
  34. Metal Crushers – They can bend metal in ways you didn’t know was possible.
  35. The Intimidators – Everybody is afraid of this team.
  36. Stallions – Can’t get more macho than that.
  37. Relentless – You can’t keep them down.
  38. Fit Of Fury – Don’t even try to calm these guys down when they’re mad.
  39. The Hammerheads – These guys are way too aggressive.
  40. The Double Unders – No one can double under like them.
  41. Caution – Careful around these guys, you could get hurt.
  42. Obliterate – They have a bad habit of destroying their equipment.
  43. Diabolical – Their muscle mass is just unbelievable.
  44. Rough Boyz – They don’t do gentle.
  45. Rebels – They don’t play by the rules.
  46. Temper Temper – These guys are easily pissed off.
  47. Golem – These guys look super ugly.
  48. The Bulls – They see red everywhere.
  49. Bison – Big, hairy and angry.
  50. The Vanguards – Protectors of all that’s badass in the world.
  51. The Fighting Bishops – Leonidas Polk would be proud of them.

What an incredible list of CrossFit team names that was! Are you feeling super motivated yet? You’re probably teeming with ideas.

Let us know what they are! Share your CrossFit team names and what it means to you and your teammates.

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