400+ Fantastic Softball Team Names (With Meanings)

Looking for that perfect softball team name?

An awesome softball team name can strike fear into your opponents, get the crowd on your side and ultimately, bring the team together.

However, getting every team member to agree on a team name can be incredibly difficult. Because, what one team member finds cool, another may find lame or, even worse, offensive.

A good way to find the best name for your softball team is to gather the troops and run through a list of exciting team names. More often than not, you will find a good team name or at least you will be inspired to come up with your own unique team name.

To help your softball team find the perfect name, we’ve compiled the best softball team names we could find.

Go ahead, dive in, and hopefully, you will find some rocking softball team names from this list.

List of Softball Team Names

Softball Team Names

To make it easy, the team names are categorized into cool, funny, male, and female softball team names. Enjoy!

Funny Softball Team Names

Funny Softball Team Names

If you prefer a funny name, then you will find these funny softball team names interesting.

  1. Mound Pounders – That mound is about to get destroyed.
  2. One Hit Wonders – If they’re lucky, they may get one good hit
  3. The Mosquitos – The most annoying team you’ve ever played against.
  4. The Good, The Bat and the Ugly – In reference to the film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  5. Where My Pitches At? – They’ve got to be around here somewhere.
  6. Pitches In A Box – A nice little play on words.
  7. Pitches Be Trippin’ – Day in and day out.
  8. The Dirt Eaters – They spend a little too much time in the dirt.
  9. The Flaming Marshmallows – Because the other team is about to get burned.
  10. Better With Beer – Most things are.
  11. Ump Yours – That’s the spirit!
  12. The Switch Hitters – This team may surprise you in more ways than one.
  13. The Bumkins – Not the brightest bunch you’ve ever played against.
  14. Hit for Brains – They might not be smart, but at least they can hit the ball.
  15. Hit Happens – Hit happens all the time!
  16. Base Desires – The keyword here is ‘desires.’
  17. Smokin’ Bases – They like to think they get a lot of action.
  18. Poles and Holes – For a co-ed team, guys have poles, girls have holes.
  19. Lavish Display of Ignorance – A display of ignorance on so many levels.
  20. Axis of Ignorance – You’ll never meet a more ignorant softball team than this one.
  21. The Grand Salamis – That’s some big salami!
  22. Wasted Talent – This team has absolutely no motivation whatsoever.
  23. Yager Bombers – Don’t be surprised if this team is a little intoxicated before the match starts.
  24. Win Or Lose, We Booze – What more motivation do you need?
  25. Mid-Life Crisis – For a team of middle-aged guys who can’t quite accept that they are no longer young.
  26. Bat Intentions – Playing by the rules is lame.
  27. Bat Attitudes – Batting, with a mean attitude.
  28. Bat-itude – A variation of the above.
  29. Schilling Me Softly – A wordplay on former pitcher Curt Schilling and the song ‘Killing Me Softly.’
  30. Exploding Rodents – A disgustingly perfect team name.
  31. Pimp My Side – They really need it!
  32. Weakened Warriors – They’re even half as strong as they used to be.
  33. The Screwballs – These idiots are always fooling around.
  34. The Skidmarks – Hopefully, those marks on their pants are from dirt.
  35. Caught Looking – This team has a habit of getting into trouble.
  36. Swing and Pray – Pray that they are able to hit something.
  37. Praying For Rain – This team really doesn’t feel like playing softball anymore.
  38. Crash Test Dummies – For a team that knows it’s about to get destroyed by the opposition.
  39. Broken Bones – Accidents happen to this team way too frequently.
  40. We Bruise Easily – This team takes minor injuries way too seriously.
  41. Brews on First? – Beers first it is!
  42. Just The Tip – A nice bit of dirty innuendo for you.
  43. Brokebat Mountain – Wordplay on the film Brokeback Mountain.
  44. Help Wanted – Long-term, for the entire match if possible.
  45. Pancake Batter – This softball team is about to get splattered all over the field.
  46. Freaks And Geeks – Not the most popular team you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing against.
  47. Window Lickers – This team is just downright weird.
  48. The Know-Nothings – They probably only just discovered the game of softball very recently.
  49. The Do Nothings – Doing anything requires far too much effort for this team.
  50. The Bunt Cakes – Wordplay on Bundt cake.
  51. Bunt Monkeys – Most likely the bunt the ball out of stupidity, not on purpose.
  52. We Like Big Bunts – Wordplay on the song ‘Baby Got Back’ otherwise known as ‘I Like Big Butts’ by Sir Mix-a-lot.
  53. Coached By Chuck Norris – It’s fair to say this team will be basically impossible to beat.
  54. Village Idiots – How on Earth did they manage to get together and form a team?
  55. Scared Hitless – This team is made up of total cowards.
  56. Uncommonly Good – They’re a lot better at softball than they look, be warned!
  57. Quit Your Pitching – This softball team will complain about almost anything, even if they’re winning.
  58. Alcoballics – Addicted to softball and alcohol, a winning combination.
  59. Here for The Beer – And they will likely stay for the beer too.
  60. Sotally Tober – You can tell they were drunk when they decided on this team name.
  61. Designated Drinkers – Careful, your supply may run dry with these guys around.
  62. More Beer Than Gear – Beer first, softball gear second.
  63. The Softies – Maybe they’re a little too gentle to play softball.
  64. The Ministry Of Silly Runs – This softball team just looks ridiculous whenever they have to run. In reference to ‘The Ministry of Silly Walks’ sketch by Monty Python.
  65. The Abusement Park – This softball team is known for abusing the other team.
  66. Chin Musicians – This team talks way too much when playing.
  67. We Got The Runs – They run super-fast, to the bathroom.
  68. Backdoor Sliders – Now that’s just way too dirty.
  69. Blood Bath And Beyond – Wordplay on the store chain Bed Bath & Beyond.
  70. Blood Bath and Beyoncé – Similar to the above, but with Beyoncé added to the mix.
  71. Terror Wrists – They literally cause ‘terror’ when they swing that bat.
  72. The Grass Stains – They spend far too much of their time on the ground.
  73. The Bad News Beers – What better way to overcome bad news than with a few beers?
  74. Bat News – The ‘bat’ news is that they’re losing.
  75. Bat’s Life – And what a life it is.
  76. Big Al’s Heimers – For a team mostly made up of seniors.
  77. Road Kill – This team has seen way better days.
  78. Multiple Scoregasms – An old one for sure, but still very popular.
  79. The 69ers – Expect a lot of innuendo from this team.
  80. The Soft Serves – This team really needs some coaching on how to serve.
  81. Making Softball Great Again – In reference to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.
  82. Benchwarmers – They seem to have more fun sitting on the benches than playing.
  83. End of The Bench – The last thing on their mind is actually playing.
  84. Benchwarmer Bombers – They may run away when it’s their turn to play.
  85. Behind The Bench – This team is really anxious about playing.
  86. Going, Going, Out – For a team that was a little overconfident about their abilities.
  87. The Swingers – Keep your girlfriends or boyfriends safely away from this team.
  88. Yet To Learn The Rules – There are rules to softball?
  89. The Dirty Sox – Why bother to clean your uniform when it’s just going to get dirty again?
  90. The Odd Sox – Not the most organized team you’ve ever met.
  91. Hammer Time – In reference to the song ‘U Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer.
  92. The Hazmat Suits – This team is a little too overprotected to play softball.
  93. Bros And Hos – For a team of mixed team of guys and girls.
  94. The Ballbarians – Somebody really needs to tell this team that they’re not supposed to put the softball in their mouths.
  95. Chimps With Sticks – This team acts like apes that were just let out of the zoo.
  96. Smack My Pitch Up – In reference to a song by The Prodigy.
  97. Not Good Enough For Baseball – Then it is also very likely that they’re not going to be very good at softball either.
  98. The Fat Guys – They sure are proud of their size!
  99. No Guts, No Glory – For a team that takes great pride in their huge
  100. The Leftovers – For a team that had to scrape together because all the other good players were already taken.

Cool Softball Team Names

Cool Softball Team Names

If you prefer a cool name for your softball team, then you will find these cool softball team names interesting.

  1. The Prodigies – For a team of young players that will one day rule the game of softball.
  2. The Scorpions – This team has a real sting.
  3. Special Delivery – This team can hit the ball unbelievably hard.
  4. Silver Bullets – For a team of older players who are super-fast.
  5. Designated Hitters – Wordplay on the phrase ‘designated drivers.’
  6. The Overeasies – This time finds softball way too easy.
  7. The Golden Eagles – Soaring above the competition in every possible way.
  8. Black Ice – Slippy and hard to see.
  9. Ice Breakers – Shattering their opponents into pieces.
  10. The Go Getters – For a super motivated softball team.
  11. Catchers In The Rye – In reference to the book Catcher in The Rye.
  12. The Untouchables – For a team that no other team comes close to. Also a reference to the film of the same name.
  13. The Living Legends – For a team so great, people can hardly believe they still play.
  14. That Better Team – Better than any other team around and they sure know it.
  15. In The Zone – This team is always 100% focused.
  16. The Imperials – This softball team was born to be the best of the best.
  17. Aces Of Bases – Wordplay on the band Ace of Base.
  18. Hit Squad – They hit that ball with military precision.
  19. The Unstoppables – Nothing can get in this teams way.
  20. No Mercy – It doesn’t matter how badly they’re beating the other team, they’ll keep slaughtering them until the end.
  21. No Sympathy – Similar to the team name above.
  22. The Shatterers – The other team will cease to exist after being beaten by this team.
  23. Rampage – They use their anger to their advantage, to obliterate the other softball team.
  24. Home Run Hitters – They hit more home runs than any other team.
  25. Only Home Runs – Anything else is just unacceptable.
  26. Avalanche – This softball team is about to totally swamp the opposition.
  27. Catch 22 – After the satirical book of the same name.
  28. The Game Changers – When this team steps up and starts playing, you can never be sure how it will end.
  29. The Super Strikers – They’re the best at striking out the other team.
  30. The Magic – Every game this team plays is like magic.
  31. 1 Hit Runners – They always get a home run on the first try.
  32. Dream Killers – They totally kill the opposition’s chances of winning.
  33. Natural Selection – Nature specifically chooses this softball team to be the best in the world.
  34. One Pitch Nightmares – After the first pitch the other team will see they’re up against serious competition.
  35. Pitch Perfect – Every. Single. Time.
  36. Between A Rock And A Hard Place – Is where the opposition will be when they try to play against this softball team.
  37. Prison Rules – This softball team makes up their own rules, and they definitely aren’t for the fainthearted.
  38. Open Season – This softball team is slowly hunting down the other, one by one.
  39. The Grim Reapers – Better hope the other team has written their last will and testament.
  40. Apocalypse – Losing to this softball will literally end the world.
  41. The Earthquakes – The Earth shakes when these guys play.
  42. Aftershock – When these guys hit the ball, you can feel the shock waves traveling through the air.
  43. The Aluminum Alliance – For a softball team that is truly united in team spirit.
  44. The Elite – This softball team is made up of a selection of the best ever players.
  45. Instant Classics – The players in this softball team will go down in history as some of the best ever.
  46. Adrenaline Rush – This awesome softball team loves the thrill of the game, it drives them crazy.
  47. El Diablo – Spanish for ‘The Devil.’
  48. El Fuego – Spanish for ‘The ’
  49. Intimidators – These players look real mean and have a habit of scaring off any opposition.
  50. Second Place Is Not An Option – Second place is strictly for losers, not for this team.
  51. The Cyclones – Get ready for a terrifying storm!
  52. Inferno – The other softball team is about to go down in flames.
  53. The Strikers – For a softball team with the absolute best aim.
  54. Optical Illusion – Now you see them, now you don’t.
  55. Beast Mode – This softball team is very different on the field to off the field.
  56. Looking For A Challenge – This softball team has been looking for a proper challenge for a really long time.
  57. The Mighty Sledgehammers – They hit the ball so hard you’d think they were trying to smash a hole through a wall.
  58. Heavy Hitters – The only way they know to hit that ball is as hard as possible.
  59. Cranium Krusherz – When they hit that ball, the other softball team better be careful it doesn’t crack their heads open.
  60. The Antagonists – This team are always the bad guys, no matter what they do.
  61. Cleats on Fire – You’ve never seen cleats move this fast before.
  62. Natural Born Swingers – Wordplay on the film Natural Born Killers.
  63. The Perfect Storm – When this team plays, all the right conditions always seem to align to ensure they win.
  64. Hitting Machine – Not machines hit balls as accurately as this team does.
  65. Rockstar Lifestyle – This softball team lives an incredibly crazy lifestyle.
  66. Head Hunters – They’re known for taking headshots at the other team.
  67. Born To Win – Winning is their birthright.
  68. Nerves of Steel – Absolutely nothing can make this team nervous, nothing.
  69. The Nerve Wreckers – This softball team scares the living hell out of all others.
  70. Swish Swish – They make smacking that ball look way too easy.
  71. The Trailblazers – This is a softball team that’s revolutionizing the game with every match.
  72. The Tomahawks – This one can either be after the Native American weapon that’s similar to an ax or after the missile of the same name.
  73. Zeroes to Heroes – This softball team started out with nothing and worked their way up from the bottom to the top.
  74. Smooth Operators – They play so perfectly you could hardly notice any error in their strategy.
  75. The Champs – This team has won more championships than they care to remember.
  76. Reigning Champions – It doesn’t matter who they’re playing, chances are they’ve already beaten them in the past.
  77. Chaos – Is what will ensue in the minds of their opponents.
  78. Blood and Sweat – You can tell that this softball team has really worked hard for their achievements.
  79. Shockers – The audience always watch this team is total awe, they just can’t believe how good they are.
  80. Nemesis – Every team needs an arch enemy. This team though is everybody’s arch enemy.
  81. Batters Up! – After the well-known phrase inviting the next batter to the batter box.
  82. Scoring Is The Least Of Our Problems – When it comes to softball, they don’t have any problems.
  83. 99 Problems, But A Pitch Ain’t One – In reference to the song ‘99 Problems’ by Jay-Z.
  84. Velocity – You can’t even measure the speed at which this team hits the ball, it’s just too hard and too fast.
  85. Impact Velocity – When they hit that ball, it can do more damage than a nuclear bomb.
  86. Don’t Stop Ballieving – The team spirit in this team is so strong nothing can beat them.
  87. Triumph – This softball team looks at every win as a real
  88. Wild Fire – They’re about to burn through the other team ferociously fast.
  89. Work It – For this softball team, matches aren’t just a game, they’re serious business.
  90. Airborne – That ball is going to spend a hell of a lot of time in the air.
  91. Killer Aim – They really could probably kill you with that softball if you are not careful.
  92. 14 Balls and 3 Mitts – After the equipment needed for a softball match.
  93. Vengeance – Don’t offend them because they’ll be sure to remember you and get their revenge.
  94. Legends – This softball team plays with talent that only mythical beings should possess.
  95. Monsoon – The other team is about to drown in defeat.
  96. I Think; therefore I Slam – In reference to René Descartes’ philosophical phrase ‘I think therefore I am.’
  97. Sick Bat Flips – This team loves to boast when they hit that ball, expect the bat to do some acrobatics.
  98. Human Targets – This softball team prefers to aim at other people instead of winning games.
  99. Unbeatable – They’re probably in the Guinness Book of World Records for never being beaten.
  100. Brute Force – Brute force is how this softball team wins every match.

Guy’s Softball Team Names

Male Softball Team Names

For an all-guys team, these softball team names are perfect for a male softball team.

  1. Saved By The Balls – Balls have saved many occasions in the past.
  2. Oddballs – These guys are just the weirdest team you’ve ever come across.
  3. Soft Balls, Hard Bats – Two things you definitely need to play softball.
  4. Dirty Balls – These guys aren’t afraid to get dirty.
  5. Itchy Balls – This softball team just can’t stop fidgeting.
  6. Foul Balls – The umpire will have a busy time catching all the fouls this team commits.
  7. Sweaty Balls – You can tell how determined this team is by how covered in sweat they are.
  8. Smelly Balls – At the end of every match, these guys totally reek of BO.
  9. Hairy Balls – True men don’t shave.
  10. Rancid Balls – These guys are completely disgusting and proud of it.
  11. Droppy Balls – Another softball team name for a senior group.
  12. Blue Ballers – This softball team has some real health concerns.
  13. Salty Balls – Perfect for a softball team based by the sea.
  14. Damaged Balls – They always tear up the ball hitting it too hard.
  15. Misshapen Balls – Don’t expect them to hit the ball in straight line.
  16. Ball Breakers – This softball team spends far too much money buying replacing old balls.
  17. Suck My Balls – What can you really say in response to that?
  18. Stop Staring at My Balls – It’s rude, to say the least.
  19. Why Are You Always Breaking My Balls? – These guys can be extremely annoying.
  20. Stop Breaking My Balls – These guys find every other team extremely annoying.
  21. Balls To The Wall – A phrase used by pilots when throttling.
  22. Balls Deep – For a softball team that’s always in trouble.
  23. Balls Out – Balls should never be hidden.
  24. Mixed Bag of Nuts – For a team of mixed
  25. The Scrotums – These guys have unbelievably wrinkly skin.
  26. The Six Pack Attacks – Nope, that’s six beers, not a great stomach.
  27. The Hitmen – Their one purpose in life is to hit things.
  28. Batmen – Wordplay on Batman.
  29. The Pimpsters – These guys think they get all the girls.
  30. Around The Horn – After the term of the same name.
  31. The Hard Pitchers – No one pitches harder than them.
  32. Nine Inch Males – The shortest softball team that ever played.
  33. Protein Shakes – This softball team spends too much time in the gym.
  34. I’d Hit That – Well, it is advisable.
  35. UMADBRO? – Their strategy primarily revolves around frustrating the other team.
  36. The Step-Dads – These middle-aged guys have little to be proud of in life.
  37. The Comb Overs – For a softball team that just so happens to be losing their hair.
  38. Looking 2 Score – If they want to win it does help.
  39. The Jocks – For a softball team made up of great athletes.
  40. The Thugs – This softball team is made up of real brutes.
  41. Yank-Deez – Perfect if your softball team is based in New York.
  42. The Hard Drives – Wordplay on hard
  43. The Thunder Down Under – Perfect for a team based in Australia.
  44. Sons of Pitches – For the true sons of pitches.
  45. Meat Bats – A really disgusting image, great for making your opponents feel sick.
  46. In Scoring Position – They’re always in the right position to score.
  47. Inglorious Batters – Wordplay on the film Inglourious Basterds.
  48. Toilet Seats Up – As they should be.
  49. The Lumberjacks – These are some really tough
  50. The Big Gloves – The guys in this softball team have huge hands.
  51. Lost Boys – They’ve lost all innocence.
  52. Alley Boys – For a softball team that grew up together playing on the streets.
  53. Captain and The Seamen – Yucky.
  54. Go Nads – We all love our nads.
  55. Master Batters – Oh dear…
  56. Master Basers – Similar to the above.
  57. 3rd Base Bullies – Not a friendly bunch of people to say the least.
  58. Got To 2nd Base – Woohoo! At last, good for you!
  59. The Minimum Wagers – It’s not advised to bet too much on this team.
  60. The Studs – The women absolutely love this team.
  61. Short and Soft – This softball team doesn’t stand a chance.
  62. The Wolfpack – The guys on this softball team have known each other for a really long time.
  63. The Meat Heads – Their knowledge of the world is fairly
  64. Foul Dudes – The guys in this team are real bad-asses.
  65. Testosterone – What makes them men?
  66. Cocks and Bulls – Expect a lot of aggression from this team.
  67. Big Test Icicles – Old but solid
  68. Big Spicy Kielbasa – These guys just love big spicy sausage.
  69. Beer Bellies – All the guys in this team have huge beer guts.
  70. The Beer Burps – Oh boy do these guys love a good belch.
  71. Mansplainers – Women find these guys really annoying.
  72. Those Guys – Everybody knows this softball team, but unfortunately no one can remember their actual names.
  73. The Jackals – They’ll tear up the other team in more ways than one.
  74. Nine Poles and No Holes – No holes welcome in this softball team.
  75. Stallions – After the tough horse breed of the same name.
  76. Wyld Stallyns – In reference to the film series Bill & Ted
  77. The Douchebags – Let’s face it, no one likes this softball team.
  78. Nose Pickers – They really don’t care who’s watching.
  79. All Balls, No Chains – These guys don’t have any women dying them down.
  80. Whistle While Your Wife Works – In reference to an episode from Family Guy.
  81. Good Wood – The best wood is made from aluminum.
  82. Morning Wood – This softball team is always up and ready in the morning.
  83. Eight And A Half Men – In reference to the TV show Two and a Half Men.
  84. Mad Dogs – If real dogs where this aggressive, they’d likely get castrated.
  85. Magic Miken – Wordplay on the film Magic Mike and the sports brand Miken.
  86. Just Bros – That’s all they are, and they’re proud of it.
  87. Bros Before Hos – A way of life that shouldn’t be forgotten.
  88. The Mighty Mountain Lions – For a softball team that looks like it was raised in the wild.
  89. The Bruise Brothers – The guys in this softball team take pride in their injuries.
  90. The Diktators – These dicks think they’re the bosses of everybody.
  91. The Dicks – Just straight up dicks.
  92. Playing The Field – Not sure if the guys on this team are more interested in chasing women or playing softball.
  93. The Drillers – This softball team has been expertly trained.
  94. Softball Kings – These softball players rule the game.
  95. The Lethal Pitchers – If pitches could kill.
  96. The Man Buns – For a softball team made up of guys who all have man buns.
  97. X Men – After the superheroes.
  98. The Hairy Backs – This is the hairiest softball team you’ve ever known.
  99. The Donkey Punchers – These guys have a really sick sense of humor.
  100. The Stiff Sticks – Not the most agile softball team you’ve ever played against.

Girls’ Softball Team Names

Ladies Softball Team Names

For a ladies softball team, consider these ladies softball team names. Go, Girls!

  1. The Lionesses – The girls on this softball team show true leadership skills.
  2. Moody Maidens – They look like they’re always in a bad mood.
  3. Catty – The other team better be ready for some harsh remarks from this softball team.
  4. Female Demolition Team – These ladies destroy everything in sight.
  5. Intensity – You’ve never seen another softball team with such focus.
  6. Serenity – No matter what happens, this softball team plays fairly.
  7. Her-icanes – These ladies are about to bring a storm to the pitch!
  8. Run Like A Girl – And take pride in it!
  9. The Beavers – After the lovable dam making mammal, obviously.
  10. Miss Demeanors – This girls’ team is always getting into trouble.
  11. Angry Chicks – Oh boy, do these ladies have serious issues with controlling their temper.
  12. The Amazonians – These ladies on this team are probably the tallest softball players that have ever existed.
  13. Hoochie Mamas – The ladies on this team are known to dress provocatively.
  14. Leather and Lace – This softball team absolutely loves their uniform.
  15. Ice Queens – This girls’ softball team shows no emotion whatsoever.
  16. Turf Queens – For a girls softball team everybody knows is the best in the game.
  17. Big Knockers – The biggest knockers you have ever seen.
  18. Divas, Achievas and Believas – They’ve got style, accomplishments, and faith.
  19. Pink Sox – The color all socks need to be.
  20. Vicious and Delicious – They play hard, and they look amazing as they do.
  21. Ponytail Express – All the girls on this team, have ponytails.
  22. Estrogen Express – Putting the testosterone express to shame.
  23. Serendipity – This is perhaps the luckiest softball team ever.
  24. The Heartbreakers – All the guys fall in love with this softball team, it’s a shame they’re just not interested in any of them.
  25. Catchers With Cooches – A nice bit of alliteration here.
  26. Pitch Slaps – When they bat that ball, it sounds like oddly like a slap in the face.
  27. Gazelles – After the species of antelope from Africa.
  28. The Antelopes – After the majestic animal from Africa.
  29. She Devils – There is absolutely nothing innocent about any of these girls.
  30. She-Wolves – These ladies will eat any opposition alive.
  31. Damsels Not In Distress – They’ve never needed any help from any guy and they never will.
  32. Wild Thangs – They’ve got a real crazy spirit.
  33. Unicorns – Because this softball team is equally as legendary.
  34. Wonder Women – The ladies on this softball team possess secret superpowers
  35. Pussy Riot – After the protest punk rock band from Russia of the same name.
  36. Flirty Girls – All the guys mistake their charming nature as being flirty.
  37. Hula Girls – When this team scores they love a good victory dance.
  38. Ballerinas – This softball team plays with extraordinary grace.
  39. Skull Crushing Ballerinas – They may look delicate, but they really aren’t at all.
  40. Lady Hawks – This female softball team is made up of some super aggressive players.
  41. Fire Breathing Kittens – Cute on the outside, deadly on the inside.
  42. The Powerpuff Girls – After the cartoon show of the same name.
  43. Pink Panthers – After the Pink Panther film series.
  44. Lady Panthers – More deadly than male panthers? Probably.
  45. Cougars – These ladies love to prey on the week.
  46. Lady Pumas – These ladies are ready to pounce and kill.
  47. The Tomboyz – These girls have always been into sports ever since they were little.
  48. Farmer’s Daughters – Don’t fall for their charm, their fathers will kill you.
  49. Lady Luck – Have you ever met a luckier softball team?
  50. Glove Your Attitude – Glove is the answer to all problems
  51. Beer Sluts – This girls softball team can gulp loads more beer than any men’s team.
  52. Lunachicks – Maybe they’re a little too crazy for softball.
  53. Batting Divas – Batting in incredible style.
  54. Da Babes – All the ladies on this team, are total babes and boy do they know it.
  55. The Nasty Girls – They haven’t got a single nice bone in their bodies.
  56. Nice Snatch – Wordplay on nice
  57. The He-Shes – Playing better than the men in every single way.
  58. Terrifying Tweetybirds – A nice and funny little option.
  59. Black Widows – Men, be warned, if you upset this softball team, they may just devour you.
  60. Pitches At Work – Shhh, don’t disturb them!
  61. Basic Pitches – As basic as they come.
  62. Pitches Be Crazy – Some of them can be too crazy!
  63. Raging Pitches – This softball team needs some anger management training.
  64. These Pitches Ain’t Hit – A very clever team name, in more ways than one.
  65. Ice Cold Pitchers – Zero emotion to be found here.
  66. Pitching Beauties – The pitchers on this team are strikingly beautiful.
  67. Bitchy and Bossy – They just can’t help it.
  68. The Ugly Betty’s – After the TV show Ugly Betty.
  69. Diamond Girls – This softball team really stands out and shines.
  70. Dirt Diamonds – It doesn’t matter how dirty this softball team gets, their talent always shines through.
  71. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend – Very true.
  72. Matching Uniforms – This softball team matches in every single way possible.
  73. Dirty Divas – Even when they are caked in dirt, they still all look amazing.
  74. Chicks with Sticks – Perhaps the most basic way you could describe a women’s softball team?
  75. Hos Before Bros – Wordplay on the phrase ‘bros before hos,’ girls always come first in this team.
  76. Mean Girls – After the film of the same name.
  77. The Ravens – After the sometimes mysterious black bird.
  78. Females with Balls – They have more guts than any male softball team.
  79. Balls And Dolls – Kind of similar to the above team name.
  80. The Honey Bunch – They’re just so unbelievably sweet.
  81. Cuties from The Block – Your very own local girls’ softball team, who just so happen to be super cute.
  82. Synergy – This girls’ team are always in sync with each other, and it always pays off.
  83. Gurly Girls – These girls are big, tough and proud of it!
  84. Victorious Secret – This team name is super old, and many people know it, still though may still like to use it.
  85. The Sirens – Their enchanting song will lead any guy to their certain death.
  86. The Mermaids – The perfect name for a female softball team based by the sea.
  87. Cleats and Cleavage – Cleats are a must have, the cleavage is optional.
  88. Queen Bees – Everybody knows that the queen bee is the most important bee of them all.
  89. Aristo-bats – There parents where batters and so where their parents before them.
  90. Foxtrot – This girls’ team loves to mix up the pace, changing from slow to fast and back again to confuse the other team.
  91. Sugar and Spice – Sometimes they’re sweet, sometimes they’re spicy.
  92. Motherlode – This softball team is priceless.
  93. Soccer Moms – Maybe these ladies are at the wrong sport.
  94. Pink Butterflies – What could possibly make butterflies any more girly than that?
  95. Carpet Munchers – Maybe this option is too far?
  96. Ghouly Girls – This is one terrifying girls’ softball team.
  97. The Clams – Obviously it’s another option for a female softball team based by the sea, right?
  98. The Clamhammers – A slightly more hardcore version of the above.
  99. Chicas – ‘Chica’ is Spanish for girl or young woman.
  100. Mits and Tits – A nice little rhyme that’s easy to remember.

You’re probably teeming with inspiration right now, aren’t you?

However, if you’re still stuck for a team name, take a deep breath. A good way to come up with a cool team name is to focus on what softball means to you or what you associate with it, and let that guide you in coming up with a unique name for your softball team. Also, you can name your team after its strength, weakness, or even its team members.

Lastly, if you have an awesome softball team names you’re just itching to get off your chest, we’d love to hear them, especially if you think they should be on this list!

Share them below and let us know what they mean to you and where they came from!

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