100+ Creative The Office Team Names

The Office is arguably one of the best American sitcoms ever created.

The show first aired in 2005 and ran until 2013. During this time, the show completed nine seasons and over 100 episodes.

While the show was on the air, it gained something of a cult following. Even though The Office has been off-air for years, it is still top-rated on Netflix and cable.

So, it is unsurprising that many people love trivial team names inspired by the Office TV show.

Below are some created The Office-based team names you can use for anything!

These team names can be used as:

  • The Office Trivia Team Names
  • The Office Team Names
  • The Office Fantasy Football Team Names

The Office Team Names Inspired by Characters

the office character team names

Many of the characters in The Office have been given nicknames throughout the show that also make for pretty great team names.

Below, some of these nicknames, either in their original name or slightly changed to make for a better team name.

After each name, the character who the team name is based on is listed.

If there is no name listed after the names, then the team name is simply based on the previously-listed name.

  1. Prison (Insert your names here): Michael
  2. Date (Insert your names here)
  3. Reclyclops: Dwight
  4. Sempais
  5. The Schruperts
  6. Big Tuna: Jim
  7. 3-Hole-Punch (Insert your names here)
  8. Christmas (Insert your names here): Pam
  9. The Boner Champs: Andy
  10. The Nard Dogs
  11. The Icemen
  12. The Temps: Ryan
  13. The Big Turkeys
  14. The Fired Guys
  15. The Hired Guys
  16. The Show Beeches
  17. The Wunderkinds
  18. The Business Beeches: Kelly
  19. The Fashion Beeches
  20. The Ice Queens/Kings: Jan
  21. The Skeleton Men/Women: Gabe
  22. The Lizard Kings/Queens: Robert California

The Office Team Names Inspired by Episode Names

The Office Team Names

The Office tv show has over 100 episodes and some of these episode names can be great team names for a trivia team or a fantasy team.

Below are some of the office trivia episode team names:

  1. The Alliance: “The Alliance” Season 1, Episode 4
  2. The Hot Girls: “Hot Girl” Season 1, Episode 6
  3. The Dundie Winners: “The Dundies” Season 2, Episode 1
  4. The Office Olympians: “Office Olympics” Season 2, Episode 3
  5. The Fighters: “The Fight” Season 2, Episode 6
  6. The Clients: “The Client” Season 2, Episode 7
  7. Booze Cruisers: “Booze Cruise” Season 2, Episode 11
  8. Boys and Girls: “Boys and Girls” Season 2, Episode 15
  9. The Convicts: “The Convict” Season 3 Episode 9
  10. The Traveling Salesmen/women: “Traveling Salesmen” Season 3, Episode 13
  11. The Negotiators: “The Negotiation” Season 3, Season 19
  12. Survivor Men/Women: “Survivor Man” Season 4, Episode 11
  13. The Chair Models: “Chair Model” Season 4, Episode 14
  14. Crime Aide: “Crime Ade” Season 5, Episode 5
  15. The Surplus: “The Surplus” Season 5, Episode 10
  16. The Duelers: “The Duel” Season 5, Episode 12
  17. Prince Family Paper: “Prince Family Paper” Season 5, Episode 13
  18. The New Bosses: “New Boss” Season 5, Episode 20
  19. The Dream Team: “Dream Team” Season 5, Episode 22
  20. The Michael Scott Paper Company: “Michael Scott Paper Company” Season 5, Episode 23
  21. Heavy Competition: “Heavy Competition” Season 5, Episode 24
  22. Café Disco: “Café Disco” Season 5, Episode 27
  23. The Mafia: “Mafia” Season 6, Episode 6
  24. The Lovers: “The Lover” Season 6, Episode 7
  25. The Murderers: “Murder” Season 6, Episode 10
  26. Scott’s Tots: “Scott’s Tots” Season 6, Episode 12
  27. The Bankers: “The Banker” Season 6, Episode 14
  28. Sabre: “Sabre” Season 6, Episode 15
  29. The Manager and the Salesmen/women: “The Manager and the Salesman” Season 6, Episode 16
  30. The Chumps: “The Chump” Season 6, Episode 25
  31. The Whistleblowers: “Whistleblower” Season 6, Episode 26
  32. The Viewing Party: “Viewing Party” Season 7, Episode 8
  33. Threat Level Midnight: “Threat Level Midnight” Season 7, Episode 17
  34. The Inner Circle: “The Inner Circle” Season 7, Episode 23
  35. The Search Committee: “Search Committee” Season 7, Episodes 25-26
  36. The Garden Party: “Garden Party” Season 8, Episode 4
  37. The Welcome Party: “Welcome Party” Season 8, Episode 20
  38. Free Family Portrait Studio: “Free Family Portrait Studio” Season 8, Episode 24
  39. The New Guys: “New Guys” Season 9, Episode 1
  40. The Work Bus: “Work Bus” Season 9, Episode 4
  41. Here Comes Treble: “Here Comes Treble” Season 9, Episode 5
  42. The Targets: “The Target” Season 9, Episode 8
  43. The Junior Salesmen/women: “Junior Salesman” Season 9, Episode 13
  44. Stairmageddon: “Stairmageddon” Season 9, Episode 19

The Office Team Names Inspired by Places

The office trivia team names

There are a few key places in Scranton (the city where the show is set) and the nearby area that are important to the general plot of the show.

These places work as excellent team names without much editing. Below are some of the best and the most easily-recognizable The Office places to use as team names.

  1. Dunder Mifflin Paper Company
  2. Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch
  3. Dunder Mifflin Utica Branch
  4. Schrute Farms
  5. Schrute’s Beet Farms
  6. Alfredo’s Pizza Place
  7. Pizza by (Insert your names here)
  8. Vance Refrigeration
  9. The Big Red Paper Company
  10. Cooper’s Seafood
  11. Poor Richard’s
  12. The Electric City
  13. Senor Loadenstein’s

Creative The Office Trivia Team Names

the office squad names

One of the reasons why The Office is such a cult classic is because the show is chock full of funny references and great lines.

Below are some of the show’s references that can work as team names.

If you’re a hardcore The Office fan, then you’re sure to get these references.

If you don’t get them, then now might be a perfect time to rewatch the series for the umpteenth time.

  1. Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure
  2. Fun Run for the Cure
  3. The Party Planning Committee
  4. The Scranton Stranglers
  5. Assistants to the Regional Manager
  6. The Capa-detaters
  7. Dunder Mifflin A Team
  8. Dunder Mifflinfinity
  9. The Finer Things Club
  10. Justice Beaver
  11. Kevin and the Kits
  12. Scrantoncity
  13. Scrantonicity 2
  14. The Hormoniacs
  15. Serenity by (Insert your names here)
  16. Pretzel Day
  17. The People Person’s Paper People
  18. Hardcore Parkour
  19. The Einstein’s
  20. Dundee Bound
  21. Creed’s Worm Guy
  22. Muckducks
  23. Dunder Mifflin Backup Team
  24. Team USA
  25. Dwight’s Army of Champions
  26. Scarn vs Goldenface
  27. The Ignorant Slots
  28. A little Stitious: “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”
  29. Oaky Afterbirth
  30. Beyoncé Always
  31. That’s What She Said

These names are perfect for trivia games, but feel free to use any of these team names for any purpose. Can you think of any other great team names based on The Office? If so, feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below.

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