400+ Awesome Kickball Team Names (With Meanings)

Most kickball players will agree that the thought of coming up with a kickball team name is enough to make you want to give up.

But before you go ahead and quit, check out this list of awesome kickball team names, and see if you love any of them. Or at least, see if they inspire you to come up with a unique name for your Kickball team.

So, let’s get started

List of Kickball Team Names

Kickball Team Names

In this list below, you will find a wide variety of great kickball team names to choose from. Whether you are looking for something funny, cool, or snappy, there will be plenty of options to look through.

Funny Kickball Team Names

If you prefer a funny name for your kickball team, you will love these funny kickball team names:

  1. 2 Sweet 2 Kick – A funny kickball team name for a team of softies.
  2. A Few Loose Balls – you’ll never know what this team will do next
  3. A Team with No Name – A Game of Thrones reference; “A girl has no name.”
  4. Alive and Kicking – this team will not go down without a fight.
  5. All About That Base – you know kickball players only have one thing on their mind.
  6. All We Need is Balls – is there anything else that you need to complete you as a team?
  7. Another One Kicks the Dust – Hopefully, this refers to your last opponent.
  8. Avocado Toast – Food team names are always funny.
  9. Back Feet Drivers – they will be yelling at each other all game long.
  10. Bait and Pitch – Hopefully, they swallow the bait.
  11. Ball Lovers – Not to be misinterpreted.
  12. Ball Us, Maybe? – this team knows how to make a move
  13. Balling in Love – not all kickball competitions have to be fierce
  14. Balls Deep – Don’t doubt our commitment.
  15. Balls of Fury – Bring the pain, bring the fury.
  16. Balls of Glory – Hopefully, the loser stays alive.
  17. Balls Out – We put our balls on the line.
  18. Between a Rock and a Hard Base – A wordplay on “the rock and a hard place.”
  19. Big Mac After – Let’s get this game out of the way and visit the nearest McDonald’s.
  20. Breaking Balls – A reference to Breaking Bad.
  21. Catch of the Day – We can catch them all day.
  22. Close Contact of the Ball Kind – A wordplay on “Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind,” which is when an unidentified flying object abducts a human.
  23. Couch Kings – We don’t like stress.
  24. Deck the Balls – What balls?
  25. Do You Even Kick Bro – this team has no time for newbies
  26. Don’t Drink and Kick – Well, that’s good advice.
  27. Don’t Go Stealing My Base – No one is allowed to steal your thunder.
  28. Don’t Hate the Kickers Hate the Game – No truer words were said.
  29. Four Score and How Many Balls Ago – this team is not keeping track of the game
  30. Get Pitch or Die Tryin’ – A wordplay on “get rich or die tryin.”
  31. Get Your Kick On – Let no one stop your kick!
  32. Got You By the Balls – this team is not going to let others score
  33. Great Balls of Fire – bringing the heat to every game
  34. Herbs and Spices – We make everything better.
  35. If These Balls Could Talk – would anyone want to hear what they would have to say?
  36. In My Fieldings – A wordplay on “In My Feelings” by Drake.
  37. In the Kick of Time – A play on “In the Nick of Time.”
  38. In the Kickers Circle – We belong in the “Inner Circle.”
  39. In Your Base! – this team will definitely rub your nose in their wins
  40. No Kickball, No Cry – It’s all we got.
  41. Just Another Kick in the Wall – A reference to Pink Floyd’s song, Another Brick in the Wall.
  42. Keep Calm and Kick On – Access your inner chi.
  43. Kick Fu Pandas – Reference to Kung Fu Panda.
  44. Kick It Like It’s Hot – What are you waiting for? Go on and Kick!
  45. Kick Me Baby One More Time – The kickball equivalent to “One more for the road.”
  46. Kick, Kick, Boom! – this is one explosive team!
  47. Kickball Crashers – Can we play, yes or not?
  48. Kickball is Forever – And we will play it till we are no more.
  49. Kicker in the Middle – He/She better be good!
  50. Kicker? I Didn’t Even Know Her – Worst defense ever!
  51. Kick-Fil-A – A play on “Chick-fil-A.”
  52. Kicking Down the House – Because we can!
  53. Kicking on The Edge – Underdogs win sometimes.
  54. Kicking Outside the Box – What box?
  55. Kicks of an Angel – these kicks are like nothing you’ve ever seen before
  56. Leading Off a Cliff – Feel the Heat
  57. Legal Kicking Age – A play on “Legal Drinking Age.”
  58. Let us down slowly – A funny kickball team name for a team of misfits
  59. Looking To Score – That’s what he said!
  60. No Base Like Home – A play on “No place like home.”
  61. No Bunt Intended – We will see about that!
  62. One Kick Wonders – Better watch out for the sucker punch.
  63. Oops! I Kicked It Again – Sorry, I guess!
  64. Our Due Date – It is time to deliver.
  65. Our Name is Ball, Kickball – this team will have it shaken, not stirred
  66. Pitch, Better Have My Money – Extra points if your team can actually play.
  67. Pitches Be Crazy – As it should be!
  68. Pitches Before Missus – there is nothing more important to this team than kickball
  69. Pitches Get Stitches – Someone got more than they bargained for.
  70. Putout or Shut Up – this team means business.
  71. Read My Kicks – you’ll know what they are saying.
  72. Remember the Kickers – A great team leaves its mark on everyone.
  73. Score or Don’t There Is No Try – It’s all or nothing!
  74. See U Never – We aren’t in the same league.
  75. Smells Like Kickball Spirit – At least give us points for trying.
  76. Sofa Kings – Can we get this over with and get back to the couch.
  77. Sofa So Good – Can’t argue with that, can you?
  78. Star Balls – Revenge of the Pitch.
  79. Step Ballers – This team name explains kickball as a sport.
  80. Survival of the Kickers – It’s a kicker eat kicker world out there!
  81. Sweet Fields Are Made of This – everybody is looking for something, and that something is kickball
  82. Taco Balls – Wordplay on Taco Bells.
  83. Take Our Pitcher – Maybe that will improve your chances.
  84. Taking Care of Bases – this is a team that knows how to take care of business.
  85. Team That Launched a Thousand Kicks – this is going to be one historic team
  86. The 40-Year-Old Virgins – The movie, The 40-Year-Old Virgin.
  87. The Fairest Balls of Them All – A funny name for the magic team.
  88. The Fastball and the Furious – God help those who stand in our way
  89. The Fault in Our Balls – all of the blame can be placed on the balls
  90. The Game of Overthrows – in the game of overthrows, who will win.
  91. The Kick Ball Theory – this team has a scientific approach to kickball.
  92. The Kick Busters – the kickball version of The Myth Busters
  93. The Kill Pitch – No one resists the kill pitch.
  94. The Lean Mean Kicking Machine – Like a well-oiled engine, we keep going.
  95. The Old Ball and Chains – you can’t get rid of them no matter how hard you try
  96. The Pensioners – We have experience.
  97. The Sidekickers – they may not be your first call, but they will always be there
  98. The Team Formerly Known as Pitch – a tribute to the artist formerly known as Prince
  99. Through Kick and Thin – this team always has your back
  100. Too Drunk to Kick – A timely reminder not to kick and drive.
  101. Two Left Feet – this team may not be the most skilled, but they will bring everything that they have
  102. Under Balls Pretenses – A wordplay on “Under false pretenses.”
  103. We All Ball Down – But we rise again.
  104. We Kick It Right Back – Let’s keep it tight at the back.
  105. We Kicked a Ball, and We Liked It – just one taste, and this team was hooked for life
  106. We Spiked Your Drinks – So, you’re toast!
  107. Whiskey Business – Playing with a whiskey-filled tummy is risky business.
  108. Who You Gonna Call? Kickballers – When you got your enemies cornered.
  109. Wines & Spirits – The local pub’s kickball team.
  110. You Never Had a Pitch So Good – this team will show you something you have never seen before.

Clever Kickball Team Names

How about creative kickball team names? The following are clever kickball team names your team could use:

  1. A New Kind of Kick – Reference to the song by The Jesus and Mary Chain.
  2. Abusement Park – A wordplay on Amusement park.
  3. Ain’t That a Kick in the Head – A song by Westlife.
  4. Alcoballics – A wordplay on alcoholics.
  5. Alive and kicking – I bet you thought we were dead and gone.
  6. Asskickers – A wordplay on Asslicker.
  7. Bad Intentions – All our plans are geared towards eliminating the opponents.
  8. Ball Busters – Your reign is over.
  9. Ball Me, Maybe – A wordplay on “Call me, maybe.”
  10. Ball Rage – Don’t stand in our way.
  11. Balls of Duty – A wordplay on “Call of Duty.”
  12. Black as Pitch – There is no light at the end of the tunnel for you guys.
  13. Bloody Pitchers – No apologies.
  14. Born to Run – A reference to the song by Bruce Springsteen
  15. Countless Scoregasms – We back it up.
  16. Daylight Ballers – A wordplay on daylight robbery.
  17. Death By A Thousand Kicks – Wordplay on “death by a thousand cuts.”
  18. Dogs on the Run – Who’s going to stop us?
  19. Eleven Deadly Sins – All on the pitch.
  20. Fever Pitch – A reference to the romantic comedy movie.
  21. Field Hustlers – We will find a way to win.
  22. Field Shutdown – You might as well pack up and go home.
  23. Game Recognize Game – And we don’t see any team on this field
  24. Greenfield Goblins – Way to put fear in your opponents.
  25. Ground Ball Day – Wordplay on Ground Hog Day.
  26. Happy Kicks – Keep the smile, leave the tension.
  27. High Run Hitters – You will get hit twice as hard.
  28. Hit It & Bounce – The game is the game.
  29. Hot Kicks – Hot wings, Hot Kicks, it’s all the same.
  30. I Can’t Get a Pitch Out of You – Wordplay on “I Get a Kick Out of You.”
  31. Jedi Mind Kicks – A wordplay on “Jedi Mind Tricks.”
  32. Joes and Janes – Just your average Joe’s and Jane’s.
  33. Jump Kicks – Let’s drop some poor bloke
  34. Kick and Run – A wordplay on “Hit and Run.”
  35. Kick Ball Anthem – A reference to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.
  36. Kick in the Door – A reference to the song by The Notorious B.I.G.
  37. Kick in the Teeth – A song by Papa Roach
  38. Kick it Out – Like the popular anti-racism group.
  39. Kick Masters – Way above your paygrade.
  40. Kick Out the Bums – Sorry Guys, bums don’t belong on the field.
  41. Kick Please – Save us the drama.
  42. Kick Squad – A wordplay on geek squad.
  43. Kick Thrills – A wordplay on Cheap Thrills.
  44. Kick Your Game – A song by TLC.
  45. Kickaholics – Workaholic, Alcoholic, Kickaholics.
  46. Kickass Kids – Not your regular team
  47. Kicktators – A wordplay on Dictators.
  48. Kickball Anonymous – A play on “Alcoholics Anonymous.”
  49. Kickball Buddies – There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that play kickball together.
  50. Kickball Cheetahs – We don’t cheat; we are just pretty fast.
  51. Kickball Jihadists – We will clean this field of infidels.
  52. Kickball Returns – A wordplay on “Batman Returns.”
  53. Kickball Revolution – Revolution begins on the field.
  54. Kickball Warriors – Wordplay on keyboard warriors.
  55. Kickballers – The Originals.
  56. Kickballicious – Reference to Bootylicious.
  57. Kickburn – A wordplay on sunburn.
  58. Kicker Instinct – A wordplay on “Killer’s instinct.”
  59. Kicker Uppers – A wordplay on “Fixer Upper.”
  60. Kickland Norsemen – The kickball Vikings, which is also a cool kickball team name.
  61. Kicks and Cream – We are going for Ice Cream after this game.
  62. Kicks Don’t Lie – A wordplay on “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira.
  63. Kicks for Brains – Better stay out of their way.
  64. Kicks to Try – A reference to the song by Ramones.
  65. Kicksturbia – A wordplay on “Disturbia” by Rihanna.
  66. Killer Kicks – Overwhelmingly better than any team at this game.
  67. K-Unit – Reference to G-Unit.
  68. Life’s a Pitch – A reference to the popular saying about life.
  69. Like to Kick It – A wordplay by Tupac Shakur’s Lie to Kick it.
  70. LunaKicks – A wordplay on “Lunatics.”
  71. Magic Kicks – You’d have no choice but to applause after they kick your team’s collective asses.
  72. Midgame Madness – When they hear the kick, they go mad.
  73. Niagara Balls – A wordplay on Niagara Falls.
  74. No Kickball, No Party – No truer words said.
  75. Off the Pitch – They are amazing off the pitch and on the pitch.
  76. On the Pitch – They leave everything on the pitch.
  77. One Kick at a Time – A wordplay on “One Piece at a Time.”
  78. Party Like A Rockstar – A wordplay on Party Like A Rockstar.
  79. Pitch Black – A reference to the movie, Pitch Black.
  80. Pitch Doctors – A wordplay on witch doctors.
  81. Pitch Please – Wordplay on a similar sounding phrase.
  82. Pitch’n Lick’n – A wordplay on Chicken Licken.
  83. Pitchtensity – Can’t stand the intensity.
  84. Polikickians – A wordplay on politicians.
  85. Pumped Up Kicks – A song made by Foster The People.
  86. Rikickulous – Wordplay on “Ridiculous.”
  87. Road kicks – A wordplay on roadkill.
  88. Serial Kickers – Wordplay on “Serial Killers.”
  89. Shut Up and Run – A wordplay on Shut up and Dance.
  90. Smack My Pitch Up – A wordplay on The Prodigy’s song, Smack my b*tch up.
  91. Smart Kicks – Not your typical geeks.
  92. Speed Pills – A wordplay on “Speed Kills.”
  93. Spin Doctors – Good luck kicking this.
  94. Stealing Happy Hours – The other team can’t be happy.
  95. Swats Kickers – Might be offensive when read out loud. So, use with caution.
  96. Terror Wrists – A new kind of warfare.
  97. The Ace of Bases – Second to none.
  98. The K Team – A reference to “The A-Team.”
  99. The Kick Inside Us – We found an outlet to let it out.
  100. The Kickball Avengers – Better than the real Avengers.
  101. The Kickball Wizards – Similar to “Pinball Wizard,” a song by “The Who” rock band.
  102. The Kickcredibles – A wordplay on “The Incredibles.”
  103. The Kicking Daylights – this team will be to scare anyone who dares cross them
  104. The Kick-up Artists – the only thing that they are good at picking up are bases
  105. To Kick a Mockingbird – As in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  106. Ultramagnekick – A wordplay on Ultramagnetic.
  107. Uptown Kick – A wordplay on Uptown Funk.
  108. Waka Waka – A song by Shakira, and a reference to World Adult Kickball Association.
  109. We Get a Kick Out of You – Reference to the song by Dionne Warwick.
  110. We Kick Balls – Without a doubt, we do.

Cool Kickball Team Names

The coolest team deserves the coolest team name. Even if you suck at Kickball, at least delight the audience with a cool kickball team name. The following are cool kickball team names your team can use:

  1. A Team – A cool kickball team name for a team of kickball masters.
  2. Anger Squad – Let’s face it; being aggressive is a sound strategy.
  3. Army of Darkness – Talk about a box full of darkness.
  4. Army of the Dead – A team that never backs down.
  5. AstroKings – The kings of the astroturf.
  6. Bad Intentions – Win at all costs.
  7. Ball So Hard – They leave everything on the field.
  8. Ballistic Balls – You can try to stop them, but you will only have tried.
  9. Bang Bang – Bang bang all over you.
  10. Birds of Doom – The team you never want to face in a knockout tournament.
  11. Bone Crushers – Come unaided, leave on crutches.
  12. Born Killers – They left the womb with killer instincts.
  13. Born To Rule – Winning is their birthright.
  14. Brew Squad – A better fit for the pub than the field.
  15. Brickhouse Kickers – A fearless bunch.
  16. Bruisers – Their opponent always leaves the field battered and bruised.
  17. Burn Unit – Here’s some ice for that burn.
  18. Cerebral Advantage – Their greatest asset is their mental ability.
  19. Colonial Masters – Here to teach you a better way.
  20. Deadly Killerz – No one survives their onslaught.
  21. Diamond Squad – “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”
  22. Dope Kickers – Astonishing talent all-around.
  23. Doped Up – Let’s just say we are ready.
  24. Dream Killers – Someone’s kickball dream dies today.
  25. Drone Vision – We see everything.
  26. Earthquakes – The rumble underneath the field.
  27. East Side Ballas – One of the Ballas gangs from Grand Theft Auto V.
  28. Eliminators – This team takes no prisoners.
  29. Evil Hands – This team always have a cunning plan.
  30. Executioners – Time to carry out the Lord’s
  31. Exterminators – Here to rid the field of pests.
  32. Fancy Kickers – Style is the answer to everything.
  33. Fast and Furious – Your opponents wouldn’t know what hit them.
  34. Field Bombers – Time to heat up this field.
  35. Field Warriors – United we stand; divided we fall.
  36. Firecrackers – Unmatched explosions of energy.
  37. First-rate Lads – Everything looks effortless with these lads.
  38. Free Agents – A team of discarded journeymen.
  39. Friendly Fury – When they get to the field, all that is left is fury.
  40. Front Yard Ballas – One of the Ballas gangs from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  41. Full Throttle – Hardest working team on the block.
  42. Game Changers – Time to bring some joy to this field.
  43. Gathering Storm – You aren’t safe on this field, go home.
  44. Give ‘Em Hell – This team makes you work for everything.
  45. Golden Boys – A team of Kickball All-stars.
  46. Goon Squad – Here to duck things up.
  47. Green Field Elite – The masters of green surfaces.
  48. Headhunters – We will have your heads!
  49. Heavy Hitters – Time to smoke some ball kickers.
  50. Hellraisers – You can’t have peace till we have our way.
  51. Hit Squad – Let’s kick some balls!
  52. Hitmen – Once you’re on the list, you’re history.
  53. Humming Wires – Do you hear that buzzing?
  54. Immortals – This ruthless army will run over you.
  55. Incoming – Take cover lads! Take cover!
  56. Inferno – Let’s mix fire and gunpowder and see how it goes.
  57. Kickball Addicts – They eat, sleep and breathe Kickball
  58. Kickball Incorporated – This gang has one goal, make money.
  59. Kickball Mafia –  The organized Kickball syndicate.
  60. Kickball Warriors – After the artist, perfect for Smeargle.
  61. Kickers Wrath – Avoid this team’s wrath at any cost.
  62. Kickin Assassins – Show no mercy once the game begins.
  63. Kings & Queens – Everyone on this team is royalty.
  64. Lannisters – We rep House Lannister (Game of Thrones).
  65. Lethal Legs – At least you know where their strengths lie.
  66. Liquor Balls – An alcoholic’s delight.
  67. Mad Hounds – These guys will hunt down every ball and whoever may stand in between.
  68. Men of Steel – Nobody tougher than these lots.
  69. Misfits – Only Kickball unites this team.
  70. MVPs – The most valuable players.
  71. Naughty By Nature – We can’t fight nature.
  72. Not Afraid – Talk about taking action in the face of fear.
  73. Nuclear Energy – They never run out of steam.
  74. Oddballs – A reference to the popular movie, oddball.
  75. Orange Rules – Go! Orange Team! Go!
  76. Outcasts – A cool political team name that could be used by groups of people that suffer some form of discrimination.
  77. Party Wreckers – How do you party after losing to us?
  78. Power Kickers – A team of badass kickballers.
  79. Public Enemies – The team everyone hates but can’t find a way to defeat.
  80. Racketeers – Either through extortion or coercion, they will have victory.
  81. Radioactive – It’s not normal for a team to be this tough.
  82. Real Heroes – These folks are the real heroes.
  83. Reapers – Time to pay for your sins.
  84. Renegades – We changed our mind, kickball isn’t bad after all.
  85. Rogue Ballers – For a Pokémon that hates being told what to do.
  86. Scissorhands – Johnny Depp would be proud.
  87. Screwballs – We are here to screw things up for you.
  88. Shifts and Cracks – A cool sounding team name for a team that knows how to get into their opponents head.
  89. Shutout Kings – Forget it!
  90. Silent Assassins – Everything is better when done quietly.
  91. Smackdown – WWE fans would love this team name.
  92. Smoke and Trouble – First come the smoke, and then we bring it!
  93. Smooth Operators – The coolest kickball team ever.
  94. Snap Team – Children of Thanos!
  95. Sore Elephants – You don’t want to be in the way of sore
  96. South Rancho Ballas – One of the Ballas gangs from Grand Theft Auto V.
  97. Southside Ballers – Southside is famous for being a badass neighborhood. You can use your city’s name in place of Southside.
  98. Stoned and Starving – A song by Parquet Courts.
  99. Supreme Hamstrings – These guys can run all day.
  100. Sweet but Psycho – Reference to Ava Max’s hit song
  101. Terminators – Are these folks even human?
  102. The Angels of Death – The rival biker gang of Lost M.C. in GTA IV
  103. The Annihilators – Leave no one alive.
  104. The Apocalypse – Your world is about to come to an end.
  105. The Baby-Faced Assassins – They look harmless, but looks are deceiving.
  106. The Ballbarians – A wordplay on Barbarians.
  107. The Bomb Squad – We put out kickball explosions.
  108. The Brutalizers – This team doesn’t know when to stop.
  109. The Captains – A team of natural leaders.
  110. The Contract Kickers – the other will be lucky to leave with their lives!
  111. The Designated Kickers – they’re not going to have much fun, but they will get the job done
  112. The Exorcists – This team will kick the demons out of you.
  113. The Finishers – These guys know how to close the game.
  114. The Invincibles – They have never lost a game of kickball.
  115. The Kick Ball Army – A team of real soldiers.
  116. The Kick Gods – Show love to the Gods.
  117. The Kickball Nightmare – Avoid this team at all costs.
  118. The KO Kings – The king of knockouts.
  119. The Maine Event – Let’s treat you to a fabulous game of kickball.
  120. The Masters of Disaster – In reference to Apollo Creed from Rocky, the movie.
  121. The Men – These guys need to be taken
  122. The New Guys – It is our first time, be gentle.
  123. The New Kings – Be wise and bend a knee.
  124. The Opportunists – This team will do anything to win.
  125. The Other Guys – Don’t underestimate us!
  126. The Street Ballers – They love a good fist fight.
  127. The Strike Mob – They don’t play fair.
  128. The Untouchables – Forget it! These guys are magic.
  129. The Veterans – As Kickball veterans, they know the cost of victory.
  130. Tornadoes – These folks will demolish any team on the field.
  131. Tsunamis – This team crushes everything that stands in their way.
  132. Underdogs – Rooting for the underdogs!
  133. Upper Management – These are the guys that decide the tournament.
  134. Vigilantes – A cool name for a kickball team.
  135. Wakandans – A reference to Black Panther.
  136. We The Best – Better be able to back this name up on the field.
  137. Weapon Of Choice – Because you always send this one out first. Also, in reference to the song of the same name by Fatboy Slim.
  138. Wild & Furious – What’s scarier than facing a fast and furious team?
  139. Wild Animals – Can’t blame a lion for eating its prey.
  140. Wolfpacks – A team that always stick together.
  141. World on Fire – Time to set your world on fire!
  142. Young Guns – These guys are always carrying.

Church Kickball Team Names

Playing some after-church kickball? Here are some good church kickball team names your team could use:

  1. Alpha and Omega – This team are the beginning and the end of your kickball career.
  2. Angel Heart – Hearts of angels, kicks from outside this world.
  3. Apostles – The chosen ones!
  4. Archangels – Tougher battles require stronger soldiers.
  5. Archbishops – We are responsible for this kickball district.
  6. Army of God – In his name of heavenly God, they will kick your ass.
  7. Battle Ready – Time to kick some balls!
  8. Be The Light – Be the kick you want to see on the field.
  9. Bethel – Let’s make this field a holy place.
  10. Bible Buddies – Bible isn’t the only thing we bond over.
  11. I.A – Christians In Action.
  12. Canaanites – This field was promised to us.
  13. Chainbreakers – God’s own liberation army.
  14. Children of Zion – He taught us how to pitch right.
  15. Disciples – The kickball disciples
  16. Ephesians – God’s plan for kickball.
  17. Evangelists – Spreading the kickball gospel, one kick at a time.
  18. First Kings – The pioneers of kickball.
  19. Goshen – We don’t need to sweat to kick your ass.
  20. Grace Gang – Powered by his grace.
  21. Heaven Can’t Wait – Time to give Jesus your life.
  22. Heaven Please – With God all things are possible.
  23. I Kicks – Wordplay on I Kings
  24. II Kicks – Wordplay on II Kings.
  25. Jesus Saves – From the Cross to the Grave, Jesus saved our souls.
  26. Jesus Walks – If he can walk on water, kicking your ass isn’t impossible.
  27. Kickball Angels – We can win without playing dirty.
  28. Kicking in the Name of the Lord – The Lord will be delighted.
  29. Kicking with Jesus – Every kick is powered by Jesus.
  30. Last Trumpets – Your last chance to bend a knee, will you take it?
  31. Lazarus Rising – Even when we are down and buried, the game isn’t over.
  32. Light of God – We are here to shine his light.
  33. Made in His Image – We are all made in his image.
  34. No Rest for the Wicked – We are only carrying out his instructions.
  35. Overcomers – No team is too difficult to beat.
  36. Reborn – Have you given your life to kickball?
  37. Redemption – He redeemed us, so we kick.
  38. Safehouse – God is the only safehouse you need.
  39. Saint Nations – Group of exceptionally holy kickballers.
  40. Soul Squad – Keep your bodies, we are after your souls.
  41. Soul Survivor – He assured us that our souls would live on.
  42. Stairway to Heaven – Playing us is the new fastest way to heaven.
  43. Team David – We are warriors!
  44. Team Joshua – Let us lead you into the Promised Land.
  45. Team Samson – We are giants, and we are bringing the house down on your team.
  46. The Body of Christ – We are saved.
  47. The Navigators – He will help us navigate difficult pitches.
  48. The Rapture Kicks – These kicks will be the end of you.
  49. The Rising Son – He rose from death, so you can’t kick us down.
  50. The Salvation Army – Here to win some souls and of course, a game of kickball.
  51. The Second Coming – Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
  52. The Vatican Army – A well-drilled team of kickballers.
  53. The Vessels – Our vessels belong to him.
  54. Turn to Christ – For he is the source of our impending victory.
  55. Under His Canopy – We reside under his protection.

There you go! A massive list of good kickball team names; filled with kickball puns. So if you know any team that needs good kickball tournament names, be a dear and share this list with them. Also, if you know any awesome kickball team name we might have missed, go ahead and add it in the comment section.


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