300+ Game of Thrones Team Names (With Meanings)

If you’re a looking for a Game of Thrones team name for a Game of Thrones trivia team, a fantasy team, or league, or any other team, you can use these GOT inspired team name suggestions.

When it comes to forming any kind of team, coming up with the perfect team name is one of the most difficult parts. In this article, we have listed some of the best Game of Thrones team names you can use for any occasion. We have also provided some background information for some of the team names are related to Game of Thrones.

Some of these GOT team names are character-based names, location-based names, some names that are just funny GOT puns, and many more.

These team names can be used as:

  • Game of Thrones Trivia Team Names
  • Game of Thrones Fantasy Team Names
  • Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Names
  • Game of Thrones Fantasy League Names
  • Game of Thrones Group Names
  • Game of Thrones Work Team Names

No matter what type of team name you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something you like!

Game of Thrones Team Names Inspired by the Characters

Game of Thrones Fantasy names

As the category name implies, each of these GOT team names are related to one of the more popular Game of Thrones Characters. When necessary, we have included some background information for the team names.

  • Daenerys’s Dragons
  • Mothers of Dragons: Daenerys is commonly referred to as the Mother of Dragons
  • The Mad Kings: King Aerys II is also known as the Mad King.
  • Lannister Lords/Ladies
  • The Kingslayers: Jaime Lannister is also known as the Kingslayer
  • Insidious Imps: Tyrion Lannister is often called an imp because of his small stature. The two below team names are also related to Tyrion.
  • Tyrion’s Lions
  • Stormborns
  • The Halfmen/women
  • Joeffrey’s Jesters
  • Faceless Men of Braavos: You can change Bravos to your city or school name.
  • The Men/Women of Cersei’s Court: Queen Cersei Lannister is the leader of the Seven Kingdoms
  • Stark Naked: This is a simple play on the Stark family name
  • Tully’s Trusted Advisors: Tully is another famous Game of Thrones family name.
  • Sansa’s Sentries
  • Jon’s Snowflakes: This is a play on Jon Snow’s name
  • The Red Vipers: Oberyn Martell is sometimes referred to as the Red Viper
  • The Sand Snakes: This is the name given to the group consisting of Oberyn’s three daughters
  • The Spiders: Lord Varys, a spy, is sometimes known as the Spider
  • Pure Payne: This is a play on Podrick Payne’s name
  • The Onion Knights: Davos Seaworth is a man who became known as the Onion Knight after smuggling onions into a city.
  • The Red Women: Melisandre (priestess of R’hllor) is also known as the Red Woman.
  • The Hounds: Sandor Clegane is also known as the Hound.
  • The Night Kings
  • The Night Queens

Game of Thrones Team Names Inspired by the Houses

In the Game of Thrones universe, there are several prominent families. Each of these families have their own crest, most of which are related to animals. The first eleven names in this section are based on these Game of Thrones houses and their crests.

  • The Lannister Lions: House Lannister and their symbol.
  • The Stark Direwolves: The Stark’s and their symbol.
  • The Baratheon Stags: House Baratheon and their symbol.
  • The Tully Trouts: House Tully and their symbol.
  • The Tyrell Roses
  • The Arryn Falcons
  • The Targaryen Dragons
  • The Greyjoy Krakens
  • The Martell Red Suns
  • The Martell Spears
  • Baratheon’s Rebels: A reference to Robert’s Rebellion, known as the War of the Usurper by Targaryen loyalists.
  • Stark’s Rebels
  • Black Stags
  • Heirs to the House __________: You can put your own family name into the blank space here
  • House __________
  • The House _________ Patriarchs/Matriarchs

Game of Thrones Team Names Inspired by Places

These places can be found in the vast map of the Game of Thrones world. Most of the team names in this section of the list are pretty self-explanatory, but we have gone through and added explanations for some of the less obvious names.

  • Westeros Witches
  • The Excellences of Essos
  • The Red Keepers
  • Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms: Robert Baratheon was the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, with Cersei, his widow who succeeds him.
  • Lords/Ladies of Dragonstone
  • Lords/Ladies of Winterfell
  • Lords/Ladies of Volantis
  • Lords/Ladies of Highgarden
  • Lords/Ladies of the Iron Islands
  • Lords/Ladies of Dorne
  • The Bastard Daughters
  • The Bastard Sons
  • The Bastards of Winterfell
  • The Bastards of Westeros
  • From Beyond the Wall
  • Members of the Iron Bank
  • Old Men/Women of Oldtown
  • From the Shores of Old Wyk: The Shores of Old Wyk is the location where the Nagga was slain
  • The Northerner’s
  • From Behind the Vale
  • Fishermen of the Riverlands
  • Castaways of the Iron Islands
  • The Old Westerlands
  • The Reachers
  • The Stormlanders
  • Commanders of the Crownlands
  • From the Dorne

Game of Thrones Team Names Inspired by Book Title

There are five books in the Song of Fire and Ice series and two books that are planned to come out in the near future. The following Game of Thrones team names are based on these book titles. The first team name for each book is labeled with the book title. The team names under that, if unlabeled, are inspired by the same book title.

  • A Song of Fire and Ice: A Song of Fire and Ice (series name)
  • Singers of Fire and Ice
  • Gamers on Thrones: A Game of Thrones
  • Clashing Kings/Queens: A Clash of Kings
  • The Clash of Clans
  • The Sword Storm: A Storm of Swords
  • Fighting Through the Storm
  • The Feasting Crows: A Feast for Crows
  • The Crow’s Song
  • Dancing with Dragons: A Dance with Dragons
  • The Dragon’s Dancers
  • The Winter Winds: The Winds of Winter
  • A Winter’s Storm
  • Dreaming of Spring: A Dream of Spring

Game of Thrones Team Names Inspired by Episode Names

Game of Thrones Trivia Names

Like the book title names, the following GOT team names are based on episode title names. Like with the book title names, the episode title will be listed after the name. If there is no episode name listed next to the team name, then the team name is inspired by the name that precedes it.

  • We are Coming: Winter is Coming
  • Winter Wonderland
  • A Drive Up the Kingsroad: The Kingsroad
  • On the Kingsroad Again
  • Lord, It’s Snowing: Lord Snow
  • Lord/Lady __________
  • The Broken Things: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things
  • The Bastards
  • Wolves and Lions: The Wolf and the Lion
  • The Wolves
  • The Lions
  • Wearers of the Golden Crown: A Golden Crown
  • The Winners: You Win, or You Die
  • The Baelors: Baelor
  • Formed of Fire and Blood: Fire and Blood
  • Remembering the North: The North Remembers
  • The Rememberers
  • The Ones Who Will Never Die: What Is Dead May Never Die
  • Bone Gardeners: Garden of Bones
  • The Cemetery Groundskeepers
  • The Ghosts of Harrenhal: The Ghost of Harrenhal
  • The Harrenhal Haunters
  • The Old Gods/Goddesses: The Old Gods and the New
  • The New Gods/Goddess
  • The Men/Women Without Honor: A Man Without Honor
  • The Dishonorables
  • The Princes/Princesses of Winterfell: The Prince of Winterfell
  • The Princes/Princesses
  • Swimming in the Blackwater: Blackwater
  • The Blackwater Bandits
  • Team Valor: Valar Morghulis/Valar Dohaeris
  • Dark Wings: Dark Wings, Dark Words
  • Writers of Dark Words
  • Speakers of Dark Words
  • The Punishers: Walk of Punishment
  • The Watchers: And Now His Watch is Ended
  • Ending the Watch
  • Fire for Tongues: Kissed by Fire
  • The Flaming Kiss
  • A Fiery Embrace
  • The Climbers: The Climb
  • The Ferocious Bears: The Bear and the Maiden Fair
  • The Fair Maidens
  • The Maidens and the Bears
  • Under Two Suns: The Second Sons
  • I Bless the Rains Down in Castamere: The Rains of Castamere
  • The Rainy Day Crew
  • The Castamere Crew
  • Keepers of the Swords: Two Swords
  • The ________ Swordsmen
  • The Chain Breakers: Breaker of Chains
  • Breaker of Rules
  • The Oathkeepers: Oathkeeper
  • First of Our Names: First of His Name
  • The Firstborns
  • The Nametakers
  • First Place
  • The Lawmakers: The Laws of Gods and Men
  • Of Gods and Men
  • God’s Lawyers
  • The Laws of Men
  • Above the Law
  • The Mockingbirds: Mockingbird
  • To Kill and Mockingbird
  • The Mountain Men/Women: The Mountain and the Viper
  • The Vipers
  • Kings/Queens of the Mountain
  • The Viper’s Venom
  • Watching from the Wall: The Watchers on the Wall
  • The Children: The Children
  • The Kids
  • The Kiddos
  • Fighters of Wars to Come: The Wars to Come
  • Fighters of Future Wars
  • The Warriors
  • The House of Black: The House of Black and White
  • The House of White
  • The Black House
  • The White House
  • The Sparrows: High Sparrow
  • High Fliers
  • Sparrow’s Eye
  • Sons of the Harpies
  • Flight of the Harpies
  • Sons/Daughters of Harpies
  • The Harpy’s Cry
  • Dead Boys Walking: Kill the Boy
  • The Unbowed: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
  • The Unbent
  • The Unbroken
  • The Gift Givers: The Gift
  • Hardy Home Boys: Hardhome
  • From Hardhome
  • Ask for Mercy: Mother’s Mercy
  • No Mercy
  • Mothers/Fathers without Mercy
  • The Red Ones: The Red Woman
  • The [Color] Ones
  • The Liars: Oathbreakers
  • The Strangers: Book of the Stranger
  • Strangers with Books
  • Nose in a Book
  • The Memorists
  • We’ll Show You the Door: The Door
  • The Doors
  • Blood is Thicker than Water: Blood of My Blood
  • The Bloodline
  • Broken Men/Women: The Broken Men
  • The Ones Who Cannot Be Broken
  • Can’t Break Us
  • No One: No One
  • The Nobodies
  • The Somebodies
  • Everybody
  • Everyone
  • Everyone and Their Moms
  • Battling Bastards: Battle of the Bastards
  • The Blizzard: The Winds of Winter
  • The Storm
  • Owners of the Dragonstone: Dragonstone
  • The Dragonborn
  • The Stormborns: Stormborn
  • Justice for the Queen/King: The Queen’s Justice
  • The Judges
  • The Queen’s/King’s Jesters
  • The Spoiled Ones: The Spoils of War
  • The Spoiled Warriors
  • The Eastern Watchers: Eastwatch
  • An Alliance of Dragons and Wolves: The Dragon and the Wolf
  • Knights of the Seven Kingdoms: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
  • The Nightwatch: The Long Knight
  • The Nightmen/women
  • The Last of the ______: The Last of the Starks
  • The Bell Ringers: The Bells
  • The Gods of the Iron Throne: The Iron Throne

Game of Thrones Team Names Inspired by Creature Names

There are a bunch of magical, mythical, and average creatures in the Game of Thrones universe. These names are great for people who are all about the mythology in the Game of Thrones show. Most of the team names about them are self-explanatory. Some of the less obvious names have explanations.

  • The Three-Headed Dragons
  • Team Drogon: Drogon is one of Daenerys’s pet dragons, the only surviving dragon at the end of the Tv Show.
  • Aegon’s Rhaegal: Rhaegal is one of Daenerys’s pet dragons; the one Jon Snow rode in the Tv show.
  • Frozen Viserions: Viserion is one of Daenerys’s pet dragons, the one resurrected by the Night King.
  • Krakens from the Deep
  • The Direwolves
  • The Ghosts: Ghost is the name of Jon Snow’s direwolf
  • The Shaggy Dogs: Shaggy Dog is the name of Rickon’s direwolf
  • The Shadow Creatures
  • The Ice Dragons
  • The Grumkins
  • The Snarks
  • The Sea Dragons
  • Master of the Sea Dragons: Nagga is a famous sea monster in the Game of Thrones
  • The Sphinxes
  • The Sphinx’s Riddle
  • The Basilisks
  • The Mammoths
  • The Manticores
  • The Shadow Cats
  • The Snow Bears
  • The Dwarf Elephants
  • The Zorses
  • The Ice Spiders
  • The Three-Eyed Ravens
  • The Dragon Trainers

Game of Thrones Team Names Inspired by Humanoid Creatures

The following Game of Thrones fantasy team names need no explanation. These humanoid creatures either belong exclusively to the Game of Thrones universe or have been incorporated into the universe from traditional mythologies.

  • The White Walkers
  • Children of the Forest
  • The Wights
  • The Giants
  • The Ironborn
  • The Deep Ones
  • The First Men/Women
  • The Harpies
  • The Blue-Eyed Giants
  • Under the Eye of Macumber
  • The Mermaids/Mermen
  • The Drowned Gods/Goddesses
  • Old Men/Women of the River
  • The Rat Cooks
  • The Wargs

Game of Thrones Team Names Inspired by Plants

There are a few plants that are unique to the Game of Thrones Universe. Here are a few GOT team names based on some of these unique plants. They make the perfect team name for anyone who loves or works with plants.

  • Ironwood Lumberjacks
  • The Blue Winter Roses
  • The Dusk Roses
  • Weavers of the Lady’s Lace
  • Among the Weirwood Trees
  • The Harpy’s Gold
  • From the Ironwood/Weirwood Forest
  • Guardians of Dragonglass 
  • Dragon Class

Cool Game of Thrones Trivia Team Names

Game of Thrones Team Names

The following GOT trivia team names are connected in one way or another to the Game of Thrones universe, but most of them could be used for any medieval-like fantasy series. Most of these do not need explaining. They are perfect for anyone who is passionate about history and who just happens to be on a team with people who love Game of Thrones.

  • The Promised Winter
  • The Know-Nothings: Inspired by a phrase uttered to Jon Snow by Ygritte.
  • Heirs to the Iron Throne
  • The Fearless Leaders
  • The Gentle Spirits
  • The Haunted Souls
  • The Highborn Lords/Ladies
  • The Archers
  • The Swordsmen/women
  • The Sword Swingers
  • The Dark Knights
  • The White Knights
  • The Exiled Knights
  • Royally Cool
  • The Self-Crowned Kings/Queens: Balon Greyjoy is also known as the self-crowned king
  • The Rebels
  • The Rebellion
  • The Uprising/ Uprisers
  • The Hostages
  • The Captives
  • The Captains
  • Master Spies
  • The High Guards
  • The Unsullied Army
  • The Squires
  • The Nobles
  • The Wildlings
  • The Free Folk
  • The Night Watch
  • The Apprentices
  • The Priests/Priestesses
  • In the Shadows
  • The Maesters
  • The Red Wedding Party
  • The Kingslayers
  • The Axe-men
  • Door Stoppers: A GOT pun inspired by the phrase “Hold the door,” the meaning of Hodor.

Funny Game of Thrones Team Names

Lastly, these funny Game of Thrones team names mostly rely on wordplays and puns based on the Game of Throne characters. So, if you’re looking for a funny GOT team name, pick one of these group names:

  • The Family Blood Feud
  • Winterfallen and Can’t Get Up: This works both as a Game of Thrones reference and a reference to the “Life Alert” commercials, common in the United States
  • The Snow Cones: A play on Jon Snow’s name
  • A Strong Hodor: There is a character in the series named Hodor, pronounced similarly to “odor.”
  • Knight Life
  • Stark Raving Mad: A jest at the Stark family
  • Icy Dead People: This name is a wordplay on Wights (army of the dead) in Game of Thrones and the classic line “I see dead people,” from the movie The Sixth Sense
  • Raisin Bran: A play on the character Bran’s name
  • Jaqen the Box: A play on Jaqen’s name
  • Girls Gone Wilding: A play on both the wilding people in Game of Thrones and the classic raunchy show Girls Gone Wild
  • The Wheel of Torture
  • Game of Scones

We hope you have enjoyed this list of Game of Thrones-inspired team names. Again, feel free to use any of these names for any purpose you choose!

If you can think of any other Game of Thrones-inspired team names, please add them in the comment section below! It’s even better if you can add an explanation to go along with it. Thanks!

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