400+ Creative Sales Team Names (With Meanings)

If you have been struggling to come up with the perfect team name for your sales team, keep reading.

We can all agree that coming up with that perfect sales team name can really bring everyone together and instill a great sense of pride. But finding the perfect name for a team is no easy task. Teams are usually made up of diverse groups of people and what one finds funny or cool, others may not.

What if I told you that finding a name for your team doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

All you need is some inspiration to get you going, and you and your team will be bursting with awesome team name ideas.

Look no further! Take a look at our impressive list of sales team names. Perfect for anyone looking for ideas for funny, cool, motivational or creative sales team names.

List of Sales Team Names

Sales Team Names

Whether you prefer a funny team name, a cool team name, a name that inspires your guys to close more sales or a creative sales team name, you can have your pick.

Funny Sales Team Names

Funny Sales Team Names

If you prefer a funny name for your sales team, you will find these team names interesting:

  1. The Sell Outs – They’ll sell anything to make a buck.
  2. Looking Illegal – Some people just can’t help but look shady.
  3. Word Inventors – These guys will say anything to make a sale.
  4. Brains On Vacation – That being a long-term vacation.
  5. Creepy Callers – This sales team has a habit of scaring off potential leads.
  6. Tax Season Survivors – Just enough brains in this team to make sure they don’t get into serious trouble.
  7. Lunatics – If they weren’t on the phones selling, they’d probably be in an insane asylum.
  8. Net Surfers – When they’re not selling, they can spend hours doing nothing on the web.
  9. Dialed And Dirty – They’ve got plenty of tricks up their sleeve to make a sale.
  10. Soup-A-Stars – Because being super is so overrated.
  11. Limited Vocabulary – Not the brightest sales team you’ve come across.
  12. Entrepreneurs Of Entrepreneurship – Well, they better be!
  13. Will Work For Cookies – Unfortunately, money is still not edible or as tasty as cookies.
  14. The Artful Dodgers – Escaping trouble is their forte.
  15. The Brainy Fools – For a team of supposedly smart people, they sure do say some really dumb things sometimes.
  16. The Spammers – Expect about a million emails from this team.
  17. You Win Some, You Booze Some – Drinking can help you overcome rejection.
  18. Break Room Riot – When these guys go out for lunch, it can be a real mess.
  19. Kicking Assets And Taking Names – Those assets need a real good kicking.
  20. Pompous Assets – For a team that deals with rich idiots all day.
  21. Five O’Clock Somewhere – Better crack open a beer then!
  22. Cereal Killers – The only thing these morons could kill is cereal.
  23. Empty Coffee Cups – This team is costing the company a fortune in coffee.
  24. Off Like A Dirty Shirt – This sales team name is for real dirtbags.
  25. Sir Count-A-Lot – Not because they make a lot of money, they’re just really bad at counting.
  26. The Water Cooler Gang – They spend way more time in front of the water cooler gossiping than doing real work.
  27. Pill Pushers – For a shady sales team that sells pharmaceuticals.
  28. Hit For Brains – No one quite knows where exactly these guys left their brains.
  29. Analysis Paralysis – They have a habit of making leads overthink about making a decision, and in the end, they just don’t.
  30. Gym Class Heroes – This sales team has absolutely no idea what the term ‘exercise’ means.
  31. Crybabies – This sales team has a lot to learn about how to handle client rejection.
  32. Manic Phone Preachers – This team isn’t just trying to sell you something, they’re trying to convert your whole way of thinking.
  33. Down For The Account – This team is always willing to risk a whole account to make a big sale.
  34. The Backbenchers – Don’t expect too much work from this team.
  35. Pretend Policy Makers – This sales team literally makes up the company’s policies as they go along.
  36. Juan In A Million – For a sales team that truly stands out.
  37. Masters Of Confusion – This team has mastered the art of confusing clients to make a sale.
  38. Death And Taxes – The only two things in life that are sure.
  39. We Speak Idiot – This team knows how to speak to any moron over the phone.
  40. The Cash Cows – Every lead is worth a million bucks to this sales team.
  41. The Manipulators – There’s not a single person who can’t be manipulated by this sales team.
  42. 2+2=5 – This team can convince leads that anything is possible if they just buy their product.
  43. Dollars To Doughnuts – Oh yeah, this team sure knows how to spend their hard-earned cash on stupid things.
  44. Bleeping Awesome – The best kind of awesome to be!
  45. Paper Pushers – For a sales team, they sure do deal with a lot of paperwork.
  46. Bellyachers – A minute doesn’t go by without this team having something to complain about.
  47. Only Here To Establish An Alibi – Nothing shady at all with this team.
  48. Between The Spreadsheets – A lot of magic can happen between those spreadsheets.
  49. Used Only Once – They swear it to be true!
  50. Nacho Average Squad – Not average in kind of way.
  51. The Drive-Byers – For a team that has a real rivalry with the other sales team.
  52. Drug Dealers – Another team name for those in pharmaceuticals.
  53. The Greed Pack – This is a team that’s in the business for the money, period.
  54. The Neanderthals – This team is missing a few chromosomes, to say the least.
  55. Spending It Faster Than We Earn It – For a team that really doesn’t know how to look after their money.
  56. Three Balance Sheets To The Wind – Selling while intoxicated isn’t really
  57. Enigma – If leads can work out what exactly this sales team are selling, they’re most likely geniuses.
  58. It’s Accrual World – It truly is!
  59. Shady Deal – For a sales team that really has no idea how to instill trust in leads.
  60. Not Regulated Enough – If their bosses knew how much stuff they got away with, they’d be in serious trouble.
  61. Talkaholics – This sales team is seriously addicted to talking to clients.
  62. Out On Lunch – This sales team are known for having super long lunch breaks.
  63. Constantly Inconsistent – You can never be entirely sure if this sales team are telling you the truth or not.
  64. The Clowns Of Sales – This sales team are always making a mockery of themselves.
  65. A Few Good Men – After the film of the same name.
  66. No Good Men – A wordplay on the above.
  67. The Walking Dead – After the tv series of the same name.
  68. Dicks On Phones – For a sales team made up for rude guys.
  69. Con Artists – This team has no shame in committing fraudulent behavior.
  70. Debits And Credits – They love to take other people’s money and spend it on themselves!
  71. Champions Of Life – Most likely this team is in no way champions of anything.
  72. Geeks R Us – For a sales team made up of complete nerds.
  73. Hello, It’s Me – For a sales team that’s too optimistic for its own good.
  74. Me Again! – This sales team really needs to give up on some leads.
  75. Cubicle Force – For a sales team that works together in awkward cubicles.
  76. Making It Rain – They literally love throwing their money away.
  77. Limited Product Knowledge Incorporated – Every time they make a call they pray the client doesn’t ask any complicated questions about the product.
  78. Corporate Pirates – You really can’t afford to trust this sales team.
  79. Professional Pirates – Similar to the above.
  80. Drugs Are Expensive – Their only motivation for making more sales.
  81. Soul Sellers – Where’s Satan when you need him?
  82. Bottom Of The Food Chain – This sales team is at the absolute bottom of the corporate ladder.
  83. The Bottom Liners – For a sales team that’s a little too pushy on their leads.
  84. Alpha Q – Say it out loud.
  85. Stone Cold Rejects – They always get rejected whenever they call a cold lead.
  86. Sob Stories – For a sales team that always tries to bond emotionally with leads by making up sob stories.
  87. The Sloths – An animal so lazy, it only poops once a week.
  88. Less Work, More Twerk – It’s quite likely that this sales team isn’t planning on trying to get promoted.
  89. Pity Us – Their sales strategy relies quite heavily on making leads feel sorry for them.
  90. No Bean Left Behind – Coffee is never wasted in this team, not one sip.
  91. Get Dat Money – Money is their god.
  92. Straight Up Comedians – They spend more time standing around joking than making any sales.
  93. Venture Vultures – This sales team have millions of business ideas, sadly though, most of them suck.
  94. We Lie For Money – Shhhh, don’t say that in front of the leads!
  95. It’s All Legal – It really depends on what your definition of ‘legal’ is.
  96. Client Enragers – The only sales team that manages to anger clients more than they already are.
  97. Team Riches To Rags – They always start off the week looking like millionaires and always end it looking like they’re homeless.
  98. Paper Jam – 99% of the time they seem to have a stupid technical problem.
  99. Slow Learners – Slow and steady wins the race!
  100. Shaven Apes In Suits – They look a lot more professional than they really are.

Cool Sales Team Names

Cool Sales Team Names

If you prefer a cool name for your sales team:

  1. One Team, One Mission – This is one truly united sales team.
  2. Earning Eagles – Profits are pouring out of this team
  3. The Godfathers – They have a kind of sophisticated charisma no one can resist.
  4. Company Builders – Most of this company wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for this sales team.
  5. Seekers – This team is always searching for the next best deal to offer leads.
  6. Hot Shots – The company’s No. 1 sales team.
  7. The Generals – They make sales with military precision.
  8. Caller Ballers – This is one exceptionally talented sales team.
  9. Caller Bros – Every lead this team calls is like their best friend.
  10. Prospecting Powerhouses – In a few years, this sales team may be running the company.
  11. The Boiler Room – After the room where all the action takes place
  12. Sweat Room – This team is literally sweating sales.
  13. Power Grabbers – This sales team is aggressively climbing the corporate ladder.
  14. Power Brokers – This sales team brokers some massive
  15. Money Magnets – They barely need to lift a finger to make some money.
  16. Sales Executors – Every call is a sale, there’s just no way to reject these guys.
  17. Dial It Up – You will not believe the number of sales these guys make in one day.
  18. Leaders Of The Hunt – They’re hungry for money like a pack of wild wolves.
  19. Money Makers – Every cent they own is a cent they made.
  20. Business Time – Every single day of the week.
  21. Door 2 Door Divas – For a team of stylish saleswomen working door to door.
  22. The Rock Stars – This sales team is really living the rockstar lifestyle.
  23. Policy Profiteers – This sales team knows how to make a profit from any company policy, end the most rigorous ones.
  24. Product Pushers – This sales team knows exactly how to push their product in a way that won’t scare off buyers.
  25. Mindspace Invaders – They’re known for coming up with catchy slogans that stick in leads’ heads.
  26. Sales Therapists – This team is so good they should be teaching other sales teams how to do their jobs.
  27. Eliminators – This sales team always obliterates the leads list in record time.
  28. Profit Party – There’s always a party when these guys are in the money.
  29. Sons Of Strategy – You could not ask for a better team when it comes to devising a sales strategy.
  30. Three Piece Suits – This sales team always dresses in the best possible clothes.
  31. Hung Up On You – Leads don’t hang up on this team, this team hangs up on them.
  32. BD Dominators – This sales team is so important, you always need them involved in business development.
  33. Hounds In The Pound – This sales team is about to break loose and go crazy!
  34. Quota Crushers – The quota doesn’t mean too much to this team.
  35. Call Control – This team has got everything under control.
  36. The Rat Pack – For a professional sales team that’s been working together forever.
  37. A-Team – Quite possibly the best sales team that has ever existed.
  38. Money Hungry – There’s only one thing that will satisfy their hunger – money!
  39. The Theory Of Perfection – When you meet this team, you see that theory in action.
  40. Fast Talkers – Most likely the effects of too much coffee.
  41. Territory Tyrants – This team is super territorial, other sales teams be
  42. Real Estate Elite – For a kickass sales team in real estate.
  43. Real Men Of Genius – If they weren’t in sales, they’d probably be brain surgeons.
  44. Prospect Persuaders – This sales team can see an upside in product feature.
  45. Lightning Bolts – Selling faster than lightning.
  46. Insurance Mafia – For an excellent sales team in the insurance industry.
  47. Sales Mafia – They like to pretend they really are in the mafia.
  48. Ker-Pow – They get super happy whenever they make a sale.
  49. The Mavericks – Bosses don’t need to support this sales team too much to get the job done.
  50. Top Dawgs – Where all other sales teams fail, this one succeeds
  51. High Fliers – This sales team has plenty of cool perks to their job.
  52. High Rollers – No other sales team earns as much as this one.
  53. Spin Doctors – This team can spin any bad news into good news.
  54. Spin Sellers – Similar to the above.
  55. Head Spinning Experts – They’ve mastered the ability of confusing and exciting leads.
  56. Sales Gurus – There’s not a sales question they cannot answer.
  57. Sales Experts – These guys could write books on how to sell.
  58. Pulling The Strings – They know exactly how to manipulate a lead.
  59. Puppet Masters – Similar to the above.
  60. Distribution Dominators – They have a habit of running out product to sell.
  61. The Stock Market Dominators – For a sales team that dominates on the stock market.
  62. Out Of The Box Insights – They’re great at coming up with new ways to sell to clients.
  63. Delta Force – They sell like a well-oiled machine operating at full speed.
  64. Sales Express – They are just too fast at their job.
  65. Sales Xpress – A slightly cooler variation of the above.
  66. Solution Sellers – They know exactly what to say to make their product sound like a solution to all problems.
  67. Surgeons Of Sales – Watching these guys make a sale is like watching any skilled person perform their craft.
  68. Service First, Sales Second – This sales team always puts their clients’ needs first before making any kind of sale.
  69. Captains Of Commerce – Their knowledge of how money works is vast.
  70. Spartans – In a past life, these guys were brave warriors fighting to the death.
  71. The Premium Brigade – This sales team is always ready to offer leads the best kind of deals.
  72. Calling The Shots – When they’re on the phone, they’re in charge.
  73. The Bull Market Bunch – With this sales team, there’s always a reason to start buying or selling.
  74. Finance Fixers – With this sales team in your company, it’s sure to survive any scares.
  75. B2B Bandits – Cowboys of selling products to other companies.
  76. Executive Authority – This sales team can authorize anything to make a sale.
  77. Executive Stokers – A sales team that always impresses the bosses.
  78. If Charisma Could Kill – Then this sales team would all be on death row.
  79. Direct Hit – With every sale!
  80. Venture Kings – This team makes every sales pitch sound like a massive business plan.
  81. Business Bulldogs – This sales team has been battered and bruised and is stronger for it.
  82. They’ll Be Back For More – A sales team that somehow always manages to get their leads to call back for more.
  83. Hungry Hunters – No matter how many sales they make, this team is never satisfied.
  84. Bringin’ The Sales, Bringin’ The Funk – For a super energetic sales team.
  85. The Best Of The Best – Who can possibly beat that?
  86. The Tycoons – For a sales team so successful everybody knows who they are.
  87. The Company Men – You can’t separate this sales team from the company.
  88. The Capitalist Crew – These guys are 100% capitalists in every sense of the word.
  89. Sales Wizards – They make the unthinkable happen with every sale.
  90. Mint Condition – This team only selling the very best products, everything else just isn’t worth their time.
  91. Think Tank Exchange – These guys are brilliant at coming up with new sales strategies.
  92. Hard Sell Pros – This team can sell to any hard lead.
  93. The Manhattan Project – This team is about to explode like a nuclear bomb.
  94. The Credit Crunchers – For a sales team working in the consumer credit industry.
  95. Sell Me This Pen – In reference to the film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’
  96. Jordan Belfort – After the infamous ‘Wolf of Wall Street.’
  97. Number Crunchers – These guys are monsters at math.
  98. Long Story Short – This team can turn any sale into a big story with a moral at the end of it.
  99. Killer Instincts – They always trust their instincts, and they always pay off.
  100. Suave Convincers – These guys are just oozing with charisma.

Motivational Sales Team Names

Motivational Sales Team Names

Persistence is a key component of closing a sale, and even the best sales team needs a little mental juice to keep them on track, which is why we have compiled a list of motivational sales team names to help drive the message home:

  1. Never Fail – Failure is not an option for this sales team.
  2. Never Give Up – No matter how many obstacles get in their way, this team doesn’t give up.
  3. Sell It All – This sales team is not afraid to work 24 hours straight to get everything sold.
  4. Worker Bees – There’s nothing they like more than working hard.
  5. Keep Calm And Sell On – Nothing can make them lose their cool.
  6. Priceless Brains – Money can’t buy such a formidable
  7. Fast And Furious – After the film of the same name, this team is made up for real go-getters.
  8. Team Sell! Sell! Sell! – You’ve never come across a more energetic team on the phone.
  9. This Deal Is Hot! Hot! Hot! – This team are pros at exciting
  10. We Are Dynamite – If this team gets any more impressive, they might just explode.
  11. Dynamite Sellers – This team is so motivated to sell, you’d think they were selling explosives.
  12. Happy Sellers – The cheeriest sales team ever!
  13. Selling With A Smile – Well, you definitely can’t make a sell with a frown on your face.
  14. Spinning Your Wheels – No one knows where these guys get all their energy from.
  15. Emotional Journey – This team truly bonds with their leads on an emotional level.
  16. Revenue Revelers – They take real pride in the profit they bring into the company.
  17. Headway – This team is always making progress.
  18. Liable To Succeed – It’s the office’s worst kept secret, this sales team is the bomb.
  19. Sales Magicians – Watch as their quota magically disappears.
  20. Qualifying Leaders – These guys have a natural talent for leadership.
  21. Team Brainchild – Great sales ideas come naturally to this sales team.
  22. Aggressive Achievers – The most ambitious sales team to have ever walked the Earth.
  23. Over Achievers – When all other sales teams are slowing down, this team speeds up.
  24. Charlie’s Angels – In reference to the TV series and film of the same name.
  25. Kings Of Coverage – Their distribution network is vast, and they know how to make big sales from it.
  26. Woke Sellers – For a sales team that’s really down to Earth and relatable.
  27. The Optimists – Pessimism is for losers.
  28. Fear This – This sales team has all other sales teams intimidated.
  29. No Fear – Fear is not a concept this sales team understands.
  30. Fair Dealers – This sales team has heart and always tries to give leads the deal they deserve.
  31. Dream Builders – Their motivation for selling is to build their dreams.
  32. Trust Your Instincts – This team has killer instincts and should always remember to trust them.
  33. Trust Establishers – Leads always comes back to this sales team.
  34. The Fantasti-Cans – They can do anything, fantastically!
  35. On A Mission For Commission – And they always complete this mission.
  36. Commission Possible – Like the film Mission Impossible.
  37. Commissioners Of Cold Calling – This team is great at turning cold leads into clients.
  38. Captains Of Cold Calling – Cold calling comes totally naturally to this sales team.
  39. Happy Customer Makers – Leads always get what they want with this sales team.
  40. Community Care Team – This sales team really does care about their clients’ needs.
  41. Busy Bees – They’re always buzzing away working hard.
  42. Team Prosperity – Their one goal is to prosper together.
  43. Team Synergy – This sales team has real ‘team spirit,’ they really care for one another.
  44. Gold Miners – This sales team puts a lot of effort into their sales, and it really shows.
  45. Bright Nation – For a sales team made up of the brightest minds of the country.
  46. Rising Stars – Everybody knows that one day this sales team will be running the company.
  47. Beck And Call – No matter what clients need, this sales team knows how to get it for them.
  48. Relationship Builders – They really bond with their clients, and it really pays off.
  49. Super Sellers – If selling was a superpower, they’d be superheroes.
  50. The Convincers – Persuading people is their forte.
  51. The People Persons – The only thing this sales team likes more than people is talking to them.
  52. The Blazers – This sales team has a mighty sales record.
  53. Wunderkind – German for someone who achieves great success at a young age.
  54. Sales Machines – Not even robots can work as hard as this team can.
  55. Dream Machine – Their dreams become realities daily.
  56. Innovation – For a sales team that is truly creative in their approach.
  57. The Charmers – This sales team can charm the socks off anyone.
  58. Future Billionaires – If they keep making this much commission one day they may be even trillionaires.
  59. Team Freedom – This sales team has all the freedom it needs to make kickass sales.
  60. Team ABC (Always Be Closing) – A classic sales team name still going strong.
  61. Mountain Movers – No sales task is too big for this sales team.
  62. Star Catchers – This sales team has tons of luck.
  63. No Is Not A 4-Letter Word – The only four-letter word you need is ‘sell’!
  64. Vision Quest – This team is on a spiritual mission… to sell as much as possible!
  65. Miracle Workers – This sales team really makes miracles happen.
  66. Miracle Sellers – Similar to the above.
  67. Miracle Makers – Another one similar to the above.
  68. Dazzle Team – This team really knows how to dazzle their clients.
  69. Golden Girls Of Sales – For an awesome sales team of only women.
  70. Hello Callers – There’s nothing this team loves more than talking on the phone.
  71. No Question Unanswered – Leads will always get all the information they need from this sales team.
  72. Captivators – They always manage to inspire their leads by talking to them.
  73. Magic Squad – Aside from sales, their other passion is making magic.
  74. Restorers Of Order – When chaos ensues, this sales team knows how to bring back order.
  75. Cheer Up Souls – If this sales team always knows how to cheer up grumpy or sad clients.
  76. Yes, We Can – After Barack Obama’s campaign slogan back in 2008.
  77. Peak Performers – This sales team are always working to the max of their abilities.
  78. The Mind Readers – They know what clients want even before they do.
  79. The Best Sales Team Ever – Who can argue with that?
  80. Two Thumbs Up – Two thumbs are 100% better than one.
  81. Sales Giants – They’re titans of sales.
  82. The Brightest Bulbs – They outshine all other sales teams.
  83. Deal Makers – This team is excellent at pleasing both parties – themselves and the clients.
  84. Soar – This team soars above all other sales teams.
  85. Technical Knockout – For a sales team with excellent technical skills on top of sales skills.
  86. Lucky Charms – This sales team are just unbelievably lucky.
  87. Lady Luck – The luckiest ladies you’ve ever known.
  88. Motivation Sellers – This sales team can motivate just about anyone to do just about anything.
  89. Pumpin’ Clients – They literally pump clients up with energy with every sale.
  90. Selling Love – Clients always feel loved by this sales team.
  91. Entrepreneurs of Passion – This sales team is truly passionate about their job.
  92. The Force – In reference to Star Wars.
  93. Idea Infectors – They’re super crafty at planting ideas inside client’s heads.
  94. Sympathetic Sellers – For a sales team that really has the ability to sympathize with clients.
  95. Single Voice – For a sales team with real unity.
  96. Little Starlings – For a sales team made up of mostly young and ambitious people.
  97. Added Value – This sales team go one step further than any other sales team to keep clients happy.
  98. One Dollar More Than Yesterday – An awesome mantra that can keep any sales team motivated.
  99. Purely Original – This sales team is honestly the most unique.
  100. Client Coolers – They always manage to cool down angry clients, no matter what happened.

Creative Sales Team Names

Creative Sales Team Names

The best team names are the creative ones, the ones with puns that salespeople know too well. The following are creative team names for your sales team.

  1. Risky Business – In reference to the film of the same name.
  2. Whiskey Business – A wordplay on the above, great for a sales team that works in the alcohol business.
  3. I See Sales People – A wordplay on ‘I see dead people’ from the film Sixth Sense.
  4. Burj Khalifa – After the tallest building in the world.
  5. Sale on A Sail – Who knows, if this team keeps making this much commission, they may soon have their own yacht.
  6. Sultans of Sales – Alliteration makes this team name sound catchy.
  7. I Shouldn’t Have Sold That – A wordplay on ‘I shouldn’t have done that’ which is said by Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
  8. Mad Men – After the TV show of the same name.
  9. Not Here To Sell You Anything… But – This sales team really needs to work on their sales pitch.
  10. Hustlers – Hustlin’ day in and day out.
  11. Very Stable Geniuses – In reference to Donald Trump’s claims to be mentally sane.
  12. Make Sales Great Again – In reference to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.
  13. Glengarry Glen Ross – After the film of the same name.
  14. The Usual Sales – A wordplay on the film ‘The Usual Suspects.’
  15. Business As Usual – After the well-known phrase.
  16. Business As Unusual – A wordplay on the above.
  17. Broken Puppets, No Strings Attached – Punny!
  18. Be Audit You Can Be – Another punny one!
  19. Ridiculously Good At Closing – In reference to the well-known quote ‘Ridiculously good looking’ from the film Zoolander.
  20. Lettuce Talk – For a sales team that likes to challenge each other by slipping in odd words to their sales pitch to see if leads notice.
  21. Cash Money – After the rap group ‘Cash Money Millionaires.’
  22. That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You – A funny phrase often seen in memes when someone is being rude, also in reference to the above.
  23. Right On The Money – This sales team always gets things done perfectly.
  24. Alternative Facts – Another one in reference to Donald Trump.
  25. Pharma-Sell-Icals – For an awesome team in the pharmaceutical industry.
  26. Wall Street – After both the place and the film of the same name.
  27. The Wolves of Wall Street – In reference to the film and book (and Jordan Belfort himself) ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’
  28. We Excel – For a team that’s mastered the art of using Excel.
  29. We’ve Got A Bridge To Sell You – After the phrase ‘I have a bridge to sell you’ which originated from a con artist who used to sell the Brooklyn Bridge.
  30. We’re Going To Need A Bigger Pipeline – In reference to ‘We’re going to need a bigger boat’ from the film Jaws.
  31. Feet On The Street – For a sales team that’s not afraid to go out on the street and start selling.
  32. The Real McCoys – ‘The Real McCoy’ is an idiom that means ‘the real thing,’ perfect for a sales team built upon an honest service.
  33. The Pursuit of Happyness – In reference to the film of the same name.
  34. Ask To Answers – This sales team are more than happy to answer the client’s
  35. Death of A Salesman – After the film of the same name.
  36. Can I Borrow Some Money? – For a sales team that’s practically begging clients for a sale.
  37. O.U. – This team is so grateful to clients that when they make a sale, they feel like they owe something to them.
  38. Where’s My Money!? – Maybe this team is a little too aggressive on the phone.
  39. You Got My Money? – Similar to the above.
  40. Wheeler Dealers – Perfect for a sales team working with cars.
  41. The Harambabes – In reference to the harsh memes that were made about gorilla Harambe that was shot and killed, perfect for a team with dark humor.
  42. Natural Born Sellers – In reference to the film Natural Born Killers.
  43. Let’s Get Fiscal – Wordplay on the song ‘Let’s Get Physical’ by Olivia Newton-John.
  44. The Great Call of China – Wordplay on the Great Wall of China.
  45. The Meanderers – For a sales team that needs to focus a little more on their job.
  46. Money Can’t Buy Happiness – Unfortunately, happiness isn’t yet something you can buy.
  47. Money Can Buy Happiness – For those that don’t agree with the above.
  48. I’ll Make You An Offer You Cannot Refuse – In reference to the film The Godfather.
  49. The Virtual Water Cooler – For a sales team that spends too much time chatting online with each other.
  50. Moneyball – After the film of the same name.
  51. Sales R Us – Wordplay on the toy store Toys “R” Us.
  52. The Bored Supremacy – Wordplay on the film The Bourne Supremacy.
  53. My Sales Targets Are Too Damn High! – Wordplay on the political party ‘Rent is too damn high!’
  54. Mo Money, Mo Problems – After the song by The Notorious B.I.G.
  55. No Money, No Honey – A well-known phrase that essentially means a guy doesn’t have a girlfriend because they’re broke.
  56. Ka-Ching – That well-known sound the cash register makes when you make a sale.
  57. Defenders Of Truth – For a sales team that dispels lies about products, ensuring they are properly
  58. The Great Gatsby – After the famous novel and film of the same name.
  59. Pride And Policies – Wordplay on the novel Pride and Prejudice.
  60. Glue Salesmen Stick To Their Word – Another punny one.
  61. May The Force Be With You – Another reference to Star Wars.
  62. Call Of Duty – In reference to the video game of the same name.
  63. I Can Answer That, For Money – In reference to the TV show Rick and Morty.
  64. The Mighty Morphin’ Stock Exchangers – Another well-known and often used team name for those who sell stocks.
  65. Spec-Tacular – This sales team know all the specs for the product they’re selling.
  66. Sale-Tacular – They’re spectacularly good at sales.
  67. Sales-A-Licious – Perfect for a sales team selling something tasty.
  68. Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man – In reference to a sketch from Family Guy.
  69. Hello, Is It Leads You’re Looking For? – Wordplay on the song ‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie.
  70. Hello, Is It Sales You’re Looking For? – Similar to the above.
  71. S Is For Swagger – And this team has plenty of that.
  72. They Want To “Think About It” – For a sales team that’s always been told by clients, ‘they’ll think about it.’
  73. Come Sale With Me – In reference to the song ‘Come sail away’ by Styx.
  74. Lord Of War – In reference to the film of the same name.
  75. Vulcans – In reference to the logical and emotionless species from Star Trek.
  76. Donut Worry, Be Happy – Wordplay on the song ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ by Bobby McFerrin.
  77. I’d Buy That for a Dollar! – In reference to a catchphrase of TV show personality in the film Robocop.
  78. Shut Up And Take My Money – A quote from the character Fry from the TV show Futurama, it often appears in memes.
  79. Jerry Maguire – After the film of the same name.
  80. Show Me The Money – A famous quote from the film Jerry Maguire.
  81. Artisans of Sales – These guys are creative geniuses when it comes to sales.
  82. Abstract Selling Techniques – These guys have some odd methods of selling.
  83. Game Of Phones – In reference to the book and TV series Game of Thrones.
  84. Money Bags – In reference to the character of the same name from Spyro.
  85. Seize The Day – A film about sales.
  86. Buy One Get One Free – For a sales team that repeats that phrase all day.
  87. Used Cars – After the film of the same name.
  88. Trust Me – In reference to the film Used Cars.
  89. Software Out There – For a sales team that sells software.
  90. Birds of a Feather – There’s a powerful bond tying this team together.
  91. Little Lebowski Urban Achievers – A reference to the film The Big Lebowski.
  92. I Believe You Have My Stapler – A quote from the character Milton from the film Office Space.
  93. I Could Set The Building On Fire – Another quote from Milton from Office Space.
  94. Baby Boom – Another film about sales.
  95. If Time Is Money, ATMs Are Time Machines – For a sales team that likes to make a lot of philosophical jokes.
  96. Greed Is Good – A well-known quote from the film Wall Street.
  97. Here’s My Sales Pitch, Buy It Maybe? – Wordplay on the lyrics from the song ‘Call me maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen.
  98. Let Me Talk To Your Manager – This sales team is constantly getting in trouble with leads.
  99. Diamond Men – After another film of the same name about sales.
  100. We’re Not Selling Mattresses – When they say they want to sleep on it.

And there you have it! Did that gigantic list get you pumped and ready to come up with ideas or what? We’d sure love to hear them! Share them down below and let us know what they mean to you too. We’d also love to hear awesome sales team names you think are missing, ones so obvious they should entirely be on this list too.

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