400+ Fantastic Golf Team Names (With Meanings)

In this article, you will find a list of funny, cool, and cute Golf Team Names.

Sports bring people together but what about a team? What brings a team together?

There are many ways to bring a team together, but one of the first steps in bringing a team together is to find a good team name; a good team name is a name that represents what the team stands for.

However, deciding on what your golf team should be called can be a long and tiring process, which is why we have compiled an incredible list of golf team names to help you find the perfect name for your golf team.

Whether you’re looking for funny, cool, clever or golf team names for ladies, we’ve got them all.

Scroll away and score a hole in one!

List of Golf Team Names

Every team has a different composition, chemistry, and skill. For many golfers, the perfect team name is the name that captures all the fantastic attributes of the team while for some golfers, they don’t mind a funny team name or a clever, pun-filled team name. Some golfers also prefer badass team names to put fear in the other team, and when it is a female team, it is only wise to pick a team name that shows girl power. No matter your choice, the following names are excellent names for a Golf team, group, or organization.

Cool Golf Team Names

Cool Golf Team Names

If you need an excellent, badass team name, then you should consider the following cool golf team names:

  1. It’s All In The Hips – It certainly
  2. Accuracy – They never miss a shot.
  3. The Drivers – No one drives better than them.
  4. The Hard Drivers – No one drives harder than them.
  5. Golf Machines – It’s what they were born to do.
  6. Golf Buddies – Good friends play Golf together.
  7. Legends Of Golf Folklore – Everybody knows this golf team.
  8. BackSpiners – They’ll make that ball spin round corners in the most amazing ways.
  9. Smooth Gliders – Their shots are so clean and precise, they make it look easy.
  10. The World’s Greatest Drivers – Deep down everybody knows it’s true.
  11. The World’s Fastest Drivers – They’ll finish a clean game in a matter of minutes.
  12. The Perfect Stance – They’ve mastered the right stance needed to win.
  13. Off-Road Drivers – Being out of the fairway doesn’t worry them.
  14. Off-Road Challengers – They love a good challenge off the fairway.
  15. Fore-Brothers – An excellent golf team name for a group of four bros.
  16. X Marks The Spot – And that spot is a hole in one.
  17. Three Men And A Babe – For three guys and one girl.
  18. High Rollers – This golf team is only made up of real pros.
  19. Different Strokes – For a golf team that’s always coming up with new techniques.
  20. Stroke Of Luck – For the luckiest golf team you’ve ever met.
  21. Smooth Strokes – Strokes this smooth are very rare.
  22. Mile High Club – Can’t get cooler than that.
  23. The Fowl Assassins – Rules are for suckers.
  24. Shooting Stars – Balls shooting through the air so fast you’d think they were asteroids.
  25. Target In Sight – They know exactly where they want to hit the ball.
  26. Ballistics – A super cool and super clever name for a golfing team.
  27. The Projectiles – Experts on anything that flies through the air.
  28. Trouble Shooters – They can solve any golfing problem.
  29. Tag Team Of Doom – For an invincible team of two.
  30. Green Days – This golf team would spend every single day at the range if they could.
  31. Ryder Cup Pros – Or at least they claim to be.
  32. Shots R Us – There’s not much they can’t hit.
  33. Eagles R Us – They always get an eagle.
  34. Long Putters – Their putting skills will blow your mind.
  35. The T-Birds – They make that tee fly as well as the golf ball.
  36. Sniper Skills – Using military precision to win every game.
  37. Hard Hitters – It’s their specialty.
  38. Whistling In The Wind – When they hit the ball, it makes the most beautiful sound.
  39. Hole-Shooters – They always aim to get a hole in one.
  40. Swoosh – After that excellent sound, the ball makes when it cuts through the sky.
  41. Swish – Similar to the above, a term often used in basketball.
  42. Greener On The Other Side – All other teams wish they were as cool as these guys.
  43. The One Shots – If they don’t get a hole in one they’ll be surprised.
  44. Clean Shots – They make golf look so easy.
  45. The Bogeymen – They’re going to haunt you in your nightmares.
  46. One Club Is All We Need – Because they always get a hole in one.
  47. Hit And Run – This team likes to play fast.
  48. Ricochet – They’re known for their trick shots using whatever is around them to win.
  49. Rebound – Similar to the above.
  50. Undistractable – No one can distract these guys when the play.
  51. The Priority Team – Everybody moves out of the way for this team.
  52. Eagles On The Kill – To kill the other golf team.
  53. Eagles On The Hunt – They’ve got their prey in sight.
  54. Hunting Eagles – Similar to the above.
  55. We Only Get Eagles – Anything lower is just sad for this golf team.
  56. Soaring Eagles – They spend a lot of time in the sky.
  57. Par-adise Awaits – This team, which is definitely going to win.
  58. Nothing Below Par – Because that would mean instant failure.
  59. Par Good, Birdie Better – Indeed that is true!
  60. Par-ceptable – Their natural state is par at the bare minimum.
  61. Range Squad – They know this range like the back of their hand.
  62. Kings Of The Range – They may as well own this range.
  63. Rangers – They may as well just live at the range.
  64. Lone Rangers – These guys are too good for friends.
  65. Unlimited Range – They can hit just about anything, no matter how far away it is.
  66. What Is Handicap? – This is a totally alien concept to them; they’re just too cool to think about such things.
  67. We Don’t Have A Handicap – Anything considered to be handicap by this team is immediately eliminated.
  68. Trophies Like Nicklaus – In reference to golfer Jack Nicklaus.
  69. Bird’s-Eye View – Because they always see the best way to get a birdie.
  70. Clubbed To Death – You definitely do not want to get on their bad
  71. Golf Is the Least Of Our Problems – For them, it’s the easiest
  72. Clear Mind, Clean Sheet – This team doesn’t let anything distract them from being the very best.
  73. The Smell Of Golf In The Morning – They’re always the first golfers at the range.
  74. Fresh Cut Grass – These guys are so eager to get golfing, they arrive before the grass has even been cut.
  75. Trap Setters – They don’t play fair.
  76. Bogey Brothers – There just as bad as each other.
  77. Birdies, Bogeys, Beer, And Bourbon – The four Bs every golfer needs.
  78. Birdie Gurus – You need a birdie to win? These guys will know exactly how you can get it.
  79. The Sweet Spots – They know exactly where to hit the ball to get the best shot.
  80. Playing Through – They don’t have time to wait for the team in front of them to finish.
  81. Express Pass – They push past any team in their way.
  82. We Always Go First – Don’t even try to push ahead of this golf team.
  83. Perfect Scores – Their score sheet will dazzle you.
  84. Golf Sunday, Every Day – Golf is life with this team.
  85. Sure Swingers – They don’t swing unless they’re going to swing good.
  86. Nothing Holding Us Back – You can’t scare this team into backing out from a challenge.
  87. Brothers In Arms – For a golf team of brothers.
  88. Brothers In Swing – Similar to the above.
  89. The Outsiders – This team always beats everyone’s expectations.
  90. Bogey’s And Birdies – Perhaps two things that are always certain in golf.
  91. Battle Of The Fairway – Golf is not a game or even a sport; it is a war!
  92. Fairway Kings – They’re like royalty on the fairway.
  93. Fairway Jets – The shoot down the fairway like fighter jets.
  94. Fairway Assassins – Destroying everything in their path.
  95. The Fairest Of The Fairway – They make everyone else look like amateurs.
  96. Ping! – In reference to the golf sports brand.
  97. Ping And Win – Also in reference to the golf sports brand.
  98. Eagles And Birdies Only – Unless you’re a loser.
  99. The Loyal Eagles – They never aim for anything less.
  100. Well Gripped – Can’t grip that club better than them!
  101. Golf Cowboys – They’ve got the best spirit.

Clever Golf Team Names

Clever Golf Team Names

If you are having a hard time finding a clever name for your golf team, this list of clever golf team names is exactly what you need:

  1. A Shingo Ate My Baby – In reference to golfer Shingo Katayama.
  2. Jabba The Putt – Wordplay on Jabba The Hutt, the character from the Star Wars film franchise.
  3. Tee-totalers – This team always needs plenty of tees to play.
  4. Grandma’s Old Tee-Box – For the best tees, always ask grandma.
  5. Tee-rific – As good as golf gets.
  6. Tee-mendous – Similar to the above.
  7. Tee Party – Too fancy for their own good.
  8. Life Of The Par-Tee – These guys are party animals.
  9. Par-Tee Poopers – Definitely not party animals.
  10. Par-Tee On – Never stop that party!
  11. Tee Time – There’s always time for tea!
  12. Tee-Rex – They destroy tees with an aggression not seen since the Jurassic period.
  13. Smokin’ Tees – They set tees on fire!
  14. The Men-in-tee – A clever one that sounds like ‘manatee.’
  15. Tee-On-Me – You can rely on them for a good game.
  16. Teed Off – They’re never in a good mood.
  17. Flag-tulance – Wordplay on flatulence.
  18. Fore Play – There’s no action without it!
  19. Two Putt Shakur – Wordplay on rapper Tupac Shakur.
  20. I Like Big Putts And I Cannot Lie – In reference to MC Hammer’s song, I Like Big Butts.
  21. Grip It And Sip It – In reference to Grip It And Sip It drink.
  22. The Foreironers – An excellent team name for a golf team made up of players from around the world.
  23. The Expende-balls – In reference to the film The Expendables.
  24. Couples Therapy – A great golf team name for a couple.
  25. Designated Drivers – Just far too cool and clever not to be considered.
  26. How’s My Driving? – In reference to the sign that is sometimes posted on cars to report bad driving to an employer.
  27. The Mull-It-Overs – They’ll need to try a few times before they get it right.
  28. Turn Down For Putt – Super clever option in reference to the song Turn Down For What by DJ Snake and Lil Jon.
  29. Par Then Bar – These guys know exactly what they’re doing after this game.
  30. The Beach Boys – In reference to the band of the same name, perfect for a team that always gets stuck in the sand.
  31. Complete And Putter Madness – They will drive you putting mad!
  32. Swing Through The Brees – In reference to golfer Drew Brees.
  33. Sultans Of Swing – In reference to the song of the same name by Dire Straits.
  34. Who’s Your Caddy? – Wordplay on ‘Who’s your daddy?’
  35. Breaking Badly – Wordplay on the TV series Breaking Bad.
  36. The Holey Ones – God sent them down from heaven to show man how to play golf.
  37. The Four Hackers Of The Apocalypse – When you see all four guys in this team losing their temper, you know it is the end of the world.
  38. The Fore Horsemen – A clever variation on the above.
  39. Fore Amigos – Great for a team of four.
  40. It’s A (Sand) Trap! – Another great reference to Star Wars.
  41. I’d Tap That – It is advised.
  42. Weapons Of Grass Destruction – Wordplay on ‘Weapons of mass destruction.’
  43. Angry Birds – In reference to the game of the same name.
  44. Driving Miss Daisy – After the film of the same name.
  45. Meet The Putters – Wordplay on the film Meet The Fockers.
  46. The Fairway To Heaven – Wordplay on the Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven.
  47. West LA Fairway – In reference to the song West LA Fadeaway by Grateful Dead.
  48. Alabama Fairway – In reference to the song Alabama Highway by Steve Young.
  49. Bogey Fett – In reference to the Star Wars character Boba Fett.
  50. C-3putt-O – In reference to the Star Wars character C-3PO
  51. 21 Graeme – Wordplay on golfer Graeme McDowell and the film 21 Grams.
  52. The Dirty ½ Dozen – In reference to the film The Dirty Dozen.
  53. Insert Caddyshack Reference – For a golfing team that can’t stop quoting the film Caddyshack.
  54. Caddyshack Fans – Caddyshack inspired them to get into golf.
  55. Caddyshack Quotes Galore – No one is ready for the amount of Caddyshack quotes these guys are about to dish out.
  56. Gophers – In reference to the animal Bill Murray’s character is assigned to kill.
  57. Goph Off – Another reference to the gopher in the film Caddyshack.
  58. Professional Gophers – Another reference to the gopher in the film Caddyshack.
  59. Gophers And Golfers – Another reference to the gopher in the film Caddyshack.
  60. We’re All Gonna Get Laid – A hilarious quote from Caddyshack.
  61. Al Czervik – One of the characters from the film Caddyshack.
  62. Insert Happy Gilmore Reference – For a golfing team that can’t stop quoting the film, Happy
  63. Shooter McGavin – The antagonist in the film Happy Gilmore.
  64. Shooter McGavin’s Instructors – Another reference to the film Happy Gilmore.
  65. Chubbs – Another character from the film Happy Gilmore.
  66. Angry Gilmore – They play with all the anger of Happy Gilmore.
  67. The Price Is Wrong, Beach – Quote from the film Happy Gilmore.
  68. You’re Gonna Die Clown! – Another quote from the film Happy Gilmore.
  69. Jackasses – Also a reference to the film Happy Gilmore.
  70. Sheet For Breakfast – Also a reference to the film Happy Gilmore.
  71. Dude, Where’s My Par? – Wordplay on the film Dude, Where’s My Car.
  72. The Long And The Short Of it – Just too darn clever for this list.
  73. Tiger’s Wood – As solid as they come.
  74. Tiger Morningwood – A lot of mistresses are going to need to be called!
  75. Wood You Pet My Tiger? – Just say no and run away!
  76. Tiger Stokers – They live dangerously.
  77. Drive Like Tiger Woods, Into Trees – In reference to when golfer Tiger Woods crashed his car into a tree.
  78. Tiger In A Tree – Also in reference to when golfer Tiger Woods crashed his car into a tree.
  79. Club Hoppers – One club is never enough!
  80. Putter Face – A clever one that works on so many levels.
  81. Nose Pickers – They’re looking for bogies.
  82. Fore Fathers – They taught this team everything they know.
  83. Fore Some – When these guys play golf it feels like you’re making love to four people at once.
  84. Fore Nication – Perhaps is not entirely appropriate on a golf course.
  85. Party Of Fore – Wordplay on the TV show Party of Five
  86. The Royal Fore-baums – In reference to the film The Royal Tenenbaums
  87. The Fab Fore – Wordplay on the Beatles nickname ‘The Fab Four.’
  88. Fore And A Half Men – Wordplay on the TV show Two and a Half Men.
  89. Fore Eyes – For a team of golfers who all have glasses.
  90. Bogey In The Wire – After the well-known military phrase.
  91. Puff Caddie – Wordplay on rapper Puff Daddy.
  92. We’re Going To Need A Bigger Putt – In reference to a quote from Jaw “We’re going to need a bigger boat.”
  93. King Of The (Andy) North – In reference to professional golfer Andy North.
  94. ParFect – Could not get any better.
  95. Feels Like A Par 5 – The best kind of feeling.
  96. Poopyputthole – A reference to the character Mr. Poopybutthole from the TV show Rick And Morty.
  97. Gang Green – You never see anyone from this team when they’re not playing golf.
  98. Green Thumbs – For a team familiar with all things green.
  99. Shanks-alot – You’re welcome!
  100. Shankenstien’s Monster – Wordplay on Frankenstein’s Monster.

Funny Golf Team Names

Funny Golf Team Names

Do you prefer golf team names that are guaranteed to get people laughing? If you and your teammates love a laugh, go with any of these funny golf team names:

  1. Hoof Hearted – They’re really trying as hard as they can, but they still suck.
  2. Bros Before Boges – Boges are never worth a bros time.
  3. Golf Douche-Bag – Not the most popular golf team.
  4. Hicks With Sticks – Not the most educated golfers you’ve ever met.
  5. Balls Of Fire – A terrible place to get a burn.
  6. Half Balled – They really need to put in more effort.
  7. Small White Balls – The most precious pair of balls they own.
  8. Dimpled Balls – Supposedly, this makes them more aerodynamic.
  9. The Happy Gilmores – They’re known for their bad tempers.
  10. Angry Husbands – Golf is their only emotional outlet.
  11. Has Anyone Seen My Balls? – It’s hard to take this team name seriously, especially when you shout it out loud.
  12. In Da Club – Every game is a party with this golf team.
  13. If Golf Is A Crime – Then we are willing to take one in the hole.
  14. The Putt Pirates – Wordplay on ‘butt pirates.’
  15. Putt Buddies – Wordplay on ‘butt buddies.’
  16. Double Penetration – This golf team does far too much with each other.
  17. Sandbag Fillers 4 Life – Some might say it’s their profession.
  18. Hole Fillers – Filled up all the way to the top.
  19. Hole Packers – They stuff as many balls as possible into that hole.
  20. The Wedgies – Someone’s gotta tell them to sort their underwear out!
  21. Thumb And Thumber – They’re always trying to outdo each other.
  22. Strokeologists – There’s nothing they don’t know about a good stroke.
  23. So Few Holes, So Many Strokes – Depressing in more than one way.
  24. The Strokes – The one thing they are good at.
  25. Having A Stroke – Ambulance anybody?
  26. Strokin’ Our Balls – Get your hands out of your pants!
  27. The Bush Wackers – These guys get down and dirty in the woods.
  28. Swingers – They’ll take on any hole!
  29. The Swinging 60s – For a team of golfers that might be a few decades older than the team name mentioned above.
  30. Swinging Balls – Fantastic imagery.
  31. The Ball Washers – Stay hygienic guys, keep those balls clean.
  32. Clean Drop – These guys rarely have to clean up after themselves.
  33. Never-Coulds – People assume this golf team is a lot better than they actually are.
  34. Boring Old White Men – Nothing interesting to see here!
  35. Beer, Wings, And Swings – Beer improves their
  36. Fore Skins – Time to get circumcised guys.
  37. The Wonder Whackers – They can whack off just about anything.
  38. Too Much Stroking – Maybe they need to seek help?
  39. Big Sticks – Bigger is not always better.
  40. Old Men With Big Sticks – It’s their way of still feeling young.
  41. Big Sticks And Balls – Clearly educated experts on of phallic symbology.
  42. Smashing Slots, Slamming Putts – If only either of those two were true.
  43. Put Me Down For A Par – When you finally get a par!
  44. Far From Par – Very very far indeed.
  45. Beach Bums – They seem more interested in sitting in that sand to get a nice tan than to finish this game.
  46. Beached Whales – You’ll need to call a coast guard to get this golf team out of this sand trap.
  47. Sandy Balls – That can be painful.
  48. Sandy Balls And Tight Pants – That’s definitely painful!
  49. Goofin’ Around – It’s hard to defend golf as a gentleman’s sport when these guys are around.
  50. Boogie Eaters – They have no shame.
  51. Get Down With The Boogie – Accept that you have no chance of scoring any better.
  52. The Long Balls – Comes with age.
  53. The Wrecking Balls – When these guys play, they destroy everything in sight.
  54. Ball Exploders – Maybe hitting that ball a little too hard?
  55. Ball Movements – They may rush off to the bathroom quite regularly.
  56. Anonymous Old White Guys – Sorry, but no one cares about these guys!
  57. Old Hacks – These old guys are always losing their tempers.
  58. Stroke Of Bad Luck – That probably should be ‘strokes.’
  59. Two Putts Aren’t Enough – Sounds like they need some practice.
  60. Two Putts Don’t Make A Right – They never do.
  61. The Motormouths – Great ready for plenty of shouting and cursing!
  62. The Lawn Mowers – They cut up so much grass you’d think they worked on the range.
  63. Guys Putting Balls In A Hole – A super basic explanation of what golf is.
  64. Uneven Pars – As uneven as they get.
  65. Multiple Fore-gasms – Wordplay on ‘multiple scorgasms.’
  66. Multiple Par-gasms – Another wordplay on ‘multiple scorgasms.’
  67. Good Because We’re Doctors – Rich doctors have plenty of time for a bit of golf.
  68. We Skipped Work For This? – These guys are always disappointed.
  69. The Hole In Nones – These guys don’t even stand a chance at finishing the game.
  70. The Hole In Tens – This golf team takes forever to finish a game.
  71. Double Bogey – A great name for a golf team of two.
  72. Tons Of Bogeys – So many you just can’t count them.
  73. Bogey Flickers – They’re never happy with their bogies.
  74. Hole Seekers – But are they finders?
  75. Old And Busted – These guys are falling apart.
  76. Ball Busters – We’re going to need more balls!
  77. Small Holes, Big Balls – Your new favorite ‘X’ rated movie.
  78. Sub Par – These guys have never reached par in their lives.
  79. Who’s Carrying Who? – For a golf team that constantly argues about whos doing all the work.
  80. Hack Attack – They’re known to take out their anger on other teams.
  81. Playing In The Sand – Way more fun than golf.
  82. The Sand Traps – These guys land in the sand so frequently, you’d think they were doing it on purpose.
  83. Kids In A Sandbox – Sandpits can be fun when you’re six-years-old.
  84. Sandcastle Builders – When they know they’re not going to get a great score, they focus their energy on something else.
  85. Sand Storm Makers – Turning the fairway into a desert.
  86. 2 Holes, 1 Ball – Well, that’s just impossible to finish!
  87. 2 Balls, 1 Hole – Doubling your chances.
  88. 2 Drives, 1 Putt – Nice way to play.
  89. Reckless Drivers – You can never guess where these guys are going to shoot.
  90. Rich Enough To Play Golf – Unfortunately, nobody is rich enough to be liked.
  91. The Close Enoughs – These guys are happy with any score.
  92. Fallopian Tube Swim Team – This golf team definitely needs to wear white outfits!
  93. Whacking N’ Stroking – What they spend 90% of their time doing.
  94. Holey Moley – Just unbelievably bad.
  95. Throwing Clubs – Temper temper.
  96. Swingers And Hookers – For a mixed team of guys and girls.
  97. Big Putts Drive Me Nuts – They drive everybody nuts.
  98. Anonymous Underachievers – Bad players who don’t want to be named.
  99. The DUIs – Because they’re driving while intoxicated.
  100. Water Hazard – There’s a good chance their going to get that ball in the water.
  101. Wet Balls – If there’s water around, these guys definitely going swimming.

Golf Team Names For Ladies

Golf Team Names For Ladies

“Ladies that Golf” is an excellent team name on its own, but we could do better. The following are excellent names for a female Golf team:

  1. Team ‘Where’s The Beer Girl?’ – She needs to get here ASAP!
  2. Hos And Holes – What golf is all about.
  3. The Thunder Chickens – These ladies make a lot of noise when they’re at the range.
  4. Fallopian Foursome – A very clever idea for a team of four female golfers.
  5. Fallopian Fore Some – A variation of the above.
  6. Burley Birdies – These girls are a little bigger than average.
  7. The Gilmore Girls – Women with the anger of Happy Gilmore.
  8. Gilmorettes – Also in reference to the film Happy Gilmore.
  9. Little Birdies – They may be small, but they play damn well.
  10. Pitches Ain’t Hit – They ain’t!
  11. On The Rebound – They’re awesome at trick shots.
  12. The Gold Diggers – These ladies won’t be leaving the range without a new sugar daddy, that’s for sure.
  13. Umbilical Birdies – A hilarious one for mothers.
  14. Hole Models – They’ve got the best-looking holes.
  15. Hoes In One – Just too clever!
  16. The Cupa-Hoes – Wordplay on the Australian coffee franchise, Cupa Joes.
  17. Hack Rack Attack – These ladies are known to get angry when things don’t go their way.
  18. Hart Attack – In reference to golfer Dudley Hart.
  19. Bogey Women – These ladies are very snotty.
  20. Chicks N’ Sticks – A super basic explanation of women’s golf.
  21. We’re Slicers, Not Hookers – C’mon guys! Get it together!
  22. Fighting Hookers – Don’t wrong these ladies because they’re not afraid to fight back.
  23. Hookers On The Lookout – They’re ready to pounce on any rich looking guy.
  24. Aggressive Hookers – The scariest kind of hookers.
  25. Unpaid Hookers – Perhaps even scarier than the above.
  26. Expensive Hookers – That’s why they’re so good at golf.
  27. High-Class Hookers – The best kind of hookers.
  28. Hookers With Attitude – Don’t expect a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ from any of them.
  29. Knickers With Attitude – Similar to the above.
  30. Don’t Tell Us How To Swing – Yeah guys, no one needs your mansplaining!
  31. Putt Uglies – Not your prettiest ladies’ gold team.
  32. The Pretty Birdies – This golf team is unbelievably beautiful.
  33. Nice Dimples – The prettiest dimples you’ve ever seen.
  34. Dimples To Kill Fore – Just too clever to try to define.
  35. Birds On A Wire – In reference to the film Bird on a wire.
  36. Sub Par Wives – They’ve still got a lot to learn.
  37. The Real Wives Of Shanksville – Wordplay on the TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
  38. Trophy Wives – They all took up golf after marrying a rich man.
  39. Wives For Trophies – For highly decorated female players.
  40. Wives For The Win – Always and forever.
  41. Guess Which Three Of Us Are Lesbians – A great way to distract a male team.
  42. Swingin’ Suzies – A nice bit of alliteration.
  43. Mary Queen Of Scots – Queen of Scotland who was criticized for playing golf a few days after her husband’s murder.
  44. Bird Song – These ladies are just too sweet.
  45. Your Goal Is Our Hole – Guys are always chasing these ladies.
  46. Buffy The Ball Slayers – In reference to the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
  47. Team Sweet Teeths – They’ve all got great teeth, and they know it.
  48. Hills And Holes – This golf team is in fantastic shape.
  49. Pregnant Holes – Not likely you can fit much more in this hole.
  50. Par-don Me – You may be excused.
  51. Three Birdies And An Old Crow – For a team of three young golfers and one old golfer.
  52. The Happy Hookers – They love their job.
  53. Sugar Teeths And The Three-Hole Wonders – Absolutely hilarious.
  54. Chirpy Chippers – For a golf team that loves to talk as they play.
  55. I Thought This Was Speed Dating – This is a very confused team.
  56. Perky Putters – These ladies are awesome at putting.
  57. Misfits Of Fairway – Guys never expected this ladies team to do so well, they were proven very wrong.
  58. Hair Around The Hole – Trimming is sometimes appreciated.
  59. Husband Escape – There’s no better escape than golf.
  60. Better Than Our Husbands – Sadly they’re too proud and stupid to admit it.
  61. Our Men Suck At Golf – It’s depressing, isn’t it?
  62. Teaching Our Husbands – They have a lot to learn.
  63. Great In Shorts – This golf team looks amazing in their golf attire.
  64. Mini Golf – Because that’s where they perfected their putting technique.
  65. Mini Golfers – Because this women’s team are a little shorter than most golf teams.
  66. WPGA – In reference to the Women’s Professional Golf Association.
  67. The Balls-n-Bush Quartet – Another funny name for a golf team of four.
  68. Thar She Blows – The ladies in this golf team are a little on the large side
  69. Birds Of A Feather – Because they’re all matched equally in level or
  70. Having A Ball – These ladies enjoy golf way too much.
  71. Do These Shorts Make My Butt Look Big? – Guys, the answer to this question is always ‘no.’
  72. Do These Shorts Make My Putt Look Big? – A clever variation of the above.
  73. Ball Strikers – What else should they be striking.
  74. Female Drivers – Women drivers take fewer risks.
  75. Girls Drive Better – We all know they do.
  76. Drive Like A Girl – And take pride in it!
  77. Hit Like A Girl – Similar to the above.
  78. Female Booger Eaters – Women eat boogers too!
  79. Sandy Booger Women – They spend so much time in sand traps, plenty of it ends up in their noses.
  80. Par Vaginas – Those vaginas sound epic.
  81. Grab Her By The Putter – Donald Trump, go home!
  82. The Beer Wenches – These ladies love a good beer when playing golf.
  83. The Putt Putts – For a super cutesy golf team name.
  84. Where The Birdies Land – They always get the ball to land exactly where they want it to.
  85. Drunken Ball Slammers – They slam balls best when their drunk.
  86. Tiger Woods’ Mistresses – Well, he did have many of them.
  87. Woody Whures – Similar to the above.
  88. Tighter Woods – The tightest around.
  89. Caddie Shaggers – Well, some caddies are just too hot not to shag.
  90. Eight Teeths Four Slits – For a team of four women.
  91. Golf Babes – For a super attractive women’s golf team.
  92. Babes Of The Fairway – These are the finest ladies on the fairway.
  93. Birdie Babes – These ladies aren’t just hot, they’re pro golfers.
  94. No Love Without Fore Play – You got to get them in the mood!
  95. Dirty Holes – Hygiene is not their strongest characteristic.
  96. Lucky Holes – The luckiest holes around!
  97. Big Putts – The biggest putts you’ll ever see!
  98. We Like It In The Ruff – Playing too gentle will bore these ladies.
  99. Beautiful Spins – Their technique is simply beautiful.
  100. Putting Queens – No other team putts as well as these ladies.

Are you feeling inspired and ready to come up with that awesome golf team name? You bet you are!

What did you think of our golf team name list? Was it everything you wanted it to be and more? Or do you think we missed out some major obvious golf team names that everybody knows and loves?

Let us know! We love hearing our readers’ thoughts on our names lists. Share with us your favorite or most memorable golf team name in the comment section below along with what it means to you!

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