400+ Weight Loss Team Names (With Meanings)

Every team needs a good name and for weight loss teams, a good team name can serve as an extra source of motivation for team members on their weight loss journey.

However, coming up with the perfect team name for a weight loss group could be tasking.

If you’re struggling to decide on the right name for your weight loss team, here is a massive list of Weight Loss Team Names to choose from!

Funny Weight Loss Team Names

Weight loss team names

Is there a sense of comfort and familiarity, as well as a healthy sense of humor in your weight loss team? Would a playful or silly team name be just right? Consider the following funny weight loss team names:

  1. 50% Off – For a team with the goal of losing half of their current weight.
  2. Allergic 2 Fat – For team members that refuse to settle for being fat much longer.
  3. As Thin As Gandhi – For a weight-loss team striving to be as skinny as the late Gandhi.
  4. Aunty Hippies – A female weight-loss team with Hippo-like bodies.
  5. Back Breakers – For a team that’s ready to go to the extremes to lose weight.
  6. Banging Bellies – For a team focused on burning tummy fat.
  7. Battle Against The Bulge – For a team that’s ready to fight and defeat their obesity together.
  8. Beef Down – For a team that is ready to put the “beef down” and cut down on their weight.
  9. Belly Shrinkers – For a team that’s looking to shrink their belly size.
  10. Biggie Smalls – For a team that’s trying to go from being big to getting smaller physically.
  11. Bite-Sized – For a group working hard at losing weight and appearing more “portable.”
  12. Blubbery Bodies – For a team with super thick and round bodies, desperately looking to lose weight.
  13. Bootie Busters – For a team working their butts off to shed the excess weight in their bodies.
  14. Bulging Bandits – For a group of bulgy-looking members trying to lose weight.
  15. Chunky Chicks Unite – For a female team of preppy but chubby females ready to help each other lose weight.
  16. Chunky Monkey – For a team of adorable but chubby-looking members of a weight-loss program.
  17. Droopy-Panty – For a team that’s ready to lose so much weight that they’d have to get new pants.
  18. Dump-Your-Pump – A team that’s dumping all the calories they once pumped into their system.
  19. Ex Junkies – For a team whose members were previously addicted to junk food.
  20. Fat & Flabby – For super chubby weight-loss members with “flabby” body parts.
  21. Fat ‘n’ Furious – For a fierce and fat team ready to lose weight at all costs.
  22. Fat As-is – For a team with a lot of overweight members but more than ready to lose the fat.
  23. Fat Assasins – For a squad that’s ready to murder all the fat in their bodies.
  24. Fat B-Gone – A team that’s ready to say goodbye to all that extra fat.
  25. Fat Bottoms – For a team with a lot of members carrying overweight butts.
  26. Fat Busters – For a team ready to “burst” every bit of fat on them.
  27. Fat Extractors – For a team that’s ready to “extract” all the excess weight in their body.
  28. Fat Melters – For a team that’s melting away all their extra fat.
  29. Fatso Fiesto – For a group of robust-looking people trying to burn some fat.
  30. FattaBoys – For an all-men team ready to cut off some weight.
  31. Fatty Bom-Boms – For a team with extra-large, funny looking butts.
  32. Flab attack – A team that’s ready to get rid of all the chunky and fatty flesh on their bodies.
  33. Flushing Fat – For a team that’s ready to flush out all that fat.
  34. Getting Physical – For a team that’s ready to get more active and healthy.
  35. Grateful Guts – A team so dedicated to eating healthy that their bellies would thank them.
  36. Gym Rats – A team that’s always hitting the gym.
  37. Hangry Hippos – A group of hippo-sized people that get hungry and tensed when working out.
  38. Hungrier-Than-Thou – A chubby squad that struggled with overeating in the past.
  39. Iron Arms – For a team that has proven to be energetic especially in the area of lifting weights.
  40. Lean Meat – For a team that’s ready to get their meat (flesh) to look slimmer.
  41. Mouth-Full – A team with chubby cheeks and round bodies from overeating in the past.
  42. No More Jiggling – For team members with so much fat that it jiggles when they walk.
  43. Phat Attack – A group that has decided to wage an attack against being over-weight.
  44. Puffed Up – For a weight-loss team with a chubby and plump look.
  45. Pumpkin Party – For a group of obese people that have come together to cut down on their weight.
  46. Skinny Dippers – For a weight-loss team striving towards being about to skinny deep comfortably again.
  47. Sticky & Stinky – For a team that’s ready to get sticky and smelly from intense workouts.
  48. Sticky Decisions – For a team that decided to lose weight and get sweaty and sticky as a result.
  49. Sticky Religion – For a team that’s exercising religiously and getting sweaty/sticky through it.
  50. Sweaty Fleshs – For a team that works intensely to burn all the excess fat.
  51. Swollen ‘n’ Sorry – For a team with chubby members that are ready to change their lifestyles and lose weight.
  52. Team Ate-Too-Much – For team members that overate in the past.
  53. Team Overgrown – For a team that looks like the members are much older because of their weight.
  54. Team Pants-Don’t-Fit – For a group with oversized members in need of new pants that fit.
  55. Team Put-A-Rib-On-It – For a team that’s ready to cut down on some meat (body fat) and allow some ribs show.
  56. Team Ready-To-Burst – For a group of extra-large people who want to bring down their weights.
  57. Team Squeezed – For a team that’s ready to squeeze away excess fat.
  58. The Chubby Squad – For a weight-loss squad with plump and overweight members working towards slimming down.
  59. The Chunky Bunch – A bunch of overweight, bulky team members ready to lose weight.
  60. The Daily Depreciation Club – For a weight-loss club burning calories and “depreciating” daily.
  61. The Fatties Club – A club for chubby people looking to lose that extra weight.
  62. The Meaty Society – For a team of extra chubby members that want to get rid of all that meat.
  63. The Phatties – For a fat (phat) weight-loss team ready to reduce in size.
  64. The Slims – For a team with the ultimate goal of getting slimmer.
  65. The Wobbly Women – For an all-female team with robust bodies that makes them walk funny.
  66. Thin It To Win It – For a team that’s losing all that weight to win back their health.
  67. Thunderous Thighs – A weight-loss team working towards cutting down the fat around the thigh/leg areas.
  68. Weight Dumpers – For a squad that’s already dumping all the extra weight through exercise.
  69. Weight Mates – For a group of people struggling with the same problem – trying to lose weight.
  70. Weight Shedders – A team committed to shedding excess weight.
  71. Yum B Gone – Getting rid of yummy and sugary treats from the diet to lose some fat.

Inspirational Weight Loss Team Names

Inspirational Weight Loss Team Names

Would you prefer a team name that’s inspiring and memorable? One that gets the team members geared up and committed to their weight loss plans? Here are some great inspirational names for weight loss teams to consider:

  1. Alive & Fit – For a team dedicated to living fit, healthier lives than they used to.
  2. Belly Fat Gone – For a team working towards eliminating all pre-existing belly fat.
  3. Body Goals – For a group with the goal of becoming the standard “body goal.”
  4. Body Positive – A weight-loss team working towards having a healthier body image.
  5. Bulldozed – A team of fat people hit with a realization of their excess weight and ready to work on losing it.
  6. Calories Chopper – A dedicated weight-loss team that’s “chopping” off calories from their bodies and diet.
  7. Carbs Crushers – A team that’s focused on crushing out all forms of carbs from their diet.
  8. Chosen To Lose – A group that has decided to go on the weight-loss journey.
  9. Detoxers – For a group working collectively to “detox” their system of excess fat.
  10. Droppin’ Loads – For a group that is working towards dropping excess body fat.
  11. Dropping Weight – For a team that’s ready to stay dedicated to reducing their weight.
  12. Dutiful Dieters – A weight-loss team that has proven to be dutiful with their diet plans.
  13. Faithful Fit – For a team of dedicated weight-loss members trying hard to get fit.
  14. Fat To Fab – A team that’s determined to move from being called “fat” to actually being fabulous.
  15. Fat-Forfeiters – For a team ready to forfeit old habits that brought about obesity.
  16. Fiesty Fighters – A team fiercely committed to cutting down their weight.
  17. Fitness Calls – A weight-loss group that’s ready to put in the work to get fit.
  18. Going-Green Gang – For a gang that’s changing their diet to vegetables and fruits only.
  19. Healthy Hearts – A weight-loss team fully prepared to make their health a priority.
  20. In-Shape – Perfect for the team that is ready to get and stay in shape.
  21. Less Bod Baggage – For a team ready to drop excess body baggage (fat).
  22. Less Of Excess – For a group that is working towards cutting down on excessive eating.
  23. Lesser Than Our Yesterday – A team aiming to be lighter than yesterday.
  24. Lookin’ 4 Lightness – For team members looking to have a lighter weight and working towards it.
  25. Lost Cause Squad – For a team that almost gave up on dieting and exercise in the past.
  26. March Against Fat – For a team that’s picking up physical activity to lose some weight.
  27. Mindful & Fit – A weight-loss group mindful of how much they weight and constantly works on getting fit.
  28. Mindful Eating – For a group that has become very mindful about what they choose to feed on.
  29. No Excesses – A weight-loss group that’s cutting down on excessive eating as well as excess body fat.
  30. Obsessive Workouts – For a group committed to intense and consistent workouts.
  31. On Becoming – A team with the goal of losing weight and becoming healthier.
  32. Operation Downsize – A team with the agenda of cutting down on their weight.
  33. Pound It Out – For a team that’s “pounding out” all the extra pounds in their system.
  34. Profits In Losses – For a team winning in their journey of losing weight.
  35. Pro-Gymers – For a team that’s committed to working out at the gym to lose weight.
  36. Ready Rangers – A dedicated group pushing towards losing weight by all means.
  37. Ready To Burn – A group that is committed to burning extra body fat.
  38. Scale Sensitive – A team that’s aware and sensitive about their weight while trying to cut down on it.
  39. Sculpted – A team ready to reshape their body size by losing weight.
  40. Shed It Off – A team of people working towards shedding off their extra weight.
  41. Shifting Left – For team members working towards a decline in their weight when measured on a scale.
  42. Slim & Powerful – A team that’s ready to feel fit and confident in their bodies again.
  43. Target Deflate – For a team with the target of “deflating” their current body weight.
  44. Team -1 – For a team working towards drop a calorie daily in their weight-loss journey.
  45. Team Banged – For a team that’s hitting the gym, eating right and putting in all the effort to succeed at losing weight.
  46. Team Charged Up; A weight-loss team with a resilient spirit to lose weight.
  47. Team Energized – For a weight-loss team full of energy and committed to their workout program.
  48. Team Less-Is-More – For a team that’s ready to eat less and get more healthy.
  49. Team No Carbs – A team that’s cutting out carbs from their diet completely.
  50. Team Steady Reductions – A dedicated team making progress in their weight-loss plans.
  51. Team Stepping It Up – For a team that’s stepping up to work at burning off extra weight.
  52. Team Sweat-It-Out – For a weight-loss team that’s ready to “sweat it out” with exercise.
  53. Teamed-Up 2 Trim-Down – For a team of overweight people working to trim down on some weight.
  54. The Nudge – For a team pushing together towards having a healthier weight.
  55. The Push Club – For a club ready to push collectively towards their weight-loss goal.
  56. Thick 2 Thin – For a team that is ready for a major transformation in their weight.
  57. Unfit 2 Fit – For a team moving to the fit life and dropping unhealthy habits.
  58. Wages For Health – For the team paying the ultimate price for better health – losing weight.
  59. Walking Women – A female team dedicated to walking more to lose excess weight.
  60. Weight Watchmen – For a team committed to watching their weight diligently.

Creative Names for Weight Loss Teams

Creative Names for Weight Loss Teams

Looking for a team name that’s intriguing and thoughtful? Something with a twist and an interesting ring to it? Here are some creative weight loss group names you’ll love:

  1. Beast 2 Beauty – For a weight-loss group working towards reshaping their bodies into something more attractive.
  2. Bizzy Bodies – For a group of weight-loss members that are keeping their bodies physically active.
  3. Calories 2 Cardios – For the team working towards ridding themselves of the extra calories through cardio.
  4. Candy-Crushed – For a team that’s “crushing” candies and other sugary treats out of their lives.
  5. Curse B Gone – A group of overweight people who now see being obese as a “curse” that has to go.
  6. Dietox – For a team working on their diet as well as detoxing their body system.
  7. Fat Slayers – For a group of overweight people working on cutting off the excess fat.
  8. Fit Feet – For a weight-loss group that’s ready to achieve stronger, slimmer legs/feet through exercise.
  9. Fit Finishing – For a group that’s finally ready to amend their ways and get fit again.
  10. Fit-aholics – For a weight-loss group with a new obsession for getting a fit body.
  11. Fitness Treats – For a group that has decided to “treat” themselves by working hard at getting fit.
  12. Fitness-iasts – A weight-loss team that’s enthusiastic about getting and staying fit.
  13. Flattened Down – For a group that’s ready to “flatten down” by burning excess weight.
  14. Flattened Out – For the team working towards getting flatter in the right places (like the stomach).
  15. Fruitastic – For a team with a fantastic diet consisting mostly of fruits.
  16. Green Gang – For a team that’s going green by including more vegetables in their diet.
  17. Gym Jammed – A team that’s having a hard time getting used to working out at a gym but putting in the effort.
  18. InstaFit – For a team that’s getting fitter much faster than they expected.
  19. Mass Reduction – For a team working towards reducing their body weight drastically.
  20. Metabo-Light – For a team working towards having a speedy and more effective
  21. Net Loss – For a team that’s ready to lose some of that weight for a good cause.
  22. No backing down – A group that works even harder on their weight-loss program.
  23. Out Of Pounds – For a team that’s getting out those extra pounds from their system.
  24. Project Fart-Free – A weight-loss team working towards being fat-free again.
  25. Scaled – For a group that’s aware of the need to burn excess fat because of a scale.
  26. Sized Down – A team that’s ready to work together to cut their current size down.
  27. Slim Shot – For a team working hard to have a shot at weighing less and being healthier.
  28. SlimFitted – A team dedicated to getting into shape by losing some weight.
  29. Slimmer Expectations – For a group hoping to achieve a leaner body from the weight-loss program.
  30. Smaller Gains – For a group that’s putting in the effort to reduce weight and appreciates the “small” results.
  31. Team Drip-Drop – A team working out so intensely that they’re continually dripping of sweat.
  32. Team Flab-Less – For a weight-loss team trying to get rid of all the flabby fat on their bodies.
  33. Team Half-Off – A team with the ultimate goal of losing at least half of their current body weight.
  34. Team Way-Less – Perfect for the team aiming towards “weighing less.”
  35. The Slimtastic Journey – For a team excited about their weight-loss journey.
  36. The Wheaty Team – For a team that’s trying to lose weight by eating more wheat food.
  37. Thin ‘n’ Trim – A team aiming towards being slender and fit-looking.
  38. Thinner Thighs – For a group working on losing weight in the lower part of their bodies.
  39. Thinpossible – A weight-loss team that believes how possible it is to lose weight and get much thinner.
  40. Thinspired – A team that has become inspired towards getting a thinner body shape.
  41. Unbagged – For a team that’s had enough and is getting rid of all their excess body fat.
  42. Un-fattening – For a team that’s ready to get rid of that extra body fat.
  43. Unrepentant Thinners – A group of weight-loss members constantly motivated to achieve all their goals.
  44. Waisted – A weight-loss team working towards having a slimmer waistline above everything else.
  45. Weighing Less – For a team that’s working hard towards weighing less through exercise and dieting.
  46. Wicked Workouts Squad – For a squad ready to burn off excess fat with the most intense workout.
  47. Women Who Weigh’Lo – For a female team striving towards being women of low body weight.
  48. Workout-holics – For a team that works out diligently to cut down on their weight.
  49. Xtreme Bodies – A group that’s fully prepared to go to the extreme for the kind of body they want.

Cool Weight Loss Team Names

Cool Weight Loss Team Names

Want a team name that’s exciting or enlightening? Something simple and easy to recollect? Here are some of the coolest weight loss team names we could think of:

  1. Anti-Carbs Clique – For a clique that has completely cut out all forms of carbs from their diet.
  2. Awoken Bodies – A group that has become “awoken” to how important having a fit and healthy body is.
  3. Baby Runners – A group that has just chosen running as their preferred form of exercise.
  4. Backslidden – For a team that struggles to keep working towards their weight-loss goals.
  5. Beat The Fat – For a team committed to getting rid of the fat in their bodies.
  6. Bit Beat – A group that’s working towards eliminating bits of body fat daily.
  7. Bod Management – A group of weight-loss members learning how to manage their body weight.
  8. Body Avengers – Bringing the infinity war on fat.
  9. Body Buddies – A group of buddies working together to get a healthier, fitter body.
  10. Body Weight Champions – Winning the tough “battle” against being overweight.
  11. BodyBuff Buddies – A group of “buddies” striving to achieve a more masculine and buffed up body.
  12. BSB (Bringing Sexy Back) – Working to losing some weight and earning a slender and attractive body in return.
  13. Burn It Out – The act of “burning out” excess fat and calories.
  14. Camp Body-Transform – A team that’s ready to transform their bodies by losing excess fat.
  15. Chop It Off – “Chopping off” excess fat from the body.
  16. Clean Chowers – For a weight-loss group that has decided to eat cleaner, healthier food.
  17. Cut Down – A group dedicated to cutting off all sources of excess calories.
  18. Cycling Movers – For a crew doing a lot of cycling as exercise.
  19. Dance Fit – Using dance as a form of exercise to lose body weight.
  20. Desirable Bodies – For a group ready to achieve a body that can help them feel confident and desirable again.
  21. Desire It, Cut It – Cutting off the excess weight if there’s really a desire to get fit.
  22. Down The Scale – For a group working on reducing their weight on the scale.
  23. Downsized Squad – For a squad working on cutting down on their body size significantly.
  24. Down-Time – For when a group of overweight people finally realize it is time to cut off some fat.
  25. Dream Bods – For a team working on losing weight and getting the dreamy, irresistible bodies.
  26. Edgy & Fit – For a group that’s fully motivated towards getting fit.
  27. Equalizers – For a team that’s equalizing the distribution of body fat around the body.
  28. Fat 2 Fit – Perfect for a group striving to get fit and lose some fat.
  29. Fat Burners – A team committed to burning excess body fat.
  30. Fat By Nature – A group of people that have been obese for much too long.
  31. Fat-Out – A team that’s getting rid of all fatty food and other sources of fat completely.
  32. Feeling Fit – For a team that’s prepared to lose weight and feel as fit as possible.
  33. Fierce & Fit – For a group that’s fierce and resilient with their decision to stay fit.
  34. Fight 4 Fitness – A team working relentlessly to get fitter.
  35. Fit & Fabulous – A team working hard to become as fit and fabulous as possible.
  36. Fit ‘n’ Flex – Getting more exercise to achieve a fit and flexible body.
  37. Fit 2 The Core – For a weight-loss team that’s putting in a lot of effort and pushing themselves to the limit.
  38. Fit Clan – For a weight-loss group committed to getting in shape.
  39. Fit Dynamics – A team that’s focused on working together to be in shape.
  40. Fit Figures – For a team working hard to own a fit body figure.
  41. Fit Fitters – For a group that loves staying in shape.
  42. Fit Friends Only – For a group prepared to help one another with their weight-loss plans.
  43. Fit Nation – For a group of overweight members working towards getting fit together.
  44. Fit Steppers – Working to getting a fit body through dance routines.
  45. FitMe – For a team of overweight people working on becoming fit.
  46. Fitness Fanatics – For a group that’s obsessed with getting a fit and healthy body no matter the cost.
  47. Fitness Pals – For a group of “pals” helping one another cut down on their weight and get fit.
  48. Flab Maniacs – An obsession with eliminating flabby fat from the body completely.
  49. Flexible ‘n’ Fit – A group aiming for an active and stretchable body, as well as one fitter than it was before.
  50. Food Fighters – Disciplining one’s food intake to lose some weight.
  51. Fruit Fetish – For a team with a diet that consists of fruits only.
  52. Getting Fixed – For a team that’s ready to fix their obesity issue.
  53. Glorious Bodies – For a group working towards having fit and magnificent-looking bodies through exercise.
  54. Gluten-Free Gals – A group of females on a weight-loss plan that includes staying gluten-free.
  55. Hard ‘n’ Healthy – For a group that’s gradually achieving a sturdier and healthy body through exercise.
  56. Healthy Living Club – For a club formed with the goal of making healthier lifestyle choices to lose weight.
  57. Healthy Wealthy – A team that believes in the saying “Health is Wealth.”
  58. Heavy Duty – For a team that’s working out with intense and efficient exercise routines.
  59. Heavy Hustlers – A group of weighty people “hustling” to lose weight through intense workouts.
  60. Hot Fit Moms – A group of mothers with excess weight working on becoming hotter and fit again.
  61. Hunk Heaven – For an all-men group with the goal of having a hunky, super sexy body.
  62. Intensified – A team with intense and effective workout moves.
  63. Journey To Skinny – A weight-loss group on the path to losing a lot of weight in the long run.
  64. Junk Out – Getting rid of junks and treats and choosing healthy snacks instead.
  65. Junk Sievers – “Sieving out” junks and sugary treats out of their lives.
  66. Keep-Up Squad – For a squad dedicated to keeping up with healthy habits to lose weight.
  67. Lost Gains – For a group gaining by losing weight.
  68. Macho Mamas – For an all-women weight-loss group with a lot of strength and determination.
  69. Marching Mamas – A team of mothers who do a lot of marching around as a form of exercise.
  70. Mighty Marchers – A weight-loss team with a lot of energetic and powerful workout moves.
  71. Mind-Nutrition-Body – For a group with a reformed mindset about how eating right affects their body.
  72. Moving Machines – An energetic and physically active weight-loss team.
  73. Muscle Men – For a group of men training to gain some muscles through their weight-loss plan.
  74. Narrower – For a team striving diligently towards having a slimmer, “narrow-looking” body.
  75. New Direction – Redirecting energy from consuming food to burning excess fat.
  76. No Fries – A team that has decided to stay away from all forms of fried food.
  77. No-Fat Zone – For a team that’s eliminating fat at all costs.
  78. Nourished – For a team picking up habits like dieting and exercising to get a trimmer and healthier body.
  79. Obesity Escape – A weight-loss group working on escaping from being obese.
  80. OverBlown – For a team that has incredibly obese members struggling to lose weight.
  81. Pound Drops – Working towards dropping some pounds through exercise.
  82. Quick Motion – For a team with a fantastic exercise plan that works for them.
  83. Quiet Diet – For a group that’s going on a simple but strict diet to burn excess fat.
  84. Rebel Mates – For weight-loss mates rebelling against body fat.
  85. Recreated – For a crew, that’s “creating” a better-looking and healthier body for themselves.
  86. Recycled Bods – For a team “recycling” their bodies into a healthier and more active one.
  87. Round & Ready – For a group of round-looking, weight-loss members ready to put in the work.
  88. Scale-Broken – A team with dangerously high weights on the scale.
  89. Shapeful Burning off excess body fat and “shaping” up into a slimmer body.
  90. Shape-shifters – Altering one’s body shape from being obese and overweight to becoming trim.
  91. Shedding Skin – “Shedding” extra body weight through the weight-loss program.
  92. Shredding Machines – A tough group “shredding” off their body fat with exercise.
  93. Six to Pack – For a team working towards building a six pack.
  94. Size 8 – For a weight loss team striving towards having a size 8 figure.
  95. Skinny Thin – Making a change in diet and exercise to go from being overweight to becoming trim.
  96. Slim, Fit and Able – Achieving three vital qualities of a healthy and well-structured body.
  97. Small-boned Squad – A squad dedicated to watching what they eat to help lose excess weight.
  98. Squats Squad – For a squad that performs a lot of squat exercises in their routine.
  99. Starved – For a team that’s cutting down drastically on food intake to lose some weight.
  100. Strip It – “Stripping off” body fat to achieve a slim and slender figure.
  101. SureFitness – For a weight-loss group working on getting as fit as they possibly can.
  102. Survival Of The Fittest – A group that’s ready to work hard to lose as much weight as possible within a short period.
  103. Synergy – For an over-active, energetic weight-loss group putting in their best to lose weight.
  104. Talk Fit – A group focused solely on health and fitness talk/plans, and how to implement them.
  105. Team 100 To 0 – For a team working towards cutting down greatly on their body weight.
  106. Team Aerobics – For a team that uses aerobics as their form of exercise.
  107. Team Bodywork – A team that’s ready to put in the work for a slender and better-looking body.
  108. Team Bring-It – For a team that’s ready to try different workout routines and diet plans to get rid of excess weight.
  109. Team Choppers – For a team with the goal of eating healthy.
  110. Team Dripping – A team with an intense and sweat-filled workout routine.
  111. Team HardCore – For an intense and disciplined weight-loss team with “hardcore” workout moves.
  112. Team Rock Solid – For a team working hard at achieving a fitter, “rock solid” physical body.
  113. Team Sucked Out – Making use of dieting and exercise to “suck out” all traces of fat.
  114. Team Unplug – For a team that has decided to “unplug” from unhealthy habits that lead to obesity.
  115. Team Zero Fat – For a team with the weight-loss goal of having “zero fat.”
  116. The A+ – A team that has started to believe in the benefits of working out and losing weight.
  117. The Fast & The Furious – For a group achieving most of their weight-loss goals quickly.
  118. The Fast Club – For a group making tremendous improvement and seeing results from their weight-loss program.
  119. The Fit Army – A team of disciplined and hard-working weight-loss members ready to get fit.
  120. The Fitness Club – For those looking to get fitter and more active physically than they previously were.
  121. The Fittest – For a team working towards gaining the fittest body they could
  122. The Good Walk – A team that’s chosen to do a lot of walking to cut down on their weight.
  123. The Grinders – For a team “grinding” as hard as possible to burn some fat.
  124. The H20 – For a team that’s decided to eat less and drink more water instead.
  125. The Less-Fleshy League – For a “league” of overweight people trying to have less flesh on themselves.
  126. The Pristined – A team aiming for a strong, perfect and undefiled body through healthy habits.
  127. The Shrinkers – For a team that’s working on “shrinking” down and weighing less.
  128. The Slayfit Squad – A squad working towards staying fit and looking good.
  129. The Standard – A team working together to become an inspiration with their weight-loss achievements.
  130. The Swift Team – For a team that is focused on doing a lot of running, lunges and glutes exercise.
  131. The Trained Minds – A group that has trained their minds to see the need to lose weight.
  132. The Weight Loss Project – For a team working on a weight-loss plan committedly.
  133. The Weight-Loss walk – For a team ready to stay committed to their weight-loss plans.
  134. Tons Trashers – For a team working towards “trashing” the extra weight on them.
  135. Track Racers – For a team doing a lot of running around on a track.
  136. Trained Moms – A group of moms training hard to lose weight.
  137. Trim Goals – Working towards the goal of going back to looking trim and fit.
  138. Trimmed – Eliminating excess fat to attain a slim and fit figure.
  139. Turk Out – A group that works hard to achieve their weight-loss goals.
  140. Uncrushed – A group that is determined to keep trying to lose weight.
  141. Waist Trimmers – A team focused on getting rid of fat around their waistlines.
  142. Weigh Less – A weight-loss team putting in their best to “weigh less” with time.
  143. Weight Benders – A team that is committed to reducing lbs.
  144. Weight Burner – A team focused on “burning excess weight” to get fit.
  145. Weight Losers – For a team that’s committed to losing a lot of weight in the long run.
  146. Weight Watchers – For a group coming together to help each other watch their weights.
  147. Weight-Lifters – For a team of weightlifters burning fat in the process.
  148. Well Chiseled – For a team working towards having a slender, well-framed body.
  149. Wicked Behavior – A team performing difficult exercises to drastically lose weight.
  150. Work-It-Till-I-Get-It – Working relentlessly to achieve the kind of body desired.
  151. Zip Down – A group that has decided to get on a diet to lose weight.

Cute Weight Loss Team Names

Cute Weight Loss Team Names

Would you rather settle for a team name that sounds adorable and charming? Something that everyone would easily love? Here are some of the cutest weight team names ever:

  1. Body Bangin’ Squad – Building a squad that’s focused on having a “banging,” healthy looking body.
  2. Bubble Girls – For a female team of chubby looking girls trying to lose some weight.
  3. Cake-Away – A team that’s excluding cake and other junk food out of their meal plan.
  4. Chipped Away – “Chipping away” all excess body fat through exercise and dieting.
  5. Chub Down – For a team that’s working towards slimming down significantly.
  6. Chubby 2 Chic – For a team working on moving from being round and robust to slender and chic.
  7. Chubby Chasers – For a team “chasing” away unhealthy habits that brought about being overweight.
  8. Couch Potatoes – A team that’s ready to quit their nonchalant approach towards exercise.
  9. Diet Crunchers – A group that eats strictly according to their diet.
  10. Dieting Divas – An all-female team of overweight ladies going on a diet.
  11. Dumbbell Darlings – A female team that enjoys exercising using dumbbells.
  12. Evolving Bodies – Becoming aware of the need to lose weight and working towards that goal continuously.
  13. Fat Losses – For a team that’s gradually losing the excess body fat through workouts.
  14. Fat-Away – Working out religiously to get rid of body fat.
  15. Finally Fit – For a group finally seeing results from the weight-loss plan.
  16. Fit and Fly – For a team working towards owning a fitter body they can feel confident about.
  17. Fit Butts – For a team working on getting firmer and fit-looking butts together.
  18. Fit Chicks – For a female team aspiring to have a trim and fit figure.
  19. Fit Like Fairies – A female team that’s working on looking as light and fit as a little fairy would.
  20. FitFam – For a crew that’s come together to get healthier and stay fit.
  21. Fitness Freaks – A group with an obsession with fitness.
  22. Fitnessistas – A group of weight-loss “sistas” trying to achieve owning a fitter body.
  23. Free From Flab – For a team working towards getting rid of fat tissues.
  24. Goal Trim – Working towards the ultimate goal of being trim and healthy-looking.
  25. Good Cooks – A weight loss team that pays special attention to the kinds of meal they eat.
  26. Gym Attack – For a group that follows their gym schedule diligently.
  27. Gym Grooves – A group that actually enjoys working out in the gym more than anything else.
  28. Health Haven – A fitness “haven” for anyone ready to work towards a healthy body weight.
  29. Healthy Fairies – A female group of beautiful women striving to own a healthy body.
  30. Junk Busters – A group that’s replacing junks with healthier alternatives.
  31. Lean Lads – A male group working towards losing weight and getting lean.
  32. Like Figurines – A team working towards having a slender figure through the weight-loss program.
  33. Me A-New – Getting a less weighty body that feels as good as new.
  34. No’ Mo’ – Saying goodbye and “no more” to unhealthy eating and lifestyles.
  35. NoMoreDoughnuts – A team that has decided to cut out doughnuts because of their diet.
  36. Obese & Obsessed – A group of overweight people obsessed about losing weight.
  37. Panties Down – For a team that’s ready to lose so much fat that their “panties” won’t fit anymore.
  38. Petite & Pretty – An all-female group that desires to achieve a smaller and attractive body figure.
  39. Pole Buddies – For a group that carries out a lot of pole exercises.
  40. Portable & Prim – For a weight-loss team exercising to achieve a slimmer and fit look.
  41. PYT (Pretty Young Thin) – For a female team striving towards looking younger, trimmer and more appealing.
  42. Real Women Squat – A team full of women training their bodies to get used to squats.
  43. RunRunRepeat – For a group that has picked up running as an exercise.
  44. Size 10 Only – Working towards cutting off fat and being a size 10 at most.
  45. Skinny Sistas – For an all-female team working on bringing down their weight drastically.
  46. Skinny Sized – Going from being overweight to almost being skinny.
  47. Slim & Kickin’ – Becoming as slender and flexible as possible by losing excess body weight.
  48. Slim ‘n’ Delish – On becoming slender and more appealing physically.
  49. Slimfest – For a group that’s completely dedicated to their weight-loss plan.
  50. Slimmer & Sweet – Getting rid of the excess fat and working towards a slender and irresistible body figure.
  51. Snack Attack – For a group that has quit indulging in unhealthy snacks.
  52. Sugar Crush – Eliminating all forms of sugar to cut down on weight.
  53. Supernova Babes – For a group obsessed about getting a model-like body.
  54. Sweaty & Happy – A team that’s excited about burning body fat.
  55. Tastefully Trim – A female team working towards being slender and desirable again.
  56. Team Fat-Free – For a team that’s striving towards being free of any excess fat.
  57. Team Skinny Pants – For a team with the goal of being able to fit into smaller clothing again.
  58. Team Tuff Girls – For an all-girl team with tough workout moves for losing weight with.
  59. The Chipmunks – A group of chubby-looking people working hard to cut down their body weight.
  60. The Hip Vegans – For a weight loss group that’s starting to enjoy their vegan diet.
  61. The LeanOnMe League – For a weight-loss “league” supporting one another through the journey.
  62. The Six Pack Squad – A squad working out intensely to build up some stomach and chest abs.
  63. The Slim & Slender society – A “society” for people dedicated to being trim and fit again.
  64. The Trimmers – Going from being too fat to a more moderate size.
  65. Trim Peaches – A female weight-loss team working towards being trim and more attractive-looking.
  66. Unfatly – For a group working on cutting off excess body fat once and for all.
  67. Unthickened – For a team of chubby people working towards being less “thick.”
  68. Veggie Chics – A female team of chic ladies going on a vegan diet.
  69. Waisted Women – For a group of overweight women working on reducing fat around their waist.
  70. Wonder Women – For an all-female group doing a wonderful job at cutting down their weight.
  71. WorkOut Geeks – For a group of overweight people whose lives revolve around exercise now.

Which of these weight loss team names do you like best? Which one isn’t on our list? Do share it with us in the comments section!

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