400+ Baseball Team Names (With Meanings)

A great baseball team name can bring a team together, but unfortunately, a baseball team isn’t going to name itself. So the team members must do it.

However, team members won’t always agree with your idea, so you have to look through a list of team names together and decide on the best name for your baseball team.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go searching for baseball team names; we have already done that for you. Whether you’re looking for funny, cool, creative or fantasy baseball team names, you will find a team name you love.

And if you don’t find a good team name, we hope this list will inspire you to come up with your own unique team name.

List of Baseball Team Names

Because everyone has different preferences, we have categorized the baseball team names into the following categories:

Funny Baseball Team Names

Funny Baseball Team Names

If you are a jolly soul, then you will love these funny baseball team names:

  1. Here Come The Runs – To the bathroom!
  2. The Softies – Not the toughest team around.
  3. Red Hot Oompa-Loompas – A team name that’ll definitely stick in other people’s minds.
  4. The Bad News Bears – After the film of the same name.
  5. Wood Chuckers! – Known for chucking the bat right after hitting the ball.
  6. 3rd Base Bullies – 3rd base can be a dangerous place when you play this team.
  7. Stomach Issues – This team name will definitely put off the other team.
  8. Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies – Old but gold.
  9. The Bunt Cakes – Wordplay on bunt and bundt cake.
  10. Hillbillies – Their rules are a little too old-fashioned.
  11. Crotch Bats – Remember to wear a crotch guard when playing this team.
  12. The 69ers – They’re good in many positions.
  13. Hit For Brains – At least they can hit, right?
  14. One Hit Wonders – One hit is certainly better than none!
  15. One Pitch Nightmares – After you see this team pitch, you know you’re going to be in big trouble.
  16. Minimum Wagers – Not advised to bet on this team, even they know it!
  17. Betting On The Other Team – Isn’t that illegal?
  18. 12 Men Out – Definitely not a good team.
  19. The Grand Salamis – The best of all the salamis.
  20. Brew Crew – They may have had a few before the game.
  21. Alcoballics – Alcohol improves their aim.
  22. Here For Beer – Is there any better motivation?
  23. Intoxicated – The constant state of the team.
  24. Beerview Mirrors – You can’t surprise them.
  25. Super Drunk And Scary Dads – You have been warned!
  26. Designated Drinkers – More than happy to take your unwanted alcohol.
  27. No Fear For Beer – Beer removes all fear.
  28. We Just Like Beer – It’s great, it’s true.
  29. Turtleheads – Why not name your team after a beautiful flower?
  30. The Roughriders – They like it rough!
  31. Donkey Punchin’ Kangaroos – Who likes kangaroos anyway?
  32. Superheroes In Training – We’ll believe it when we see it.
  33. Hugh Jass Construction – What on Earth could it be?
  34. The Soft Serves – A little too gentle for sports.
  35. Swerve Balls – Throwing straight is definitely not their specialty.
  36. Got Balls? – You’ll certainly need them.
  37. Balls To The Wall – Painful?
  38. Balls Deep – As deep as they can be!
  39. Balls Out – Be proud of your balls.
  40. Blue Balls Of Destiny – That’s not destiny, you need to see a doctor.
  41. Dirty Ball Bags – Sports players aren’t exactly known for keeping good hygiene practices.
  42. Dirtyball – What exactly did these guys do to get it so dirty?
  43. Broken Balls – Ouch!
  44. Big Ballers – They’re humongous.
  45. Slamming Balls Deep… In The Outfield – That’s how you win!
  46. Ball Surgery – The other team will most likely start to cry.
  47. Breaking Balls And Taking Names – There’s not one ball they can’t break and one name they can’t take.
  48. Ball Breakers – Impressive, but that’s a lot of money wasted on balls.
  49. The Screwballs – Closer to clowns than baseball players.
  50. The Homers – After Homer Simpson, of course.
  51. Juan Of A Kind – There’s no Juan else like them.
  52. Gamecocks – Dangerous cocks!
  53. Homerun Homies – Straight up pals.
  54. Second Base Kind Of Night – Good luck to them.
  55. Base Desires – They’re probably quite lonely.
  56. 4th Base – Woohoo!
  57. Going For 5th Base – Does that exist?
  58. Glory Bowl – Maybe too dirty?
  59. Strikers And Strokers – Or maybe this is too dirty?
  60. The Thunder Down Under – Women will love this team!
  61. Atta Batters – Will make the other team hungry for Indian food.
  62. Village Idiots – How they managed to form a team will amaze everyone.
  63. Getting Good Wood – The best wood.
  64. Morning Wood – We all love mornings.
  65. Pancake Batters – Are you cooking or playing?
  66. 2 Balls, 1 Bat – Is that fair?
  67. Farting Ferrets – Sexy.
  68. Chin Music – They’ll talk the other team to death.
  69. Ice Cold Pitchers – Totally heartless.
  70. Basic Pitches – As basic as they come.
  71. The Sons Of Pitches – Pitching is what they were born to do.
  72. Pitches Gone Wild – You’ll only see them on TV after the watershed.
  73. 99 Problems But A Pitch Ain’t One – Why would it be?
  74. Where My Pitches At? – Nowhere to be seen.
  75. Pitch, Please! – Some respect is long overdue.
  76. Pitches That Give Stitches – Hilarity will ensue.
  77. No Glove, No Love – A simple and easy-to-remember rule.
  78. Finding A Hole – Look harder.
  79. Squirrels Gone Wild – They may need to be institutionalized.
  80. Scratch And Sniff – The greatest invention of all time? Yes!
  81. E-lemon-ators – You know exactly what kind of uniforms and mascot this team will have.
  82. Backdoor Sliders – Naughty.
  83. Benchwarmers – The position they play best.
  84. Pigs Might Fly – They just need to be shown how.
  85. Walk Hard – After the comedy film of the same name.
  86. Habit For Insanity – A little bit bipolar?
  87. The Belly Itchers – Don’t you just love the sound of an itchy belly?
  88. Wacky Waving Inflatable Flailing Arm Tube Men – A classic reference to Family Guy.
  89. The Nappers – Some people say baseball is boring, well these guys won’t argue against that.
  90. Caught Looking – Not your most honest players.
  91. Scoring Daily – Only in their dreams.
  92. The Dirt Eaters – The healthiest part of their diet.
  93. Home Run’ophobia – Thank god they only have to run if they manage to hit the ball.
  94. Lavish Display Of Ignorance – As they say, ignorance is bliss.
  95. I’ve Seen Better Hits From My Grandma – They forgot to mention that their grandma was a pro baseball player.
  96. Master Batters – At least they’re good at one thing.
  97. The Wet Wedgies – Just mean.
  98. Balled And Beautiful – They take pride in their shiny heads.
  99. Waltzing To Victory – Not sure if baseball players or ballerinas.
  100. Hazmat Suitors – They’re a little overprotected.

Cool Baseball Team Names

Cool Baseball Team Names

A cool team name is everything. You might not be respected for your ability on the field, but other teams will respect you for your cool team name. Hopefully, you will find one of these baseball team names cool enough.

  1. The Game Stealers – Your favorite
  2. The Hit and Runners – It’s only a crime if you get caught.
  3. Hit Squad – Here to ‘take out’ the other team.
  4. Sluggers – They always hit that ball as hard as possible.
  5. Grizzlies – The other team is about to get eaten alive.
  6. Rampage – They play better when angry.
  7. Wrecking Crew – The field won’t look the same after these guys have played here.
  8. Swingin’ Big Bats – Yup, nice and easy to remember.
  9. War Eagles – They don’t play matches, they battle wars.
  10. Pistons – They play like machines.
  11. Whammers – The only way to describe how hard they hit the ball.
  12. Fielder Of Dreams – This team has the best fielders ever.
  13. The Unbeatable Lineup – This team consists of some amazing talent.
  14. Amigos – These guys aren’t just teammates, they’re the best of friends too.
  15. Slick Fielders – Have you ever seen such cool fielders before?
  16. Head Hunters – You know where they’re aiming.
  17. The Crowd Pleasers – The audience just loves to watch them play.
  18. Kings – The field is there’s.
  19. Wonder Boys – They amaze all who watch them play.
  20. Silent Assassins – The other team won’t even know what hit them.
  21. Showtime – They don’t just play, they perform.
  22. No Chance – That the other team will win.
  23. Nuclear Bomb – The other team will literally cease to exist.
  24. Dirty Bomb – The scariest of all bombs?
  25. The Blast – Blasting that ball out of the park.
  26. Everyone Says We’ll Win – And they probably will.
  27. The Switch-Hitters – They’ll surprise you.
  28. Roadrunners – Just too fast.
  29. Savage Pitchers – Their pitches are brutal.
  30. The Dragon Ball Z’s – Ka-me-ha-me-ha!
  31. Ka-Boom! – Wiping the floor with the other team.
  32. The Winning Number – They’re always the winning number.
  33. Obliteration – The other team will simply cease to exist after this match.
  34. Explosion – When the bat hits that ball, it will sound like an explosion.
  35. The Mad Bombers – Bombing the field!
  36. My Crew – Everyone feels like they belong in this team.
  37. Grip It And Rip It – This is one determined team.
  38. Pitch-Perfect – No team pitches better than these guys.
  39. Sacrifice Bunts – Players from this team are always willing to sacrifice themselves for their teammates.
  40. Flight – That ball is going to spend a lot of time in the air.
  41. Tomboyz – These girls are as tough as nails.
  42. The Majors – Veterans on the field.
  43. The Monarchs – This team practically owns the field your standing on.
  44. The Stags – Guys in their prime.
  45. Spartans – They love a tough match.
  46. The Prophets – Their victory was foreseen.
  47. The Association – They dominate their league.
  48. The Hitters – This team is 100% focused on what the game is all about – hitting that ball as far as possible.
  49. The Braves – ‘Risk’ is not a word in their dictionary.
  50. Impact – No team can hit the ball better than they can.
  51. Long Distance Runners – Unbelievably fast.
  52. Outta The Park – Quite often.
  53. Unbeatable And Unpresentable – Their unbeatable reputation makes them a little unpopular.
  54. Crusaders – Crusading to win.
  55. All-Stars In The Making – Remember their names, they will one day be legends.
  56. Avalanche – Incapacitating the opposition.
  57. Homerun Experts – It’s rare for them not to get one.
  58. The Lumberjacks – They know a lot about wood.
  59. Boom Goes The Dynamite – You’ll know when they arrive.
  60. The Hooks – Known for their excellent hits.
  61. Tsunamis – The other team will be lucky to live to tell the tale.
  62. Mound Mermaids – These ladies will charm the hell out of any batter.
  63. Hidden Ball Tricks – Their pitcher is known for illusions.
  64. Generals – Authoritative to say the least.
  65. Just Homeruns – Anything less is abnormal.
  66. Blind Homeruns – They don’t even need to try.
  67. The Musketeers – All for one and one for all.
  68. The Argonauts – After the mythical Greek heroes.
  69. The Spurs – Always eager to play faster.
  70. Thunder – They’ll strike you out!
  71. No Thunder Without Lightning – Just like there’s no game they can’t win!
  72. No Smoke Without Fire – Very true.
  73. Homerun Nightmare – They’ll crush the other team’s spirit to pieces.
  74. The Invaders – Prepare to be conquered.
  75. The Admirals – They have total command of the field.
  76. The Sounders – You can hear them winning miles away.
  77. The Mustangs – Tough and fast.
  78. The Sledgehammers – They don’t just hit that ball, they hammer it.
  79. Gunners – When they hit that ball, it might as well be a bullet from a gun, it’s that deadly.
  80. Bazooka Pitchers – About to blow up the field with these hits!
  81. The Scorpions – One lethal strike and your whole team are out.
  82. The Hitmen – Their motivation is not just to win, but to take you out.
  83. Robo Squad – Built to win.
  84. Barnstormers – After the Lancaster Barnstormers.
  85. Volcanoes – They’re about to explode.
  86. The Alliance – Maybe it’s an evil one? Who knows.
  87. The Bulldogs – A little too savage for the game of baseball.
  88. The Drivers – These are some powerful
  89. Minutemen – They don’t need long to win a game.
  90. Just The Foul Tips – Their pitchers are mean.
  91. The Renegades – Rules are for suckers.
  92. The Revolution – Changing the way we play baseball.
  93. Bat Breakers – You’ll need to keep a few spares when you play this team.
  94. Sore Losers – The other team will regret winning against them.
  95. Fast Girls – No other team can catch these ladies out.
  96. Great Balls Of Fire – They can hit the ball so hard it’ll burst into flames.
  97. Mighty Movers – They’re super agile.
  98. The Psych-Outs – They know exactly how to manipulate the other team.
  99. Homerun Collateral – Sometimes they even get a homerun by accident.
  100. Full-Force – They never play at less.

Creative Baseball Team Names

Creative Baseball Team Names

Creative team names contain puns, one-liners, wordplays and as such, they could be hit or miss. But when you get it right, it is worth the risk. Hopefully, one of these clever baseball team names is worth it.

  1. The Greatest Game On Dirt – It certainly
  2. Cleats Of Fire – Wordplay on the film Chariots of Fire.
  3. The Pink Sox – We need more of these sox in our lives.
  4. The Dirty Sox – You can tell they play hard.
  5. The Smelly Sox – Odor = success, right?
  6. Legs Miserables – Wordplay on the film Les Miserables.
  7. Grab Her By The Posey – Wordplay on a quote from Donald Trump and player Buster Posey.
  8. Flame-Throwers – When the pitcher launches the ball, don’t be surprised if it bursts into flames.
  9. 100% Airborne – The ball is going to spend a lot of time in the air in this match.
  10. Bat Attitudes – The attitude needed to win.
  11. Bat Intentions – The motivation needed to win.
  12. Hall of Shamers – Their level of skill will put the other team to shame.
  13. Baseball Is Just A Batter Game – True in more ways than one.
  14. Wii Not Fit – You’ll get there.
  15. 108 Stitches – The number of stitches on a baseball.
  16. Collision – Colliding with victory.
  17. Sultans Of Swing – After the legendary song by Dire Straits.
  18. Kershawshank Redemption – In reference to Clayton Kershaw.
  19. Came, Kershaw, Conquered – Another one in reference to Clayton Kershaw.
  20. Scrambled Legs – Like scrambled eggs.
  21. The Dirty Dozen – You can’t find a dirtier dozen!
  22. Yahooligans – This one is ancient but still worth mentioning.
  23. My Dugout Or Yours? – Your’s looks better.
  24. Batmen – Don’t be surprised if they all show up wearing capes.
  25. Murderers’ Row – After the nickname of the New York Yankees in the late 1920s.
  26. Yerrr Out! – Sorry about that!
  27. Moneyball – After the baseball film of the same name.
  28. The Three Up Three Downs – These pitchers are about to seriously embarrass the other team.
  29. 18 Legs – The total number of legs in one team.
  30. Can I Show You My Spitball? – Please don’t.
  31. Double Vision – Is what the other team will have when they get wiped out by this team.
  32. Sole Sisters – Wordplay on ‘soul sisters.’
  33. Sole Mates – Wordplay on ‘soul mates.’
  34. Disciples Of The Plate – They follow the rules strictly.
  35. Bat Crackers – Did they do it again?
  36. Splinters – Is what will be left of the bat after they’ve played with it.
  37. Union Action – Because they’re on strike.
  38. With Fire! – When the announcer says who the other team will be playing against.
  39. Base-ic Instincts – After the film Basic Instinct.
  40. The Running Dead – Wordplay on the TV series The Walking Dead.
  41. The Umpire Strikes Back – Wordplay on the Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back.
  42. Good Streak Going On here – And that’s how everyone wants it.
  43. Pimp My Side – They really need it.
  44. Bowling Bankers – For a team of players who work in finance.
  45. AquaSox – After the Everett AquaSox.
  46. Wet Sox – A real team from Portland, Oregon.
  47. Punch And Judy – After the puppet show.
  48. Walla Walla Weasel Wackers – After a real sports team with the same name.
  49. Aces Of Bases – Wordplay on the Swedish pop group Ace of Base.
  50. Fat Umpires Always Clean The Plate – And now you know why so many of them are overweight.
  51. Falling In Glove With You – Too sweet.
  52. Obscure Team Name – That’ll definitely stick in the other team’s minds.
  53. A Team Name Difficult To Pronounce – Why would you make it easy?
  54. Time Heels All Wounds – Wordplay on the phrase ‘time heals all wounds’.
  55. Time Wounds All Heels – A variation of the above.
  56. Banana Slugs – After the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs, known as one of the worst sports names to have ever existed.
  57. The Balking Dead – Another one in reference to The Walking Dead.
  58. Balk To Me Dirty – All night long.
  59. Rainbow Warriors – Beautiful and aggressive all at the same time.
  60. Mission Unbatable – Not much this team can’t hit!
  61. Stick Wielders – Well, as a batter, it is basically what you are.
  62. Performance Enhancing Hugs – Who needs drugs when hugs are cheaper?
  63. Staines Removers – After a team that apparently existed in the UK in a town called Staines.
  64. Brokebat Mountain – In reference to the film Brokeback Mountain.
  65. The Catchers In The Rye – In reference to the book The Catcher in the Rye.
  66. Blurred Foul Lines – In reference to the song ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke.
  67. Can I Pinch-Hit On You? – They love to help each other out.
  68. Been There, Ran That – Wordplay on the phrase ‘been there, done that’.
  69. Field Of Nightmares – It doesn’t matter where that ball goes, the fielders are sure to get it.
  70. Nippon Ham Fighters – A legendary team from Japan with a hilarious name.
  71. Barstomers – Wordplay on the Lancaster Barnstormers.
  72. The Big Gloves – The bigger, the
  73. Barbed Wire Baseball Bats – Scary, very scary.
  74. Homerun Simpson – Wordplay on homerun and Homer Simpson.
  75. 12 Angry Men – They sound like fun people.
  76. 12 Angry Mets – A variation of the above.
  77. Strangeglove – After the character from the film Dr. Strangelove.
  78. Mitts, Bunts, And Batter – For a team of cooks.
  79. Happy Feet – After the film of the same name.
  80. Comfortably Gloved – Wordplay on the song Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.
  81. It Must Be Groundhog Day – Because we’re going to beat you again!
  82. Guys With A Lot On Their Plates – A lot of stress or too much to eat?
  83. The Special K’s – Can you think of a team more important than them?
  84. Fo Shoe – Like ‘for sure’.
  85. The Unusual Suspects – No one ever expected this team to do so well.
  86. Hop, Skip, Pitch – Is that technically legal?
  87. Kenny Powers’ Posse – In reference to the TV show Eastbound & Down.
  88. Eastbound And Down – After the TV show of the same name.
  89. Space Pioneers – A real team from Indianapolis, Indiana.
  90. Better Late Than Pregnant – A classic, a wordplay on the phrase ‘better late than never.’
  91. The Revenants – After the film The Revenant.
  92. Dirt Bags – They get down and dirty when they play.
  93. Jocks Of All Trades – Wordplay on the phrase ‘jack of all trades.’
  94. I Piss Excellence – A quote from the film Talladega Nights.
  95. Bat Country – Where all the best batters are from.
  96. Around-The-Horn – After the well-known baseball term.
  97. Still Waiting For A Challenge – Who knows when it will finally come.
  98. The Arizona Pricks – Sorry Arizona.
  99. Smack My Pitch Up – In reference to a song by The Prodigy.
  100. Bat-ra Kadabra – Their batting skills are second to none.

Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Honestly, any of the names on this list can be used for your fantasy baseball team. So, let’s call these player-themed and club-themed baseball team names.

  1. DeJong And DeRestless – In reference to player Paul DeJong.
  2. Stuck In The Middle With Yu – In reference to player Yu Darvish.
  3. Yu, Crank Dat Soulja Boy – Another one in reference to Yu Darvish.
  4. No Soup For Yu – Plus one more for Yu Darvish.
  5. The Isotopes – After the Albuquerque Isotopes… or the Springfield Isotopes from The Simpsons.
  6. All Betts Are Off – In reference to player Mookie Betts.
  7. The Mookie Way – Another one in reference to Mookie Betts.
  8. The Chihuahuas – After the El Paso Chihuahuas.
  9. Dickey In A Box – In reference to former player R.A. Dickey.
  10. Personal DeJesus – In reference to player David DeJesus.
  11. Manaea VS. Food – In reference to player Sean Manaea.
  12. Votto Von Bismarck – In reference to Joey Votto.
  13. Grand Theft Votto – Another one in reference to Joey Votto.
  14. Saw It On Reddick – In reference to player Josh Reddick.
  15. Soler Flare – In reference to player Jorge Soler.
  16. Jumbo Shrimp – After the Jackson Jumbo Shrimp.
  17. Carlos Carrasco Tabasco Fiasco – In reference to player Carlos Carrasco.
  18. A-To-The Rizzo – In reference to player Anthony Rizzo.
  19. Sano To Drugs – In reference to player Miguel Sanó.
  20. Honey Nut Ichiros – In reference to player Ichiro Suzuki.
  21. Teheran You Apart – In reference to player Julio Teherán.
  22. Teheran Up My Heart – Another one in reference to player Julio Teherán.
  23. Bryce Krispies – In reference to player Bryce Harper.
  24. Gentlemen Profar Blondes – In reference to player Jurickson Profar.
  25. Syndergaarden Cop – In reference to player Noah Syndergaarden.
  26. The Bourn Identity – In reference to player Michael Bourn.
  27. The Pen Is Mightier Than The Schwarber – In reference to player Kyle Schwarber.
  28. The Duda Abides – In reference to player Lucas Duda.
  29. The Notorious P.A.P.I. – In reference to player David Ortiz.
  30. The Notorious P.U.I.G. – Similar to the above, but in reference to Yasiel Puig.
  31. ManBearPuig – In reference to player Yasiel Puig.
  32. Bay of Puigs – Another one in reference to player Yasiel Puig.
  33. Puigs In A Blanket – And one last one for Yasiel Puig.
  34. That’ll do Puig, That’ll do – And one extra last one for Yasiel Puig (Puig can be used in so many ways!).
  35. Reverse Cowgill – In reference to player Collin Cowgill.
  36. The Trevor Ending Story – In reference to player Trevor May.
  37. She Sells Cishek By The Seashore – In reference to player Steve Cishek.
  38. The Knights Who Say OhtaNI – In reference to player Shohei Ohtani.
  39. Hold Me Closer Ohtani Dancer – Another one in reference to Shohei Ohtani.
  40. Hold Me Closer Tiny Dansby – In reference to player Dansby Swanson.
  41. The Three Moustakas – In reference to player Mike Moustakas.
  42. Choo’s On First? – In reference to player Shin-Soo Choo.
  43. Now You Seager, Now You Don’t – In reference to player Corey Seager.
  44. 50 Shades Of Sonny Gray – In reference to player Sonny Gray.
  45. The Baby Cakes – After the New Orleans Baby Cakes.
  46. The Hebrew Hammers – In reference to the nickname of player Al Rosen.
  47. Ethier Said Than Dunn – In reference to players Andre Ethier and Adam Dunn.
  48. The Area 51’s – After the Las Vegas 51s.
  49. Here’s My Number, Cameron Maybin – In reference to player Cameron Maybin.
  50. Heyward You Blow Me? – In reference to player Jason Heyward.
  51. Carry On My Heyward Son – Another one in reference to Jason Heyward.
  52. The IronPigs – After the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  53. New Joc City – In reference to player Joc Pederson.
  54. Judge And Drury – In reference to players Aaron Judge and Brandon Drury.
  55. Bartolo Colon-oscopy – In reference to player Bartolo Colón.
  56. Colon Problems – Another one in reference to Bartolo Colón.
  57. Hannibal Lester – In reference to player Jon Lester.
  58. The Correan War – In reference to player Carlos Correa.
  59. Schilling Me Softly – In reference to former player Curt Schilling.
  60. Curt’s Last Schilling – Another one in reference to Curt Schilling.
  61. The Old Timers – After an English team of the same name.
  62. Every Day I’m Russellin’ – In reference to player Addison Russell (or any other player with the name or surname Russell).
  63. Password Is Taco – An old one for sure, but people still love it!
  64. Beam Me Up Piscotty – In reference to player Stephen Piscotty.
  65. Barry Bail Bonds – In reference to retired player Barry Bonds.
  66. Machado About Nothing – In reference to player Manny Machado.
  67. The Flying Squirrels – After the Richmond Flying Squirrels.
  68. Kinsler’s List – In reference to player Ian Kinsler.
  69. Napoli Ever After – In reference to player Mike Napoli.
  70. Eggs Odorizzi – In reference to Jake Odorizzi.
  71. Blue Wahoos – After the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.
  72. Cool Hand Lucroy – In reference to player Jonathan Lucroy.
  73. WikiLeakes – In reference to player Mike Leake.
  74. Kylo Chen – In reference to player Wei-Yin Chen.
  75. Snell Hath No Fury – In reference to player Blake Snell.
  76. Donaldson Trump – In reference to player Josh Donaldson.
  77. The Lawnmowers – After an Austrian team called The Vienna Lawnmowers.
  78. The Price Is Wong – In reference to player Kolten Wong.
  79. Two Wongs Don’t Make A Wright – In reference to players Kolten Wong and David Wright.
  80. Yangervis? I Hardly Know Her – In reference to player Yangervis Solarte.
  81. Better Call Paul Goldschmidt – In reference to player Paul Goldschmidt.
  82. Goldschmidt Happens – In reference to player Paul Goldschmidt.
  83. GoldschmidtFinger – Another one in reference to Paul Goldschmidt.
  84. Off-White Sox – Not exactly the Chicago White Sox, but close enough.
  85. Acuna Moncada – In reference to players Ronald Acuña and Yoan Moncada.
  86. Fulmer House – In reference to player Michael Fulmer.
  87. Annie Are You Aoki? – In reference to player Nori Aoki.
  88. These Are Not The Pedroias You’re Looking For – In reference to player Dustin Pedroia.
  89. Melky Discharge – In reference to player Melky Cabrera.
  90. Naquin And Afraid – In reference to player Tyler Naquin.
  91. Kang Pao Chicken – In reference to player Jung-ho Kang.
  92. The CainSmokers – In reference to Lorenzo Cain.
  93. To Kill A Marlon Byrd – In reference to player Marlon Byrd.
  94. You Make Me Wanna Trout – In reference to player Mike Trout.
  95. Angels In The Troutfield – Another one in reference to Mike Trout.
  96. Mike Ehrman-Trout – …And another one in reference to Mike Trout.
  97. Reasonable Trout – And one last one for Mike Trout.
  98. Can’t Cutch This – In reference to Andrew McCutchen.
  99. No Stroman No Cry – In reference to Marcus Stroman.
  100. Ring Around The Posey – In reference to player Buster Posey.

American League Baseball Team Names

You could also find inspiration from major league baseball team names. The following are the names of the baseball teams in American league baseball.

  1. Baltimore Orioles
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. Chicago White Sox
  4. Cleveland Indians
  5. Detroit Tigers
  6. Houston Astros
  7. Kansas City Royals
  8. Los Angeles Angels
  9. Minnesota Twins
  10. New York Yankees
  11. Oakland Athletics
  12. Seattle Mariners
  13. Tampa Bay Rays
  14. Texas Rangers
  15. Toronto Blue Jays

National League Baseball Team Names

The following are the names of the baseball teams in the National League Baseball.

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks
  2. Atlanta Braves
  3. Chicago Cubs
  4. Cincinnati Reds
  5. Colorado Rockies
  6. Los Angeles Dodgers
  7. Miami Marlins
  8. Milwaukee Brewers
  9. New York Mets
  10. Philadelphia Phillies
  11. Pittsburgh Pirates
  12. San Diego Padres
  13. San Francisco Giants
  14. Louis Cardinals
  15. Washington Nationals

And that’s a homerun! How did you find that list? It was bad wasn’t it? We’re always happy to hear what you think of our lists, and most importantly, contribute to the list by dropping better baseball team names in the comment section.

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