500+ Best Dodgeball Team Names (With Meanings)

Don’t skimp out on finding the best possible name for your dodgeball team.

Finding the right dodgeball team name will not only make you the envy of all teams, but it will also boost your team’s morale.

And of course, we agree that finding the right team name can be a drag.

Too many conflicting ideas, the best names are already taken, and all the other annoying issues that spring up when you have to pick a cool name for your team.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The truth is the best name is out there somewhere, waiting to be found and all you have to do is find it.

Thankfully, you just stumbled upon the best list of dodgeball team names on the internet!

Whether you’re looking for funny names, cool names, clever names, cute names, or a team name for a ladies team, you’re sure to leave satisfied.

If for some reason you don’t find the perfect name for your dodgeball team, this list of dodgeball team names should give you enough ideas to help you come up with a name of your own

List of Dodgeball Team Names

If you need dodgeball team names, go ahead and pick from this list Funny, Cool, Clever, Cute, movie-inspired, and Girls Dodgeball Team Names.

Funny Dodgeball Team Names

Funny Dodgeball Team Names

What’s the funniest dodgeball team name you have heard? Ball of Duty? Ball or Nothing? Lickma Balls? If you find these names funny, then you are going to enjoy this list of funny dodgeball team names:

  1. The Besticles – The best of the balls.
  2. Nine Inch Males – Either very big or very small.
  3. Crotch Shots – You know where they’re aiming.
  4. One Hit Wonders – Maybe they’ll get one good shot in.
  5. Can’t Dodge This – Some people just weren’t built to dodge.
  6. Aim For The Fat Kid – The biggest one is usually the easiest.
  7. We’re Aiming For The Fat One – Similar to the above.
  8. Average Joe’s – After the protagonists from the film Dodgeball.
  9. Balls Of Fury – Those are some angry balls.
  10. Chuck, Duck, and Dive – Remember those three!
  11. Weekend Warriors – They play their best on the weekend.
  12. Weakened Warriors – Not what they once were.
  13. Clown Punchers – Best not allow any clowns near them.
  14. The Human Targets – They won’t last long.
  15. Big Test Icicles – Do you know any better icicles?
  16. Much Ado About Balls – Balls have a lot to do with many things.
  17. Dodgy Arm – Their excuse whenever they make a bad throw.
  18. Salad Dodgers – A little bit wide around the edges.
  19. Hot Dodgers – Too hot to be hit.
  20. The Flying Buttresses – An excellent mental image.
  21. Head Hunters – Headshots can be painful.
  22. Rubber Chuckers – Well the ball is rubber…
  23. Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge – A quote from the film Dodgeball.
  24. Practice Match – If you win against them, just remember it was for practice!
  25. Mother Duckers – The mother of all duckers.
  26. Peeking Ducks – Can you name a team better at dodging?
  27. Minimum Wagers – Not a good idea to bet too much on this team.
  28. Balls To The Wall – Where they belong.
  29. My Balls, Your Face – Also where they belong.
  30. Balls In Yo Face – This is going to be a painful match.
  31. Pancake Batter – They’re going to be splattered all over the place.
  32. Kamikazes – They don’t quite understand the concept of losing.
  33. The Drippy Balls – Ain’t pretty.
  34. Scared Hitless – The other team will be too scared to even lift the ball.
  35. Water Ducks – Swimming pretty.
  36. The Gimps – This team is for hire.
  37. Ballsagna – Balls are going to fly in with from all angles.
  38. Won’t Move For Cake – Why would you?
  39. The Human Targets – Used to being hit.
  40. Village Idiots – Not the smartest team you’ve come across.
  41. Spaced Out – Not the most focused team you know.
  42. Patches O’ Houlihan’s Heroes – Another reference to the film Dodgeball.
  43. Sadists – They love to give pain to others.
  44. Masochist – They love to receive pain from others.
  45. The Nutshots – You know what they’re aiming for.
  46. Hurl And Hide – An excellent technique.
  47. Crash Test Dummies – This team is little more than practice to their opponents.
  48. Cow Tipping Dwarfs – Because why not?
  49. Mulchers – They’re going to plow right through the other team.
  50. Dead Ducks – About to get totally eliminated.
  51. The Underdodges – Wordplay on underdogs.
  52. Dodgy Stomachs – They might vomit if you hit them there.
  53. Lame Ducks – Not the coolest team.
  54. Ball Handlers – They love playing with balls.
  55. Ball Huggers – Balls are about to get squeezed.
  56. Ball Strokers – Stroking those balls to victory.
  57. Not In the Face! – It’s painful! Though saying that out loud is likely just to encourage the other team.
  58. Not In the Balls! – Like the above, but a bit more painful.
  59. Dip N’ Dive – A questionable technique.
  60. Superheroes In Training – They still have a lot of training ahead of them.
  61. Help Wanted – Forever and always.
  62. Slow Reactions – If they were a little faster, maybe they would be able to dodge the ball.
  63. Balls Deep – Those are some deep balls.
  64. Broken Noses – Faces will look different!
  65. Broken Jaws – Similar to the above.
  66. Moose Knucklers – An effective way of putting the other team off.
  67. The Ball Doctors – The other team will need a checkup after this match.
  68. If You Can Dodge A Wrench – Another quote from the film Dodgeball.
  69. Red Skins – Because the other team is going to have red skin after this painful match.
  70. Blood, Sweat, Beer – The three most important things in life.
  71. Abusement Park – Let’s be clear, this match is not going to be ‘fun.’
  72. Jammie Dodgers – After the tasty biscuits.
  73. Yank-Deez – As hard as you can.
  74. The Dirty Ballers – When you have balls, there’s no need to follow the rules.
  75. The Sweaty Ballers – Their sweat acts as a repellent to the other team.
  76. Cereal Killers – The one thing they’re capable of killing.
  77. Prestige Worldwide – A reference to the film Step Brothers.
  78. Old Dodgers – They’ve been around.
  79. Benchwarmers – After the film of the same name.
  80. Big Cojones – Spanish for balls.
  81. Las Vegas Police Department – In reference to the team in the film Dodgeball.
  82. Backdoor Ball Slammers – They’re a little aggressive.
  83. All Pain, No Gain – This team expects little more than this match to be painful.
  84. T-Baggers – When playing this team, make sure you don’t fall down.
  85. The Muppets – Hard to take this team seriously.
  86. Team Snipe – Each player should have a letter on their shirt and when you’re introduced, rearrange, so it spells penis.
  87. Old Ducks – Sounds a little like something else, right?
  88. Yammie Dodgers – Similar to Jammie Dodger.
  89. Gym Class Heroes – After the band of the same name.
  90. Oddballs – Not a normal bunch of people.
  91. Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars – Another reference to a team from the film Dodgeball!
  92. Picked Last – And never any sooner!
  93. Allergic To Rubber – How do they even play dodgeball?
  94. Team Name Team Name – The No.1 team name of all time.
  95. Don’t Hit Me! – Can you think of a more courageous bunch of people?
  96. Dodgy Style – The best style.
  97. The Dodge Caravans – After the car by Dodge.
  98. Bleeding Balls – Balls have never known such pain before.
  99. Ballstosterone – All you need to be a man.
  100. The Stepdads – Because they beat you and you hate them.

Cool Dodgeball Team Names

Cool Dodgeball Team Names

Do you prefer badass names; a cool name that puts fear into your opponents? Cool names like “Don’t Dodge Me,” “If Dodge Was a Crime,” “Dodge Sincerely.” The following are sick, awesome and cool dodgeball team names your team could answer:

  1. Intimidators – Intimidation can help a lot in a dodgeball game.
  2. No Mercy – Why would you have any?
  3. Smooth Operators – This team makes it look easy.
  4. The Quick Foxes – Always ahead of the other team.
  5. Can’t Give Up – Highly motivated to win.
  6. Eclipse – Now you see them, now you don’t.
  7. The Dodgebulls – The toughest team around.
  8. Duck, Duck, Chuck – A simple and easy way to win.
  9. Revenge – You know what motivates them.
  10. The Avengers – Similar to the above.
  11. Vengeance – And another similar one to the above.
  12. Vendetta – Italian for revenge.
  13. The Four-Ball Men Of The Apocalypse – Great for a team of four.
  14. The Untouchables – Wordplay on the film The Untouchables, especially as that’s the point of the game!
  15. Rampage – They use their rage as a weapon.
  16. Shoot To Kill – They don’t throw balls lightly.
  17. Heavy Hitters – If that ball hits you, it’s definitely going to hurt.
  18. Ka-Pow – Don’t be surprised if they end up knocking you over with that ball.
  19. Suckers For Pain – They enjoy it.
  20. Target Locked – There’s no way the other team can escape them.
  21. Team Blitzkrieg – They’re not just going to win, they’re going to annihilate the other team.
  22. Blitzkrieg Balls – A humorous twist on the above.
  23. Misfits – They don’t fit in anywhere else except with each other.
  24. The Ball Dodgers – Nice, clean and simple.
  25. A Team – All other teams are just B Teams.
  26. Flyballers – There will be so many balls flying through the air it will be like a jet show.
  27. The Lost Boys – After the film of the same name.
  28. Dodge This! – A great catchphrase to say just as your team knocks out the last player.
  29. You Really Miss Me – A great way to tease the other team.
  30. Miss Me? – Similar to the above.
  31. Illusion – They know exactly how to trick you.
  32. Ducking Out – They know how to dodge every shot.
  33. Wrangler Stampede – This is one tough team.
  34. From Balls To Blood – Only one image comes to mind – spat!
  35. Power Outage – They play so furiously the power goes out.
  36. The Do-Not-Get-Hit-Team – It’s their mission, and they stick to it.
  37. The Facebreakers – The other team will look different.
  38. Rib Breakers – Call an ambulance.
  39. The Mighty Divers – They can dodge even the most accurate shots.
  40. Unknown Entity – Teams that playoff against this one won’t know how to strategize.
  41. The Rambos – They’re killing machines.
  42. The First Bloods – Wordplay on the first Rambo film.
  43. Hitmen – Hired killers.
  44. Ball Surfers – Surfing their way to victory.
  45. Resistance – They can fend off even the best of teams.
  46. Broadway Balls – They always put on a show.
  47. Bad Intentions – They play dirty, all the time.
  48. The Big Dippers – After the constellation.
  49. Mad Monsters – Not afraid to a little crazy to win.
  50. The Undertakers – The other team will be lucky to survive this match.
  51. Dodging Bullets – Incredibly flexible when dodging their opponents.
  52. The Explosions – Get ready for an explosive show.
  53. Dream Killers – The other team will lose all hopes of winning.
  54. Scoring Is The Least Of Our Problems – It never is.
  55. In Sync Rage – A team of equally enraged players.
  56. Outcasts – Not your normal players.
  57. The Dragon Ball Zs – They’ll go Super Saiyan on you if they have to.
  58. Ninja Hurlers – Deadly assassins.
  59. The Top Dodgeball Prospects – This team is made of all the best players.
  60. Wrecking Crew – They’re set on demolishing the other team.
  61. Skillz That Killz – They’ve got some lethal skills.
  62. The Elite Team – A team of hand-picked players, each with outstanding levels of skill.
  63. Double Hitters – They’ll hit you twice as hard as any other team.
  64. Bomb Squad – The other team is about to get blown up.
  65. Punk Balls – These players are real anarchists.
  66. Eliminators – They’ll wipe the floor with the other team.
  67. Silent Assassins – So swift the other team will hardly notice how badly they’ll get beaten.
  68. The Deranged – Will scare off any opposition.
  69. Ballistics – Getting hit by this team will be like getting hit with a missile.
  70. The Bullies – They’re just mean.
  71. Major Impact – The other team will definitely remember the time they got beaten by this team.
  72. The Dodgers – Known for never getting hit.
  73. Living Legends – Everyone knows this team.
  74. The SuperSonics – Lightning fast.
  75. Smokin’ Aces – The other team is about to get burned.
  76. Elusive – No matter how well the other team throws that ball, it’s just never going to hit them.
  77. Dodge Police – Their policy is not to accept losing.
  78. Iron Spartans – As tough as nails.
  79. Brew Crew – They love a good beer after winning, and they always do.
  80. Hustlers – The odds are always in their favor.
  81. Dodge Demons – Dodging the ball with demon-like skill.
  82. Velocity – Known for hard hitting.
  83. Purple Cobras – In reference to the antagonists from the film Dodgeball.
  84. Hot Balls – When that ball hits the other team, they’re definitely going to get burned.
  85. Designated Hitters – They were born to play rough.
  86. Wacker Smackers – Aggressive to say the least.
  87. The Imperials – Playing with a royal level of skill.
  88. Game Changers – Revolutionizing the game of dodgeball.
  89. Wolfpack – A team with a real connection.
  90. Thunderballs Of Justice – They win because they deserve to.
  91. The Evaders – They can dodge just about anything.
  92. Shut Up And Dodge – When this team plays, they’re 100% in the zone.
  93. Not Getting Hit – It’s just impossible.
  94. Where’s The Competition? – No team is too tough.
  95. Hit It, Don’t Quit It – They won’t give up, even when the odds are totally against them.
  96. Balls Out Of Nowhere – The other team won’t know what hit them.
  97. Dash And Duck – Nothing beats that strategy.
  98. Mean Machine – Trained to be the meanest players alive.
  99. Survivors – This team has managed to survive even the most deadly of matches.
  100. The Curve Balls – They’ve mastered the art of getting that ball to hit anyone.

Clever Dodgeball Team Names

Clever Dodgeball Team Names

Clever dodgeball team names are witty, smartass, and pun-filled dodgeball team names. For example, “Dodge, Paper, Scissors,” “Niagra Balls,” and the following names:

  1. Chuck Norris – Just invincible.
  2. Ball Or Nothing – Wordplay on all or nothing.
  3. I’d Hit That – As you should.
  4. When A Stranger Balls – Wordplay on ‘when a stranger calls.’
  5. Ball-Der-Dash – In reference to the phrase ‘balderdash.’
  6. Risky Ballness – In reference to the film Risky Business.
  7. Can’t Dodge This – Wordplay on Mc Hammers song ‘U Can’t Touch This.’
  8. In the Dodgehouse – Wordplay on the phrase ‘in the doghouse.’
  9. Hit For Brains – Don’t need brains when you can win.
  10. Rage Against The Ball – Wordplay on the band ‘Rage Against the Machine’.
  11. It’s Raining Balls – Wordplay on the song ‘It’s Raining Men.’
  12. Dodger Federer – In reference to tennis player Roger Federer.
  13. Dodger Moore – In reference to Roger Moore.
  14. Sitting Ducks – Just waiting to be taken out.
  15. Reservoir Dodge – In reference to the film ‘Reservoir Dogs.’
  16. Stairway To Dodgeball – In reference to the song ‘Stairway to Heaven.’
  17. Beastie Balls – Wordplay on the band Beastie Boys.
  18. Ball Out War – Wordplay on ‘all-out war.’
  19. Ball-E – In reference to the film Wall-E.
  20. Practice Makes Perfect – And the other team is practice.
  21. Best Of Ball Time – Wordplay on the term ‘best of all time.’
  22. Canniballs – A combination of cannibals and… Balls.
  23. Dodger Clemens – After American baseball player Roger Clemens.
  24. Duck, Duck, Goose – After the kid’s game.
  25. Catchers In The Rye – Wordplay on the book ‘Catcher in the Rye.’
  26. Draft Dodgers – Hardly patriotic.
  27. The Artful Dodgers – After the character from Oliver Twist.
  28. Ballrats – Wordplay on the film Mallrats.
  29. Mother Duckers – Very similar to a naughty word.
  30. The Ballchinians – In reference to the alien species in the film from Men in Black II.
  31. No Hit Sherlock – In reference to a well-quoted phrase.
  32. Swingin’ Singles – Looking to score.
  33. What Dodgery Is This? – What sorcery is this?
  34. The Hand of Dodge – The Hand of God.
  35. The Jolly Dodgers – After the pirate flag, the Jolly Roger.
  36. A True Underdog Story – After the tagline of the Dodgeball film.
  37. The Nelson Mandodgers – After Nelson Mandela.
  38. Moneydodgeball – In reference to the film Moneyball.
  39. Don’t Stop Ballieving – Don’t ever!
  40. Teenage Mutant Ninja Hurlers – After the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  41. Hot Dodge Stand – Wordplay on ‘hot dog stand.’
  42. Whack-A-Balls – Wordplay on the arcade game ‘whack a mole.’
  43. Balls Royce – After the car company Rolls Royce.
  44. Dodge City Dodgeball Dodgers – That’s a lot of dodging.
  45. Dodger Daltrey – After Roger Daltrey, founder of The Who.
  46. Ballsy – They’ve got guts.
  47. Going Balled – Going, Bald.
  48. Dodging Under The Influence – Driving under the influence.
  49. The Dodge Bollocks – Wordplay on the phrase ‘the dog’s bollocks.’
  50. Balling In Love – Falling in love.
  51. Daj Mabal – Wordplay on the Taj Mahal.
  52. League Of Extraordinary Dodgers – Wordplay on the film ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’.
  53. Saved By The Balls – Balls save lives.
  54. Daffy Duckers – After Daffy Duck.
  55. The Undefeated Champions – A great name for the announcer to call.
  56. Dodge Chargers – After the sports car.
  57. Slumdodge Millionaires – After the film Slumdog Millionaire.
  58. Bally Madison – In reference to the film Billy Madison.
  59. Making Dodgeball Great Again – After Donald Trump’s slogan ‘Making America Great Again.’
  60. Balled Eggs – Like boiled eggs.
  61. System Of A Ball – Like the band System of a Down.
  62. The Ball Stars – Like all-stars.
  63. Ducking Dodgers – The best at dodging and ducking.
  64. Roger Dodgers – Works like a charm.
  65. Hot Diggity Dodge – Wordplay on the phrase ‘hot diggity dog.’
  66. Dirty Dodgers – Rules are for losers.
  67. Niagara Balls – Like Niagara Falls.
  68. Victoria Balls – Like Victoria Falls.
  69. Who Let The Dodgers Out? – Wordplay on the song ‘Who let the dogs out?’.
  70. The Ball Of Fame – Wordplay on the phrase ‘hall of fame.’
  71. Get Out Of Dodge – After the well-known phrase.
  72. Uncommonly Good – A lot better than uncommonly bad.
  73. The Balls of Jericho – Wordplay on the “Walls of Jericho.”
  74. The Dodgefathers – After the film The Godfather.
  75. The Dodgefathers Part 2 – A sequel arguably better than the original.
  76. Leave It To Beaver – After the TV show of the same name.
  77. Duck Dynasty – A royal family of duckers.
  78. The Testicular Torsions – That’s one painful name.
  79. Globo Gym – After the rival gym in the film Dodgeball.
  80. Game Of Throws – A simplistic way to describe dodgeball, maybe?
  81. Balls Of Steel – Those balls can cause a lot of damage.
  82. Themselves – A team name designed to embarrass the opposition if they win.
  83. Off – Like the above.
  84. Snoop Dodgy Dodge – Wordplay on rapper Snoop Doggy Dog.
  85. 2 Balls 1 Cup – You don’t want to know.
  86. Good Will Dodging – In reference to the film Good Will Hunting.
  87. Hard Targets – In reference to the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Hard Target.
  88. Dodge State University – They all graduated with a Ph.D. in Dodging.
  89. Throw-Bo-Cops – Like Robocop.
  90. Ball Of Duty – Wordplay on the video game Call Of Duty.
  91. Money for Balls – An excellent business plan.
  92. Ballzinga – Wordplay on Sheldon’s catchphrase ‘bazinga’ from The Big Bang Theory.
  93. The Big Ball Theory – Wordplay on the TV show The Big Bang Theory.
  94. Dodger Ebert – After the late film critic Roger Ebert.
  95. Dodgezilla – Like Godzilla.
  96. Duck Forest, Duck! – A wordplay on ‘run Forest, run!’ from the film Forrest Gump.
  97. Ball-O-Holics – They’re addicted to this game.
  98. Dodge For Your Life – Like run for your life.
  99. Duckin’ Donuts – Wordplay on Dunkin’ Donuts.
  100. Bananas In Pajamas – After the kid’s TV show.

Cute Dodgeball Team Names

Cute Dodgeball Team Names

Not every team likes aggressive or powerful team names, some prefer cute names. If you are one of the cuties, here are some excellent cute dodgeball team names:

  1. Shenanigans – They’re always getting into trouble.
  2. Popsicles – Tasty!
  3. The Tangerines – Very sweet.
  4. The Earthlings – The cutest team on Earth!
  5. Fire Breathing Kittens – Cute and deadly.
  6. One Spirit – A united one!
  7. Scream’n Blueberries – Who knew blueberries could be so frightening?
  8. The Daisies – Who doesn’t like daisies?
  9. Good Times – Every match is.
  10. Lucky Charms – They’ve got tons of luck.
  11. The Shamrocks – After the useful lucky charm.
  12. Rabbit’s Foot – Another lucky charm.
  13. The Sour Apples – Another delicious option.
  14. Miracle Workers – They’re just unbelievable.
  15. Sunkissed – Sounds too cute.
  16. Softies – They’re so gentle.
  17. Cyclones – Get ready for a little storm!
  18. Turbo Time – Faster than the flash.
  19. The Fast Cats – Too fast for the eyes to see.
  20. Foxes – Who doesn’t like foxes?
  21. Meteor Showers – Balls are going to rain from the skies!
  22. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs – After the film of the same name.
  23. The Butterflies – An awesome name for a cute team.
  24. Elusive Butterflies Of Love – They’ll break the audience’s hearts.
  25. The Pancakes – They’ll flatten the other side.
  26. Lil’ Leprechauns – So lucky they can never lose.
  27. Team Spirit – All you need to win.
  28. Blue Vikings – Great for a kid’s team.
  29. Beyond The Stars – The cutest team in the known universe.
  30. Tulips – After the beautiful flower.
  31. The People I love – A team that truly cares for one another.
  32. Shake It Up – They mix things up with every game.
  33. Huffin’ Puffins – Maybe the cutest bird?
  34. Little Dippers – The shorter you are, the harder it is for the ball to hit you.
  35. Lemon Drops – Very sweet.
  36. The Starbursts – After the candy of the same name.
  37. Skittles – Another famous candy.
  38. Taste The Rainbow – After the catchphrase of Skittles.
  39. The Jam – This team is stuck together.
  40. Blossoms – They bloom in every match.
  41. Team Joy – Because it’s always a joy to play against them.
  42. Cherry Bombs – After the little firework.
  43. Asteroid Kids – They came from outer space to win.
  44. Wandering Minds – Not always 100% focused on the match.
  45. The Milky Bars – After the candy.
  46. Tenacious Turtles – The toughest turtles.
  47. The Hummingbirds – After the beautiful and gentle bird.
  48. Dodging Puppies – These kids dodge like pros.
  49. The Hoppers – The love to jump around the court.
  50. High Five – A great way to boost team spirit.
  51. The Digletts – After the Pokémon.
  52. Starfish – What a great image.
  53. Great Match – They just love to play.
  54. Snap, Crackle, Pop – After the three cartoon mascots of Rice Krispies.
  55. Magic – They’re full of tricks.
  56. Go Banana – A quote from Ralph from The Simpsons.
  57. Go Team, Go! – That’s the spirit.
  58. The Dolphins – After the oceans’ most majestic creature.
  59. The Mini-Mes – After the character Mini-Me from the film franchise Austin Powers.
  60. The Minions – After the characters from Despicable Me.
  61. Life Is For Friends – The right way to think about life.
  62. Teenie Wahines – Teeny and proud.
  63. The Teenies – Similar to the above.
  64. Velociraptors – Vicious.
  65. The Suns – They brighten up your life.
  66. The Sundancers – They bring the sun out.
  67. The Hippies – They’re free-spirited.
  68. Slow And Steady Wins The Game – The best strategy.
  69. Sweet Spot – They always know where to throw the ball.
  70. Cute But Deadly – You’ve been warned!
  71. Lil’ Donuts – Small and tasty.
  72. The Whiz Kids – These kids are truly driven to win.
  73. Blast – Blasting the other team out of the game.
  74. Jupiter Dodgers – If they can dodge Jupiter, they can dodge anything.
  75. The Posse – A great group of friends.
  76. Orange Crush – What an inspiring mental image.
  77. It’s The Taking Part That Counts – It totally does.
  78. The Muffins – Scrumptious.
  79. Cupcakes Anonymous – their love of cupcakes knows no bounds.
  80. Peaches-N-Cream – Another great food-inspired team name.
  81. The Darlings – They have the sweetest souls.
  82. The Apollos – Shooting into space.
  83. Ladybugs – The sweetest looking of all the bugs?
  84. The Dinosaurs – For kids that are obsessed with the prehistoric creatures.
  85. The Dodgesaurs – A wordplay on the above.
  86. Space Jammers – In reference to the basketball movie.
  87. Ducks – Simple and sweet.
  88. The Duckies – All kids love duckies.
  89. Lucky Duckies – A variation of the above.
  90. Little Angels – This team was clearly plucked from heaven.
  91. Stars – Everyone loves to watch this team.
  92. Robins – After the gentle little birdies.
  93. The Pace Makers – They play at the pace they want to.
  94. Bubblicious – After the brand of bubble gum.
  95. Cutie Pies – So lovable.
  96. Cutie Wuties – When they’re so cute you need to put a twist on the word cutie.
  97. Munchkins – One of the cutest ever team names.
  98. Space Cadets – They’re so good, they’ll be sent to space to play off against aliens.
  99. Matching Uniforms – Great for a team with an awesome uniform.
  100. We Match – Similar to the above.

Girls Dodgeball Team Names

Girl Dodge Team Names

If you are an all-girls dodgeball team and you’d love to reflect that in your team name or you are a male team that just wants to mess with the other team, here are some kickass female dodgeball team names:

  1. Trigger Happy Bunnies – More than happy to inflict pain on the other team.
  2. Ball It Like Beckham – Wordplay on the film “Bend It Like Beckham.”
  3. Dazzling Divas – No one dazzles better than them.
  4. She-Ballers – Better than he-ballers.
  5. Farmer’s Daughters – They’re some tough daughters.
  6. Your Pace or Mine? – They can play at any pace.
  7. Sweet And Sweaty – Beautiful and determined.
  8. Sweaty Bettys – Like the above and rhymes.
  9. The He-She’s – A team to put all-male teams to shame.
  10. Ultra Super Chicks – No other team is more ultra or super.
  11. Dodgy Ladies – Not advisable to put your trust in them.
  12. Cunning Stunts – A legendary team name still going strong.
  13. The Sirens – Their enchanting call will lead the other team to their deaths.
  14. Ap-throw-dite – After the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite.
  15. The Rocket Girls – The deadliest girls around.
  16. The Ponytail Express – They move at impressive speeds.
  17. Lil’ Prodigies – They’re going to take over the world.
  18. Ice Queens – They’re ice cold when they play.
  19. Victorious Secret – A Common one, but people still love it.
  20. Sugar and Spice – Ingredients for the best players.
  21. The Real Dodgeball Wives Of Orange County – Wordplay on the TV series The Real Housewives of Orange County.
  22. Dodgy Birds – Suspicious looking, to say the least.
  23. Dodging Divas – Divas that can’t be trusted.
  24. We, the Women – They embody all it means to be a woman.
  25. Diamond Girls – They outshine the competition.
  26. 2hott4u – And everyone else.
  27. Barbarian Women – Just straight up savage.
  28. Dodge Queens – They practically invented the art of dodging.
  29. Pink Pain – They throw those balls so hard they paint the other team pink.
  30. Backstreet Girls – Like Backstreet Boys.
  31. Venom – They’re poisonous.
  32. Charging Femmes – Always on the attack.
  33. Girl Scout Dropouts – They were always too naughty to be girl scouts.
  34. I. Janes – Playing with a military level of discipline.
  35. The Heartthrobs – They’re going to steal your heart.
  36. Intensity – They have a real passion for the game.
  37. Duchesses Of Dodge – They come from a long line of dodgers.
  38. All Dodge, No Balls – Who needs balls anyway?
  39. Queen Bees – Just splendid.
  40. Dodging Chicas – They can dodge anything.
  41. Estrogen Express – The fastest women alive.
  42. Balls N’ Dolls – Wordplay after the musical Guys and Dolls.
  43. Purplicious – Well, that’s just delicious.
  44. Wedding Dodgers – They’re always getting proposals.
  45. Dirty Divas – Make the rules up as you go along.
  46. Dynamite Divas – BOOM!
  47. Divas, Achievas, And Believas – The three things every player should be.
  48. Banshees – They play with a haunting level of talent.
  49. If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put a Ball on It – Wordplay on the song Single Ladies by Beyoncé.
  50. Always On Top – They’re not used to losing, it just doesn’t happen.
  51. The Galaxy Girls – Playing with skill not from out of this galaxy.
  52. Love At First Dodge – Like love at first sight.
  53. You Know You Wanna Hit This – But you know there’s no way you can.
  54. Ball Girls – They love all kinds of sports.
  55. Bridalveil Balls – After Bridalveil Falls.
  56. Taking More Pain Than Men – Men are wimps.
  57. Lethal Bounce – Balls have never been more deadly.
  58. Royal Rockettes – These princesses are going to rule the game.
  59. Average Hos – They’re too modest.
  60. The Vengeful Vipers – You better not anger them.
  61. Marilyn Bumproe – After Marilyn Monroe.
  62. Dragon Ladies – Taking down the other team in flames.
  63. Breaking Balls – Best bring some spares.
  64. Girls With Swag – And that swag is winning.
  65. Emerald Angels – They shine with delight.
  66. The Bitchslaps – Painful.
  67. Guns And Throwsies – Lots of throwsies.
  68. She-Mullets – When you’re this good, you can have any hairstyle you like.
  69. Queens Of The Court – As soon as you step on it you know it’s there’s.
  70. Poison Ivy – More deadly than being bitten by a snake.
  71. Vicious And Delicious – Taking out the other team while looking great at the same time.
  72. The Scoring Girls – They score in style.
  73. Destroyers Of Balls – They play so hard you’ll need a new ball to continue.
  74. Beerly Legal – Works in a number of ways.
  75. Sparkletts – Lighting up this game!
  76. Students Of Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky – In reference to the character in the film Dodgeball.
  77. Ball Hearted – It’s why they love the game so much.
  78. Losing to a Girls’ Team – A great team name to use when playing against a guy’s team.
  79. The VooDoo Dolls – They’re manipulative!
  80. Nice Snatch – Sounds like a nice catch, right?
  81. Venus – Where women come from!
  82. Graceballs – They play with such grace.
  83. Spicy Girls – They’ll leave a spicy taste in your mouth when you lose to them.
  84. Pink Sox – The best sox.
  85. Girls Dodge Better – They 100% do.
  86. The MILF’s – A hilarious choice.
  87. Whirl And Hurl – Hurling that ball like real athletes.
  88. Gurly Girls – You’ll never come across tougher women than these.
  89. Female Balls – They keep them on the court.
  90. Blazing Babes – Blazing is an understatement.
  91. Ballerina’s – Each move they make is perfectly orchestrated.
  92. Bone Crushin’ Ballerinas – Each move they make is perfectly orchestrated… to kill!
  93. The Dodge Vipers – After the sports car by Dodge.
  94. The Dodger Barbies – Instead of playing with a dolls house, they’re here beating you.
  95. Pretty Punches – Getting hit never looked so good.
  96. Femme Fatales – Deadly when armed.
  97. Bearded Clams – Just too funny.
  98. Millennium Girls – Truly modern women.
  99. The Jailbirds – They’re rough and care little for rules.
  100. The Rack Attack – The other team will have no idea what hit them.

Dodgeball Movie Names

Dodgeball Movie Team Names

You can also use a team name from a movie for your dodgeball team. The following are movie team names; names of teams in movies. You can modify these team names to fit your team. For example, “Softball Ghost Team” is from the movie “Field of Dreams,” and we changed it to “Dodgeball Ghost Team.”

  1. Average Joe’s – Finally, a true dodgeball team name. From the movie “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.”
  2. Charlestown Chiefs – From the movie, “Slap Shot.”
  3. Cleveland Indians – From the movie, “Major League.”
  4. Compton Clovers – From the movie, “Bring It On.”
  5. Crenshaw Heights High Warriors – From the movie, “Bring It On: All or Nothing.”
  6. Detroit Tigers – From the movie, “For Love of the Game.”
  7. Dodgeball Ghost Team – From the movie “Field of Dreams.” In the movie, it was “Baseball Ghost team,” but who cares?
  8. East High Wildcats – From the movie, “High School Musical.”
  9. Giants – From the movie, “Little Giants.”
  10. Gotham Rogues – From the movie “The Dark Knight Rises.”
  11. Graceville Oilers – From the movie, “Long Gone.”
  12. Grizzly Gulch No Soxs – From the movie, “Kirby’s Last Circus.”
  13. Hackensack Bulls – From the movie, “Brewster’s Millions.”
  14. Hickory High Huskers – From the movie, “Hoosiers.”
  15. John Hughes High Wasps – From the movie, “Not Another Teen Movie.”
  16. London Silly Nannies – From the “Family Guy.” You can change London to your city name.
  17. Los Angeles Diablos – From the movie, “The Hoops Life.”
  18. Mean Machine – From the movie, “The Longest Yard.”
  19. Miami Sharks – From the movie, “Any Given Sunday.”
  20. Milwaukee Beers – From the movie, “BASEketball.”
  21. Minnesota Twins – From the movie, “Little Big League.”
  22. Monstars – From the movie, “Space Jam.”
  23. New Becton Hot Dogs – From the movie, “The Comeback Kids.”
  24. New York Americans – From the movie, “Squeeze Play.”
  25. New York Knights – From the movie, “The Natural.”
  26. North Valley High Fighting Frogs – From the movie, “A Cinderella Story.”
  27. Pacific Vista High Pirates – From the movie, “Bring It On: All or Nothing.”
  28. Park City Pirates – From the movie, “Lucas.”
  29. Providence Jewels – From the movie, “Strike Three You’re Dead.”
  30. Rockford Peaches – From the movie “A League of Their Own.”
  31. Santa Destroy Warriors – From the movie, “No More Heroes.”
  32. Scrappers – From the movie, “Home Run.”
  33. South Bay High Lancers – From the movie, “A Cinderella Story.”
  34. Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Dodgeball Team – From “The Simpsons.” In the TV Show, the name belongs to a Softball Team but who says we can’t use it?
  35. Sticks – From the movie, “Guys Like Us.”
  36. Tampico Stogies – From the movie, “From the movie, “Long Gone.”
  37. The Bears – From the movie “The Bad News Bears.” A great name for a team of underdogs.
  38. The Benchwarmers – From the movie, “The Benchwarmers.”
  39. The Ducks – From the movie “The Mighty Ducks trilogy.” Perfect team name for a team of underdogs.
  40. The Hawks & Team Iceland – From the movie, “D2: The Mighty Ducks.”
  41. The Sandlot Team – From the movie “The Sandlot.’ Perfect for a team of misfits and unlikely friends.
  42. Toon Squad – From the movie “Space Jam.”
  43. TuneSquad – From the movie, “Space Jam.”
  44. West High Knights – From the movie, “High School Musical.”
  45. Western University Dolphins – From the movie, “Blue Chips.”

I hate to state the obvious, but you could also use movie titles as a team name for your dodgeball team. For example:

  1. A Cinderella Story
  2. A League of Their Own
  3. Any Given Sunday
  4. Blue Chips
  5. Brewster’s Millions
  6. Bring It On
  7. Field Of Dreams
  8. For Love of the Game
  9. Guys Like Us
  10. Little Giants
  11. The Bad News Bears
  12. The Benchwarmers
  13. The Comeback Kids
  14. The Natural

Also, you could modify some movie titles or use wordplays

  1. Not Another Dodge Team – From, “Not Another Teen Movie.
  2. Strike Three You’re Dodge – From, “Strike Three You’re Dead.”
  3. The Dodge Life – From, “The Hoops Life.”
  4. Dodge Knight Rises – From, “The Dark Knight Rises.”
  5. Ball of Duty – From the popular Game series “Call of Duty.”
  6. Balls of Jericho – From the movie “The Walls of Jericho.”
  7. Ballzinga – From Bazinga, Sheldon Cooper’s catchphrase in The Big Bang Theory.
  8. Dodge Judy – From the TV Show “Judge Judy.”
  9. The DodgeFathers – From the “Godfather”
  10. Dodgezilla – From the movie “Godzilla.”
  11. Dodge Dynasty – From “Duck Dynasty.”
  12. Game of Throws – From “Game of Thrones.”
  13. Ninja Hurlers – From “Ninja Turtles.”
  14. Reservoir Dodge – From “Reservoir Dogs.”
  15. Shrek the Balls – From “Shrek the Third.”
  16. SlumDodge Millionare – From “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Ka-pow! What a list!

Now, it’s your turn to add to the list, by telling us any awesome dodgeball team name you know.

Let us know; we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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