400+ Fantastic Team Names for Girls (With Meanings)

Are you looking for the perfect group name for an all-girls’ team? Look no further.

A group of girls with a unified purpose can achieve great things but first, they need to decide on an awesome team name.

The right team name can inspire your team to greatness and on a more fun note, it can incite fear in your competitors camp.

Picking the right team name isn’t hard.

  • First, define your teams aim, objectives and goals. With that in place, you can determine the type of name that will be fitting for your girls’ team. For example, if your team is academically based, then it’s great to go for the creative team girl names.
  • Also, go for names that say a little about your team. Whatever your girls are teaming up for, you will find the appropriate name in this article

In this article, we have shared several fantastic names for a girl’s group alongside their meanings.

Surely, you and your girls will find the team name that you need.

Cute Team Names for Girls

Cute Team Names for Girls

Many things come under cute, like flower picking, entertainment, shopping, drama, arts and many more. You need names to match these activities. Below are cute names that will have you oohing and aahing.

  1. Awesome Blossoms – The rhyme and meaning is on point
  2. Bumblebees – A spelling team
  3. Charming Chicks – Beautiful
  4. Cupcakes Anonymous – as sweet as cakes
  5. Divas – You got to love them
  6. Dolls with Balls – Girls play football too.
  7. Express – Great for any sporting team
  8. Firehawks – They breath fire
  9. Flower pot – Undeniably cute
  10. Heat – Fine girls with fire
  11. Honey Bees – Sweet but deadly
  12. Hot Shots – They know their worth
  13. Ladybugs – For an outdoor team
  14. Lady Leopards – A beautiful paradox
  15. Lil Cuties – ideal for really little girls
  16. Lil’ Divas – girls that know what they want
  17. Lil Rascals – Any name with “Lil” is cute
  18. Lovable Ladies – You can’t but love them
  19. Pink Magic – Anything can happen with some magic
  20. Pink Panthers – A running team will love this
  21. Pink Warriors – They may have strands of pink in their hair
  22. Power Puffs – Cute and powerful
  23. Rainbow Warriors – Ready for action
  24. Rock Stars – Entertainment all the way
  25. Shooting Stars – They fill the sky
  26. Starbursts – what a picture!
  27. Superstars – individual winners
  28. The Flaming Pink Flamingoes – perfect for ballet or dance teams
  29. Violets – Pretty and delicate
  30. Wildcats – feminine but lethal cats

Funny Team Names for Girls

Funny Team Names for Girls

If you don’t want the common cool, smart names, you want a team name that will generate a giggle or a chuckle from anyone that hears it. Below, you will find more than ten team names that will fit your requirements.

  1. Bottoms up – May be ideal for a socialite club
  2. Bubblicious – Anything that will generate bubbles like swimming
  3. Cheetah Chicks – Athletic teams
  4. Chicks with Kicks – A girl soccer team
  5. Chicks with Sticks – For a female hockey team
  6. Eye Candy Chicks – Looking good is important
  7. Fire Ants – This team is on fire
  8. Firecrackers – you can’t stop the sparks flying
  9. Footloose – Their feet get the job right
  10. Girls who Score – They do every match
  11. Go Get ‘Em – sounds like a motivational speech
  12. Happy Chicks – They have no worries
  13. Hippie Chicks – fun all the way
  14. Junk Yard Divas – Perfect for thrift and bargain shoppers
  15. Kick Chicks – for a fighting team
  16. Luck be a Lady – Another way of saying “Lady ”
  17. Lucky Duckies – For a water sport team
  18. Mavens of Mayhems – They cause trouble, but the right kind
  19. One Time at Band Camp – For a one-off competition
  20. Pegasus – Fun, and cartoon-inspired
  21. Purplicious – sounds like a delicious purple color
  22. Purple Puffs – There is something about the color purple…
  23. Rockers – Happy go lucky
  24. Sacks and the City – After the drama series “Sex and the ”
  25. Screaming Divas – You better get out of their way
  26. Short Cuts – Ideal for petite girls
  27. Shut Up and Bounce – They are ready to win
  28. Taste the Rainbow – It must taste like victory
  29. The Blond and the Beautiful – For the fashion crew
  30. The Rack Pack – Makes the original “Rat Pack” old
  31. You Just Lost to a Girl – For the men that can handle it, sorry!
  32. Young Tarts and Old Farts – All ages are welcome

Creative Team Names for Girls

Creative Team Names for Girls

The names here may require a bit of time to think it through to get the idea behind it. If you are in the High IQ level, you may figure it out right away. These are creative, clever and smart names that show intelligence and creativity.

  1. Amazonian Mermaids – A badass swimming team
  2. Cowbelles – Nice play of words
  3. Electric Currents – The effect of a current is undeniable
  4. Estrogen Express – Proudly female
  5. Fly girls – Girls who are highfliers
  6. Fusion girls – A team with a mixture of girls of race, color or different music styles
  7. Goal Diggers – A brilliant spin
  8. Hell Hath No Fury – Rooted in a bible verse; your competition will be scared
  9. Hoops I Did It Again – Great for basketball teams
  10. Hot Flash – Not only during menopause
  11. Hurricane – Your effect can be seen even after the game is over
  12. Kick’ n Kangaroos – The rhythm is effective
  13. Kiss My Boots – Sounds a bit cheesy but you better be intimidated.
  14. Lunachicks – Luna as in moon
  15. Pony Tails – Great for a riding team
  16. Red Hots – Girls are usually called hotties
  17. Saddle Tramps – If you will be on horses
  18. Sole Sisters – “Sole” can mean anything you want
  19. Sonic Boom – A musical group who expresses their creativity
  20. Sparklers – It’s all about the fireworks
  21. The Tatas that Bind – Perfect for a sorority group
  22. Treasured chests – The pun makes it ideal for girls
  23. The Rack Attack – Interesting implications
  24. Trivia Tramps – Intelligent geeks
  25. Venom – when this team gets you, they don’t let go until you are dead
  26. Victorious Secret – A play on the popular lingerie brand “Victoria ”
  27. Vipers – No-nonsense team
  28. We wear pink, but we don’t stink – The rhythm and implications are clever
  29. Your Pace or Mine – Walkers or Runners will love this name

Cool Team Names for Girls

Cool Team Names for Girls


The names in this section are team names that you hear, and you nod your head at how cool it sounds. Names that you will be glad to have any girl team bear.

  1. Aftershocks – Can you deal with the results?
  2. American Idols – You know they are amazing
  3. Aristocrats – A bunch of rich kids
  4. Aztech – For a group of nerds
  5. Black Magic – Magic that has some bad to it
  6. Blaze – trailing in team uniqueness
  7. Blue Dolphin – Optimism at its best
  8. Blue Sky – One positive team
  9. Blue Unicorns – As cool as water, great for a swimming team
  10. Cleats and Cleavage – Naughty but nice
  11. Cowgirls – With a matching team outfit
  12. Disco Divas – dancing all the time
  13. Dragonflies – Pretty cool for any tam
  14. Dream Team – It’s all in the name
  15. Doomsday Divas – Pretty but destructive
  16. Flash – You move like lightning
  17. Galaxy Girls – Space inclined team
  18. Howling Hyenas – Not only wolves howl, but these girls also do
  19. Impact – Great for non-profit team
  20. Infinity – They lead forever
  21. Lady Lions – More memorable than “”
  22. Lemon Drops – Pretty cool.
  23. No Fear – Motivational and cool
  24. Panthers – A rare fast moving team
  25. Pink Ladies – We’ve got class
  26. Poison Ivy – There is something about ivies
  27. Rampage – Watch out for this team
  28. Southern Belles – Ladies of the South
  29. Stingers – You know they will get you
  30. Super Girls – With a cape to match
  31. The Goldilocks – The girls must all be blonde
  32. The Wild – A wild bunch
  33. Wild Thangs – What is not to like
  34. Wolves – Howling to victory

Powerful Team Names for Girls

Powerful Team Names for Girls

Here are names for a no-nonsense group of girls, who exude power, toughness, and strength in the mission of their team.

  1. Babe Bunch
  2. Ceiling Shatterers – There is no limit
  3. Chick Clique – When you hear cliques you know there is some power there
  4. Daisy Dukes – delicate yet assertive.
  5. Diamonds in the Rough – Girls not only like diamonds, but they are also diamonds
  6. Female AF – AF could mean air force
  7. Fembots
  8. Femme Fatale – They slay every time
  9. Flossy Posse
  10. Get It Girls – go-getters
  11. Get Ovary It – quirky and badass
  12. Girl Bosses
  13. Girl Gang – No boys allowed
  14. Girls, Manterrupted – Beautiful play on words that shows “power.”
  15. GRL PWR – It all about girl power
  16. HBICs
  17. Here to Slay – Just like “here to stay”
  18. HERd – The herd of girls
  19. HERstory Makers – These girls will make history
  20. Hustlin’ Honeys – Girls who are on the go for what they believe
  21. La Femme – The girls in French
  22. Lady Loves – Love is the most powerful force
  23. Leading Ladies – It is all in the name
  24. Pantsuit Sisters – Perfect for a fundraising team for girls
  25. Pink Hats – The hat is a symbol of business
  26. Pretty Pack – Every girl is pretty
  27. Pretty Tough – You can see it in the results
  28. Queen Bees – Constructive busybodies
  29. Run like a girl – dominant girls
  30. She Devils – Not in a bad way
  31. She-Unit – Powerful
  32. Sister Tribe – The unity of a tribe can even be greater than family
  33. Sisters before Misters – Ladies first, right?
  34. Slay All Day – They are hard workers
  35. Slick Chicks
  36. Super Fem – Super ladies
  37. The Female Force – clear out of the way
  38. The Matriarchy – In this team, the girls rule the world
  39. Venus Vixens – They don’t take “NO” for an answer
  40. Woke Women – No sleeping on this team
  41. Wonder Women

Themed Team Names for Ladies

This section is subdivided into four themes of girl team names. This helps you to find what you are looking for quickly

Christmas and Winter Themed Female Team Names

Christmas Team Names for ladies

It’s usually winter season when it is Christmas, so here are team names that can be used for any activities of the season. If you are not into Christmas, then go for the winter names.

  1. Angels on Horseback – Perfect for the equestrian team
  2. Blizzards – Snowstorm
  3. Candy Canes
  4. Eggnog’ns – A Christmas traditional drink
  5. Elf for Leathers – Great for Horse riders as well
  6. Elfies – Very reminiscent of “”
  7. Fab- YULE-us – Unique and clever
  8. Gangster Wrappers – Especially if you are in charge of gift wrappings
  9. Grinch Gang
  10. Ho Ho Ho’s – Could be ideal for any team
  11. Holly Berries
  12. Holly Jollys
  13. Ice Storm
  14. Jingle Junkies – The dance team
  15. Merry Quizmas – Nerds again
  16. Mistletoe Wanderers
  17. Naughty List – A funny play of words regarding the Santa’s list
  18. NOEL
  19. Penguins – Winter season is the penguin season
  20. Peppermint Twists
  21. Polar Bears
  22. Prancer’s Enhancers
  23. Red Nose Reindeers – A team of party clowns
  24. Rein dears – How cute!
  25. Santa’s Helpers
  26. Santa’s Little Jumpers – For a High jump competition
  27. Santa’s Little Trotters
  28. Santa’s Workshop
  29. Silent Knights – Perfect for the drama team
  30. Silver Bells – A singing team
  31. Sleigh Belles
  32. Sleigh What? – A pun from “Say What?”
  33. Snowflakes
  34. Sugar Plum Fairies – A cute team name
  35. The Avalanche – A massive rundown of snow from a mountain top
  36. The Bouncing Baubles
  37. The Christmas Crackers
  38. The Christmas Jumpers
  39. The Cool Carolers – The singing team
  40. The Demented Elves
  41. The Fruitcakes – girly and sweet
  42. The Jingle Belles – Beautiful wordplay
  43. The Maids A Milkin’ – From the famous Christmas song
  44. The Noel-It-All – For a book club team
  45. The Parumpapapums – After the Christmas song
  46. The Pregnant Virgins – Another immaculate birth pending
  47. The Promise Keepers
  48. The Roasting Chestnuts
  49. The Rowdy Rudolphs – That is the name of Santa’s reindeer
  50. The Stocking Stuffers – The team in charge of gift buying.
  51. The Wise Women – A play on the three wise men
  52. Tinsel Toes – Christmas ballet team
  53. Vixen’s Pixies
  54. Winter Wonderland – Like in the frozen cartoon
  55. Yule-Log-y

Food Themed Group Names for Ladies

For all things culinary, cooking and food girl competitions team and squads

  1. Afterburn – It hits the back of your throat
  2. All Fired Up
  3. Bad to the Bone Cookers – They know their business
  4. Beans & Jeans
  5. Bowls of Steel
  6. Burn-Baby-Burn – Yummy and hot
  7. Burnt Butts
  8. Cheftastic
  9. Chop it Like It’s Hot
  10. Cooks and Crooks
  11. Dynamo Chicken Kiev
  12. Fandango
  13. Fiery Passion – That is what keeps the fire going
  14. Flame Queens
  15. Flavor Country – It’s all about the flavor
  16. French Toast Mafias
  17. Funky Coal Sisters
  18. Gingerbread Girls
  19. Grubs and Rubs
  20. Hen & Hogs
  21. Holy Smokes
  22. Jalapeno Hotties
  23. Jackass Cooks
  24. Juliet Red – Girls that will get your tongue on fire
  25. Killer Grillers
  26. Mean Mama Chili – We know what makes a great chili
  27. Meat Spankers
  28. Oh, Crepes!
  29. Pie Mongers
  30. Pits Don’t Quit
  31. Red Hot Chili Preppers
  32. Rib Rubbers
  33. Rib Ticklers
  34. Screw Balls
  35. Shakers and Bakers
  36. Simmer Down
  37. Slice, Slice, Baby
  38. Soup-A-Stars
  39. Stop Drop Cooks
  40. Sweet Serrano Serenade – How sweet on the alliteration
  41. Team Cuisine
  42. Team Smokin’ Grate
  43. The Cereal Killers
  44. The Cheezeweasels
  45. The Evil Pop Tarts
  46. The Flaming Marshmallows
  47. The Gouda Life
  48. The IncrEDIBLES
  49. The Spice Girls – As in food spices like curry, thyme, etc.
  50. The Tuna Tasters
  51. True Grits
  52. Up In Smoke
  53. Varmints
  54. Volcanic Chili – Undeniably hot
  55. What the Fork?
  56. Wok this Way – Work this way literally

Movie Themed Group Names for Girls

Movie Themed Girl Team Names

There are not many movies or books with an only girl team, but we have been able to gather names that will be great for any girls’ team inspired by movies, comics, books, and superheroes. The name of the team name inspiration is stated as well.

  1. Birds of Prey – Marvel
  2. Charlie’s Angel – Charlies Angel
  3. Cheetah Girls – The Cheetah Girls
  4. Defenders – Marvel
  5. Dumbledore’s Army – Harry Potter
  6. Femforce – AC Comics
  7. Graceville Oilers – Long Gone
  8. Grease – Grease
  9. Mean Girls – Mean Girls
  10. Providence Jewels – Strike three you’re Dead
  11. Pussy Cat Dolls – Josie and the Pussycats
  12. Sticks – Guys like Us
  13. The Furious Five – Just make sure the team is made up of Five Kung Fu Pandas

Space Themed Group Names for Girls

Space Themed Girl Team Names

We love sports and all the varieties it encompasses. Combining that love and the fascination we have to space things is what this section is all about. Here are some space-themed sports names that your girl football, dodgeball, softball, baseball, volleyball, soccer or any other sports team can use.

  1. Asteroid Angels
  2. Astronaut Divas – An Athletic team will bear this name well
  3. Battle Star Galacticas – The team that is ready to battle on the field
  4. Earthlings
  5. Exploding Stars – Like fireworks
  6. Firebirds – They fly and breed fire too
  7. Flickers – Perfect diving team
  8. Gemini Gems
  9. Green Aliens – Ensure you have a matching outfit
  10. Hot Vaders – Instead of the regular invaders
  11. Invaders – They will take over the game
  12. Jupiter Jets – Definitely, ideal for a basketball team
  13. Lunar Ladies
  14. Mars All-Stars – Sounds good
  15. Mercuraiders – From mercury
  16. Neptune Noodles – A space name for a cooking team
  17. Nosy Nebulas
  18. Out of This Worlds – Girls that rule even the outer world
  19. Planet Champs – Earths champions
  20. Pluto’s Little Angels – The little girls’ soccer team
  21. Saturn Surfers – The girl surf team
  22. Saturn Space Hawks
  23. Silver Satellites – Shiny sports girls
  24. Smart Stars – The geek club
  25. Space Babes
  26. Speeding Comets – A race bunch
  27. Star Trekkers – A marathon team
  28. Supernovas
  29. Tasmanian Suns
  30. Too hot for the Sun – You can’t beat this
  31. Twinkle Stars – How cute!
  32. Unicorns – They use their extra-powers for victory
  33. Unknown Planets – Anything can happen with these girls
  34. Venus Beauties – The planet that is identified as for females
  35. Venus Fires
  36. Venus Fly Traps – Female catch team
  37. Venus Hotties – Cheerleading team, maybe?
  38. Venusians – Complex but pretty
  39. Venusians Vicious Venuses – A mouthful of rhymes
  40. Wacky Aliens – Crazy different
  41. Wild Space Kids – Rambunctious
  42. X-rays – Powerful
  43. Zodiac Lights – shinning all the way

Fantasy Football Themed Girl Team Names

Fantasy Football Themed Female Team Names

Girls are also into fantasy football. This theme sport has broken any gender mold. Here are girl team names in honor of fantasy football. To personalize some of this names, you can use the name of your state or town to give it your identity. Most of the names in this section does not require any further interpretations as their meaning and inspiration is clear as day.

  1. All of Us
  2. AllStars
  3. Aph-THROW-dite
  4. Apple Bottom Turnovers
  5. Babes with Brains
  6. Badass Baby Makers
  7. Balls to You
  8. Ballsy Footballers
  9. Black Unicorns
  10. Blazing Goals
  11. Bloodbath and Beyond
  12. Catch Me If You Can
  13. Charging Femmes
  14. Chicago Mama Bears
  15. Club Foot
  16. Crazy Kickers
  17. Cuddling Cougars
  18. Cutler Commandos
  19. Dallas Cowgirls
  20. Dazzle Me Gold
  21. Dazzling Divas
  22. Death in the Net
  23. Defensive Dolls
  24. Diva Draft Picks
  25. Diva Dominators
  26. Drawn and Quaterbacked
  27. Dream Killers
  28. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful
  29. End Zone Maniacs
  30. Eye Candy Chicks
  31. Fame Gamers
  32. Fantasy Chicas
  33. Fantasy Goddess
  34. Fiery Fun
  35. Football Fanatics
  36. Football Shootball
  37. Footballs on Fire
  38. Foot in the Boot Like “puss in ”
  39. Foot Work
  40. Foxy Mamas
  41. Friday Night Tights
  42. Funtastic Goalies
  43. Game Changers
  44. Girls Only!
  45. Girls Got Swag
  46. Girls on the Gridiron
  47. Girls Rule Boyz Drool
  48. Glitz and Blitz
  49. Goal Getting Girls
  50. Goals Are Us
  51. Got to Love Football
  52. Green babe Packers
  53. Gridiron and Wine – Reminiscent of the movie “The Gridiron ”
  54. Gunner Gurlz
  55. Hail Marys
  56. Here Comes The Run
  57. Huddle Hussies
  58. In Her Endzone
  59. Jersey Babes League
  60. Junk in the Trunk
  61. Kansas City Chicks
  62. Kick in a Box
  63. Kick Me Hardly
  64. Kicking Starters
  65. Kicking to the Curb
  66. Laces Out
  67. Ladies’ Day Out
  68. Ladies of Steel
  69. Ladies for Manning
  70. Lipstick Leatherheads
  71. Locker Room Ladies
  72. Lucky Ladies League
  73. Luckness Monsters
  74. Miami Hot Mamas
  75. Mile High Heel
  76. Miss Daisy League
  77. No Punt Intended
  78. Ovaries in Overtime
  79. Own Goal
  80. Pigskin Princesses
  81. Pretty Moms Score (PMS)
  82. Pouncy Bouncers
  83. Punting Pussycats
  84. Quicksilver Kickers
  85. Razzle Dazzle
  86. Running Back to Me
  87. Sandaled Ladies
  88. Sassy Sistahs
  89. Scared Hitless
  90. Scouting for Goals
  91. Shoot that Ball
  92. So My Forte
  93. Southern Sweet Peas
  94. Stars and Stripes
  95. Strawberry Shots
  96. Suicide Squad
  97. Superbowl Babes
  98. Sweet Cheeks
  99. Sweet and Sweaty
  100. Taking Charge
  101. The Bear View Mirrors
  102. The Buddy Bunch
  103. The Coyotes
  104. The Fighting Mammas
  105. The Foo Foo Fighters
  106. The Monsters
  107. The Pleated Prowlers
  108. The Polka Dots
  109. The Show Time
  110. The Tacklebox
  111. The Watergirls
  112. Watch Out For The Girls
  113. Wenches in Trenches

Whichever team name you choose, it is important for all team member to agree on it and love it.

Now, it’s your turn to share any great group names for girls we might have missed.

Also, if you know anyone that needs ideas on great names for a girl’s group, kindly be a dear and share this article with the person.


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  2. The names were quite dazzling and interesting, but I haven’t found what I am looking for. I am planning to start a girls guide at my school and need a name for it, but animal themed. Example is Woodchuck Woodsies and no, I can’t use that. Please reply as soon as possible as the school year is about to start.

  3. Didn’t get a name what I find but really a very big list of unique names.. hope so I can find a good name after a little effort ????????

  4. Omg, they really helped me alot, my friends and I love them, we liked:
    Lemon Drops
    Sisters Before Misters
    Apple Bottom Turnovers-because it reminded us of apple bottom jeans the tiktok dance, so it could be our friend group name and apple bottom jeans could be our group dance.
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