700+ Basketball Team Names That Don’t Suck

An awesome basketball team name will put fear in your opponents and help bring the team closer.

However, coming up with an awesome team name can be an uphill task.

You probably don’t know this but whenever you need to come up with a good name for a basketball team or any other type of team, don’t start from scratch, instead browse through a few team name ideas. It will make finding the perfect basketball team name, a million times easier.

On this page, you’ll find an excellent list of basketball team names to get you started. You’re guaranteed to find one that works for you!

List of Basketball Team Names

Whatever name you pick for your basketball team, you are under no pressure to back it up, you don’t owe anyone victory – just yourselves. We have listed funny basketball team names, clever basketball team names, cool basketball team names, team names for an all-guys basketball team and team names for an all-girls basketball team.

Cool Basketball Team Names

Cool Basketball Team Names

Although it doesn’t always translate to the performance of the team, everyone on the court adores the team with a cool name. Here are some cool basketball team name ideas you and your team could use.

  1. About To Embarrass You – Be prepared to lose your pride.
  2. Air Ballers – They seem to spend a lot of time flying through the air.
  3. Ankle Breakers – The other team, may end up with a few injuries.
  4. Back Court Violators – They don’t always want to play by the rules.
  5. Ball Hoggers – The opposition just can’t get the ball back from them.
  6. Ball So Hard – The other team won’t be able to believe it.
  7. Ball Stealers – The other team won’t be able to hold on to the ball for very long.
  8. Baller Goons – Players from the streets.
  9. Banned On The Court – They’re just too good.
  10. Basket Hounds – You won’t see them anywhere else.
  11. Basket Junkies – Addicted to scoring.
  12. Bear Dribblers – Not just tall, these guys are big.
  13. Bombers – Blitzing the court.
  14. Boom Shaka Laka – They make a lot of noise when they play.
  15. Born Ballers – It’s all they know.
  16. Bound To Win – Everyone’s betting on this team.
  17. Break The Wall – They always destroy the other team’s defense.
  18. Bring Your Defense – You will need it.
  19. Brooklyn Sanity – The best team from Brooklyn.
  20. Build The Wall – Their defense makes it impossible to get past.
  21. Can’t Resist Winning – They just can’t help themselves.
  22. Canni-ball Shooters – You’ve never seen the ball fly through the air so fast.
  23. Chargers – Always on the attack.
  24. Clear And Present Granger – In reference to Danny Granger.
  25. Collision Course – A match against this team will be explosive.
  26. Court Rulers – They make their own rules.
  27. Defenders – Playing with a solid defense.
  28. Dunk After Dunk – Can’t stop scoring.
  29. Dunkalicious – Tasty.
  30. Fast And The Furious – Playing with speed and anger.
  31. Fast Breakers – Masters of Fast Breaks
  32. Fast Movers – The other team just can’t keep up.
  33. Fire Ballers – You’ve never seen the ball move so fast.
  34. Five Finger Ball Slingers – Keeping it real.
  35. Flight Time – Known to take to the skies to score.
  36. Flying Ballers – Ballers with wings.
  37. Full Court Pressure – They really put the pressure on the other team.
  38. Gravity Defiers – They don’t even know what gravity is.
  39. Head Bangers – If they can’t take aim at the hoop, they’ll take aim at your head.
  40. Heart Stoppers – The most intimidating team you’ve ever played against.
  41. Hoop Breakers – They get a little too over excited.
  42. Hoop Penetrators – They only put the ball in one place.
  43. Hoopers – They feel at home hoop-side.
  44. Hoopsters – Constantly taking shots.
  45. Impossible Shots – The other team will constantly be asking themselves how on Earth they made that shot.
  46. In Style – The grooviest team there is.
  47. Jedi Ballers – They’re one with “the force.”
  48. Jumpshot Hustlers – They’ve got some creative jump shots up their sleeves.
  49. LeBrontourage – Wordplay on LeBron James and the TV show Entourage.
  50. Locker Room Party – Every game is like a joke to them.
  51. Locker Room Talk – They’ve got the dirtiest jokes.
  52. Lowriders – Known for keeping it low to the ground.
  53. Monster Squad – They ain’t pretty.
  54. Neck Breakers – Don’t get too close to this team, it might hurt.
  55. Net Ragers – Getting so many dunks that net is going to fall apart.
  56. Net Rippers – When the game is over the net will need to be replaced.
  57. Netty Shots – When they throw that ball, there’s only one place it’s going to land.
  58. No Sympathy – Don’t expect any free chances from them, no matter how badly your losing.
  59. Non-Stoppers – They never want to take a break.
  60. Predators – And the other team is the prey.
  61. Prepare To Die – And prepare your will.
  62. Quick Silver – So fast the other team’s head will be spinning.
  63. Robo Squad – They play like machines.
  64. Runnin And Gunnin – A lot of energy and a lot of shots.
  65. Satan’s Players – Playing with a satanic level of skill.
  66. Savage Storm – Literally tearing up the court.
  67. Shady Dunkers – Making the coolest shots.
  68. Shockers – The other team’s mouth will be wide open.
  69. Shooting Stars – Works on many different levels.
  70. Simply The Best Team – Why argue?
  71. Sky Force – Cruising through the air like a jet fighter.
  72. Smoking Threes – Burning through the net.
  73. Spinners – They love their spin tricks.
  74. Stars And Scars – True veterans.
  75. Straight Up Bounce – They’ve got more bound than any other team.
  76. Straight Up Dunkers – Known for their flawless dunks.
  77. Strategic Nightmare – They always have the best strategy in mind.
  78. Swing Mongers – They really know how to launch that ball around the court.
  79. Swish – Keeping it simple.
  80. The Avengers – If you beat them, they’ll immediately demand a rematch until they win.
  81. The Braves – Never afraid of a match.
  82. The Crusaders – Crusading to win.
  83. The Crushers – They don’t just win, they embarrass the other team.
  84. The Flying Dutchmen – A team that can never stop playing.
  85. The Heat – They bring it to every match.
  86. The Hot Shots – Their shots will amaze you.
  87. The Intimidators – Making the other team weak at the knees.
  88. The Monarchs – They literally own the court.
  89. The Only Squad – All other squads are fakers.
  90. The Panthers – They’ll leap out at you.
  91. The Pros – They have true professional skill.
  92. The Rising Suns – They’re about to go kamikaze on you.
  93. The Slam Dunks – It’s what they’re known for.
  94. The Three-Pointers – They don’t score anything less.
  95. Tip Your Waiters – In reference to Dion Waiters.
  96. True Ballers – All other ballers are fake ballers.
  97. Underrated Superstars – One day they will be famous.
  98. We Got Game – They certainly do.
  99. Where Is Your Defense? – It’s nowhere to be seen.
  100. Your Nemeses – The other team will hate you.
  101. Zig Zaggers – The ball will bounce around the court in so many directions, the opposition will never know where it will land.

Funny Basketball Team Names

Funny Basketball Team Names

Some people say you shouldn’t joke with everything but if you and your team are up for it, you can pick a funny name for your basketball team. These are a few funny name ideas you call your basketball team:

  1. 50 Shades Of Klay – Wordplay on the book and film 50 Shades of Gray and player Klay Thompson.
  2. 99 Problems But A Swish Ain’t One – And It definitely shouldn’t be!
  3. 99 Problems But LeBron Ain’t One – LeBron is never a problem.
  4. Adopt A KAT – Another one for Karl-Anthony Towns.
  5. Alley-Oopsies – Oh, did they score again? That was totally by accident.
  6. AmazeBalls – The best balls.
  7. And One More For Us – A little bit boastful?
  8. Average Joes – The most normal team you’ll ever play against.
  9. Backbenchers – They feel more comfortable sitting out on the side than playing.
  10. Balls To The Wall – Where they belong.
  11. Bed, Bath and Biyombo – Wordplay on Bed, Bath and Beyond and Bismack Biyombo.
  12. Better Call Gasol – Wordplay on the TV show Better Call Saul and Gasol.
  13. Bigly Ballers – In reference to Donald Trump using the word ‘bigly.’
  14. Bling Pings – The best-dressed players.
  15. Blow Me In The Ear – In reference to the time when player Lance Stephenson blew into LeBron James’ ear.
  16. Blurred Lins – Wordplay on the song Blurred Lines and Jeremy Lin.
  17. Bricklayers – Not known for their accuracy.
  18. Church Of Kobestan – In reference to Kobe Bryant.
  19. Comic Sans Cavaliers – Wordplay on the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  20. Cookies And Kareem – Wordplay on cookies and cream and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
  21. Crack Smoking Monkeys – Because why not?
  22. Crying Jordans – Wordplay on Michael Jordan.
  23. Curry in a Hurry – Wordplay on Stephen Curry.
  24. Double Dribblers – Dribbling on the court and on their jerseys.
  25. Dribblers And Droolers – Dribbling and drooling all over the floor.
  26. Dribbling Souls – A little distracted.
  27. Drilling Me Softly – Wordplay on the song Killing Me Softly.
  28. Durant Durant – Wordplay on the band Duran Duran and player Kevin Durant.
  29. Ebola Ballers – They really should be seeing a doctor, not playing.
  30. Fighting Koalas – Hardly threatening.
  31. Flat Earth All-Stars – Not particularly intelligent.
  32. Flat Earth Believers – Variation of the above.
  33. Flat Earth Society – One more joke on flat-Earthers.
  34. Freak Squad – Expect antics.
  35. Game of Throws – Isn’t that technically what basketball is?
  36. Gang Green – They may smell funny.
  37. Gasol Train – Another one for Gasol.
  38. Gasolar Eclipse – Wordplay on “solar eclipse,” and player “Pau Gasol.”
  39. Geeks In Sneaks – The nerdiest team there is.
  40. Getting Wiggy With It – Wordplay on Andrew Wiggins.
  41. Goose Ballers – Not particularly athletic players.
  42. Harden The Interruption – Another one for James Harden.
  43. Harlem Flat-Earth Trotters – A joke on Kyrie Irving believing the Earth to be flat.
  44. Human Size Players – You don’t need to be tall to play basketball right?
  45. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butler – In reference to Jimmy Butler.
  46. I Wish I Was A Baller – Maybe one day… in your dreams.
  47. Indiana Slow Pacers – A joke on the Indiana Pacers.
  48. Ingles All The Way – One more for Ingles
  49. James Gives Me A Harden – Wordplay on James Harden.
  50. Juan On Juan – Wordplay on one on one.
  51. Kareem Cheese – Another one for Kareem, this time a play on cream cheese.
  52. Kareem Of The Crop – And one last one, a wordplay on ‘the cream of the crop.’
  53. KAT In The Hat – In reference to Karl-Anthony Towns.
  54. Kawhi 5-0 – Wordplay on Hawaii 5-0 and Kawhi Leonard.
  55. Kawhi Me A River – Wordplay on the song Cry Me A River and Kawhi Leonard.
  56. Kawhi So Serious? – Wordplay on the famous quote by the Joker in The Dark Knight and Kawhi Leonard.
  57. Kobe Wan Kenobi – Another one for Kobe.
  58. Little Giants – Little on the outside, but a giant on the inside.
  59. Lob City – They throw that ball a little bit too aggressively.
  60. McCallum Like I See Um – Wordplay on the phrase ‘call them like I see them’ and player Ray McCallum.
  61. Multiple Scorgasms – Scoring makes them happy, very happy.
  62. Nash Potatoes – In reference to player Steve Nash.
  63. No Hablo Ingles – In reference to Joseph Ingles.
  64. No Time Out – Never.
  65. Pacers – Not the fastest team on the court.
  66. Papa Thons – Wordplay on Papa Johns and Thons Maker
  67. Parking Lot Pimps – They play best when not on the court.
  68. Pau, Right in the Kisser – Wordplay on the Jackie Gleason catchphrase and Pau Gasol.
  69. Pigs Can Fly – Yes, yes they can.
  70. Pour Some Zingis On Me – Wordplay on Kristaps Porzingis.
  71. Power Grangers – Wordplay on Power Rangers and Danny Granger.
  72. Rated PG-13 – No kids allowed.
  73. Rebound Your Mouth Shut – That ball might just smack you in the face.
  74. Rim Jobs – Way to dirty.
  75. Riming Me Softly – Like the above but a bit dirtier.
  76. Russian Interference – Expect some cheating.
  77. Screw Balls – They’re a little bit clumsy.
  78. Shake And Blake – Wordplay on the phrase ‘shake and bake’ and player Blake Griffin.
  79. Sham Yao – In reference to Yao Ming.
  80. Shatter Dreams Like Jordan – A lyric from the song Dream Shatterer by Big Pun.
  81. Shortlings – Not the tallest players.
  82. Slam Dunk Drunk – They play better when they’re not sober.
  83. Soup-A-Stars – Not your traditional all-stars.
  84. Straight Up Rimmers – At least they have pride in what they do.
  85. Swish Kebabs – That some tasty swishes.
  86. The Perfectos – At least they think so.
  87. The Philadelphia 69ers – Wordplay on The Philadelphia 76ers.
  88. The Shortest NBA Players – Short and proud of it.
  89. Three The Hard Way – Always getting threes.
  90. Tickle Me And Rub My Belinelli – In reference to Marco Belinelli.
  91. Watermalone – In reference to Karl Malone.
  92. Wet Dream Team – The best dream you ever had.
  93. What’s Dunn Is Dunn – In reference to Kris Dunn.
  94. White Men Can Jump – In reference to the film White Men Can’t Jump.
  95. Whose Shot, JR? – In reference to J.R. Smith and the TV show Dallas.
  96. Yao What I Ming? – Another one for Yao Ming.
  97. Yi of Little Faith – Wordplay on Yi Jianlian.
  98. Yo Mamma – Get ready for the jokes.
  99. Your Zipser’s Undone – In reference to Paul Zipser.
  100. Zero Violations, So Far – They’re working on it.

Clever Basketball Team Names

Clever Basketball Team Names

Need a witty team name? Here are some clever basketball team names you can adopt:

  1. 3-1 Lead – In every game.
  2. Afrostars – Great for a team where all the players have an afro.
  3. Air Jordans – After the sneakers.
  4. All About that Pass, No Dribble – Wordplay on the song All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor.
  5. Alley-Oops – You’ll hear this team say that a lot.
  6. Aminu Acids – In reference to player Al-Farouq Aminu.
  7. Apocalypse Noah – A combination of Apocalypse Now and Joakim Noah.
  8. Awaiting A Real Challenge – All other teams are just a warm-up.
  9. Ball In The Family – Wordplay on the TV show All In The Family.
  10. Ball Lives Matter – They certainly do!
  11. Basket Ballers – If there’s a hoop around, they’ll be balling.
  12. Basket Brawlers – Known for destroying hoops.
  13. Basketeers – Great for a team of three.
  14. Best Of The Ballers – A team made up of all the best players.
  15. B-Hoggers – Getting the ball from them is basically impossible.
  16. Bled Sugar Sex Dragic – Wordplay on the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and players Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragić.
  17. Boing! – There ain’t no bounce without a boing!
  18. Bombsters – Launching continuous attacks at the hoop.
  19. Bouncing Blobsters – They may be wide, but they play well.
  20. Built For Basketball – It what they are born to do.
  21. Caddy Shaq – Wordplay on the film Caddyshack and player Shaquille O’Neal.
  22. Can’t Touch This – After the song!
  23. Carry On My Hayward Son – Wordplay on the song Carry On My Wayward Son and player Gordon Hayward.
  24. Cereal Killers – Old but gold.
  25. Cuban Miss Out Crisis – Wordplay on the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  26. Curry On My Wayward Son – Wordplay on the song Carry On My Wayward Son and player Stephen Curry.
  27. Curry Up And Shoot – In reference to Stephen Curry.
  28. Defending Champions – When haven’t they been?
  29. Dirty Cheetahs – Fast and don’t like the rules.
  30. Dirty Wroten Scoundrels – Wordplay on the film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and player Tony Wroten.
  31. Don’t Bogut That Joint – Wordplay on the song ‘Don’t bogart that joint’ and player Andrew Bogut.
  32. Duncan Donuts – Wordplay on Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Duncan.
  33. Everybody Loves Draymond – Wordplay on Everybody Loves Raymond and player Draymond Green.
  34. Fresh Prince of Balls in the Air – Wordplay on The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air.
  35. From The Streets To The Court – Working their way up the professional ladder, one game at a time.
  36. Gobert Or Go Home – Another one in reference to Rudy Gobert.
  37. Going, Going, LeBron – One more for LeBron James.
  38. Grand Theft Otto – Wordplay on Grand Theft Auto and player Otto Porter.
  39. Grasshoppers – No other team jumps as high.
  40. Gritty And Grind – They play dirty.
  41. Gym Rat Pack – This team is always in top condition.
  42. Head Spinners – The other team never knows where to look.
  43. High Tops – After the shoes.
  44. Hoop, There It Is – Possibly also a great catchphrase, just make sure you score before you say it!
  45. Hoops I Did It Again – Wordplay on ‘Oops I did it again’ by Britney Spears.
  46. I Can Be Your Rebound, Baby – Wordplay on the lyric ‘I can be your hero, baby’ in the song Hero by Enrique Iglesias.
  47. Ibaka To The Future – Wordplay on the movie, Back To The Future and player Serge Ibaka.
  48. Iblockalypse Brow– Wordplay on the film Apocalypse Now and players Serge Ibaka and Anthony Davis.
  49. Imagine Dragic – Wordplay on the band Imagine Dragons and player Goran Dragić.
  50. It’s Harden Out Here For A Pimp – Wordplay on player James Harden.
  51. It’s Like BOOM – Every time they score.
  52. Joker, Smoker, Mile High Toker – For those that like to smoke.
  53. Karate Kidd – Combination of the film The Karate Kid and former player Jason Kidd.
  54. KATmandu – Wordplay on the city Kathmandu and player Karl-Anthony Towns.
  55. Kyrie On My Wayward Son – Wordplay on the song Carry On My Wayward Son and player Kyrie Irving.
  56. LaVine La Vida Loca – Wordplay on Zach LaVine and the song ‘Livin La Vida Loca.’
  57. Linsane In The Membrane – Wordplay on the song ‘Insane In The Membrane’ and player Jeremy Lin.
  58. Live Faried Or Die Hard – Wordplay on the film Live Free Or Die Hard and Kenneth Faried.
  59. Lords of The Rims – Wordplay on The Lord of the Rings.
  60. Lords of The Rings – Variation of the above.
  61. Make It Drizzle – Because making it rain is getting old.
  62. Manu A Manu – Another one for Manu Ginóbili
  63. Meme Team – Always joking about memes.
  64. Messed Around And Got A Triple-Double – In reference to the song It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube.
  65. Mexico Will Pay For John Wall – In reference to the player John Wall.
  66. Midnight Kawhiboys – Wordplay on the film Midnight Cowboy and player Kawhi Leonard.
  67. Net Assets – And those are winning assets.
  68. Nothing But Net – Classic.
  69. Nothing But Netflix – Wordplay on the phrase ‘nothing but net.’
  70. One Dumars, Two Phones – In reference to Joe Dumars.
  71. One Great Leap For Mankind – May as well be playing in space, because they make it look like gravity doesn’t exist.
  72. Our Own Mascot – Why get a mascot when you can be your own?
  73. Psyching You Out – They’ll break you mentally.
  74. Pump Fake News – Wordplay on the term fake news and fake pump.
  75. Ragin’ Cajuns – Angry Cajun players.
  76. Repo-Sessions – In reference to Ramon Sessions.
  77. Rim Shatterers – There’s no way to repair the rim once they’ve played with it.
  78. Rimshots – Another dirty-sounding one.
  79. Run, Shoot, Steal – Winning by any means.
  80. Serge I-Block-Ya – Another reference to Serge Ibaka.
  81. Shaqtin’ A Fool – After the TV show.
  82. Shut Up And Dribble – This team doesn’t appreciate small talk.
  83. Slushed Sloshers – A little bit of alliteration.
  84. Space Jam 2 – After the long-awaited sequel.
  85. Space Yam – Wordplay on Space Jam and the term yam.
  86. Talkin’ About Practice? – Because there’s no way, the other team will win.
  87. Temporary Linsanity – Wordplay on temporary insanity and Jeremy Lin.
  88. The Ball Don’t Lie – This team respects the rules.
  89. The Big Deng Theory – Wordplay on The Big Bang Theory and player Luol Deng.
  90. The Gobert Report – Wordplay on The Colbert Report and Rudy Gobert.
  91. The Insurmountable – Too great to be overcome.
  92. The Matadors – The other team will go after them and always miss.
  93. To The Window, To The Wall – After the lyric from the song Get Low.
  94. Trust The Process – And the process is we always win.
  95. Two Hands, One Dunk – Vital instructions.
  96. Walker, Texas Granger – Wordplay on the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger and player Danny Granger.
  97. Winning So Much Can Get Tiring – It definitely can.
  98. You Can Act Like A Manu – Wordplay on the line ‘You can act like a man’ from The Godfather and the player Manu Ginóbili.
  99. You Can’t Randle The Truth – Wordplay on the famous quote ‘You can’t handle the truth’ from the film A Few Good Men and player Julius Randle.
  100. Young Shelvin – Wordplay on the TV show Young Sheldon and player Shelvin Mack.

Male Basketball Team Names

Male Basketball Team Names

Not to confuse you, all the names mentioned above can be used by any team; male, female or mixed. But the following names are more suited for a basketball team that has just guys.

  1. A Man Needs A Wade – In reference to Dwayne Wade.
  2. A Very Masculine Bunch – As masculine as they come.
  3. Air Those Balls – Air is a necessity for balls.
  4. All The King’s Men – In reference to the Sacramento Kings.
  5. Backdoor Men – Because the front door is overrated.
  6. Bad News Boys – And the bad news is you’re going to lose.
  7. Ball Boys – You’ll never see them without a ball by their side.
  8. Ball Magicians – These guys can do amazing things with balls.
  9. Balls Up, Balls Down – Balls everywhere.
  10. Ball-Stars – Wordplay on ‘all-stars.’
  11. Big Ballers – They’re huge!
  12. Big Bosh Men – In reference to player Chris Bosh.
  13. Big Man And The Sizzle Boys – For a team with only one tall player.
  14. Boogie Knights – Dudes with the groove.
  15. Boyz N The (Rodney) Hood – Combination of the film Boyz N The Hood and player Rodney Hood.
  16. Brokeback Motiejūnas – Wordplay on the film Brokeback Mountain and player Donatas Motiejūnas.
  17. Bros Before Hawes – In reference to player Spencer Hawes.
  18. Bruisers – No doubt the other team will have some injuries.
  19. Catching Net And Skirt – Looking to score in the match and with the ladies.
  20. Chris Kaman His Pants – One more for Chris Kaman.
  21. Chris Kaman My Mouth – And one last one.
  22. Circle Dirks – One last one to disgust the other side.
  23. Court Wrecking Crew – They’re the designated demolition team.
  24. Courtside Fugitives – So good they’re not allowed to play.
  25. Dick Nuts – Clearly very creative people.
  26. Dirk Digglers – In reference to the film Boogie Nights.
  27. Dobermen – After one of the most aggressive dogs.
  28. Dons – You need to respect them.
  29. Dribble On My Nizzle – Another lovely image for the opposition.
  30. Dribbling Seaman – A fantastic mental image for the other team.
  31. Dukes – They’re at the top of their game.
  32. Foye Ever Men – In reference to Randy Foye.
  33. Game Corks – Things are about to get aggressive.
  34. Gayforu – Another one to make the other side feel uncomfortable.
  35. Gentlemen Ballers – The most polite ballers you’ve ever met.
  36. Gentlemen Share Their Balls – It’s only polite.
  37. Grabbing Assets – They don’t win out of luck.
  38. Great Balls Of Fire – Indeed they are.
  39. Grizzly Balls – Those are some scary balls.
  40. Ground Breakers – They always bring something new to the game.
  41. Harkless Bastards – In reference to Maurice Harkless.
  42. Hook Shot Slims – They’ve got the best shots out there.
  43. Hoosier Daddy? – Great for a team based in the US state of Indiana.
  44. I Kaman My Pants – In reference to player Chris Kaman.
  45. I Splitter Open And Kaman Side – Sorry, another one for Chris Kaman!
  46. Jail Blazers – Wordplay on the Portland Trail Blazers.
  47. James Has A Harden – Another one for James Harden.
  48. Jump Shot Jacks – Known for their excellent jump shots.
  49. Just Angry Men – And proud!
  50. Kaman Her Gasol – This one is for Chris Kaman and Pau Gasol.
  51. Knights In Shining Amir – In reference to player Amir Johnson.
  52. Lonesome Cowboys – They’re on the lookout for some action.
  53. Looking To Score Tonight – And hopefully more than once?
  54. Making Those Balls Sweat – They play damn hard.
  55. Meat Ballers – They’re muscular, to say the least.
  56. Men Of The Sky – Men with wings.
  57. Mighty Court Movers – The best moves on the court.
  58. Minutemen – Faster than the flash.
  59. Muff Divers – Old but gold.
  60. No Hairy Balls Here – They don’t bounce well.
  61. No Small Balls Allowed – They only play with big ones.
  62. No Tears, No Fears – That’s how you win!
  63. Noahwhere Men – Another one for Joakim Noah.
  64. Not Of This World – Or maybe even this dimension.
  65. Off Constantly – So if the other team beats you, they have to say ‘we beat Off Constantly.’
  66. Only Real Men – All others are imposters.
  67. Outlaws – They’re not usually welcome.
  68. Pride In My Balls – As you should.
  69. Rough Boys – Because soft boys never win.
  70. Sirs And Gentlemen – Rules are rules.
  71. Slammed Drunk – Who the hell ever plays sober?
  72. Smash Mouths – Expect foul language.
  73. Sock Puppets – The whole thing is nothing more than a game to them.
  74. Spare Balls On Hand – Who plays without spare balls?
  75. Sphincter Stars – Just disgusting.
  76. Testosterone – It’s all you need.
  77. The Army Of Hulks – That’s one scary army.
  78. The Brigade – When all other teams fail, this is the team you call.
  79. The Bros – The best of bros.
  80. The Bucks – True buddies
  81. The Bulldogz – They’ll eat the other team alive.
  82. The Hogs – When they play, the ball almost never leaves them.
  83. The Last Men Standing – The only true men.
  84. The Mister Swishers – These guys always get a swish.
  85. The Outsiders – They only identify with themselves.
  86. The Playerz – A level beyond players.
  87. The Sacramento Scrotums – Beautiful.
  88. The Smart Guys – They’ve got brains.
  89. The Stags – After the male deer.
  90. The Swing Men – Dudes with the best swing.
  91. The Tall Hunks – Not just tall, good looking too.
  92. The Tribe – Their connection goes deep.
  93. The Warhawks – Prepared for battle.
  94. The Wolf Pack – Howling to victory!
  95. Trigger Happy Hot Shots – Always ready to take a shot.
  96. Twelve Good Men And Jrue – A joke on Jrue Holiday and the film Twelve Good Men.
  97. Untouchaballs – You can’t even play them unless you’re in the same league.
  98. Very Masculine Looking Balls – How else should they look?
  99. Wonder Boys – They strive for perfection.
  100. Your Favorite Jerks – People love to hate them.

Female Basketball Team Names

Female Basketball Team Names

Fallopian Fortitude, Damsels in Offense, Chicks in Points, Dunk’n No-nuts, and the following are cool basketball team names for girls.

  1. A Dame To Lill For – Wordplay on player Damian Lillard.
  2. A Teague Of Their Own – In reference to Jeff Teague.
  3. Afflalo You Anywhere – In reference to Arron Afflalo.
  4. All The Ingle Ladies – In reference to player Joseph Ingles.
  5. All You Need Is Love – Yes it is.
  6. Angels – They never do anything wrong.
  7. Athenas – After the Ancient Greek Goddess.
  8. Atomic Fireballs – The best fireballs.
  9. Baby Got Ibaka – In reference to player Serge Ibaka.
  10. Badass Butterflies – Butterflies can really kill.
  11. Basket Bees – They’ve got sting.
  12. Berries And Kareem – The very last one for Kareem.
  13. Big Girls Don’t Kawhi – In reference to Kawhi Leonard.
  14. Bosh Ladies – In reference to Chris Bosh.
  15. Bosh Spice – Wordplay on Posh Spice and player Chris Bosh.
  16. Bosom Buddies – They’ve all got one thing in common.
  17. Brow Chicka Brow Brow – A variation of the above.
  18. Brow Chicka Wow Wow – In reference to player Anthony Davis.
  19. Cherry Bombers – Bombing the court in style.
  20. Cougars – They’re ready to pounce.
  21. Court Queens – They own the court.
  22. Crimson Storm – A beautiful storm.
  23. Dame Of Thrones – Another one for Damian Lillard.
  24. Dame You Fine – The last one for Damian Lillard.
  25. Daring Divas – They’re not afraid of taking risks.
  26. Deng Girls – In reference to Luol Deng.
  27. Every Kiss Begins With Klay – In reference to Klay Thompson.
  28. Femme Fatales – They can be deadly.
  29. Fighting Hens – Every match is a battle.
  30. Firebirds – They do what they like.
  31. Flying Ladies – Flying around the court like angels.
  32. I. Janes – In reference to G.I. Joe.
  33. Giraffes – They’ve got long necks.
  34. Girls On Fire – They’re burning up the court.
  35. Goldstein Girls – After the superfan, James Goldstein.
  36. Greivis Angel – A wordplay on “Greivis Vásquez.”
  37. Groovy Ladies – Ladies with the best moves.
  38. Half Court Hotties – The hottest lady ballers.
  39. Her-icanes – They bring a storm with every match.
  40. High Impulse – To win.
  41. Ice Cold Girls – Cold to the bone.
  42. Killer Barbies – Don’t judge them!
  43. Kittens With Claws – They look cute at first, but they’ll slice you up.
  44. Lady Balls – Ladies with real guts.
  45. Lady Divas – a classic one.
  46. Lady Mustangs – They’ll trample you.
  47. Lala Slopers – They couldn’t be happier as they kick your arse.
  48. Lara Croft Batum Raider – Wordplay on Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, and Nicholas Batum.
  49. Lethal Ladies – The most dangerous ladies on the court.
  50. Lilac Avengers – Getting revenge in style.
  51. Love Triangle Offense – Their defense is they will make you fall in love with you.
  52. Mean Girl Ballers – The most popular ballers.
  53. Mean Pink Machine – Pink is the most dangerous color.
  54. Mother of Dragics – In reference to the player “Goran Dragić.”
  55. Mud Hens – Not afraid to get dirty.
  56. Murder She Wroten – Combination of the TV show “Murder She Wrote” and player “Tony Wroten.”
  57. Not For Netball – Forget netball, basketball is a million times better.
  58. On The Rebound – Constantly.
  59. Panties And Penalties – They play dirty.
  60. Pink Ballers – The best looking of all ballers.
  61. Poodle Dunkers – Making great dunks with great hair.
  62. Purple Cobras – Sounds venomous.
  63. Pussycat Passers – They look so cute as they pass the ball around the court.
  64. Queen Gunners – The Queens of Run-and-Gun.
  65. Ravens – Dark and mysterious.
  66. Razzle Dazzle – Impress the hell out of the other team.
  67. RIP Girls – The other team will literally die.
  68. Rockettes – Launching balls like missiles.
  69. Rose Before Hoes – In reference to Derrick Rose.
  70. Sexy Slam Dunkers – Slam dunks never looked so sexy.
  71. Shaqramento Queens – Couldn’t get any cooler.
  72. Sky Hookers – They’re screaming through the air.
  73. Slam Dunk Divas – Slam dunks in style.
  74. Slam Dunk Sallies – Making better slam dunks than any guy.
  75. Slick Chicks – The coolest women’s team you’ll ever see.
  76. Spirit – For a team with soul.
  77. Straight Up Baller Queens – Baller ladies from the streets.
  78. Sugar Bees – Too sweet.
  79. Synergy – No team works better together.
  80. Tangerines – Who doesn’t like Tangerines?
  81. The Amazonians – The tallest women you’ll ever meet.
  82. The Gaels – For a team of French women.
  83. The Jane Does – No one knows who they really are.
  84. The Leopard Skins – For a team that plays in leopard skin uniforms.
  85. The Lysistratas – After the Greek comedy Lysistrata.
  86. The Minxs – All the guys love them.
  87. The New York Chicks – Wordplay on the New York Knicks.
  88. The Pony Tails – They always play with their hair tied up in ponytails.
  89. The Tallest Girls You Know – Any taller and they would literally be giants.
  90. The Unicorns – You just can’t believe they exist.
  91. The Wonder Women – They play like superheroes.
  92. Teets, Cleats, And Bricks – Perhaps the funniest team name for women.
  93. Valentines – Natural born heartbreakers.
  94. Violet Offenders – Breaking the rules never looked so good.
  95. Vixens – Sexy and deadly.
  96. Volleyball My Arse – Volleyball is nothing compared to basketball.
  97. We Love Magic Johnson – For Magic Johnson.
  98. When We Was Fab – After the song by George Harrison.
  99. Wild Kittens – They can’t be tamed.
  100. Women With No Fear – As they should be!
  101. Wonder Girls – They’re just amazing.

Now that we are done with some fictional/fantasy basketball team names, let’s examine names of real basketball teams around the world. Hopefully, these names would inspire you to come up with a cool name for your basketball team.

NBA Team Names

As mentioned earlier, browsing through a list of basketball team name ideas could help you find the perfect team name. The following is a list of all NBA team names:

  • Boston Celtics
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • New York Knicks
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Toronto Raptors
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Charlotte Hornets
  • Miami Heat
  • Orlando Magic
  • Washington Wizards
  • Golden State Warriors
  • LA Clippers
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Sacramento Kings
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Houston Rockets
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • New Orleans Pelicans
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Utah Jazz

WNBA Team Names

The WNBA team names show that you don’t need to make your team name feminine just because you’re an all-girls team.

  • Atlanta Dream
  • Chicago Sky
  • Connecticut Sun
  • Indiana Fever
  • New York Liberty
  • Washington Mystics
  • Dallas Wings
  • Las Vegas Aces
  • Los Angeles Sparks
  • Minnesota Lynx
  • Phoenix Mercury
  • Seattle Storm

NBA G-league Team Names

Need more inspiration? Here are the team names of the NBA G-League basketball teams:

  • Agua Caliente Clippers – Clippers
  • Austin Spurs – Spurs
  • Canton Charge – Cavaliers
  • Capital City Go-Go – Wizards
  • Delaware Blue Coats – 76ers
  • Erie Bayhawks – Hawks
  • Fort Wayne Mad Ants – Pacers
  • Grand Rapids Drive – Pistons
  • Greensboro Swarm – Hornets
  • Iowa Wolves – Timberwolves
  • Lakeland Magic – Magic
  • Long Island Nets – Nets
  • Maine Red Claws – Celtics
  • Memphis Hustle – Grizzlies
  • Northern Arizona Suns – Suns
  • Oklahoma City Blue – Thunder
  • Raptors 905 – Raptors
  • Rio Grande Valley Vipers – Rockets
  • Salt Lake City Stars – Jazz
  • Santa Cruz Warriors – Warriors
  • Sioux Falls Skyforce – Heat
  • South Bay Lakers – Lakers
  • Stockton Kings – Kings
  • Texas Legends – Mavericks
  • Westchester Knicks – Knicks
  • Windy City Bulls – Bulls
  • Wisconsin Herd – Bucks

NBA 2K Leagues Team Names

If you still need good basketball team names for 2k, consider these e-sport basketball team names. Remember, you can put a spin on any of these names to come up with a good team name.

  • Atlanta
  • Celtics Crossover Gaming
  • Brooklyn
  • Cavs Legion GC
  • Mavs Gaming
  • Pistons GT
  • Warriors Gaming Squad
  • Pacers Gaming
  • Los Angeles
  • Grizz Gaming
  • Heat Check Gaming
  • Bucks Gaming
  • Minnesota
  • Knicks Gaming
  • Magic Gaming
  • 76ers GC
  • Blazer5 Gaming
  • Kings Guard Gaming
  • Raptors Uprising GC
  • Jazz Gaming
  • Wizards District Gaming

American Professional Basketball League Team Names

If you need funny intramural basketball team names or funny basketball team names for 3 on 3 or 2 on 2, these names can serve as an inspiration to help you come up with better names. For example, you can change “New York City Black Eagles” to a name that suits your local team.

  • APBL United
  • Beltway Bombers
  • Manhattan Pride
  • New York City Black Eagles
  • New York City 524
  • New York Crusaders
  • New York Fearless
  • Ocean 11 Brooklyn
  • Rockville Victors

Former teams

  • Bay Area Shuckers
  • Brooklyn All Game
  • Brooklyn Blazers
  • Brooklyn Firebirds
  • Buffalo Stampede
  • Capital City Express
  • C. Drew All Stars
  • C. Funkhouse Piranhas
  • Garden State Rebels
  • Gotham City Revolution
  • Hartford Lightning
  • Hudson Valley Hype
  • Hudson Valley Kingz
  • Long Island United
  • Metropolitan All-Stars
  • New Jersey Thunder
  • New York Lions
  • North Jersey Pros
  • NoVA Hawks
  • Philadelphia Destroyers
  • Toms River Shooters
  • Tri-City Suns
  • Tru Hope Trailblazers
  • Washington GreenHawks
  • Westchester Wildkatz
  • Winchester Storm

East Coast Basketball League Team Names

Still short of good basketball team name ideas? Take a cue from the names of the team participating in the East Coast Basketball league

  • Charlotte Tribe
  • East Carolina Cardinals
  • Hampton Roads Warriors
  • Hickory Hoyas
  • North Carolina Coyotes
  • Petersburg Cavaliers
  • Rowan County Bulls
  • Winston-Salem Certified
  • Carolina Crusaders
  • Carolina Thunder
  • C-Port Trojans
  • Florence Wildcats
  • Fort Gordon Eagles
  • PrimeTime Players
  • South Carolina All Stars
  • South Carolina Upstate Redhawks

Former teams

  • Carolina Gladiators
  • Carolina MPact
  • Charlotte Golden Bulls
  • Fayetteville Crossover
  • Gastonia Crowns
  • High Point Hawks
  • Queen City Express
  • South Carolina Showtime

Central Basketball Association Team Names

Remember, you can modify any of these team names to come up with a cooler and more fitting name for your basketball team.

  • Baltimore Shuckers
  • Bowling Green Hornets
  • Fort Wayne Flite
  • Illinois Coal Miners
  • Indianapolis Blaze
  • Jackson Eagles
  • Middle Tennessee Storm
  • Memphis Rail Runners*
  • Columbus Condors
  • Indianapolis Briks
  • Memphis Soul Kings
  • Peoria Panthers
  • Springfield Sentinels
  • Louis Hawks
  • Washington Stars

Florida Basketball Association Team Names

The following are the team names of the teams under participating in  the Florida Basketball Association

  • Florida Flight
  • Jacksonville Royals
  • Palm Beach Knights
  • Poinciana Pride
  • Space Coast Stars
  • Pete Tide

Former teams

  • Bradenton GymRats
  • Heartland Prowl
  • Marion County Showtime Stallions
  • Palm Beach Titans
  • Tampa Bay Rebels

Universal Basketball Association Team Names

Chnage any of these team names to something local or badass and you will have yourself a cool basketball team name in no time.

  • Carolina Cougars
  • Charlotte Fury
  • Queen City Bulls
  • Wilkes County Flames
  • Winston Savage
  • Midwest Ballers
  • Oklahoma Attack
  • Oklahoma Outlaws
  • Oklahoma City Hoops
  • Central Indiana Seminoles
  • Cin-City Titans
  • Cincinnati Redhawks
  • Indiana Generals
  • Kentucky Waves
  • Atlanta Legends
  • Georgia PRIME
  • Georgia RIZE
  • Georgia Spartans
  • GIE Maile Matrix
  • Southern Generals
  • Cleveland Havok
  • Fort Worth FIRM
  • North Texas Fresh
  • Texas Cyclones
  • UBA D-League
  • Baytown Bandits
  • Houston Warriors
  • International Elite Academy
  • Sugar Land Vipers

British Basketball (Men) Team Names

The follwoing are names of British basketball teams, you can draw inspiration from any of the names listed below.

  • Bristol Academy Flyers
  • Cheshire Phoenix
  • DBL Sharks Sheffield
  • Jelson Homes DMU Leicester Riders
  • London City Royals
  • London Lions
  • Manchester Giants
  • Newcastle Eagles Esh Group
  • Plymouth University Raiders
  • Radisson Red Glasgow Rocks
  • Surrey Scorchers
  • Worcester Wolves

NBL Canada Team Names

These are the names of the Basketball team in Canada, which shows you that you don’t have to overthink when you’re brainstorming awesome basketball team names.

  • Cape Breton H.
  • Halifax H.
  • Island S
  • KW Titans
  • London L.
  • Moncton M.
  • John R.
  • John’s E.
  • Sudbury F.
  • Windsor Exp.

South Africa Basketball National League Team Names

Once again, you can modify any of these basketball team names to come up with a much cooler name for your basketball team.

  • East Cape Windbreakers
  • Egoli Magic
  • Kwazulu Natal Marlins
  • Limpopo Pride
  • Mpumalanga Rhinos
  • North West Eagles
  • Northern Cape Zebras
  • Soweto Panthers
  • Tshwane Suns
  • Western Cape Mountaineers

And there you have it! A humongous list of basketball team names, just waiting to be picked, molded, and loved. What did you think of our list? You think it’s missing some great team names? Do you have any basketball team name that beats ours? Let us know!

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