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About Us

Overall, we try to give you a team name that fits your purpose; whether it is for fun, work, sports, trivia, or a fantasy tournament, you will find it on Findteamnames.com.

Our Process

Team names, Group Names, Squad Names, or any name that describes a group of people requires creativity, correctness, and catchiness. Combining these three forces is not as straightforward as it seems. At FindTeamNames, we employ the most creative minds, the most talented researchers, and experts across specific fields to ensure you have team names that combine these elements.

Editorial Team

Whether you’re trying to create a unique team name or looking for ideas for a team name, we are committed to making your search a seamless experience. We do this by ensuring we find the perfect team to put together the required guides on the reader’s desired team names.

This includes:

  • Subject-Matter Expert Writers
  • Diverse Voices
  • Talented Researchers
  • Voluntary Contributors

For example, if a reader is searching for a military team name, we ensure we get someone in active service or has served in the past to provide team name ideas. For a Trivia Team Name, we ensure a researcher provides as many categories as possible, and a creative provides several team name ideas under these categories. 

Review Team

We constantly edit our articles, guides, lists, and website to ensure all suggested team names remain non-offensive and inclusive. Just as we encourage our readers to add their ideas to every guide, we equally encourage readers to point out where a name could be offensive or worse. 

References, Sources, and Citations

We fact-check statements, claims, and suggestions, and when a claim is made, we provide a reference to the source of information. Although our content is friendly and conversational, we strive to reference information from the most trusted sources.

Have Feedback?

We love to engage with our readers. So, if you have a suggestion, a complaint, or maybe you want to tell us how much of a great job we do, contact the team through the contact form; you will find us very responsive.