900+ Fantasy Football Team Names (With Meanings)

A good fantasy football team name can make your team stand out but coming up with a good name is no easy feat – we’ve all been there, and it takes far too much time.

But what if I tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. All you need is a little inspiration and team names will start to flow out of you.

Take a look at this massive list of fantasy football team names; soccer fantasy team names and NFL fantasy football names.

Surely, you will find a name that fits that badass team you’re putting together.

Soccer Fantasy Football Team Names

Soccer Fantasy Team Names

Americans reckon its soccer, the Brits insist it is football. For clarity sake, we will side with the Americans and call it soccer. So if you are a Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A or any European football league fan, and you need a name for your fantasy football team, consider the following awesome team names:

Player-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names (Soccer)

player themed soccer team name
Аутор: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil, CC BY 3.0 br, Веза

A common way people name their fantasy football team is to name it after their favorite player, which is why we have compiled a list of good player-themed fantasy football team names for you:

  1. Go Kane! – (Harry Kane) Nickname he got before the England match against Columbia during the 2018 World Cup.
  2. Kane You Kick It? – (Harry Kane) Yes you can!
  3. Citizen Kane – (Harry Kane) After the classic film.
  4. No Kane, No Gain – (Harry Kane) Too true.
  5. Lallanas In Pyjamas – (Adam Lallana) Is coming down the stairs…
  6. Chiellini Con Carne – (Giorgo Chiellini) Got to be spicy.
  7. I Götze No Idea – (Mario Götze) And neither does anyone else.
  8. Giroud Awakening – (Olivier Giroud)
  9. Giroud Let The Dogs Out – (Olivier Giroud) He’s going to be in so much trouble.
  10. My Little Kone – (Arouna Koné) Too cute!
  11. Benteke Fried Chicken – (Christian Benteke) Distract your opponent with thoughts of food, psychological warfare.
  12. You Big Fekir – (Nebil Fekir) Excellent name for an Irish team.
  13. Fekir Gently – (Nebil Fekir) It should be pleasurable for both participants.
  14. Lord Of The Ings – (Danny Ings) Sounds like a speech impairment.
  15. Flying Without Ings – (Danny Ings) Another one for the speech impairment category.
  16. Let’s Ben Arfa’n You – (Hatem Ben Arfa) Eww.
  17. Petr Chech Yourself – (Petr Čech) …Before you wreck yourself.
  18. CTRL ALT De Laet – (Ritchie De Laet) Such an unfortunate name.
  19. Sanogo On A Pogo – (Yaya Sanogo) Pogoing his way to victory.
  20. Nice To Michu – (Michu) Nice to Michu you too.
  21. Slumdog Mignolet (Simon Mignolet) After the film Slumdog Millionaire.
  22. Gylfi Pleasures – (Gyfli Sigurðsson) Are the best pleasures.
  23. Enter Shaqiri – (Xherdan Shaqiri) After the band Enter Shikari.
  24. Kroos Control – (Tony Kroos) Just take a seat and let the players take care of themselves.
  25. Kroos-ing For A Brusin’ – (Tony Kroos) Kroos-ing to the top of the league.
  26. Pique Blinders – (Gerard Piqué) After the TV series Peaky Blinders.
  27. Pique-boo – (Gerard Piqué) I see you!
  28. Two’s Kompany – (Vincent Kompany) Three’s a crowd.
  29. Deeney In A Bottle – (Troy Deeney) …You’ve got to rub me the right way.
  30. Egg Fried Reus – (Marco Reus) The only way rice should be served.
  31. Rolls Reus – (Marco Reus) This team has got real
  32. Neymar Mr. Nice Guy – (Neymar da Silva Santos) Get ready to run.
  33. Say Neymar Name – (Neymar da Silva Santos) Wordplay on a Breaking Bad quote.
  34. Dirty Sanchez – (Alexis Sánchez) Just filthy.
  35. Yolo Toure – (Yaya Touré) You only lose once.
  36. Lads On Toure – (Yaya Touré) What happens on Toure, stays on Toure.
  37. For Fuchs Sakes – (Christian Fuchs) For the easily frustrated.
  38. No Fuchs Given – (Christian Fuchs) For the ones who couldn’t care less.
  39. Dukes Of Hazard – (Eden Hazard) Expect the referee to give chase.
  40. Crouch Potatoe – (Peter Crouch) Crouching over the laptop.
  41. Cesc And The City – (Cesc Fábregas) I hear he’s a big fan.
  42. Absolutely Fabregas – (Cesc Fábregas) The best-looking team.
  43. Utterly Fabregasted – (Cesc Fábregas) Leave the other team in shock.
  44. 500 Days of Sommer – (Yann Sommer) After the film 500 Days of Summer.
  45. Riders Of Yohan – (Yohan Cabaye) Wordplay on the ‘Riders of Rohan’ from The Lord of The Rings.
  46. Cabaye On Chips – (Yohan Cabaye) Delicious.
  47. Thomas Muller Corner – (Thomas Müller) Even more delicious.
  48. Game Of Stones – (John Stones) Hopefully this stone stays on his throne.
  49. Ibe Got A Feeling – (Jordon Ibe) After the Black Eyed Peas song or The Beatles.
  50. I Smell Pu Nani – (Nani) Where?
  51. I Need A New Nani – (Nani) What happened to the last one?
  52. It’s A Trapp – (Kevin Trapp) In reference to the famous quote from Star Wars.
  53. Baines On Toast – (Leighton Baines) A proper breakfast.
  54. Things Are Getting Messi – (Lionel Messi) The best games are always the messiest.
  55. The Kouyate Kid – (Cheikhou Kouyaté) A close friend of the ref.
  56. The Zarate Kid – (Mauro Zárate) Another close friend of the ref.
  57. Moves Like Agger – (Daniel Agger) After the song Moves Like Jagger.
  58. Blink 1Eto’o – (Samuel Eto’o) After the band Blink 182.
  59. The Vardy Boys – (Jamie Vardy) After The Hardy Boys.
  60. I’m Lovren It – (Dejan Lovren) Clearly eats too much
  61. The Zat Knight Rises – (Zat Knight) In reference to the Batman franchise.
  62. Can Of Koke – (Koke) Screw Pepe… sorry, Pepsi.
  63. Men Behaving Chadli – (Nacer Chadli) After the TV show Men Behaving Badly.
  64. Chewy Suarez – (Luis Suárez) After his little biting incident…
  65. TyrannoSuarez-Rex – (Luis Suárez) He’ll bite your arm right off.
  66. Luis Saurez Ate My Hamster – (Luis Suárez) He’ll eat just about anything.
  67. The Cahills Have Eyes – (Gary Cahill) After The Hills Have Eyes.
  68. Balotellitubbies – (Mario Balotelli) Who else would you trust to teach your kids.
  69. No Weimann No Cry – (Andreas Weimann) Well said, Bob Marley.
  70. The Wizard Of Ozil – (Mesut Özil), The man behind the curtain.
  71. Ronal-don’t – (Cristiano Ronaldo) Don’t let him do anything.
  72. The Big Lewandowski – (Robert Lewandowski) After The Big Lebowski.
  73. Ibrahimobitch – (Zlatan Ibrahimović) Too easy.
  74. How I Met Your Mata – (Juan Mata) After the famous TV show.
  75. Oh, It Doesn’t Mata – (Juan Mata) What does?
  76. Show Me Da Mane – (Sadio Mané) It’s all about the mane.
  77. N’Diaye Will Always Love You – (Alfred N’Diaye) After the song by Whitney Houston.
  78. Suck My Dickov – (Paul Dickov) An incredibly unlucky
  79. Chicken Tikka Mo Salah – (Mohamed Salah) Coming to an Indian restaurant near you!
  80. Glory, Glory Salah-lujiah – (Mohamed Salah) Praying to win.
  81. Who Ate All Depays? – (Memphis Depay) That’s not team spirit.
  82. Rooney Tunes – (Wayne Rooney) An animated team to say the least.
  83. Ayew Ready? – (André Ayew) Always.
  84. Wilian Dollar Baby – (Willian) After the film Million Dollar Baby.
  85. Boom Xhakalaka – (Granit Xhaka) After the famous lyrics Boom Shakalaka.
  86. Guns N’ Moses – (Victor Moses) Way cooler that Guns N’ Roses.
  87. Victor Moses Lawn – (Victor Moses) His garden looks great.
  88. One Flew Over Lukaku’s Nest – (Romelu Lukaku) After the film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.
  89. Bacuna Matata – (Leandro Bacuna) After the famous song from The Lion King.
  90. Pjanic At The Disco – (Miralem Pjanić) After the band Panic At The Disco.
  91. Pepe Pig – (Pepe) Gets into all kinds of adventures.
  92. Murder On Zidane’s Floor – (Zinedine Zidane) After the song ‘Murder On The Dance Floor.’
  93. Delph And Safety – (Fabian Delph) Critical in the workplace.
  94. Haven’t Got A Kalou – (Salomon Kalou) Neither does anyone else.
  95. Tea And Busquets – (Sergio Busquets) An absolute necessity.
  96. Krul Intentions – (Tim Krul) After the film Cruel Intentions.
  97. Krul And The Gang – (Tim Krul) A football team that also doubles up as a funk music band.
  98. 50 Shades Of O’Shea – (John O’Shea) A bestseller yet to be made.
  99. Hit Me Bebe One More Time – (Bebé) Britney Spears would be proud.
  100. From Russia With Smolov – (Fyodor Smolov) The next 007 movie.

Club-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names (Soccer)

Club-Themed Fantasy Soccer Team Names

If you want to name your fantasy football team after your favorite club, try these club-themed fantasy football team names:

  1. Queens Park Strangers – Queens Park Rangers.
  2. Man-chest-hair United – Manchester United.
  3. Man Of The Chest United – Manchester United.
  4. The Red Devils – Manchester United.
  5. Die Roten – Bayern Munich. It actually means ‘The Reds’, though, in English its meaning sounds a lot different, and cooler.
  6. Boyo Munich – Bayern Munich.
  7. Brian Munich – Bayern Munich.
  8. Sub-standard Liege – Standard Liège.
  9. Pathetico Madrid – Athletico Madrid.
  10. Hardly Athletic – Charlton Athletic.
  11. Your Mum’s Athletic – Charlton Athletic.
  12. Bolton Squanders – Bolton Wanderers.
  13. Arse N’ All – Arsenal
  14. The Gunners – Arsenal
  15. Liverfull – Liverpool
  16. Texas Oldham – Oldham Athletic.
  17. BebbiA nickname that originates from the 18th century, which generally refers to anyone from Basel.
  18. Nottingmymums Forest – Nottingham Forest.
  19. Not In Your Mums Forest – Nottingham Forest.
  20. LA Dairymilk – LA Galaxy.
  21. A Little Silhouetto Of Milan AC Milan.
  22. Real So So Bad Real Madrid, also the name of a 5 a side team.
  23. Fake Madrid Real Madrid.
  24. Unreal Madrid Real Madrid.
  25. Surreal Madrid – Real Madrid.
  26. Real Ale Madrid – Real Madrid.
  27. Real Madridlesbrough – Real Madrid and Middlesborough.
  28. Royal Mail-drid – Real Madrid.
  29. Real Sociopath – Real Madrid.
  30. Raoul Moatdrid – Real Madrid.
  31. Romasexual Roma.
  32. Deportivo Morón – The actual name of a real team. Sounds quite funny in English.
  33. Colonel Getafe – Getafe C.F.
  34. Getaf Mysister Getafe C.F.
  35. Expected Toulouse – Toulouse F.C.
  36. Toulouse Or Not Toulouse – Toulouse F.C.
  37. Dynamo Chicken Kiev Dynamo Kyiv.
  38. Dynamo Kebab – Dynamo Kyiv.
  39. Crystal Phallus – Crystal Palace F.C.
  40. Crystal Meth Palace Crystal Palace F.C.
  41. Fritzl Palace – Crystal Palace F.C.
  42. Blunderland – Sunderland A.F.C.
  43. Los Pincharratas Estudiantes de la Plata, which in English means ‘Rat Stabbers.’
  44. Farcelona Barcelona.
  45. Bantalona Barcelona.
  46. Barcabona Barcelona.
  47. Barearselona Barcelona.
  48. Arselona – Barcelona.
  49. Leave My Arse-elona! – Barcelona.
  50. Rapid Vienetta – Rapid Vienna.
  51. Rapid Viagra – Rapid Vienna.
  52. Exeter Gently – Exeter City F.C.
  53. Paris Ganjaman – Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
  54. Fred West Ham United – West Ham United F.C.
  55. Ham Sandwich FC – West Ham United F.C.
  56. Is This The Way To Hammer Villa? West Ham United C. And Aston Villa F.C.
  57. The Hammers – West Ham United F.C.
  58. Olympique Mayonnaise – Olympique de Marseille.
  59. Bayer Neverlosen – Bayer Neverlusen.
  60. FC Dopenhagen – FC Copenhagen.
  61. FC Copenbadly – FC Copenhagen.
  62. Vecchia Signora – Juventus F.C. In Italian it means Old Lady.
  63. Outer Milan – Inter Milan.
  64. Inter Me-Van – Inter Milan.
  65. Inter Ya-Sister – Inter Milan.
  66. Let Me Inter-tain You – Inter Milan.
  67. Inter Ma-Lamb – Inter Milan.
  68. Inter Ya-Gran – Inter Milan.
  69. Inter Bred – Inter Milan.
  70. Paralympiacos Olympiacos F.C.
  71. LSD Eindhoven – Eindhoven.
  72. HIV Eindhoven – Eindhoven.
  73. Clwb Pêl Droed Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch – Perhaps the longest team name in the world? A real-life Welsh team.
  74. The Villains – Aston Villa F.C.
  75. Aston Vanilla – Aston Villa F.C.
  76. Crapston Villa – Aston Villa F.C.
  77. Moleicester City Leicester City F.C.
  78. The Foxes – Leicester City F.C.
  79. Tottenham Hotsperm – Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
  80. Is Your Motherwell? – Motherwell F.C.
  81. The Citizens – Manchester City F.C.
  82. Manchester Obesity – Manchester City F.C.
  83. Man Titty United – Manchester City F.C.
  84. SV Hangover – Hannover 96.
  85. Hannover 69 – Hannover 96.
  86. Norfolk N’ Chance – Norwich City F.C.
  87. Palanganas – Sevilla F.C. In Spanish, it means ‘Washbasins’.
  88. Genoa-cide – Genoa C.F.C.
  89. Ajax Treesdown – C. Ajax.
  90. La Lepra – Newell’s Old Boys. In Spanish, it means ‘The Leprosy.’
  91. FC Santa Claus – No Joke, it’s a real team from Finland.
  92. Pork Vale – Port Vale F.C.
  93. Beating Chastards – a Non-league team from England.
  94. Borussia Teeth FC – Borussia Dortmund.
  95. Stroke Titty – Stoke City F.C.
  96. Athletic Bilbao Baggins – Athletic Bilbao.
  97. Athletic Dildao – Athletic Bilbao.
  98. Sporting Abeergut – Sporting Lisbon.
  99. Sporting Ahardon – Sporting Lisbon.
  100. Sporting Bad Haircuts – Sporting Lisbon.

Fantasy Football Girl Team Names (Soccer)

Fantasy soccer Girl Team Names

Need female fantasy football team names? Consider the following awesome names. Once again these are soccer related fantasy team names.

  1. Kimm On My Tits – After the Swedish footballer.
  2. A Woman Who Scores – Get used to it guys.
  3. Soccer Rockers – Making the game better one match at a time.
  4. Sun Win – Wordplay on footballer Sun Wen.
  5. I Thought Men Were Supposed To Be Good At Football – Unfortunately, most men think they are.
  6. Good Fellas And Bad Girls – Too bad fellas.
  7. Female Player – Yup, guys, you read that right.
  8. Like An Old Bra, No Cups And Little Support – Don’t worry, win a few matches and you’ll need a new bra.
  9. Here To Slay – Men and women alike.
  10. She’s The Man – After the film of the same name.
  11. Illyria – After the school in the film, ‘She’s The Man.’
  12. Sirens – Calling out all men for a thrashing.
  13. Play Like A Guy – Don’t expect anything different.
  14. Playing With The Boys – And Beating them.
  15. Super Fem – Say it with pride.
  16. Princess FC – The most glamorous football club.
  17. Chicks With Kicks – Lethal kicks.
  18. Fembots – Female machines.
  19. Mia Hammer You – Wordplay on the footballer Mia Hamm.
  20. Lady Yaya – Wordplay on footballer Yaya Touré… and Lady Gaga.
  21. Feminist Footballer – Stomping out patriarchy in football.
  22. Not Quite Diamonds – A little rough around the edges.
  23. Too Aggressive For Netball – Fantasy football will have to do then.
  24. These Boots Were Made For Football – And that’s just what they’ll play.
  25. Lallana Del Rey – Combining Adam Lallana and Lana Del Rey.
  26. Intensity Is Not A Perfume! – It’s how you win matches.
  27. Female Force – To be reckoned with!
  28. Chick Who Can Kick – And they kick balls.
  29. Serendipity – The luckiest player.
  30. Lady Cougars – Will tear apart the other team.
  31. She’s Probably A Keeper – If she likes football…
  32. Swift And Sassy – Getting round that pitch in style.
  33. Christine Winclair – Wordplay on footballer Christine Sinclair.
  34. Hounslow Harriers – After the team in Bend It Like Beckham.
  35. Playing A Man’s Game Better Than The Men – And they’ll hate you for it.
  36. Knicker Kickers – Definitely a women’s team.
  37. Women’s Football Is Better – But this will have to do.
  38. Soccer Bombs – Instead of soccer moms.
  39. Eat, Sleep, Play Soccer – A way of life.
  40. Raina – Nickname of footballer Marta Vieira da Silva, which means ‘queen.’
  41. Teaching Men How To Play – Seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  42. Red Card Girl – She plays dirty.
  43. Michelle Attackers – Wordplay on the footballer Michelle Akers.
  44. Know More About Football Than You – Tell them every day.
  45. Kicking Cutie – Just because you love fantasy football, doesn’t mean you can’t be a cutie.
  46. Pretty Tough – And pretty rough.
  47. Beastette – Straight out of Beastville.
  48. No Trophy Wife – She has a trophy husband instead.
  49. Not Even Cinderella Gets To This Ball – Even with her fairy godmother.
  50. Cinderella’s Ball – She makes that ball dance.
  51. Femme Fatale – Don’t cross this lady.
  52. Yes, I Really Do Like Football – For the guys that just can’t comprehend it.
  53. Reading Heat While I Kick Your Ass – Just to make it even more embarrassing for the guys.
  54. Busty Brawler – Expect many red cards.
  55. The Only Girl In The World Cup – There should be more!
  56. La Masia Queens – Girls who will one day rock Barcelona.
  57. Lady Eagles – Soaring above the rest of the league.
  58. Off Limits – Other teams aren’t talented enough to even speak to this team.
  59. AFC Womenbledon – Should be a real team.
  60. A-Rod Nickname of footballer Amy Rodriguez.
  61. Not Pretending To Like Football – Genuinely do!
  62. Sisters Before Ministers – An unwritten rule.
  63. A.P.S. Stands for Federation of Ladies Amateur and Professional Soccer, though, you could read into it with your own definition…
  64. Football Boots Over Heels – 
  65. Burgundy Bulldog – A great color to thrash your opponents in.
  66. Lady Pele – Another nickname of footballer Marta Vieira da Silva.
  67. I Know The Offside Rule – So please don’t explain!
  68. Aggressive Tomboy – Aggressively taking the lead.
  69. Lionesses – Male lions may protect the territory, but it’s the lionesses that do all the hunting.
  70. Matildas – Australian slang for women footballers.
  71. Can Kick A Ball Better Than Any Man – Guys, you up for the challenge?
  72. Get Ovary It – This girl already has.
  73. FC: Female Champion – The new definition.
  74. Love Football, Still Girly – Women can have it all.
  75. Teapots – The perfect team name to embarrass your opponents with.
  76. Football Queen – The game belongs to her.
  77. The Goal Is My Date – And this team isn’t going to miss it.
  78. Screw Gender Norms – They do us no good.
  79. It Doesn’t Take Balls To Play Football – It takes cold hard skill.
  80. Scoring Angels – The other team won’t believe how many goals you score.
  81. Pele In Skirts – And one more nickname of Marta Vieira da Silva.
  82. Kicking Balls And Winning Games – keeping it simple.
  83. Ladybugs United – The girliest team name perhaps?
  84. That Girl That Beat You – You’ll remember her for a long time.
  85. Dick Here, Dick There, Dicks Everywhere – Surrounded by dicks.
  86. Beckham Who? – Let them think you’re stupid and then wipe the floor with them.
  87. Baby Horse – Nickname of footballer Alex Morgan.
  88. Cunning Runts – Smarter than you think.
  89. Ladies Need Football Too – It makes life complete.
  90. The Whores – No honor in this girl’s team.
  91. Biting, Punching And Pulling Hair – The other team may win, but with injuries to remember.
  92. Let The Players Do The Talking – …and winning.
  93. Our Uniform Is Pink – Can the other team handle it?
  94. Jules Paxton FC – After Keira Knightley’s character in Bend It like Beckham.
  95. Rack Attack – The other team won’t know how to defend themselves from this.
  96. Sole Sisters – The team with the tightest bond.
  97. Kicking Where It Counts – In all the right places.
  98. Reaching High Keeps Men On Their Toes – It scares them.
  99. Tough Old Bird – For a woman who’s seen it all.
  100. Pitches Be Crazy – So you best be prepared.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names (Soccer)

funny fantasy soccer team names

Humor makes everything better, so who can blame you for wanting a funny fantasy team name? Here are some funny fantasy football team name ideas:

  1. 99 Problems, But A Pitch Ain’t 1 – How life should be.
  2. Occasionally United – There’s no O in team.
  3. Darwin’s Theory – Only the wittiest will survive, right?
  4. Pen Island – Old, very old, but still does the trick.
  5. Portugeezers – True lads that love Portuguese football.
  6. Bean Machine – After the film Mean Machine.
  7. Obi Wan, Kenobi Nil – Such an unfortunate result for Kenobi.
  8. ABCDE FC – A classic still going strong.
  9. Eat My Goal – The other team won’t have a choice.
  10. 2 Goals, 1 Cup – Not nice origins to this one… at all.
  11. Bloated And Without Focus – Not the best way to play fantasy football.
  12. Hits The Ball Almost Too Well – What do commentators mean when they say this?
  13. Say Hi To Your Mum – We know she’s watching you play.
  14. Are Referees Human Beings? –
  15. Old N’ Apoplectic – Can be a bit sensitive at times.
  16. I Don’t Always Score, But When I Do It’s Fantasy Football – At least you score somewhere.
  17. Two Left Feet – Guess you left-footed then?
  18. That… Is A Goal – That… is an unusually long pause.
  19. It’s Spraining Men –
  20. Alternative Stats – Believe what you want to believe.
  21. Ball-In – …the goal?
  22. I Entered Her Penalty Box – And what happened next?
  23. Fancy Foot Work – Why thank you!
  24. True Soccer Dog Fan – A film so terrible you have to watch it to believe it.
  25. Just Diving And Penalty Taking – Can you believe their honesty?
  26. Goal Of Duty – Your only duty.
  27. Genuinely Better Than A Real Manager – Don’t worry, someone is coming to your home right now to offer you the job.
  28. Shaolin Soccer – After the film of the same name.
  29. Quality Distributor – Losing to everyone.
  30. Hate That They Can’t Use Their Hands – Clearly new to the concept of football.
  31. Can’t Find Eric – After the film “Looking For Eric.”
  32. That Red Card Life – It’s irresistible.
  33. Made Myself In FIFA – And how disappointing were you?
  34. Yes! Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!… That, Was A Goal – Alan Partridge quote.
  35. The Gerri Hatricks – Losing their sanity, but still winning.
  36. Qatar World Cup 1922 – From a quote by former England manager Roy Hodgson.
  37. Dyslexia United – They may not be able to spell too good, but damn they can score.
  38. Cajones Cabrones – Two lovely words in Spanish… essentially translates as someone with balls, but his wife or girlfriend is cheating on him.
  39. Nothing But Net – The Only Thing you need.
  40. Neville Wears Prada – When no one’s looking.
  41. No To Golazos – It called a goal!
  42. Offside Specialist – Not fun to watch football with.
  43. This Is Norway To Play Football – Making your own rules.
  44. Make Football Great Again – Trump definitely said it.
  45. Kicking And Screaming – After the Will Ferrell movie.
  46. Achilles Heels – Injury prone, to say the least.
  47. Nutmeg Master – Nutmegs over goals forever.
  48. I Could Kick Myself – And maybe you’ll get a penalty?
  49. Loan Shark – Playing with as many loaned players as possible.
  50. Barrying My Cock In You – Barry it deep.
  51. Game Of Goals – The simplest way to describe football.
  52. Nothing Rhymes With Orange – Conversation killer.
  53. Only Fools And Scorers – Wordplay on Only Fools And Horses.
  54. I Like Men Who Run In Shorts – It is nice to watch.
  55. Goal Goal Power Rangers – For those that wish to have each of their players in different colors.
  56. Socceroos – The nickname for the Australian national team.
  57. 100% Impure Goals – Well some are just lucky.
  58. Hatrick Swayze – Just can’t score less than three goals at once.
  59. Snakes In The Grass – Not the most trustworthy team on the pitch.
  60. Can’t Kick In Real Life – Why bother when you can get a team of people to do it for you in a fantasy league?
  61. The Goalie Has Football Pie All Over His Shirt – Another Alan Partridge quote.
  62. Injured Head And Shoulders – But your legs still work, right?
  63. Always On Top – Of the league… and a few other things.
  64. Bending Balls In The Air – What image comes to mind?
  65. Dirty Tackle – Is there any other way to tackle someone?
  66. Football Factory Rejects – Those that can’t play, play fantasy football instead.
  67. And The Winners Are… – You, of course.
  68. Check For Witnesses When You Fall – You don’t want anyone challenging your penalty.
  69. Ivory Toast – That’s an expensive piece of toast.
  70. Barenaked Lads – Doesn’t sound as nice as Bare-naked Ladies for some reason.
  71. Look Ma, No Hands – Impressive for some.
  72. Nothing But False Nines – Probably doesn’t even know what a false nine is.
  73. Smack My Pitch Up – After the song by The Prodigy.
  74. I Don’t Only Suck At Fantasy – You suck at many other things too, right?
  75. Fall On The Ground And Pretend I’m Dying – When another player touches you…
  76. Kiss My Pass – Can’t intercept this team.
  77. Cultured Left Foot – A ridiculously overused phrase to refer to a left-footed player.
  78. Goal Troll – Expect a trolling for every failed attempt to score.
  79. Bending Balls Into Your Goal – Sounds almost like innuendo?
  80. Sometimes In Football, You Have To Score Goals – Thierry Henry quote, well done Thierry.
  81. We Lost Because We Didn’t Win – Another famously stupid quote, this time from Ronaldo (Brazil).
  82. Penalty Please, Ref – Well, as you asked nicely.
  83. Crap With Money In Real Life Too Spend your money now, think about the consequences later.
  84. Dirty Old Man On The Internet – A great name to keep people away from you.
  85. Left Hand Foot – Just in case you confuse it with your right-hand foot.
  86. Going Down Like Super Mario – Wordplay on a 2018 World Cup quote from commentator Jonathan Pearce.
  87. Send Me Nudes – Not the most successful way to meet the love of your life.
  88. Conceited Defeat – Expect a sore loser.
  89. If I Win You Have To Touch It – Sensing an uncomfortable conversation with this player.
  90. Aiming For Most Red Cards – If you can’t win the league by playing well, set your own
  91. Net Results – And those net results are good.
  92. FC Peasants – When you put together a team of villagers.
  93. Slumping Goals And Eating Trolls – Winning matches and taking down those trolls all day, all week.
  94. Klopps And Robbers – After Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp.
  95. Grass Kickers – Always missing that damn ball.
  96. Footballs Coming Home… To Your Mum – Real mature.
  97. Why So Serie A? – After the Italian league.
  98. Crossbar And Win – Nicely done or just lucky?
  99. Harland and Wolff Welders – The Company that built the Titanic…
  100. Making The League More Interesting – Just by being present.

American football/NFL Fantasy Football Team Names

American football Fantasy Football Team Names

In this case, football means American football, so all names under this section are NFL related fantasy team names:

Player-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names (NFL)

Player-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names (NFL)

Need a fantasy football team name that references your favorite player? Here are some player-themed NFL fantasy football team names:

  1. You Kaepernick The Future – (Colin Kaepernick) But you can try!
  2. TyReek And Destroy – (Tyreek Hill) Strike fear into your opponents.
  3. A Zeke Outlook – (Ezekiel Elliott) It doesn’t look good for the other team.
  4. Julio Let The Dogs Out – (Julio Jones) After the famous pop song from the year 2000.
  5. 13 Reasons Ajayi – (Jay Ajayi) After the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.
  6. Deznutz – (Dez Bryant) Keep those nuts safe!
  7. Landry Service – (Jarvis Landry) Clearing out the pitch.
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles – (Blake Bortles) Look out Shredder.
  9. Party Like A Gronk Star – (Rob Gronkowski) Is there any other way to party?
  10. Fore-Inch Dak – (Dak Prescott) He’s not really that small, is he?
  11. You Can Luck Goff – (Jared Goff) Wishing the other team all the best.
  12. Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker – (Justin Tucker) Die Hard reference.
  13. We Wilfork You – (Vince Wilfork) Don’t even try with this team; it’s not worth it.
  14. JuergensGoff – (Jared Goff) Poor Goff.
  15. Ajayi Another Day – (Jay Ajayi) Die Another Day reference.
  16. Solder? I Hardly Know Her! – (Nate Solder) And neither do we!
  17. Dak To The Future – (Dak Prescott) Way too easy.
  18. The Zeke-a Virus – (Ezekiel Elliott) It’s affecting the whole pitch.
  19. Multiple Goregasms – (Rob Gronkowski) Pleasuring the whole team.
  20. Le’Veon Let Die – (Le’Veon Bell) Another 007 reference, this time for Live Or Let Die.
  21. All That I Snead – (Willie Snead) What else could you Snead?
  22. Amari Pooper – (Amari Cooper) Pooper was too easy.
  23. It’s Too Late To Say Amari – (Amari Cooper) Then what can you do?
  24. Don’t Play McCoy With Me – (LeSean McCoy) We’ll see straight through it.
  25. The Real Slim Brady – (Tom Brady) All you other Slim Bradys are just imitating.
  26. Three Times A Brady – (Tom Brady) Lionel Richie loves the Brady.
  27. Joiquing Goff – (Joique Bell and Jared Goff) Such a horrible combination.
  28. Julio Think You Are? – (Julio Jones) Winning, that’s who.
  29. I Got 99 Problems But Fitz Ain’t One – (Larry Fitzgerald) Still, that’s a lot of problems.
  30. Frankly, Ameer, IDon’t Give a Damn – (Ameer Abdullah) Wordplay on the famous quote from Gone with the Wind.
  31. Cry Me A Rivers – (Philip Rivers) After the Justin Timberlake song.
  32. Irritable Bowe Syndrome – (Dwayne Bowe) You need to see a doctor about that.
  33. Guns And Rosen – (Josh Rosen) A possible Guns and Roses tribute band?
  34. Inglorious Bradfords – (Sam Bradford) After the film Inglorious Basterds.
  35. Plaxidently Shot Myself – (Plaxico Burress) Yeah, that happens sometimes.
  36. It’s A Hard Gronk Life – (Rob Gronkowski) It certainly
  37. The Big Gronkowski – (Rob Gronkowski) After the film The Big Lebowski.
  38. Chronicles Of Reddick – (Haason Reddick) After the film The Chronicles Of Riddick
  39. Le’Veon Da Vida Loca – (Le’Veon Bell) Living Da Vida Loca.
  40. Fournetteflix And Chill – (Leonard Fournette) After the well-known phrase ‘Netflix And Chill.’
  41. InstaGraham – (Jimmy Graham) And InstaHit!
  42. Make AmeriCarr Great Again – (Derek Carr) You will do with this team name.
  43. Dezmestic Violence – (Dez Bryant) Things will get violent at home if you lose to this one.
  44. Fournettecation – (Leonard Fournette) Making love to the pitch.
  45. Gronk If You’re Horny – (Rob Gronkowski) So many Gronks, so little time.
  46. Dak Dak Dak Goose – (Dak Prescott) Run!
  47. That’s Bilal Folks! – (Bilal Powell) When you win, and the show is over.
  48. Goff Balls – (Jared Goff) All the balls belong to him.
  49. Taters Gonna Tate – (Golden Tate) They will so don’t bother with them.
  50. Bend It Like Beckham Jr. – (Odell Beckham) After the film Bend It Like Beckham.
  51. Jamaal Charles In Charge – (Jamaal Charles) And winning too!
  52. The Eifert Tower – (Tyler Eifert) For a team formed of giants.
  53. Makin’ It DWayne – (Dwayne Allen or Dwayne Washington) It’s raining all right.
  54. Flaccoroni And Cheese – (Joe Flacco) If you love macaroni, why not?
  55. Suh And A Half Men – (Ndamukong Suh) After the TV show “Two and a Half Men.”
  56. Sexual Peake – (Charone Peake) Ready to explode over everyone.
  57. Stairway To Evans – (Mike Evans) After the song Stairway To Heaven.
  58. My Ball Zach Ertz – (Zach Ertz) A really great use of his name.
  59. Smoke A Bowe – (Dwayne Bowe) One way to relax…
  60. Kelce Grammer – (Travis Kelce) Wordplay on the name of actor Kelsey Grammer.
  61. Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers – (Mark Sanchez) Once upon a time, he fell very awkwardly into another man, from behind.
  62. The Forte Year Old Virgin – (Matt Forte) After the film The Forty Year Old Virgin.
  63. Game Of Jones – (Julio Jones) As in Game Of Thrones.
  64. Wentz, Twice, Three Times A Lady – (Carson Wentz) Another one for Lionel Richie
  65. My Dak Is Itchy – (Dak Prescott) You need to see a doctor.
  66. Say My Namath – (Joe Namath) After the famous quote from Breaking Bad.
  67. Dude, Where’s Derek Carr? – (Derek Carr) After the film.
  68. De More Demaryius – (Demaryius Thomas) The more the merrier!
  69. Slobb On My Cobb – (Randall Cobb) Sounds nasty.
  70. I Pitta The Fool – (Dennis Pitta) It’s only fair you feed them.
  71. Turned Down For Watt – (J. J. Watt) After the song Turned Down For What?
  72. Ajayijayjay – (Jay Ajayi) When you’re not sure how to spell his name.
  73. Carry On My Langford Son – (Jeremy Langford) After the song Carry On My Wayward Son.
  74. Romosexual – (Tony Romo) When you’ve got a lot of love for the man.
  75. Dez-ed And Confused – (Dez Bryant) After the film Dazed And Confused.
  76. You Can Run, But You Can’t Hyde – (Carlos Hyde) No escaping from his team.
  77. Bust A Kaep – (Colin Kaepernick) Hopefully not a kneecap.
  78. Taylor Park Boys – (Tyrod Taylor) After the Canadian TV show.
  79. Golden Grahams – (Jimmy Graham) After the cereal.
  80. Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back – (Dak Prescott) It’s true.
  81. Abdullah Oblongata – (Ameer Abdullah) In reference to part of the brain, which makes it sound pretty smart.
  82. When The Le’Veon Breaks – (Le’Veon Bell) After the song When The Levee Breaks.
  83. From Wentz You Came – (Carson Wentz) ‘Return from whence you came’.
  84. Schaub On My Knob – (Matt Schaub) Another nasty sounding one.
  85. Vick In A Box – (Michael Vick) After the comical song Dick In A Box.
  86. Belichick Yourself Before You Rex Yourself – (Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan) After the song Check Yourself.
  87. I Can’t Stop The Thielen – (Adam Thielen) After the song I Can’t Stop This Feeling.
  88. The Dakstreet Boys – (Dak Prescott) Just Hilarious.
  89. Hyde The Women, Hyde The Children – (Carlos Hyde) They’re not safe from this team.
  90. OBJ A Day Keeps The Doctor Away – (Odell Beckham) It certainly does the trick.
  91. Mariota Had A Little Lamb – (Marcus Mariota) The cutest so far.
  92. That’s My QuarterDak – (Dak Prescott) Well, he is a quarterback.
  93. Le’Veon Or Die Hard – (Le’Veon Bell) Another 007 reference.
  94. Deshaun Of The Dead – (Deshaun Watson) In reference to the film Shaun of the Dead.
  95. Brady Gaga – (Tom Brady) An easy one, but a necessary one.
  96. A River Runs Suh It – (Ndamukong Suh) Another film reference.
  97. All Barkley, All Bite – (Saquon Barkley) Take that bark seriously.
  98. You Winston, You Lose Some – (Jameis Winston) That’s life!
  99. Shake It Goff – (Jared Goff) And jump back into the game!
  100. Rated R For Gore – (Frank Gore) Be prepared for a few broken bones.

Club-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names (NFL)

Club-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names (NFL)

Need a team name that references your favorite team? The following are club-themed fantasy football team name ideas:

  1. Dez Does Dallas – Dallas Cowboys.
  2. Taco-ver The League – Dallas Cowboys.
  3. America’s Fantasy Team – Dallas Cowboys.
  4. Raindrop, Crop Tops – Dallas Cowboys.
  5. Should Have Been A Cowboy – Dallas Cowboys.
  6. Dallas Awesome Cowboys – Dallas Cowboys.
  7. Dallas Cowpokes – Dallas Cowboys.
  8. Dallas Steers – Dallas Cowboys, rejected name, mascot would have been castrated.
  9. UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs – UC Santa Cruz (Go Slugs!).
  10. Carolina Pandas – Carolina Panthers.
  11. Denver Donkeys – Denver Broncos.
  12. Orange Crush – Denver Broncos.
  13. Lehigh Valley IronPigs – An actual minor league baseball team name!
  14. PSI Love You – New England Patriots, in relation to deflategate.
  15. New England Traitors – New England Patriots, in relation to deflategate.
  16. Deflate this – New England Patriots, and another for deflategate.
  17. New England Patty-cakes – New England Patriots.
  18. New England Pasties – New England Patriots.
  19. New England Ex-Patriots – New England Patriots.
  20. Homeland Defense – New England Patriots.
  21. The G Men – New York Giants.
  22. New York Midgets – New York Giants.
  23. New York Gigantics – New York Giants.
  24. New York Nevers – New York Giants.
  25. Big Blue Wrecking Crew – New York Giants.
  26. New York Jet-lags – New York Jets.
  27. New York Sack Exchange – New York Jets, the front four defensive.
  28. The Green Gang – New York Jets.
  29. Sons of Anarchy – New York Jets.
  30. Steeler Virginity – Pittsburgh Steelers.
  31. Pittsburgh Reelers – Pittsburgh Steelers.
  32. Tittsburgh Feelers – Pittsburgh Steelers.
  33. Blitzburgh – Pittsburgh Steelers.
  34. Steelers – Pittsburgh Steelers.
  35. The Over The Hill Gang – Washington Redskins
  36. Hogs – Washington Redskins.
  37. The Deadskins – Washington Redskins.
  38. Washington Foreskins – Washington Redskins.
  39. House Of Cards – Arizona Cardinals.
  40. Cardiac Cardinals – Arizona Cardinals.
  41. No Fly Zone – Arizona Cardinals.
  42. Arizona Canaries – Arizona Cardinals.
  43. Arizona Turdinals – Arizona Cardinals.
  44. Arizona’s Cardinal Sin – Arizona Cardinals.
  45. Houston Hillbillies – Houston Texans.
  46. Oil Barrens – Houston Texans.
  47. Hexans – Houston Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans.
  48. Houston Toilers – Houston Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans.
  49. Indianapolis Mopes – Indianapolis Colts.
  50. Miami Bottlenoses – Miami Dolphins.
  51. No-Name Defense – Miami Dolphins, defense unit.
  52. It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia – Philadelphia Eagles.
  53. Philadelphia Beagles – Philadelphia Eagles.
  54. Philadelphia Mocking Birds – Philadelphia Eagles.
  55. San Francisco 4th and 9ers – San Francisco 49ers
  56. San Francisco Whiners – San Francisco 49ers
  57. San Francisco $4.99ers – San Francisco 49ers
  58. Scoreless In Seattle – Seattle Seahawks.
  59. Legion of Boom – Seattle Seahawks.
  60. Seattle Seaweed – Seattle Seahawks.
  61. Seattle Lumberjacks – Seattle Seahawks, rejected name.
  62. Atlanta Fellons – Atlanta Falcons.
  63. Dirty Birds – Atlanta Falcons.
  64. Atlanta Peaches – Atlanta Falcons, rejected name.
  65. Dirty Birds – Atlanta Falcons.
  66. Detroit Loins – Detroit Lions.
  67. Detroit Kittens – Detroit Lions.
  68. Motor City Madmen – Detroit Lions.
  69. The Aint’s – New Orleans Saints.
  70. Syrupmakers – Cairo, Georgia, yup that’s another real name…
  71. Sea Bandits – Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  72. Cincinnati Bunglers – Cincinnati Bengals
  73. Cincinnati Bungholes – Cincinnati Bengals
  74. SWAT Team – Cincinnati Bengals
  75. North Little Rock Charging Wildcats – One more odd, but real, football team name.
  76. Green Bay Baby Smackers – Green Bay Packers, perhaps one of the darkest team names in the entire list.
  77. Green Bay Whackers – Green Bay Packers.
  78. Jacksonville Kittycats – Jacksonville Jaguars.
  79. Jacksonville Kitty-litter – Jacksonville Jaguars.
  80. Oakland Fakers – Oakland Raiders.
  81. Oakland Afraiders – Oakland Raiders.
  82. Oakland Loss-Makers – Oakland Raiders.
  83. Watersmeet Nimrods – A real team that takes pride in it’s… Nimrods…
  84. San Diego Halters – San Diego Chargers.
  85. Bruise Brothers – San Diego Chargers.
  86. Da Bears – Chicago Bears.
  87. Da Bear Necessities – Chicago Bears.
  88. The Grizzlies – Chicago Bears.
  89. Chicago Counterfeit Bears – Chicago Bears.
  90. Monsters of Midway – Chicago Bears.
  91. Beaver Dusters – A high school team from Oklahoma…
  92. The Greatest Show On Turf – Los Angeles Rams.
  93. Fearsome Foursome – Los Angeles Rams.
  94. Minnesota Viqueens – Minnesota Vikings.
  95. Purple People Eaters – Minnesota Vikings.
  96. Maul of America – Minnesota Vikings.
  97. Cleveland Clowns – Cleveland Browns.
  98. Badger Badgers – Wisconsin Badgers.
  99. The Electric Company – Buffalo Bills, offensive line.
  100. Purple Murder – Baltimore Ravens.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

A funny fantasy football team name is never a bad choice, so here’s to making good choices:

  1. Check My Balls – It’s very important to do this regularly.
  2. The Replacements – Those last guys? Nothing. This is the real deal.
  3. Interceptacons – Can’t intercept this!
  4. The Best Team Ever, Theoretically – In the real world, who knows?
  5. Own Goal – Yeah, that happens sometimes…
  6. Los Homos Hermanos – Wordplay on Los Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad.
  7. Now Obsolete – Or so everyone else thinks!
  8. Chuck Norris – No other team has a chance.
  9. The Brown Notes – Thank god we can’t smell through the Internet… yet.
  10. Gym Class Heroes – Sadly those days are probably long gone.
  11. Sunday Is My Funday – The only day you smile.
  12. Wardrobe Malfunction – At least you’ll never look as ridiculous as the mascot.
  13. Sausage Fest – Too many men in here.
  14. Gonorrhea Is Nothing To Clap About – High five!
  15. And Some Former Favorites – Playing with old-school stars.
  16. We Got Osama – When did he join NFL?
  17. Noob Raiders – Noobs, beware.
  18. Let’s Get Ready To Fumble – The clumsiest team out there.
  19. Don’t Drop The Soap – Please don’t!
  20. Punters Unite – What’s wrong with a good ole punt?
  21. Illegal Use Of The Hands – We don’t want to know.
  22. Forever Unclean – Fantasy football can get pretty addictive.
  23. Injured Reserve – All out of luck.
  24. Benchwarmers – A classic team name that fits into so many different situations.
  25. Eating Yellow Snow – Yum!
  26. Touchdownalotamus – The confidence is oozing here.
  27. Itty Bitty Titty Committee – That’s a lot of ‘ts.
  28. Space Monkey Mafia – Because why not?
  29. Social Science Project – Your players are nothing more than pawns mwahaha.
  30. Scared Hitless – That’s what the other team will be!
  31. Mediocre At Best – Honest to god.
  32. Jesus Punchers – People must love you.
  33. Desert Meth Babies – A bit too far?
  34. Sex Panther – Panthers, are indeed sexy.
  35. The Only Time I Score Is On Fantasy Football – We’re all praying for you.
  36. The London Silly Nannies – Reference from Family Guy.
  37. Four Skins – There is a procedure for that.
  38. Team Below Average – Maybe one day they will just be ‘average’.
  39. Jumping Amazing Super Optimistic Noodle Squad – Maybe needs a few more adjectives.
  40. GI Jesus – As tough as they come
  41. The Wet Wedgies – Danger awaits all other teams.
  42. Need A Real Job – Sadly the money you win in fantasy football is not real.
  43. Herpes Is A Sign Of Love – The more the
  44. Rectum Raiders – Thank god for jock straps.
  45. The War Boners – A bit too excitable.
  46. Roughing Your Mom – Your mom plays fantasy football?
  47. No Fear For Beer – Beer makes everything better.
  48. Cheat Codes – If only they worked!
  49. Flash Men – They’re really fast… right?
  50. We Got Crabs – Excellent defense strategy.
  51. Rake And Pillage – Whatever works for you.
  52. Shut Up! I’m Trying – Well try harder.
  53. Because You Love Me and we’re Friends – And that’s why you always win.
  54. Bye Week – Out of the office and straight onto fantasy football.
  55. Currently Unemployed – Which is why you play so much.
  56. Pigs Might Fly – And you might also win.
  57. Not Racist Redskins – You might call that wishful thinking.
  58. The Gorloks – Made up mythical creature by Webster University.
  59. A Team Too Good To Exist In Real Life – This guy needs to quit his day job and coach!
  60. Cruzin’ For a Brusin’ – The other teams about to get slammed.
  61. Your Therapist – Just checking up on you.
  62. Hard Knocks Life – You ain’t getting knocked down, but the other team certainly
  63. Goat Scrotes – A great mental image for your foes.
  64. Sheer Vulgarity – Get ready for a war of words.
  65. Move Your Mothers – Does your mom help you pick your team?
  66. The League of Nations – They won’t last too long.
  67. The Love Making Machine – Making love if they win or lose.
  68. Mile High Messiah – Making miracles happen in the sky.
  69. No Game Scheduled – And somehow they still win.
  70. Zoophilic Quarterbacks – Beastly to say the least.
  71. The Truffle Shuffle – If they could do a victory dance, they would.
  72. Dyslectic Defenders – Bless them.
  73. Intoxicated Stars – It’s when they play at their best.
  74. This Is My Day Job – You wish.
  75. Abortionists – Just looking for some hate.
  76. Too Good To Play In Real Life – Well thank god you don’t.
  77. Overconfident – Better than the other way around.
  78. We Beat You And You Hate Us – Sorry, just can’t help it.
  79. Superheroes In Training – Strategy training.
  80. Wii Not Fit – And fantasy football won’t help either.
  81. Butt Cheeks University – Graduate with a BA in Butt Cheeksology.
  82. Wine Her, Dine her, 49er – And she’ll love you forever.
  83. Pimp My Side – Have you thought about adding a sound system?
  84. Snap, Tackle, And Pop – Rice Krispy’s for the win.
  85. Bankrupt And Bored – But not in fantasy football.
  86. Monkey Spankers – Lose to this team, you’re going to get spanked.
  87. Anus Reckers – Things are going to get messy.
  88. Spider Pigs – Just not normal.
  89. Scrote Squad – Excellent name, even has alliteration.
  90. Regarded As Retarded – Perfect name to dupe the other team.
  91. Houston-We Have A Touchdown – All the way from space!
  92. This Team Must Die – It’s just too good to live.
  93. Shocked The Cynics – Pessimism at a whole new level.
  94. Punt Returns On Investment – You want good punts for your money.
  95. Abusement Park – It’s no fun to play with this team.
  96. Teen Moms – That’s why you have so much time.
  97. Kicker’s Lives Matter – They totally do!
  98. Week Off – So you decided to take up a new addiction?
  99. Fighting Artichokes – Actually a real team nickname…
  100. Raider Viking Redskin Cowboys Team – A winning combination.
  101. Poop – Nice, simple, unbeatable.
  102. Bordering On Uncomfortable – Is how you make the other team feel.
  103. Masterdeflator – Pumping balls all day long.
  104. Too Fat To Play In Real Life – This is as close as you get to your dreams.
  105. Psycho Ward – Get ready for some mental play.
  106. Dirty Asses – Don’t get too close to this team.
  107. As Invincible As Your Mom – Expect yo mamma jokes.
  108. Password Is Taco – Old, but gold.
  109. How Fat Kids Win At Football – The only way.
  110. 665-Almost Evil – Just a point away.
  111. Spitting Llamas – Badass.
  112. Dick Cream – Puts so many images in your head.
  113. Big Dick Bandits – Dicks who don’t like to play by the rules.
  114. Pigskin Prognosticators – Porky players.
  115. Epileptic Disco Dancers – They’ve got moves.
  116. My Friends Think This Is Sad – Prove them wrong! Win!
  117. Unsuccessful Milf Hunter – At least you’ve tried.
  118. No Victory Formations – You can still do one at home when no one is watching.
  119. The Springfield Isotopes – After the fictional baseball team in The Simpsons.
  120. 11 Wise Monkeys – A kind of wordplay on the film 12 Monkeys.
  121. Surrounded By Idiots – Get the other players agitated.
  122. No Guts, No Glory – Just win after win.
  123. The Dingbats – Eccentric moron at your service.
  124. Unimaginative Team Name – Team names are for losers.
  125. Kissing Cousins – Ewww.
  126. Straight Cash Homie – You win all the prizes.
  127. The Ten Tantrums – Not winning is not fair.
  128. No Knowledge Of Football – Learn as you play.
  129. The Fear Boners – A strange way to get excited.
  130. Ham Fighters – After a real Japanese team.
  131. Nickleback Attack – Don’t ask them about their taste in music.
  132. Cheap Knob Gags – The best gags.
  133. Team Awesome – Straight up awesome.
  134. This Is as Close as I’ll Get to My Dreams – Honest truth.
  135. The Cereal Killers – The only thing they can defeat.
  136. Tinker Stinkers – Apparently is a pre-game poop that gives you time to strategize your lineup.
  137. Washing Some Skinheads – They need a good wash.
  138. Rings Of Uranus – How many are there again?
  139. We’re In The Bible – Winning for more than 2000 years.
  140. Last Place Lollipops – Not faded at all by losing.
  141. Wide Butts – From all that sitting down.
  142. Big Test Icicles – Large chunks of ice… for experiments.
  143. Monday Morning Tears – It’s okay, you’ll get through this, every Monday.
  144. AdBlock That Punt – For marketing aficionados.
  145. Too Old For This – Technology is getting far too complicated.
  146. Evil Empire – Invading the pitch, one match at a time.
  147. Too Poor To Golf – Fantasy football is a way cheaper.
  148. Smug Winner – Expect a lot of gloating.
  149. Fighting Inbreds – Fighting over their sister most likely.
  150. The Greatest Show On Paper – Theoretically the best team you’ll ever see.
  151. I’m Here So I Won’t Get Fined – Fantasy football is a great way to distract you from your vices.
  152. Going Incognito – Don’t let your boss know what you’re doing.
  153. My Wife Recently Left Me – Who needs a wife when you’ve got the best fantasy football team?
  154. Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies – Old, gold and still going strong.
  155. Assless – Better than useless.
  156. Cummins Cider – Tasty.
  157. Raiders Of The Lost Orc – Perhaps a little too into fantasy?
  158. Block It Like It’s Hot – And it’s always hot.
  159. Proud Ignorance – They’re never wrong, even when they obviously
  160. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Not sure what they’re more excited about, winning or eating.
  161. Playing This To Ignore My Wife – A great strategy.
  162. Intellerections – Smart and excited.
  163. Butte Pirates – An actual real team name!
  164. Raging Hordeon – Raging to win.
  165. Clash Of Tight Ends – Things are about to get rough.
  166. The Tightest Ends – Things are about to get rougher.
  167. Axis Of Ignorance – They never know why they lose.
  168. Wacky Waving Inflatable Flailing Arm Tube Men – Family Guy reference.
  169. Game of Throws – Wordplay on Game of Thrones.
  170. U Mad Bro? – They will be when they lose.
  171. My Boss Thinks I’m Working – Excellent way to be productive at the office.
  172. Looking To Score, With Your Mom – And she’s looking to score with you.
  173. 8=D – Add as many equals symbols as you need.
  174. Gridiron Ironing Boards – Getting the laundry done as they play.
  175. Off In A Tube Sock – Beat…
  176. For All Intensive Purposes – Ready for just about anything.
  177. Low Expectations – If you keep them low then any result is a good result.
  178. Off Constantly – The clumsiest team in the league.
  179. Mount Douchemore – A giant team of douchebags.
  180. Manning Up – Real men play fantasy football
  181. Lost My Virginity To Fantasy Football – It’s known to attract the ladies.
  182. Prestige Worldwide – Reference to the film Step Brothers.
  183. Prepare For Major Burns – Wins and insults.
  184. Never Without Beer – Beer is a necessity.
  185. Oprah Windfury – Fast and dangerous.
  186. The Skeptics – Skeptic of the other team!
  187. Hugh Jass – Legendary.
  188. Touchdown In My Pants – Ladies, step this way.
  189. Horse With No Name – Also a great name for a mascot.
  190. Sherlock Homies – The wisest homeboys.
  191. Go Nads! – What else is there to say?
  192. The Loren Ipsums – Looks cool, but means nothing.
  193. Show Me Your TDs – Only if you show yours first.
  194. Blind Blunderers – They don’t know what they’re doing, but the cause a lot of damage.
  195. U Deflated Bro? – Did somebody knock the wind out of you?
  196. Twisted Blisters – Yucky.
  197. Football? I Thought This Was Soccer! – You’re very lost indeed.
  198. Fighting Farmers – What could possibly be more intimidating?
  199. Straight Up Nimrods – The smartest team in the league.
  200. Insert Stupid Team Name Here – Too cool for this eh?

Fantasy Football Girl Team Names

Fantasy Football Girl Team Names

Feeling like adding a feminine touch to your team name, consider these female fantasy football team names:

  1. Beaten By A Girl – Haha!
  2. Sacks And The City – Things are about to get sacksy.
  3. Gridiron Girls – An excellent name choice.
  4. Joe Namath’s Fur Coat – You’ve got to love that fur coat.
  5. Buns And Roses – Welcome to the jungle.
  6. Manziel In Distress – No knight in shining armor is required.
  7. Basic Bitch Brady – Got love a bit of basic Brady.
  8. Diva Dominator – Winning with style.
  9. The Kicking Chickens – Some tough eggs.
  10. Suh Girls, One Cup – Sick.
  11. Legion Of Womb – We’re all wombed.
  12. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful – Nothing is a challenge for this team.
  13. Hermaphrodites-Girls With Balls – Perhaps the toughest of all?
  14. Big Ben’s Prom Dates – How many does he need?
  15. The Nutcrackers – Men, beware.
  16. Daddy Wanted A Cheerleader – Too bad for him.
  17. Sugar And Spice – Make everything nice.
  18. Your Mom – Beating you, severely.
  19. I Will Deflate Your Ego – When you lose to this team.
  20. Masculinity Is Too Sensitive – Especially when it loses to femininity.
  21. Gronk If You Want to See My TDs – A hilarious team name.
  22. Angry Soccer Mom – No wonder you’re angry, you’re in the wrong sport.
  23. My Time of the Month Is Every Sunday – Run for the hills.
  24. Cunning Stunts – Such a great team name for women’s team.
  25. Defeating For Two – Pregnant and beating you.
  26. Pink Panthers – They’re going to steal the game.
  27. Aggressive Unicorns – The most aggressive of all the mythical beasts.
  28. Wine Me, Dine Me, 49 Me – Men are going to love you.
  29. Ladies And Edelmen – Finally a place where ladies outnumber men.
  30. No Punt Intended – They just couldn’t help themselves.
  31. The 12th Woman – She’s indestructible.
  32. AphTHROWdite – She rose from the sea to deliver a touchdown.
  33. Brees Between My Knees – What a nice ‘brees’ that must be.
  34. A Girl With Real Attitude – She won’t take crap from anybody.
  35. Multiple Scorgasms – A little too happy when they win.
  36. Rocky Bleier’s Mustache – That’s one hell of a mustache.
  37. Save A Bronco, Ride A Cowboy – It’s the right thing to do.
  38. Lacy In A Sky Of Diamonds – Such a beautiful name.
  39. I Like To Touchdown There – Don’t we all?
  40. Dikta Wears Prada – He would look great in Prada.
  41. Endzone Divas – Fiesty and impossible to pass.
  42. The Only Female Here – Say it with pride!
  43. Monica Loves Clinton Dix – A great reference to the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton affair.
  44. Chicks With Balls – Ripped straight from a man.
  45. Dolls With Balls – Just like the above!
  46. Naughty By Nature – Women don’t need to play by rules.
  47. Touchdownton Abbey – Favorite show, favorite game.
  48. Ovaries Of Steel – Tougher than any balls.
  49. Kiss My Butkus – An unfortunate name becomes a great team name.
  50. Don’t Call Me Brady – If you want to live.
  51. Beauty And The Beast Mode – Grace and aggressiveness combined eloquently.
  52. Dick Punchers – Ladies who go straight for the weak spot.
  53. The Boldin And The Beautiful – Women who have guts.
  54. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Women – Too true.
  55. Reverse Cowgirls – Girls in charge.
  56. Untamed Women – Can’t be told what to do.
  57. Breast Favre – The best breasts.
  58. Brady And The Tramp – Someone’s got a crush on Brady.
  59. DangerRuss Liaisons – Liaisons with this team can be deadly.
  60. Feminine Explosion – Win in total feminine style.
  61. Hair, Makeup, Wins – A great life.
  62. Joe Mixon’s Girlfriends – How many does he have?
  63. I Don’t Have Balls to Deflate – A true
  64. Double Ds – Either one can knock you out.
  65. Lynn Swann’s Juicy Ass – No. Juicy Ass.
  66. Purple Reign – Rule the pitch in a sea of purple.
  67. Tyrod Taylor Swift – Love Tyrod Taylor? Love Taylor Swift? Love this name.
  68. He’s Got Smallwood – Poor guy.
  69. Shopping At Lacy’s – A mall coming to a neighborhood near you
  70. Here’s My Number, Call Me Brady – So many Bradys!
  71. That Gurley Girl – They know the one.
  72. You Just Got Beat By A Gurley Girl – And what are you going to do about it?
  73. Ferocious Feline – She’s got claws.
  74. Jamaal My Children – Every one of you.
  75. Destructive Divas – Tearing up the pitch.
  76. Goal Digger – Digging for what counts.
  77. Kansas City Queefs – A hell of a lot better than farts.
  78. She Got Game – Indeed she does.
  79. Atomic Bimbos – Playing like machines.
  80. The Strongest Man Is A Woman – That’s one tough woman.
  81. Howling Hyenas – Hunting for touchdowns.
  82. Kiss My Boots – No mercy.
  83. Badass Barbies – Don’t mistake them or cheerleaders.
  84. Bone Crushing Ballerinas – They’ll dance around you.
  85. Gurl Talk – Slightly more aggressive than girl talk.
  86. Gurleys Gone Wild – Unstoppable.
  87. I Love Dix – We all love him.
  88. Victorious Secret – Another legendary team name.
  89. Too Many Johnsons – We need to do something about that.
  90. Cleats And Cleavage – Distract the opponent.
  91. Womanhood – Better than manhood.
  92. All Chicks, No Dicks – That’s better.
  93. Lady Loads – Lots and lots of ladies.
  94. Forte Shades Of Grey – And over Forte wins!
  95. Fantasy Goddess – The best female fantasy football player.
  96. Tom Brady’s Wife – Respect better be shown.
  97. We Wear Pink, But We Don’t Stink – Only guys stink.
  98. Ovaries Over Balls – Forever.
  99. Amazonians – Bigger and tougher than any male team.
  100. Estrogen Express – As swift as they come.

And that’s a wrap! 900 fantasy football names (NFL and Soccer team names) to get you started. You’ve probably noticed a few underlying themes in the lists above, most probably films, TV shows and music lyrics, which can be a great inspiration. Also, player names are huge, but as one season starts and another begins, those player names might not be so relevant.

Do you think you could do better? Got a team name or two that you think will blow our minds? Why not share it with us?

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