400+ Brilliant Volleyball Team Names (With Meanings)

Need inspiration for good volleyball team names? You’re in the right place…

Volleyball is a fun summertime sport, but sometimes it gets competitive. When you join a league, championship or you and your friends form teams and compete against other teams, you will need a name to call your team, and coming up with a team name is not always easy.

But do you know you can make it one hundred times easier on yourself if you and your team take a look at some suggestions first?

Well, your team must be the luckiest one out there, because you just stumbled across a massive list of volleyball team names to get you started!

List of Volleyball Team Names

These brilliant volleyball team names will make your team the darlings of the volleyball court. We have categorized the list of volleyball team names into four categories (funny, cool, clever, and one-word team names) to make it easier to scan through.

Funny Volleyball Team Names

Funny Volleyball Team Names

If you and your team members prefer a funny name, here are some funny volleyball team names for your team.

  1. Hit For Brains – Definitely not the smartest team out there.
  2. Size Matters – Only if you’re short… or small, even.
  3. Beavis and Bumphead – After Beavis and Butthead.
  4. Ball Busters – The ball won’t be the same shape after playing this team.
  5. Phantom Balls – Now you see them, now you don’t.
  6. Setsaholics Anonymous – They’re going to sets you up.
  7. Block Magic – After the South Park episode Cock Magic.
  8. ACME Roofing – There won’t be a roof for long when you play this team.
  9. Balls In Your Face – That’s got to be painful.
  10. Safe Sets – How sets should be.
  11. Practice Safe Sets – Practice every day.
  12. Where’s My Beaches At? – At the beach?
  13. How I Set Your Mother – Do tell.
  14. The Dirty Half Dozen – Nice and filthy.
  15. Hit Head – Why score points when you can reduce your rivals’ brain cells?
  16. Sand Eaters – They have a habit of falling over.
  17. Donald Bump – Bumping away ignorantly of the rest of the world.
  18. Nine Inch Males – So small?
  19. Heads In The Sand – Stay away from danger!
  20. Good Volley Ms. Molly – Why thank you!
  21. Clever Beaches – Get ready to be outsmarted.
  22. Sand In The Vaseline – I’m sure they’re having a great time at the beach.
  23. The Fighting Amish – Playing the old-fashioned way.
  24. Ball Bangers – Hitting balls a little too hard.
  25. Bros And Hoes – For a mixed team.
  26. Public Sets Offenders – They’re not allowed near certain places.
  27. The Blair Hits Project – Getting beaten by them is like a horror movie.
  28. Ball Whisperers – They’ll get that ball to go anywhere they want.
  29. Setsy Time – After Borat’s catchphrase.
  30. Natural Disasters – It’s totally normal for this team to lose.
  31. Kinky Sets – The best kind of sets.
  32. Men In Speedos – They make everyone at the beach feel awkward.
  33. Net Servers – For a techie crowd.
  34. Touch And Go – Win some, lose some.
  35. Caution! Low Roof! – About to leap into space!
  36. Wild Sets – These guys are passionate about sets.
  37. This Won’t Take Long – Beating their rivals in seconds… or are they the ones who get beaten?
  38. The Joy Of Sets – Gotta love good sets.
  39. Set ‘Em Hussein – After Saddam Hussein.
  40. Spike Me Hard, Baby – It’s the only way it should be done.
  41. Setting Ducks – They have no idea what they’re doing here.
  42. Will Work For Sets – Nothing wrong with that.
  43. We Need Sets – We all do!
  44. Hits Don’t Lie – After My Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira.
  45. Kiss My Ace – With pleasure.
  46. Thongs And Dongs – Another perfect name for a mixed team.
  47. All Net – A team with no chance of scoring.
  48. The Blazing Sunburns – You’ll spot this team a mile away.
  49. Team Ibuprofen – They may be a little sickly.
  50. A Case Of The Hits – The only illness that’s guaranteed to help you win.
  51. Chicks With Digs – Why can’t chicks have digs?
  52. Trump’s Wall – Non–existent then?
  53. Sonova Beach – Say it fast…
  54. Sets With A Stranger – Players, 100%.
  55. I’ve Seen Better Digging In A Graveyard – Ouch!
  56. Sand Castles – They might get a little distracted.
  57. We Showed Up – To what? To lose?
  58. Chewblocka – After Chewbacca from Star Wars.
  59. Itsy Bitsy Spikers – Too cute to be taken seriously.
  60. Drunk, Stupid and Clumsy – And honest.
  61. Spiky Nips – For a girls’ team that’s got that perfect spike.
  62. Full Of Hits – They talk a lot of crap.
  63. The Powerpuff Girls – Great for a girl team made of three.
  64. Setsy And We Know It – And so does everyone else.
  65. Unprotected Sets – Not advisable.
  66. Big Swinging Ds And Ts – Another name for a mixed team.
  67. Go Sets Yourself – Just not on the beach.
  68. Johan Sebastian Block – Composing a win!
  69. Scared Hitless – Is what the other team will be!
  70. Death Volley – Wordplay on Death Valley.
  71. Hit And Miss – Haven’t quite got the hang of this game yet have you guys?
  72. 2 Legit 2 Hit – Well at least you have a reason…
  73. One Hit Wonders – Will score and it will be amazing, but only once.
  74. We Like Big Balls – Big balls are more fun.
  75. You’ve Been Served – Will be in court right after this game.
  76. We Dig 4-Play – Looking for another team that also enjoys a bit of 4-play.
  77. Vertically Challenged – For a team of shorties.
  78. Salad Tossers – Good at throwing things around.
  79. Sand Slingers – Why play fairly and lose when you could play dirty and win?
  80. Not In The Face! – These team will definitely get hit hard in the face.
  81. Setsy Ladies – All the guys on the beach are looking at them.
  82. Bumping Uglies – Not the most handsome team in the world.
  83. Interracial Sets – For a team made up of people of different racial backgrounds.
  84. Here For The Exercise – Not the most athletic team.
  85. That’s What She Sets – Wordplay on the phrase ‘that’s what she said’.
  86. Smack Your Balls – Painful.
  87. Butt Sets – Kinky.
  88. If Pigs Could Fly – A team of fat guys who can jump amazingly high for their size.
  89. Wild Wings – Wordplay on the song Wild Thing by The Troggs.
  90. Sets On The Beach – A dream come true.
  91. Sloppy Sets – They need a bit of practice.
  92. Just The Tip – They’re gentle.
  93. Ain’t That A Beach – It certainly is.
  94. Six Packs – Great stomachs or a pack of six beers?
  95. Court Jesters – More interested in making the audience laugh than winning.
  96. Couch Potatoes – They really get this much exercise.
  97. Sets Pistols – After the band The Sex Pistols.
  98. We’re All HIV Positive – And proud.
  99. Blue Balls – You guys all need to get to a doctor immediately.
  100. Red Hot Silly Peppers – Another bunch of comedians.

Cool Volleyball Team Names

Cool Volleyball Team Names

A cool team deserves a cool name, the following are cool volleyball team names you can call your team.

  1. The Tidal Waves – Invading the entire beach.
  2. SWAT Team – Swatting that ball out of the way.
  3. Score More – Than the other team.
  4. Mission Unblockable – No ball gets past them.
  5. Cobra Kai – After the martial arts team in The Karate Kid.
  6. Atomic Block – Blasting that ball away!
  7. Shaken, Not Stirred – Just like 007.
  8. We Always Get Up – When this team gets knocked down, they’re quick to get back on their feet.
  9. Big Digs And Hot Passes – You know what to expect.
  10. Arm And Hammer – For a tough team.
  11. In Your Face – Winning and damn proud.
  12. Bump It Up – That ball will never touch the ground.
  13. Net Domination – The other team will never even get it past the net.
  14. Soaring At The Net – Where they play best.
  15. Air Force One – After the US presidents private jet.
  16. In Motion – They can’t stop moving.
  17. On Your Knees – The other team will be…
  18. That Hurt? – It probably did if it came from this team.
  19. Spin Doctors – They always think they’re winning, even when they’re not.
  20. On Fire – Just unstoppable.
  21. Spider Chicks – They can reach anything.
  22. Net Results – Scoring at the net.
  23. Killer Serves – The other team will be flabbergasted.
  24. Sabretooth Spikers – Aggressive spikes, to say the least.
  25. Pure Energy – The other team won’t know where you get it from.
  26. Attack Pack – They play like animals.
  27. Hanging Loose – The most relaxed volleyball team you’ll ever meet.
  28. Prime Time Players – A team that’s playing in its prime.
  29. Gung-Ho – Ready for just about anything.
  30. Block Or Bleed – The other team will be too afraid to do anything.
  31. Bump, Set, Dismember – After they beat you, they’ll cut you up.
  32. Hit Me – If you dare.
  33. Lightning Strike – When they hit that ball they light up the sky.
  34. Planet Volleywood – So good they should be famous.
  35. It’s Gotta Be Da Shoes – Nope, they just play amazingly.
  36. Now Serving – So get ready to lose.
  37. Bumping Maniacs – Addicted to bumping.
  38. Elite Volleyball – The absolute best.
  39. Set To Kill – The other team.
  40. Sonic Boom – You can hear them hitting that ball from space.
  41. I’d Hit That – You really should.
  42. Death At The Net – There isn’t a worse way to die.
  43. The Wall – No balls get past them.
  44. Volley Girls – Girls who own this game.
  45. The Lost Boys – Unruly savages.
  46. Extreme Volleyball – Volleyball isn’t supposed to be a leisurely sport, it should be hardcore.
  47. EZ Pass – Making the other team look like amateurs.
  48. That’s Some Serve – You bet it is!
  49. Sand People – After the fictional characters in Star Wars.
  50. Hit-men – Hired to assassinate the other team.
  51. See Ya – Wouldn’t wanna be ya!
  52. Block You Like A Hurricane – After the song “Rock You like a Hurricane” by The Scorpions.
  53. Game On – Yeah, winning is great, but these guys just love playing.
  54. Court Hogs – Loving the game so much, they won’t let anyone else on the court.
  55. Volley Vipers – They’ve got a bite that’ll kill.
  56. High–Performance Volleyball – Don’t even think about playing this team unless you’re in the same league.
  57. Air Traffic Control – Spectators can be forgiven for thinking that ball was a plane.
  58. Speedy Spikers – Fast and very spiky.
  59. Flight Fight – Known to hit balls in mid-air.
  60. Team World Class – Should really be playing in the Olympics.
  61. Net Ninjas – Assassinating that ball whenever it gets to the net.
  62. Net Assets – They’re owning the game.
  63. White Lightning – Striking out the other team.
  64. The Challengers – They make the other team want to play better.
  65. Volleyball Above All – It is a way of life.
  66. All Set At The Net – Can’t pass this defense.
  67. It’s A Hard Bump Life – It is.
  68. The WildCats – The most vicious team you’ll play against.
  69. Vision Quest – Playing to reach a higher power.
  70. Monster Spikes – Those are some mean spikes.
  71. Re–serve – Unbelievable serves.
  72. Block and Awe – Block that ball and the other team won’t even know what happened.
  73. Pink Panthers – For a team that’s all in pink.
  74. Dirty Diggers – Digging that ball a little too well.
  75. Jump And Bump – Amazing mid-air hits.
  76. The Volley Divas – Lady Volleyball players with style.
  77. Bump, Set, Decapitate – The other team will lose their heads, to say the least.
  78. Thrill Seekers – They’ll keep the game interesting.
  79. Mass Spikes – Spike after spike after spike.
  80. Bump Impact – Hitting that ball just right.
  81. You Bet We’re Set – They’re always ready.
  82. Over The Top – Playing to the max.
  83. The Walk-Ons – Readier than they look.
  84. High Velocity – That ball is coming at the other team, hard.
  85. Bombs Away – The other team is about to get blitzed.
  86. Sand Blasters – Careful with your eyes.
  87. Project Beat You – They’re definitely driven.
  88. You Okay? – Is this team playing a little too well for you?
  89. Death From Above – That ball might end up knocking you out.
  90. Ball Control – Unbelievable skill.
  91. Dig This! – The other team better!
  92. The Ballocks – Bollocks or ball blocks?
  93. Smack It Back – If you don’t, you’ll regret it.
  94. Blocker Rockers – Blocking is what they do best.
  95. Called To Serve – Serve is just what they’ll do.
  96. Can’t Touch This – Don’t even try it.
  97. Net Threat –  Intimidating.
  98. Power Tippers – Bringing a new level of professionalism to the game.
  99. Sand Vipers – They play beach volleyball better than anyone else.
  100. All-Star Team – Careful, you’re about to play against some real professionals.

Clever Volleyball Team Names

Clever Volleyball Team Names

Need clever and creative names? The following creative volleyball team names would impress your opponents.

  1. The Empire Spikes Back – After Star Wars episode five.
  2. The Bride Of Spankenstein – After the film The Bride of Frankenstein.
  3. Counter Spike – After the video game “Counter Strike.”
  4. Things That Go Bump – …in the night.
  5. The Inter-nets – Great for a team of tech guys.
  6. Defying Gravity – Gravity is for losers.
  7. The Mad Netters – After the Mad Hatter.
  8. New Kids On The Block – You don’t know them, but they sure play well.
  9. Jenny From The Block – Everybody knows this team.
  10. Tender Loving Carry – They cheat with grace.
  11. Setters Of Catan – Wordplay on the board game Settlers of Catan.
  12. Silence Of The Sands – After the film Silence of The Lambs.
  13. The Block Market – Wordplay on the black market.
  14. Spikological Warfare – They’re going to mess you up psychologically.
  15. The Sure Shank Redemption – Wordplay on the film The Shawshank Redemption.
  16. Take A Hit – It will make you feel better.
  17. The Volley Of The Damned – The other team has no chance.
  18. Shank You Very Much – You’re welcome.
  19. Serves You Right – It certainly does.
  20. Booze On First? – Booze always comes first.
  21. The Volley Lama – Wordplay on the Dalai Lama.
  22. Set For Life – They’ve got everything it takes to beat the other team.
  23. Alfred Hitchblock – Wordplay on famous director Alfred Hitchcock.
  24. To Kill A Rocking Serve – Wordplay on the book and film To Kill A Mockingbird.
  25. To Kill A Blocking Nerd – Same as the above.
  26. Eat, Hit and Dive – A way of life they must stick to.
  27. Bernie Sand–ers – Wordplay on American politician Bernie Sanders.
  28. Spiked Lee – Wordplay on director Spike Lee.
  29. Spike Tysons – Wordplay on former boxer Mike Tyson.
  30. Cheap Spikes And Dinks – Should really be the name of a bar.
  31. The Humpty Dumpers – The clumsiest team you’ll ever play against.
  32. Sets You Straight – You’ll see the world differently after losing to this team.
  33. Death By Bumping – What a way to go.
  34. Notorious D.I.G. – Wordplay on rapper Notorious B.I.G.
  35. Amazing Spike-tacle – The 8th wonder of the world.
  36. Can’t Spike The Feeling – Wordplay on the song “Can’t Fight This Feeling.”
  37. Sets In The City – Wordplay on the song “Sex in the City.”
  38. Floor Play – Who doesn’t like a little floor play?
  39. We Couldn’t Carry Less – It’s just not in their nature.
  40. Some Spike It Hot – And this team certainly does.
  41. Served Hot – Scorching hot.
  42. Block Obama – Wordplay on former US president Barack Obama.
  43. Serving The Lord – With each match they win.
  44. Revenge Of The Set – After Star Wars episode three.
  45. Sugar And Spike – And everything nice.
  46. Yes, We Play Like Girls, Try To Keep Up – Playing to embarrass the macho teams.
  47. Self–service – So good, they’re basically playing by themselves.
  48. Block Party – The other team is invited, but they’re not going anywhere.
  49. Spike My Jonze – After filmmaker Spike Jonze.
  50. The Road to Sri Shankla – Wordplay on the country Sri Lanka.
  51. Gross Vs Net – For those in finance.
  52. Barack Oballers – Another wordplay on former US president Barack Obama.
  53. Servers Not Waiters – Show some respect.
  54. Sets Addict – Is it really an addiction?
  55. Major Carriers – They can’t hide it, so they embrace it.
  56. Please Dink Responsibly – For your own well-being.
  57. Pop-up Blockers – Another one for those that work in IT.
  58. Walk The Block – They’ll walk for miles to find the best team to play.
  59. Two Blocks Away – From victory.
  60. Diggas In Paris – After the song by Jay Z and Kanye West.
  61. The Home Team – Wherever they go they’re the home team.
  62. Orville Ready–Blocker – Wordplay on Orville Redenbacher popcorn.
  63. Bounce The Server – And another one for IT people.
  64. Serv-ivors – They’ll win even in the toughest situations.
  65. Off In Church – If you lose, the announcer will say “… beat off…”
  66. Matching Shirts – Perfect name for a team that has them!
  67. Flying Without A License – Who needs one anyway?
  68. We Will Block You – Wordplay on the song We Will Rock You by Queen.
  69. Sand Baggers – They always manage to get themselves covered in sand.
  70. Carry On – Like no one noticed.
  71. Server Down – But not out!
  72. V.D. – Stands for Obsessive Volleyball Disorder.
  73. Cogito Ergo Boom – ‘I think therefore I boom’.
  74. Can You Dig It? – Yes, you can!
  75. E! True Volleyball Story – Wordplay on E! True Hollywood Story.
  76. The Giraffes – They’re damn tall.
  77. Spike And Buffy – In reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  78. Block N’ Roll – They’re blocking and rolling.
  79. Kenya Dig It? – We certainly Ken.
  80. Pancake Servers – Yum!
  81. 99 Problems, But a Beach Ain’t One – A beach is never a problem.
  82. Off In The Pew – Who Beat…
  83. Setting John Malkovich – Wordplay on the film Being John Malkovich.
  84. Ba-Da-Bing, Ba-Da-Boom – When you know you’re going to beat the other teams easily.
  85. DV8ers – You can never guess where they’re going.
  86. Sets And The City – After the TV series “Sex and the City.”
  87. Sets, Lies, And Videotape – Wordplay on the film “Sex, Lies and Videotape.”
  88. We’ve Been Overserved – Sorry to hear that.
  89. Generous Tippers – Playing to win in the nicest way possible.
  90. O.B. – Stands for Best of Breed.
  91. Ball Me, Maybe? – After the song “Call Me, Maybe?”
  92. Spikadelic – Great for a team of hippies.
  93. What Awesome Volleyball Players Look Like – Egotistical much?
  94. Passing Fancy – You’ll like them until they beat you.
  95. May The Spike Be With You – Wordplay on ‘May the force be with you.”
  96. Civil Disobedience – Great for a team made up of civil engineers.
  97. Netmasters – They literally own the net.
  98. The Spiking Sodomites – Keep a fair distance away from this team.
  99. We’ve Made Better Passes In A Bar – They’re great at getting the other team all frustrated.
  100. Time Served – Hardcore.

One-Word Volleyball Team Names

One Word Volleyball Team Names

If you prefer one word names, here are good one word volleyball team names:

  1. Hitlist – Don’t be on theirs.
  2. Shockwaves – Will be felt when this team scores.
  3. Hurricanes – Expect a storm.
  4. Gosh – You’ll be in awe.
  5. Cougars – Perfect for a women’s team.
  6. Pandemonium – Bringing with them the end of the world.
  7. Crossfire – The other team is going to be in trouble.
  8. Sunburnt – And proud of it!
  9. Sharks – Volleyball predators.
  10. Blazers – Just too cool.
  11. Slammers – No other team hits the ball as hard as they do.
  12. Sunfire – They play at their best when it’s sunny.
  13. Zoom – Faster than the speed of light.
  14. Chargers – Always on the attack.
  15. Hitting – Can’t stop them from scoring.
  16. Potatoes – They’re a little round.
  17. Xpress – Scoring at an impressive speed.
  18. Renegades – They play by their own rules.
  19. Disqualified – But still playing.
  20. Showtime – The audience always gathers around to watch this team.
  21. Panthers – For a team of lethal women.
  22. Sandbags – They’re ready to get beaten.
  23. Aceholes – They’re good, and they know it.
  24. S*M*A*S*H – After the TV series of the same name.
  25. Banned – For breaking too many rules.
  26. Tsunami – An unstoppable wave.
  27. Testicles – Why use silly puns on the word ‘ball’ or ‘balls’?
  28. Swarm – They’ll overpower you.
  29. Attackers – The other team’s defense better be ready.
  30. Sailors – They’ve spent a lot of time at the sea.
  31. Dudes – Straight up dudes.
  32. Internet – Who can beat the Internet?
  33. Pain – The other team will need an ambulance.
  34. Untouchables – The other team is not worthy of playing them.
  35. Upperworld – In a totally different league.
  36. Setsy – Hell yeah.
  37. Foreplay – The best kind of play.
  38. Domination – They don’t win, they dominate.
  39. Canceled – But still winning.
  40. Flammable – If they win, they may catch fire.
  41. Babes – Athletic and attractive women.
  42. Fury – They’re fuelled by rage.
  43. Casablockya – Wordplay on the film Casablanca.
  44. Puddles – The other team will be crying…
  45. Forfeit – The other team will…
  46. Winning – All the time.
  47. Spikers – Their specialty is scoring.
  48. Smashers – The opposition won’t look the same after.
  49. Fusion – This team is a fusion of all the right qualities a volleyball team needs.
  50. Crush – The opposition will fall in love with this team.
  51. Monsoon – Bringing a storm with them.
  52. Airborne – They play best when they’re in the air.
  53. Ballywood – Wordplay on Bollywood.
  54. Beaches – The nicest people you’ll ever meet.
  55. Shambles – They can’t play at all.
  56. Gravity – Do they believe in it?
  57. AmazeBalls – They can make the ball do some amazing things.
  58. Launchers – Known for their aggressive serves.
  59. Rescheduled – Rescheduled to win!
  60. Bombers – Dropping bombs on the other team.
  61. Chaos – The other team won’t know what happened.
  62. Seahawks – In reference to the Seattle Seahawks NFL team.
  63. Blockbusters – You need to buy tickets to watch this team play.
  64. Spinsters – Women who don’t need men for anything.
  65. Unstoppable – Don’t even bother trying.
  66. Alcoballics – Addicted to the ball.
  67. Defaults – Their default setting is amazing.
  68. Roofies – Can’t help but hit the ceiling.
  69. Roofers – Same as the above.
  70. Speedos – Please don’t wear speedos when playing volleyball…
  71. Flames – Making the game more exciting.
  72. Bye – Bye bye losers!
  73. Dazzle – When they play, they shine.
  74. Sweetness – The sweetest team out there.
  75. Spartans – Volleyball warriors.
  76. Postponed – Even when they’re told they can’t play, they find a way.
  77. Twisters – They play with an unbelievable amount of flexibility.
  78. Nitrate – For a team of chemists.
  79. Volleybrawler – They don’t like losing
  80. Diggity – The best digs you’ll ever see in volleyball.
  81. Digz –Just like the above.
  82. Wilson – After the ball in the film Castaway.
  83. Mustangs – Wild at heart.
  84. Dynomite – Simply explosive.
  85. Shorties – You guessed it, they’re short.
  86. Ballerinas – They play with the grace of a ballerina.
  87. Eclipse – So great they can even block the sun.
  88. Waves – They play best when by the sea.
  89. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – The longest one-word team name you could have.
  90. Sandstorm – The sand around them will start to fly.
  91. Sizzle – The team is going to burn.
  92. Fireballs – When that ball passes over the net, it might as well be on fire.
  93. Impact – They hit hard.
  94. Velocity – Too fast for the other team to handle.
  95. Tippers – They always manage to just get the ball over the net.
  96. Ballers – It feels natural for them to have balls in their hands.
  97. Spikaholics – Just can’t help themselves.
  98. Champions – Winning comes naturally to them.
  99. Touched – By an angel.
  100. Leapfrog – After the kid’s electronics company.

Found some awesome team names you liked? Did they give you any new ideas? Let us know! We’d love to hear any suggestions you have, whether they’re funny, cool, clever, one word or something entirely out of this world!

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