400+ Good Running Team Names (With Meanings)

People run for a variety of reasons; to get away from danger, to catch someone or something, to avoid someone they owe money, to avoid getting arrested and many other reasons.

If you need a name for a running team, most likely you are running for a cause, for a competitive event or fitness purposes.

Running by itself will exhaust your muscles, so when you add the exhaustion that comes from trying to find the perfect name for a running team, it becomes more or less a headache.

To save you and your team members from the mental stress involved in coming up with a good team name, we have compiled a list of good running team names.

In picking the perfect name for your team, remember to consider factors like the purpose of the running team and the personality of your team members. If you and your team name are a bunch of goofballs, then you could use a funny team name for your team. If you guys are a team of Bond-looking badasses, then you could pick a cool team name.

Irrespective of the type of team name you prefer, you will find a huge list of running team names to choose from:

List of Running Team Names

We have categorized this list of team names into different categories: funny running team names, cool running team names, clever running team names, running team names for girls, and team names for long distance events such as a 5k running race.

Cool Running Team Names

Cool Running Team Names

Would you prefer a name that’s inspiring for your team? Something intriguing that perfectly represents the nature of your running team? We’ve got some pretty cool running team names that just might fit:

  1. Bolt – A bit unimaginative but it is the coolest team name for a running team.
  2. Swifties – Also an obvious name but who cares?
  3. Pushing Limits – A cool team name for a team of record breakers.
  4. Speedies – A cool team name for a team of sprinters.
  5. Racetrack Missiles – Guaranteed to hit the finish line before anyone.
  6. Lightning V – V stands for Five, so, customize this name to fit the number of people in your team.
  7. Edge – No matter how fast the other guys are, this team will edge them out.
  8. Jaguars – One of the fastest land animals.
  9. Blackbirds – Reference to “Blackbird,” the Fastest air-breathing manned aircraft.
  10. Born To Run – No other activity feels more natural for this team.
  11. Guts For Sprints – There’s no holding back when they’re on the field.
  12. Record Breakers – That energy they bring to the field makes them winners every time.
  13. From Start To Finish – This team would never be one to quit.
  14. Addicted To The Track – Running is all that they live for.
  15. Free Men Run – And their feet shows how grateful they are.
  16. Your Pace Or Mine? – Some days they run fast, other days they run slowly.
  17. Yes, Another Lap – Because there is never a thing like too much running.
  18. Therapy Called Running – Nothing takes away all the stress like running does for this team.
  19. Green Feet Gang – Their legs couldn’t be any less fit at this point.
  20. Furious Toes – Anger is always their driving force when they run.
  21. Pain For Gain – And no pain, no gain.
  22. Craze For Running – Nothing else is as exciting as racing.
  23. Conquer The Track – They set out to own the field in every race.
  24. First Place Please – This team would never settle for being second best.
  25. The Chase – All for the thrill that comes from running.
  26. It’s A Runner’s Thing – Inactive people wouldn’t understand.
  27. Fit Hour – And there’s never a wrong time to run.
  28. Run & Burn – Running has always been their best bet at burning some weight.
  29. Sprint Some Mo’ – This team can never get enough of the action.
  30. Road Quest – And the mission is to stay as active as possible.
  31. Here To Win – You can tell they’re not the type to settle for second place in a race.
  32. Switch It Up – They’re ready to impress with every race performance.
  33. Running Like Wolves – Because even wolves would marvel at their running skills.
  34. Hot-Blooded – They constantly bring too much vigor to the field.
  35. Fired Up – They’re always more than ready to race.
  36. Pavement Pounders – They never run too far off, but all that energy is hard to miss.
  37. Across The City – They could run around town every day if they had the time.
  38. The Flash Mob – They’re too fast for most people to keep up with.
  39. Run For Company – Because friends that run together stay fit together.
  40. Game On – Running is the one sport they’re always looking forward to.
  41. Run It To Win It – Losers could never run with this team.
  42. The Religion Of Racing – Nothing is greater or as important for them.
  43. Border-Blind – Who says they can’t keep running when every other team can’t?
  44. All For Speed – And the incredible kind of speed too.
  45. Weekend Trips – They could definitely run all the way to the other side of town if they felt like.
  46. Join The Beasts – Not everyone can measure up to their sort of speed, and they understand.
  47. The Art Of Speed – They’re insanely fast, and everyone knows it.
  48. Iron Legs – It’s why they never get tired.
  49. Like Firecrackers – Watching them race to the finish line is always a marvelous sight.
  50. Running To Wellness – Running is the quickest form of fitness.
  51. Quickened Up – They might not be the fastest, but they’re always getting better.
  52. Runnin’ Into Shape – Nothing gives them a fitter body like running does.
  53. Feet Be Kickin’ – They’re as physically active as they need to be with running.
  54. Long-Legged League – Those legs just go on for forever.
  55. Speed Work – Almost like they have something super important to do afterward.
  56. Bullet For Legs – And that’s really how fast those legs move.
  57. Bad Like Bandits – And they make sure no one else is catching up with them.
  58. The Tramplers – Nothing can stand in their way when they’re ready to win.
  59. Pride Over Pain – The glory is always worth the hassle for them.
  60. Tired For What? – No, they can’t relate.
  61. Legs Like Thunder – Quick, loud and attention-grabbing every single time.
  62. When Underdogs Run – Most people underestimate their skills, and they enjoy proving them wrong.
  63. Follow The Trail – They lead the way for other runners to follow.
  64. Faster Than Who? – It’s not bragging; they’re really that good.
  65. Run For Place – Their eyes are always on the first prize.
  66. Killa Speed – It should be illegal to bring that much energy to the track.
  67. We Heart To Run – It’s a wonderful sport, and they love it.
  68. Running For The ‘Gram – What’s the use of a fit body, if you do not show it off on Insta?
  69. Hitting The Road – And there would be no vehicles involved.
  70. Leg Whippers – It’s easy to feel intimidated when you see them run.
  71. Late Night Runs – Nothing beats going for a run on a quiet evening for this team.
  72. Miles To Go – And they came fully prepared for it.
  73. Mad Men – Yet, “normal” people can only wish they could run that way.
  74. Pushing Past – No matter what, they always keep moving.
  75. Licensed To Overtake – So they don’t need your permission to outshine every other racer.
  76. Speed Up – They get even faster at every race.
  77. For Restless Beings – Those legs could never be still, so they’re putting them to good use.
  78. Wicked Speed – All that energy in one team is almost unfair to all the others.
  79. Feet With Rhythm – Only skilled runners with plenty of practice can relate.
  80. Stretch Ya Self – Probably the most committed and disciplined running team ever.
  81. Compulsive Speed – They couldn’t run slower even if they wanted to.
  82. Golden Moves – The most skillful runners make up this team.
  83. Go All Night – And they’d still have some energy left by morning.
  84. Flex Those Muscles – And that’s all they’ve come to do on the field.
  85. The Extreme Zone – Everybody brings their A-Game over here.
  86. Damn The Pain – The victory is always worth it.
  87. The Escape – Just like they were running from something.
  88. No Destination Squad – There’s no finish line for this team.
  89. Moment Of Movement – When it’s time to race, there are no holdbacks.
  90. Raise The Bar – They’re never tired of mastering the skill of running.
  91. The Intense Feet – All their energy resides in those feet.
  92. Ready To Go – There’s always time to do some running.
  93. Gangster Speed – They’re dangerously fast, and they know it.
  94. Painful Thrills – Running might not be easy, but it’s still quite exciting for them.
  95. Mid-Day Madness – There’s no better time for this team to do some running than at noon.
  96. Max Speed – They can’t tone down all that energy, ever.
  97. Know No Pain – They’ve become completely immune to the pain involved.
  98. Dash Like The Wind – Even the wind would be envious.
  99. Dominators – All the other runners could never.
  100. The Thumpers – Even the blind would know when they’re approaching.
  101. Race Like Outlaws – All that adrenaline is what drives this team.
  102. Jet Speed – They’re smooth runners with incredibly fast legs.
  103. Uber For What? – Their legs would do just fine.
  104. Aflame – They’re burning with passion for this sport, and it shows.
  105. Adrenaline Rush – What else could be a bigger motivation on the tracks?
  106. Can’t Be Still – And now they’re channeling all that energy into running.
  107. Hot Wave – They’re hard to miss with all that intense aura they bring.
  108. Hell Let Loose – They go crazy when they get on the field.
  109. Run For Liberty – They know just how to exercise their freedom of movement.

Funny Running Team Names

Funny Running Team Names

If you’re looking for a humorous or downright silly name to keep your running team as jovial and laidback as possible, here are some fun names for a running team:

  1. Ostrich Wannabes – Having the sturdy legs and incredible speed of an ostrich would mean everything to this running team.
  2. Rat Racers – They’re either running in groups or not running at all.
  3. Miserable Runners – Running might be hard as hell, but that’s not stopping them.
  4. Jiggle & Jump – Members of this team are overweight, and when their legs run, everybody part runs.
  5. Fit Like Sticks – Runners so skinny you’d be worried that their legs could break any minute.
  6. Sand Attack – And if you’re asthmatic, stay far away when this team is running by.
  7. Tired Toes – They’re still new to the world of running, and their toes are quite unhappy.
  8. Itchy Feet – When they’re not out running, their feet can’t keep still.
  9. Awkward Legs – Their legs weren’t built for running, and everyone can see that but them.
  10. Furious Feet – They run like they’re angry and most times, they actually are.
  11. Can’t Run With Us – They might not be the best runners, but they’re exclusive, and you’re not invited.
  12. Running In Heels – Yes. Sneakers weren’t made for them.
  13. Young But Breathless – You’d expect that they’d be full of energy because of how young they are. You’d be disappointed.
  14. Fun ‘n’ Sore – They honestly enjoy running, and the sore body parts are never discouraging.
  15. Legs Like Hammers – Make sure to get out of their way when you see this team coming.
  16. Muddy Run – Their sneakers never return home the same.
  17. Greased Feet – You could swear that their feet don’t even touch the ground with the way they run.
  18. Legs-A-GoGo – Watching this team run is the cutest thing ever.
  19. Naked Legs – They have the best looking legs ever, and they make sure you notice when they’re running.
  20. Cramps For What? – They don’t even know what leg cramps/muscle pulls mean.
  21. Fast As The Internet – Your internet wishes it was as fast as their legs.
  22. Legs On Speed Dial – Everyone is ready to hit the road when one person wants to run.
  23. Busy Throttling – Running is a hobby they genuinely enjoy, and it shows.
  24. Outracing Laziness – They’ve chosen to live active lives and laziness isn’t welcome into their new phase of life.
  25. Reeky Comrades – They’re totally committed to the fit life even if it makes them stinky.
  26. Kangaroo-nians – It’s hard to tell if they’re running or jumping to the finish line.
  27. Granny Legs – Their bodies might appear young, but they sure don’t act like it.
  28. Less Talkin’, More Runnin’ – They’re letting their actions speak louder than their words.
  29. Rods For Legs – The most powerful legs probably belong to this particular running team.
  30. Rascal Movement – Nobody runs in a disorderly manner as this team does.
  31. Run Like-A Chicken – And that’s exactly what they do.
  32. Overeaten Again – They’re punishing themselves for their unhealthy eating habits in this team.
  33. Fueled By Coffee – That beverage is their single source of energy, and it shows in their running.
  34. Stinky Behavior – They’ve picked up habits that come with smelly consequences.
  35. Sweat & Sneakers – Their sneakers and their body parts aren’t thrilled with such an active lifestyle.
  36. Run Like A Baby – Running is a lot of work, and their weak legs can’t hide it.
  37. Commotion Army – It’s a large running team, and the neighborhood gets worried whenever they hit the road.
  38. Legs Be Aching – Their legs might be begging them to stop, but they’re not listening.
  39. Squeaky Feet – They buy new footwear for running more often than they actually
  40. Flushed Out – They’re always running down the road with more vigor than they can handle.
  41. Rattling Legs – Might take some time but they’re confident their exhausted legs would adjust to the fit life.
  42. Move Ya Soles – A gentle reminder for anyone who’s starting to slack.
  43. Running Outta Fat – All those running exercises are definitely paying off.
  44. Where’s The Finish Line? – They’re looking forward to ending the race before it even begins.
  45. Disorderly Tracks – Running on a straight line isn’t something they’re used to.
  46. Scared To Run – Running isn’t exactly their favorite sport, but they’re doing it anyway.
  47. Feet Be Killin’ – Most days, the pain overshadows everything else for this team.
  48. Springy Legs – Their stretchy, super flexible legs are like nothing anyone else has ever seen.
  49. Make It Stop – They just want to stop running and go home.
  50. Legs Be Slippery – It’s really the only explanation for how easily they run.
  51. Crack Dem Bones – They’re ready to put as much pressure as they need to on their legs.
  52. Be Like Sonic – It’s easy to see where this team draws their inspiration from.
  53. Shake ‘n’ Go – They’re as active as can be with all that running.
  54. Slimy Running – They’re the smoothest runners you’d ever see.
  55. Shhh, now run! – Less talking, more running.
  56. Commotion Army – It is best to get out of the way when you see this army of runners approaching.
  57. Covered In Blisters – Their feet have had the worst luck from all that running.
  58. For Ugly Toenails – Running may have done some damage to their nails, but they’re not bothered.
  59. Run For Ya Life – If they had to run to save themselves, they’d stay alive.
  60. Sweaty Sacrifice – Might not be easy, but they know it’s a worthy sacrifice.
  61. Misfits Only – Normal people wouldn’t find into this unusual running team.
  62. Sweet Water, Sweat Water – The sweater they get, the better.
  63. Fat Feet Club – And running is their ultimate plan for shedding all that excess fat.
  64. Silly Gooses On The Loose – Watching them run is probably the silliest thing you’d ever see.
  65. Time To Run Away – Even though they’re not quite sure where the destination is.
  66. Run From Shame – Never again would they be called lazy.
  67. How’s Our Running? – They know they’re quite terrible at running, and a pat on the back would be appreciated.
  68. Yay For Fast Walkers – Probably the slowest runners ever but they couldn’t be less bothered.
  69. Sticky Sissies – Soon as they start to get sweaty, the race automatically ends.
  70. Drag To The Finish Line – No matter how tiring it gets, they’re going to make it to the end of that race somehow.
  71. Next Door Ghosts – Watching how fast this team runs might be scary.
  72. Turtle Legs – They slow, tiny legs can only do so much for them.
  73. Close To Collapsing – Someone always passes out halfway in the race.
  74. Touch Your Shoelace – You’d never catch them running with a sweet-looking pair of trainers.
  75. Slowed Down – There’s always that one team member that’s always trying to catch up with the rest.
  76. Dumbo Running – They look their silliest when they’re racing, but that’s the least of their worries.
  77. Broken Feet – What are a few broken bones if they could actually win?
  78. Like Zombies Were Coming – It’s the only reason they’re always running like maniacs.
  79. Laziness Be Gone – And nothing chases it off faster than running.
  80. Legs Fell Asleep – Their feet aren’t quite used to all the hard work yet.
  81. We Stole Something – Only thieves should be able to run that fast.
  82. There Goes Our Fat – All that running eliminated it all.
  83. Dang Moves – You’d be lying if you claim you’re not impressed with their running.
  84. Run Now, Moan Later – Winning the race is more important than tending to a twisted ankle.
  85. Aching Like We Mean It – If they haven’t started to feel the aches, they haven’t started running.
  86. Vitamin D Druggies – How else are they going to get all that early morning sun other than through running?
  87. Roadside Duties – They’re not homeless, they’re just out running all the time.
  88. Lazy Legs Club – If only they had the willpower to get more serious with running.
  89. Fatties Parade – Nothing is cuter than watching this robust team race.
  90. From Phat To Skinny – It’d be hard to recognize them after losing all that weight with running.
  91. Running Like We’re Crazy – And some people would swear that they have to be.
  92. Jello Legs – Those legs couldn’t get any lazier than they already are.
  93. Who’s In Last Place? – Definitely not these skillful runners, but they have to ask.
  94. We Think We Ran – But of course, what they just did should not even be considered running.
  95. Where’s The Towel? – Everyone gets really sweaty fast over here.
  96. Pressured Into Running – They didn’t sign up for this sort of stress voluntarily, and it shows.
  97. Run Not Rum – They’d much rather prefer going to get drinks.
  98. Drowned In Sweat – This team is sweating in places they didn’t know they could sweat.
  99. Mud Don’t Stop Us – They don’t mind getting dirty if they need to.
  100. We’d Be Running Late – They might be slow runners, but they’re still running.

Women Running Team Names

Women Running Team Names

For a team of ladies, you might prefer a name that speaks female power or feminine fortitude, so, if you’re running short on ideas for your lady gang, here are some girl team names to choose from:

  1. Dash Dolls – They run in the most adorable manner ever.
  2. Barefoot Beaches – They’ve never needed footwear and definitely not when they’re running.
  3. Chasing After Us – No guarantees, but you could try to catch up with these women.
  4. Wind In Our Hair – It’s always a bad hair day when they go running.
  5. Little Fairies Run – Watching those adorable legs run would be almost like magic.
  6. Beauties Running Like Beasts – They might look like women, but they have the kind of power most men couldn’t boast of.
  7. Catch Us If You Can – Unfortunately, chances are you can’t.
  8. Speedy Sisters – These women can run like nothing you’ve ever seen before.
  9. Wonder Girls – Those legs do the most magnificent things on the track.
  10. Running Without Heels – They can be divas when they want to until it’s time to run.
  11. Fancy Legs – They spend more time picking out the right trainers than actually running.
  12. Fast Girls Win – And these girls sure know how to be fast.
  13. Fine And Fit – Because a pretty face on an unhealthy body is really just a waste.
  14. Chicks Be Crazy – They’re far from their usual selves when they’re on the field.
  15. Run The World – These Girls. They run the world, literally.
  16. Fancy Running – They shouldn’t probably be on a runway, and not on the tracks.
  17. Lioness Behavior – All that zeal they bring to running is the most powerful thing to watch.
  18. Fast Women Fraternity – There’s no room for slow legs in this team.
  19. Aunties On The Run – Their nephews & nieces would be so proud.
  20. Babes On Their Feet – They’re super active, and it shows when they run.
  21. Hot Legs Only – And those legs aren’t pretty for nothing.
  22. Run Like Glitter – Nobody expects them to know how to run, but they definitely do.
  23. Cheetah Girls – They’re feisty and fast on the field.
  24. Sole Sistas – These “sisters” find running to be the best bonding activity
  25. Fly & Fiesty – These fit women can definitely give you a run for your money.
  26. Speedilicious – Watching them run has to be the hottest thing ever.
  27. Wickedly Fast – They’ve got skills to make even the men jealous.
  28. Mama Run Faster – Their family, is all the motivation they need to get fit.
  29. We’ve Got Soles – And they sure know how to use them.
  30. Sassy Sprinters – Watching them run is always an interesting thing.
  31. Foxy Rhythm – These women have perfected their running skills with a lot of hard work.
  32. Baddies On The Run – It should be a crime to look that good while running.
  33. Beautiful Leapers Club – Strong and beautiful legs only are allowed.
  34. Icy Legs – Just make sure you stay out of their way, or don’t, at your own risk.
  35. Bend Over & Go – And they know how to move like The Flash.
  36. Queens Of The Street – No one comes close to these fit women without feeling intimidated.
  37. Red Hot – Red is the signature color for these super active runners.
  38. Swerving Sweethearts – No road curve is too much for these smooth runners to lose their tempo.
  39. Twisted Like ‘Em Braids – Their legs are as flexible as their hair extensions.
  40. Zig Zag Moves – As long as they don’t have to run in a straight line, they’re good.
  41. Weave In The Air – It’s why they never wear wigs when racing.
  42. Heels Over Wheels – The heels of their feet is more active than the wheels in their driveway.
  43. Cuties In Boots – Trainers are too boring for these adorable women to run in.
  44. Race Of The Hotties – So you have to be physically active as well as gorgeous to run with this team.
  45. Run For Company – The next best thing after keeping fit is enjoying the presence of one another for this team.
  46. Shadow Women – They’re probably the quietest yet fastest racers ever.
  47. Road Wreckers – All that speed could leave some permanent damages if they wanted it to.
  48. Hit Girls – They’re pretty amazing at what they do.
  49. Big Mamas Bounce – These elderly women sure know how to keep their bones healthy and strong with running.
  50. Fast Creepers – They could race past you, and you wouldn’t even notice on time.
  51. Girl Gunners – They do some pretty impressive running when they want to.
  52. Run With Wrath – And all of that energy is impossible to miss.
  53. Ironclad Gang – Iron Man himself would be proud.
  54. Badass Blazers – They’re blazing hot when they get on those tracks.
  55. Radically Fit – Staying fit isn’t optional for them; it’s the only option.
  56. Pessimist-Proof – Naysayers and lazy bums are not allowed anywhere near this team.
  57. The Hurricane – They’d take you by surprise with their running skills.
  58. Pursuit Of Fitness – The goal is to achieve a banging body, and they’re ready to do the work.
  59. The Fire-Bred – Who knew that watching a group of women run could be so hot?
  60. Charged For Speed – They’re always ready to move.
  61. Tough Cookies – They might look soft and sweet, but those legs are steady as a rock.
  62. Barrier Breakers – No distance is too much for them to cover and they can prove it.
  63. Open Rebellion – There’s a lot of toughness in these women and running is how they express it.
  64. Ballistic Babes – They’re always excited whenever it’s time to exercise those legs.
  65. Fling Some Limbs – If there’s one thing these women would never be, it’s settling for stiff bones.
  66. Pumped With Fury – And Nothing fuels a woman as much as anger would.
  67. Up The Bar – They keep impressing everyone by performing much better than they did the last time.
  68. Run In Frenzy – They might not be the most orderly group of runners, but they run anyway.
  69. Foot Slammers – They’re loud and hard to ignore when they run.
  70. Girls With Guts – These ladies are doing the impossible in the sport of running.
  71. Chic Crushers – They can be classy, and they can be wild.
  72. Fit Fanatics – Maintaining that fit body is all they’re trying to do.
  73. Women Warriors – There’s a lot of energy in these women, and they know how to manifest it.
  74. Freaky Feet – There’s nothing those overactive legs cannot do.
  75. Grizzly Gals – Middle-aged Women with the energy of “girls.”
  76. Legchantresses – These mysterious runners would have you glued till they get to the finish line.
  77. Field Witches – If there’s one thing they’re perfect at, it’s running.
  78. Steal The Show – All eyes are automatically fixated on them when they run.
  79. Majestic Moves – All that running wouldn’t be enough to hide their sophisticated side.
  80. The Baddie Schemers – They run to win, and they always know just how to.
  81. When Housewives Run – These wives are ready to unleash all that dormant energy.
  82. She-Devils – Their legs are much too powerful for others to understand.
  83. Deep Roots – Sturdy legs with a lot of energy and speed.
  84. The Real Deal – Women can be athletic & this team proves
  85. Explosive Energy – They have a lot of zeal, and it’s begging to be offloaded through racing.
  86. Forever Fit – Those legs of theirs are aging backward.
  87. The Unstoppable – These women are here, and no one can take them out.
  88. Kick Up – They make sure all those strong leg muscles are put into good use.
  89. Race Till Eternity – And nothing can stop them now.
  90. Power Train – This team would knock you over if you’re in their way.
  91. Xtremely Rad – They put in their 101% best when it’s time to race.
  92. Run Gurl, Run – Just in case someone in the group was starting to forget.
  93. The Revolution – A movement to get more women to stay fit through running.
  94. Spicy Steppers – They know how to be the center of attention when they hit the tracks.
  95. The Godmothers Of Race – So don’t even think you can beat this team.
  96. Championing Chicas – They always come out on top in every race.
  97. Thirsty For More – There’s no such thing as too much running for this team.
  98. Thick Thighs Only – That’s where all that energy they exhibit comes from.
  99. Sweet & Swift – These women know how to draw strength better than most men.
  100. Loco Girls – Make sure to stand back when you see them coming.

Clever Running Team Names

Clever Running Team Names

Want a creative team name that’s fun and easy to remember? Something with an interesting ring to it? Here are some clever running team names that your team members would love:

  1. Somebody Called 911 – Because these runners are burning up the floor with their energy.
  2. Cheeta-astic – Runners with the strength of a Cheetah.
  3. Gifted Legs – Play on the bestselling book titled “Gifted Hands,” for a team with naturally talented legs.
  4. Miles Is The Name – So no miles is ever too much for this team.
  5. Zoom Zoom – Their legs would always be the only means of transportation they’d need.
  6. Kenyan Behavior – What other countries would be a better fit for runners than the home to the greatest runner yet?
  7. Long Distance Runners – They can run on the longest roads without feeling the need to quit.
  8. Lightening McLegs – From the Pixar Film “Cars,” for a team with fast legs.
  9. Flee From All Whistles – At the sound of the whistle, they disperse with incredible speed.
  10. Breathing Out Loud – A Pun on Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, for racers that breathe as fast as they run.
  11. We-Sain Bol – And Usain Bolt would be very proud of them.
  12. The Wholehearted Pursuit – You can tell they’re putting in their all on those tracks.
  13. Running Till The World Ends – You can tell that this sport would be a lifetime habit.
  14. Eat Pray Run – From Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, for runners who live by these three activities.
  15. Slow And We Know It – You can’t shame these runners no matter how hard you try.
  16. It’s A Runderful World – These active runners are ready to explore our “wonderful world” with running.
  17. Legs Runneth Over – Play on the phrase “Cup Runneth Over,” for legs that cannot stay still.
  18. Lords Of The Tracks – They might not be “Lord Of The Rings,” but they own those tracks.
  19. Trained For Speed – “Need For Speed” is good, but when you’re actually trained like these racers, the results are even better.
  20. Fast and Feetful – Watching these runners race would get you believing all legs weren’t built the same.
  21. Sole Care – Keeping their feet safe and comfortable in the right trainers is always a priority for this team.
  22. Once Upon A Race – Every race feels like the first time experiencing the thrill of running.
  23. Blessed Are The Pacemakers – For they shall inherit the first place position.
  24. Xtremely Rad – They deliver with more incredible speed than the last time.
  25. Fueled Up – They’re always energy to do some running.
  26. Just Keep Breathing – Like Ariana Grande taught us to.
  27. Who Let The Dogs Out? – You can’t hold them back, but you could try.
  28. Runcastinating No More – They’re as disciplined as they can be towards their running program.
  29. Running Loose – There are no holdbacks with this skilled team.
  30. Rungry Racers – There had better be something to eat/drink at the finish line.
  31. Can’t Touch This – All that energy would be too much for anyone to handle.
  32. Always On Track – They’re the best at what they do and that’s clear to see.
  33. Chasing What Matters – Getting and staying fit.
  34. Soles, Touch Your Head – Nothing should be able to fly as high as their legs can.
  35. It’s A Fast World – And they sure know how to keep up.
  36. Hit The Road – And those legs are definitely up to the task.
  37. Notoriously Fast – Each team member is as swift as the next.
  38. Over-speeding Wins – A pun on the phrase Over-speeding Kills”.
  39. Dutiful Bolting – There’s nothing they take as seriously as running.
  40. Runway Maniacs – Racers with insane speed when on the field.
  41. In Speed We Trust – And all that speed never fails them.
  42. Can’t Feel Our Legs – No cause for alarm, of course.
  43. Away We Go – Try to keep up or get left behind.
  44. Sons Of The Field – They’ve been running all their lives, and all that practice has paid off.
  45. Windy Talk – They let their feet make all the noise.
  46. Talk Is Cheap, Run! – Anyone can brag about being able to run; this team shows it.
  47. Easier Said Than Run – Nobody told them running would be this intense.
  48. Tough Thrills – Might not be the easiest activity but it’s always exciting for this team.
  49. Overdosed – Their obsession with this sport is all the drive they need.
  50. Rumble & Run – When their legs run, every part of their body follows suit.

5K Running Team Names

5K Running Team Names

Is your running team getting ready to participate in a 5k or a long-distance race? Here are some interesting long-distance running names to select from:

  1. Bod In Order – No body aches, no bruises, no passing out, nothing.
  2. Returning To Race – They might take a lot of stops, but giving up is never an option.
  3. Thunderous Titans – This team is known to be the gods in the sport of running.
  4. Echoing Footsteps – You can hear them coming even when you don’t see them.
  5. Run The Miles – They can go on running for miles without giving up.
  6. Wild Winners – They have the skills and the energy, but they tend to be too extra on the field as well
  7. Powered Up – They can keep at the race all day if they need to.
  8. Stormy Waves – They have the strength of a team twice their size when they run.
  9. Reckless Relayers – They might be great runners, but they’re rough & disoriented as well.
  10. Linked Up To Win – Together, this team can make it through the longest runs.
  11. Dusty Knees – They’re willing to get dirty and deal with the pain of racing.
  12. The Road To Finish – They’re in it wholeheartedly and till the end.
  13. Made For Marathons – You can tell that they were born for this.
  14. Olympic Worthy – They’ve been through enough training to compete on a global stage.
  15. One More Mile – No distance is ever too much for this team.
  16. Quick Breathers – They run fast and breathe even faster.
  17. No More Knocking Knees – The fear of losing or giving up has given way for the sheer thrill of racing.
  18. Stunner Racers – They race with so much ease it’s hard to not be envious.
  19. Eyes On The Medal – All they came to do is win.
  20. On Becoming Grounded – They’ve been through plenty of training and race like true professionals.
  21. Mentally On Track – This team has got their head totally in the game.
  22. Swift & Speedy – You’d never see feet move as fast as theirs would.
  23. Undefeated Racers – You’d never see them never lagging behind when in a race.
  24. Soles On Fire – And all that energy from this team is unquenchable.
  25. Bar Setters – All the other runners couldn’t compete even if they tried.
  26. Run With Rage – Nothing fuels their feet better than all that anger.
  27. Jolly Racers – They might be tired but that happiness on their face masks it all.
  28. Rusty Run – They might be middle-aged runners, but they do a great job at keeping fit.
  29. Chasing Clouds – Where the clouds go, they follow.
  30. Restless Runners – This team is always on the move.
  31. Thirsty To Win – Running is kind of a do-or-die affair for this team.
  32. Rapid Sprinters – The energy of this running team is too fast to keep up with.
  33. Fire Strides – Can’t touch them even if you wanted to.
  34. Kick The Dust – They’re raising dust on the field with all the enthusiasm they bring.
  35. Driven To Run – Every team member is totally devoted to running, and it’s easy to tell.
  36. Relay The Energy – They’re always full of vitality on the field, and it’s hard to miss.
  37. Track Terrorists – Every other racer is genuinely scared of this running team.
  38. De-Winning Feet – This team can’t remember the last time they lost a race.
  39. Loaded Legs – If you’re ready to run, so is every member of this team.
  40. Sore Winners – They might not be able to feel their legs afterward, but victory is always enough compensation.
  41. Double Up – This team gives their all or nothing on the field.
  42. Mad Missiles – Best to clear out of the way when they’re coming.
  43. Unleash The Beasts – On the track, they’re a whole different species.
  44. Smooth Speeding – They know how to run without breaking a sweat.
  45. Road Rogues – They own the track every time they set out to run.
  46. De Accelerators – Running is serious business, and you can tell from the speed at which they run.
  47. Tough As Steel – They’ve got very strong legs, and they never fail to use it.
  48. Zero Limits – No distance is ever too long for this team.
  49. Punching Feet – Like they’re trying to make a joke through the ground.
  50. Smoke For Legs – They run so fast it’s hard to keep up.

So, there you have it – a huge list of good team names for your running team to choose from!

As expected, you will find that some of the team names aren’t all that and you will find some absolutely brilliant. Even if you don’t use any of the above team names, they can serve as an inspiration for you to come up with a unique name for your team.

Lastly, if you know any good team name we might have missed, be a dear and add it in the comment section.


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